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Best weight bench 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated November 1, 2020

Kyle DunnLooking for ways to bring your weight bench to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’m Kyle Dunn. Let’s discuss this topic to help you select best weight bench for 2018 and take your experience to a whole new level with aerators.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. So, you will find reviews on some models of weight bench that impressed me (and a good many other people), and you will find a few informational pages as well.

Best weight bench of 2018

There are dozens of choices for an weight bench these days. These are composed of modern styling with modern technology to match it. Here are some good examples. I browse the various weight bench available on the market and list three of the very best. I must say I am quite a fan of weight bench, so when the question “What are the best weight bench available on the market?” came to my mind, I excitedly started gathering information together with personal experience to write this article in the hope that it may help you find the suitable weight bench. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your comfort, style, or accessibility, we have picks to fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Test Results and Ratings

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№1 – Marcy Olympic Weight Bench for Full-Body Workout MD-857

Marcy Olympic Weight Bench for Full-Body Workout MD-857

Steel, Foam, Vinyl
PREMIUM STEEL CONSTRUCTION – Constructed from rugged, foam, and vinyl to provide sturdy exercise gear for long usage, the surge bench is safe and comfortable. The construction is compact and stabilized to provide optimal support for daily workouts!
We’ve been using it for 4 months and didn’t notice any flaws.

Why did this weight bench win the first place?

I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse.


Ease of use














№2 – AmazonBasics Flat Weight Bench

AmazonBasics Flat Weight Bench

Flat weight bench enhances any home gym; ideal for both beginning and advanced levels
Accommodates a wide range of fitness routines for a full-body workout in a small amount of space
Made of rugged high-quality materials, including a durable steel tube frame and a smooth PVC top surface
Could be more durable.
It got crumpled after a couple of months of use..

Why did this weight bench come in second place?

Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.


Ease of use














№3 – Marcy Utility Bench SB-350 Adjustable 6 Position

Marcy Utility Bench SB-350  Adjustable 6 Position

6-POSITION ADJUSTABLE BACK PAD – This utility bench has an adjustable back that can be altered to suit your workout routine. It features a secure sawtooth back pad adjustment design that can be modified to an incline, flat, or decline position.
TOTAL LEG DEVELOPER – You get to train not only your upper body, but also your lower limbs thanks to this ergonomic bench’s dual position leg developer.
It is pretty heavy..
Not enough for all services.

Why did this weight bench take third place?

A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.


Ease of use














weight bench Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy weight bench, right? No!

Back support positions

One negative feature in these comparisons was the range of back support positions. The PowerBlock gives you settings to choose from, while the other two benches give you 7.

If you need a decline setting, or want a more compact weight bench, we recommend the Body Solid PFID125X. Its 500 lb capacity is similar to the PowerBlock, and the leg brace means decline exercises are now an option.

It’s a competitive price range, featuring big name brands, such as Bowflex, Valor Fitness, XMark, Nautilus, and Body Solid. The Ironmaster Super Bench is also a popular bestseller.

Likewise, the Valor Fitness DD-FID bench has some excellent attachment options, high quality padding, and full range of positions. But its 650 lb capacity is still lower than many benches in this price range.

However, if this weight capacity supports years of future strength gains for you, then it could be the perfect choice.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is a name synonymous with bodybuilding. But their weight benches have never gained the same popularity as Bowflex or Body Solid.

Their bestseller is the XRS20 Weight Bench, with a steel tube frame and preacher curl pad for bicep exercises. You also benefit from a freestanding squat rack with adjustable safety spotters, which accompanies the workout bench.

Gold’s produce several other adjustable weight benches, including the XR 6.1, XR 6.0, and XR 5.They also produce an Olympic weight bench (XR10.1) and a Slant Bench (XR 5.9), which features a range of decline positions for ab workouts.


Although they only produce one workout bench, the Ironmaster Super Bench is a careful balance of strength and affordability.

The back support can be adjusted from decline to upright, and features heavy-duty padding for added comfort.

But what makes this weight bench special is the range of attachment options. You can buy a crunch sit-up attachment, dip handle attachment, preacher curl attachment, and even a hypercore attachment. This is useful for performing hyperextensions, to strengthen your core and lower back.

A chin-up attachment, leg curl attachment, and cable tower attachment are also available for added upper body exercises.

Marcy are perhaps best known for their MD-9010G Smith Machine, which also includes one of their multi-function weight benches.

Marcy have an excellent reputation for customer service and build quality. Their fitness equipment line includes folding weight benches, Olympic weight benches (MD-857), and even a bench with a pec fly attachment (MD-389).

The bench can adjust to two different positions when working out. Hence you will not slip as you exercise. ​The construction is the next best feature as this Bowflex model is constructed out of commercial quality steel which makes it a heavy duty bench which can handle heavy weight people. ​It has durable upholstery which is easy to wipe and clean after you exercise and a good base that offers great balance and stability.

Very easy to assemble the parts, and most people say that it took them at least 30 minutes.


This Marcy gym set is made of tubular steel frame that is powder coated for durability ​Has a multifunction utility bench with different positions ​Has an adjustable preacher curl pad with a detachable bicep curl bar for extended bicep workouts.

Some other things to consider include

The kind of training will determine the kind of bench to get. If you are a serious weight lifter, then get a product that has an adjustable rack so that the barbell can be held at arm’s length.

The weight bench is a good workout equipment that you can add in your home gym. Make sure that you consider the above features and which is best for you before buying one. Remember, purchase a bench that you will enjoy working out on.

Weight benches already provide a natural plethora of exercises but some do come with useful additions to enhance them a bit further. A lot of machines now come with a leg developer attachment at the front, you can use this for leg curls and leg extensions to train your hamstrings and quadriceps, these are great movements for really isolating your legs muscles so it’s worth looking out for.

The preacher pad is another useful component, you can normally find them towards the front and are ideal for focusing your biceps and forearms, you can use either free weights or straight bars for preacher curls but either will give you that satisfying deep burn.

Lat towers or high pulley stations have started to feature more frequently in recent years; they also fit at the front and can be used not just for lat pulldowns but also for tricep pushdowns, high ab crunches, single arm cable crossovers, woodchoppers and a ton of other movements. They let you use your imagination; you can also use different universal gym attachments to further expand your workout diversity.


Probably not the first thing that springs to mind but you don’t want to feel like you’re resting on plywood when you have a bar loaded with weights above your head, it’s not pleasant. The easiest way to avoid this just means taking a quick look at the back pad and seat pad to make sure the upholstery isn’t thin, it should be at least an inch thick and also box stitched to stop it falling apart when it’s gets a bit of wear and tear.

Safety is paramount with weight training so it’s key to ensure that you’re equipment provides this, if you’re looking for a bench with a rack then it should be using safety catchers (spotter catchers). These work by positioning the catches lower down than your normal weight rests, they only come into use if you can’t return the weight to the normal rests, you just let the bar down onto the safety catchers instead so that you’re not in a position where you have no means of getting the bar up or away from you.


No matter what weight bench you’re looking at you’re going to need some weights to go with it, if you’re after a utility bench then a simple pair of adjustable dumbbells is going to be your cheapest and best bet, you can just take weight plates on and off the dumbbell bars to customise the amount of weight you want. A bench with a rack is going to need a little more, you’ll need a weight set with a barbell, an important point to note is to make sure that the length of the barbell is wide enough to fit the width of the rack otherwise it’s not going to be compatible. We have pre-constructed some weight bench packages to do the job for you that you can find on our website if you’re concerned about getting the right combination; we’ve also throw in a bit of discount there as well.

Key features to look for

Despite their relatively simple design, modern weights benches can actually have a surprising amount of features. As this guide is designed for anyone looking to buy a bench for their own home gym, this includes attachment options, back support settings, and perhaps most importantly, safety features.

Confidence AB MASTER Pro Series AB Trainer

Where most ab benches are designed to be stationary, this is a bench that can be adjusted to create a range of motion that best suits your own physical ability.

Providing complete support for your lower back throughout the exercise, the padded back support follows your upper body through the complete 200 degree range of motion as you perform your sit ups and crunches.

The bar that arcs over the bench also performs a similar function to using an ab harness on a multi gym, creating added resistance which can be adjusted to suit your own personal strength level.

Pivot Point

The pivot point sits below the butt rest and connects the movable arm to the frame.

This is the major stress point of your adjustable bench, so it is vital that it is strong.

You need a good hinging point that is tight, with no wobble.


You can turn your adjustable bench into the base of your entire home gym if it allows you to add on some handy extra pieces of equipment.

A good bench will come with a detachable leg curl / leg extension unit.

However, many of the cheaper models on the market include leg units that are very uncomfortable and that do not allow for a full range of motion.

Be sure to jump on and trial a bench’s leg curl attachment or, if buying online, check reviews on the leg attachment feature.

Other great attachments for an adjustable bench are a preacher curl and a lat pull-down.

Most benches will not come with these as standard, so check if your bench will allow you to add these on at a later date.

What You’ll Pay

Adjustable benches are always going to be more expensive than flat benches.

That’s because they have more movable parts and offer more versatility.

The areas where these benches tend to compromise is when it comes to weight capacity and seat adjustment.

A budget bench may state that it offers a max weight allowance of 300 pounds.

However, that will more than likely include your own bodyweight, which doesn’t leave you with a lot of resistance to cater for.

Cheap benches area also likely not to allow you to adjust the seat portion of the bench.

This will result in poor body alignment and may even have you slipping down the bench when doing incline work.

In this range you should expect at least a 600- pound weight rating, a decline angle and 4-angle adjustments.

Rigid frame

The Bowflex Selectech 5.is the top of the line home gym bench from Bowflex, who have been innovators in the fitness space for the last 40 years.

What really makes this bench stand out is its ability to adjust both the back support and the butt support makes this a premium bench.

This is a very stylish looking bench that comes in the distinctive Bowflex red and black colors.

It offers you six angle adjustments, including decline options to allow you to hit your chest from every angle.

Floor protectors

The Soozier bench provides you with a total of angle adjustments; on the main back support and four on the butt pad.

This gives you a lot of options for getting the ideal positioning.

This bench looks great. It’s tubular steel construction gives it a very solid appearance.

One negative, is that you cannot set the angle to a decline position.

The ten angles of adjustment, including four angles on the seat adjustment, sets the Soozier adjustable bench apart from the competition.

The Soozier has been designed to provide you with a functional, quick adjust bench that will prove reliable and sturdy.

It features a solid, simple to adjust locking system and has wheels for ease of transportation.

Another bonus is that the bottoms of the feet are fitted with floor protectors to keep your home scratch free.

The Soozier is the most durable, hardcore bench we have come across in the medium-budget price range.

The tubular two-inch steel is very sturdy and the bench sits very solidly on the floor.

Easy assembly

The Rep Fitness adjustable bench is an impressively strong bench.

This bench provides you with a solid steel ladder mechanism for the angle adjustments, which range from 8degrees to negative 20 degrees on the decline.

The 1000-pound weight capacity of this adjustable bench truly sets it out from the crowd.

This is a very strong bench which is made from 11-gauge steel of various thicknesses.

It provides you with adjustable set positions to allow for custom body positioning.

The 11.5-inch bench width is ideal to give you just the right amount of support without restricting your movement.

The Rep Fitness Bench has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds, which is about the best you’ll get for a home gym bench.

Wheel rollers and handle

The York Adjustable Fitness Bench is constructed from oversized 2-inch tubular steel, making for a very solid unit.

It has thick padding and also provides the unique feature of a rack to hold three dumbbells.

You get adjustable back pad angle positions, from flat to 90 degrees.

Durable vinyl padding

The Weider Pro 225L incline bench is a competitively priced home use bench from one of the most respected names in the industry.

It features a flat, incline and decline adjustment and has a very stable leg lock mechanism.

The 4-way roller lockdown leg brace is a highlight of this adjustable bench, which makes it stand out above the other benches in this list.

The Weider Pro 225L features a simple locking pin design to provide you with a fast and reliable way to lock the bench angle positioning in place.  ​As a result, the bench is pared down to just two bars on the frame.

Fit and Noise Isolation

The Marcy Deluxe Utility Bench provides you with six different bench angle positions, including decline.

It comes with a removable leg extension/ curl unit and features high density foam padding.

The fold flat design of the Marcy Utility bench makes this an ideal unit for compact spaces.

Can attach resistance tubes

The Reebok adjustable bench is the most versatile weight bench you’ll ever find.

It doubles as a high or low step to allow you to get in a plyo workout as well as a weights session.

The bench can be used in incline / flat and decline positions.

Then, when your done you can actually store your workout gear inside the bench. The versatility of this bench is it’s unique selling point.

The Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench is an innovatively designed unit that can be used as a multi level step up and an incline bench.

The bench features are limited, making this an ideal unit for beginners.

You can add resistance bands to this bench to provide yourself with a unique resistance training option.

This bench / step up combo is made from heavy duty molded plastic.

Lots of Potential accessories

The Hammer Strength adjustable bench provides you with a very sturdy base to work from.

This bench can be modified with the addition of a large range of Hammer accessories to create a base for your entire gym.

The Pro version of this bench can be screed directly to your gym floor to make in even more secure.

Duraguard upholstery

The Universal Five Position Weight Bench comes in at a great price and offers some very solid features, including a removable leg station, durable padding and a stable base.

The XM 7630 is an impressively strong bench with a 1500 pound weight capacity.

It features firm Duracraft upholstery and a wide footprint for enhanced stability.

Nader Qudimat

Forged by the iron and cold steel, Nader takes his knowledge and hulk smashes it into this puny site.

Being an ex-hardgainer, he has no choice but to keep training until he has surpassed in every way imaginable.

Some of these amazing features includes

Now you can change the inclination of your bench according to your suitability.

This provides support to your arms while working with dumbbells and heavy weights. Not only this, it also decreases arm injuries and allows you to increase weight while working with them. So just incline your bench and use dumbbells to do your arm curls without the threat of getting injured.

Specially made for fitness lovers who are either taller or shorter than average height. It allows you to pick up the weights and work with them without destroying your posture and helps your feet to reach the floor hence increasing stability of the equipment.

Having a foldable piece of equipment that can store away easily is the best bet you can have. The smaller size of a foldable weight bench will not only allow you to store away easily, but also conserve space in an exercise room.

Weight Training Tips

Rep Ranges – if your looking to bulk up and add muscle mass then you should be working between – reps per set, for muscular definition you should be working between – 1reps.

Variety – your muscles store information during each movement, the more you follow the same movement each week the more your muscles become used to it and stop growing. To prevent this change your workout every – weeks.


The PowerBlock Sport Bench is a classic FID bench that is compact in size, and thoughtful in design. In mentioning the design, its seatback has been modeled in such a way that it does not cramp your arm motion like most benches can. It is easy to move about because of its built-in wheels and comes with a 10-year warranty.

It can adjust from flat trough 30, 4and 60 degrees to the military position. It’s a pleasure to use it, as it is very comfortable, easily adjustable, stable, solid and yet attractive. If you get the urge to splurge and want to accessorize it later on that too will not be a problem. The seats can be set flat or even angles with ease as per your workout needs.

The design is pretty sleek in the front, though a little tapered in the back for a good support. The handle in the front of the bench can be held to wheel it from one place to the other. The PowerBlock Sports Bench has different positions and has a bit of a decline at the back to make it flat and do decline exercises.

The seat is adjustable and is extremely easy to use as there aren’t a lot of parts and can be easily put together. With its 550lbs weight capacity, the body is made of solid steel to keep you safe during your workouts.

Summing Up

We hope the information has helped you tremendously in narrowing down on your best option. Buying the right weight bench can be a difficult task most precisely if you are not very well acquainted with which kind of benches are good which are not, which is suitable for you and which are not. We have given you detailed accounts of our top picks and kept it very precise so that your understanding of the same can be crisp and well aware. We hope our factors, considerations, and research adds value to your buying guide because the informative knowledge you gain with us, you will not find elsewhere.

Choosing the best weight bench is tricky when you opt to use it for commercial purposes, as people have different tastes and preferences. If you are selecting one for commercial use, it is best for you to buy the more heavy duty type than the ones you use at home.

However, if you are just selecting one for personal use, then it is preferable to have a smaller one so as not to take up so much space. Just be sure to check that the parts are working properly. Make sure to also properly maintain it, as it will wear down overtime no matter how durable it is.

The maximum weight capacity of this workout bench is 300 lbs. So, if you are a heavy lifter with a heavy weight then this bench may not be a perfect fit for you. Bowflex already got popularity as one of the best weight bench.

Features dimension

It does justice to the name- the in The multi functions bench allows you to do a number of exercises. It is good for abdominal, glute and hamstring muscles. With the upright extension of this bench, it provides the user to perform varieties of workouts.

The SUNNY HEALTH & FITNESS BENCH is easy to fold and does not occupy a great amount of space. The user weight capacity of the workout bench is 250lbs. the paddle rollers and the high quality makes the working out of the user comfortable. This sunny health and fitness in bench is suitable for any kind of workout that you want to perform.

The dimension of this workout bench is slightly different from the others. The length is 44.9”, 13.2” is wide.

Squat Rack

Squat Rack is like an open design of power rack, instead of caging. Featuring a simple construction, it comprises of uprights and a catch bar to hold the barbell. Squat rack, as compared to the power racks, is somewhat smaller in size and might lack in safety features as well.

Some of them are provided with a pull-up bar for more functionality. They are cheaper in prices than the power racks. So if you are looking for an affordable piece of equipment to just perform squats, then a Squat Rack might be an option for you. If a squat rack has a wide design, you might be able to perform bench presses or lunges as well.

Squat Stands

If you have very restricted space available to install a power rack, then a squat stand might be perfect for you. They are inexpensive as compared to the power rack, but most of them do not come with a pull-up bar or safety bars.

They might not provide much stability during workouts; hence, you need to be extremely careful while working with squat stands to avoid any accidents. If you are looking for a small footprint and smaller height of rack that fits with your room’s ceiling, then you might want to opt for a squat stand. It mostly allows you to perform squats; some of them might have a wide design for bench presses as well.

Valor Fitness BD-Power Squat Stand

Valor Fitness BD-Squat Stand showcases a robustly designed construction with tubular Uprights that are 42.7” long. For your extreme security while performing squats, this squat stand comes with fully adjustable bar supports and two 5” long chrome-plated safety catch bars. The base of this squat stand is completely adjustable, so that you can enlarge its footprint for increased stability.

Maximum weight capacity of the Valor BD-is about 500 lbs. At the bottom section, storage pegs can be used to store weight plates, most importantlythey are provided to add extra stability to the equipment while you work out. BD-has been designed with ample amount of height, thus users that are up to feet long can efficiently and safely workout on this unit.

If you are low on budget for purchasing a complete squat rack or have limited space for placing the equipment, then you might want to opt for this Valor BD-squat stand.

Half Racks

As name suggests, it is like a half and open design of a power rack. They are more stable and sturdy as compared to the squat rack and squat stands. Most of them come with storage pegs on both sides to add more stability and weight to the equipment. Footprint of the half rack is somewhat same as that of a power rack, unlike a squat rack or squat stand that have smaller footprints.

You might want to consider purchasing half rack if there is a limited space available for its installation. It is much shorter in height and inexpensive as compared to the power racks. You can easily carry out squats, bench presses (incline/decline/flat), etc. and most of them also come with a pull-up bar.

Cap Barbell Deluxe Power Rack

Constructed from heavy-duty steel, the CAP Barbell Deluxe Power Rack comprises of a combined 12-gauge and 14-gauge thickness of main frame. For greater durability, this half rack is treated with 3-step powder-coated finishing.

The tubular seams are all welded together for better stability and control of the unit. For your maximum protection, the power rack has been incorporated with amply long safety catch bars. These safety bars have ABS sleeve for better protection against scratches during removal or stacking of weight bar.

For added stability, there are storage pegs provided on both the sides. This will prevent the unit from twisting, especially while using resistance bands. There are tiny anchor points provided at the bottom of the rack where you can tie up the resistance band with the weight bar.

This is generally used for adding extra resistance to your workout for more intense results. A pull-up bar provided on the top and spacious design between the uprights makes it easy for you to use an adjustable weight bench between them for multi-functional use. Maximum weight capacity of the safety bars and pull-up bar is about 300 lbs. Hence, this half rack is much recommended formoderate weightlifters, but not pros.

Accessories should go with Power Rack

The power rack can be accompanied by more equipment so you can meet your objectives. In an effort to effectively exercise at home despite owning a power rack, it is advisable that you also include other exercise equipment. Below are the best accessories that will boost your power rack workout routines.

Barbell bar

Barbells are designed to help increase strength. Although they are small in size, they come with weights that you lift to exercise your muscles. Barbell bars are therefore the difference between the two weights.

Barbells are adjustable in a manner that you can increase or reduce the size of the barbell bar to suit your set objectives. Lifting can be done either with your hand, hands or feet. They are easily portable and efficient.

Weight plates

Weight plates are the equipment that individuals place at the end of bars to help them lift weight. They are normally different in size and weight and are used to help individuals increase their strength.

Depending on your level of experience and strength, choosing the weight of the weights may vary from one individual to another.

Ensure that they are adjustable to help individuals create a balance when placing them on the bar. Many are replaceable in that you can start with lighter weights and close in the gap by adding more weight. This is the ideal equipment to increase your strength and remain healthy.

Shoulder presses

A power rack will help you target your upper section of the body including the chest, triceps and the shoulders just as the name suggests. You have the option of either standing or sitting to exercise with a power rack.

If you’re looking at free weights, you may want to consider purchasing one that comes with a dumbbell rack or a weight stand. This will help keep your weights off of the floor. Additionally, the rack can help you store your weights in an organized and efficient manner. It keeps them off the floor and out of your way.

If you’ve ever stubbed your toe on a weight, you’ll understand the reason to keep them up off the floor. It’s a good way to break your toe or foot. Not all dumbbells come with stands or racks. And, of course, the weights that do come with a rack cost a bit more. It may be worth the additional price if you value organization and you like to be able to easily find the right weight.

The Shape and Grip

You might notice that some dumbbells have rounded ends while others are square or hexagonal. The hexagon shape prevents your dumbbell from rolling. If you’ve ever set your weight down on an uneven floor you’ll know that the last thing you want to have to do is chase your weights around the room.

A hexagon prevents this from happening. If you’re going to put the weights right back on the rack between sets, then a rounded end is just fine.

We talked a bit about the grip when we discussed rubber versus metal weights. The grip is important because that’s how you handle your weights. IF the grip hurts your hand then you won’t want to exercise. If it slips out of your hand you might break something.

Remember, it’s not just the material the grip is made from but also the circumference. If the grip is too wide for your hand you risk injuring your wrist and/or dropping the weight. Make sure the weight feels comfortable in your hand. We’ll talk a bit about weight lifting gloves in just a bit because they can help you increase your hand comfort.

As you might have noticed by now, there are many different types of dumbbells. It may seem a little silly to have so much variety for such a simple device; however the variances are to your benefit. When you find the dumbbell setup that’s right for you, you’ll use them more often and you’ll be happier with your purchase.

And it allows you to do a LOT…​

Now that your memory is jogged and you’re remembering how nice it is to have a weight bench in your workouts, let’s talk about the fact that there are options.

Lots of options.

If you have been in the gym, you have probably seen dedicated sections for incline benches, flat benches, and maybe even foldable benches, but you may have taken for granted that each of them have a special, unique purpose/use until you had to choose just one for yourself.


Might be a deal breaker for those of you who are over 6’ and want a bench that easily stores – be sure to check the length of the bench so your head is not hanging off of the end and you feel comfortable on it.

Most of the benches are made wide enough to accommodate a variety of body types, but the taller folks may struggle to find the right size.


Safety is typically a function of construction and durability, as well as weight capacity. The benches vary widely in how much user weight + lift load they can handle, so be mindful when considering your weight lifting needs and the imposed limit.

You never want to exceed the limit in order to stay safe, and you want to ensure that the bench is not wobbly and is made from high-quality material that’s capable of supporting your full weight plus however much you’re lifting.

Via :fitnesshouse

Since you are exercising and using your body’s strength to achieve your goals, the least that you could do is to ensure that your body is still getting the comfort and protection that it needs.

The adjustment settings should not give you a hard time when you opt to make some adjustment on your equipment. You do not need this hassles while working out. So, choose the weight bench that will allow you adjust the settings that are free from hassles and headaches.

Narrow seats

This weight bench boasts its multi-purpose features which include leg lifts, leg curl, and presses. This is the ultimate weight bench that goes beyond its usual purpose as it can be used in various routines and exercises within the four walls of your home.

Obviously, this equipment promises you the complete workout routines without the need of leaving your house.

Its backrest and rollers are adjustable and are heavily padded with high-density foam which ensures safety and comfort while you are sweating yourself off. It also comes with a safety hook and a non-pinch grip that allows you to enjoy your activity without worrying about your safety and protection.

It is known for its durability and sturdy construction which could be a determining factor for practical buyers out there. You will be getting your money’s worth as you can still enjoy this equipment even after years of use. This is built to last long and to offer you the best exercise routines you prefer to perform.


I’m Helen Clark.As a woman, I feel like it is my responsibility to help other women who seemed to forget taking care of themselves because of taking care of other people. This blog provides the most practical beauty tips and the natural way to maintain a young, beautiful and healthy body. We will be glad to hear from you and hear your stories, tips and your strategies as you champion your way to life and womanhood.

Ironmaster Quick-Lock

One of the most common injuries reported by weightlifters and bodybuilders is hand injuries caused by pinching. Well, that will not be an issue with the Champ Olympic Weight Bench, because it has a no-pinch design to prevent grip and hand injuries. Enjoy your workout, without worrying about injuries, so you can reach your goal in quicker.

Very Durable

It is also important to realize that this product is totally sturdy. At first, you might believe otherwise, since the product is so affordable. Nonetheless, it will remain sturdy and will not shake from side to side during use. Thanks to the product’s 2.5-inch round tubing, you can rest assured knowing it’ll continue to serve you for many years to come. At the same time, the bench features U-shaped front leg stabilizer. This helps to add more stability and safety to the product. The bench is truly built for the most serious body builders.


The high-density foam that is used to pad the upper part of the bench is comfortable even for extended periods of time. The frame itself is made with a strong steel tubing, which will increase the lifespan of your bench as well as add a high degree of durability. Another way this flat bench is reinforced is with a powder-coated finish to protect it against typical wear and tear, but also to ensure its safety against corrosion caused by moisture.

Why this Happens

The simple truth is that the human spine isn’t designed to lie straight. It is flexible, but just because it can bend straight doesn’t mean it’s comfortable.

It’s not just your spine, however. Your shoulder blades are designed to sit on top of your spine and muscle system, not parallel to it.

The flippant answer is “get a padded bench”, but that’s only partly true. Getting a bench that’s padded is important, but it’s even more important to get a bench that suits your body size and shape.

Too much padding will throw off your weight and make your pump less stable. Not enough padding and you won’t fix the problem at all. So make sure to try various benches. You might also mark down material and thickness, just in case you ever need to replace it.

How to Avoid this Problem

The flippant answer is “get a padded bench”, but that’s only partly true. Getting a bench that’s padded is important, but it’s even more important to get a bench that suits your body size and shape.

Too much padding will throw off your weight and make your pump less stable. Not enough padding and you won’t fix the problem at all. So make sure to try various benches. You might also mark down material and thickness, just in case you ever need to replace it.

Dumbbell Press

The dumbbell press typically involves types of chest-press exercises. This includes the flat dumbbell chest press that targets the front deltoids, triceps and pectoral muscles. The second is the incline dumbbell chest press that works on the same muscles that the flat chest press does. The only difference about this exercise is that the bench will be inclined at a 4degree angle, which shifts the focus to the upper pectoral muscles. The third exercise works on your lower pectoral muscles and this time the bench is declined at a 4degree angle with the head facing towards the floor.

Dumbbell Row

The dumbbell row also known as the one-arm dumbbell row is well-known for achieving that V-Shape in the area of the back. This exercise is may also be called “lawn mowers”, as the correct form appears like you are trying to start up a lawn mower. The key for the lift is to form a “tripod of strength” in the way of using the off-hand and your legs. This is a highly popular exercise as the V-Shape looks extremely masculine, since a well-defined back makes the waist appear smaller. It is important to do this exercise correctly in order to target numerous muscle groups, while avoiding any injuries.

Dumbbell Back Fly

The muscles that pull the shoulders backwards and forwards are both essential for day-to-day functions as well as a correct posture. The dumbbell back fly assists in strengthening these muscles. The dumbbell back fly, also known as the dumbbell reverse fly, can be described as a supporting, yet very effective movement. The majority of the big compound movements for back are able to target a lot of muscles in one movement, but won’t target the more subtle muscles. This is where the dumbbell back fly comes in. In just a single movement pattern you are able to target the scapula and upper back along with the rotator cuff-muscles.

Leg Raises

The contraction is dependent on the ab muscle clenching against the weight of gravity. As the body “sits up”, it tends to face a wall of gravity that pushes it down. This is natural and to be expected. The goal is to fight through the gravity and lift one’s body. By doing this, the sit up can contract the abdominal muscle group and makes sure that all muscle fibers fire up. Sit ups are appreciated for their versatility. They hit the top of the abs better than any other exercise. It’s easier to maximize one’s returns in the gym while doing sit ups, a strong core is needed to perform almost any other exercise. ​Be honest with yourself: Buying a treadmill for your home is great, but assuming that you don’t go over the weight limit for it is not the brightest idea. If your condition is this bad, then you know it must be dealt with. Just start by getting on the scale for once. Every step counts. Nobody has to buy an entire home gym as soon as they feel it will be their ultimate savior. Go with patience, and results will come faster than you think. ​Make use of technology: Truth is you’re not going to need music to get through a workout. Still, it can help. Working out doesn’t have to be the most boring thing on the planet. A certain dullness may even harm your end goal! The advantage of working out at home is that you can choose to listen to whatever you want, whenever you want. Also, having a television to play exercise DVDs or even Internet access to follow YouTube videos makes organizing workouts easy.

Perform sets of repetitions. ​Dumbbell Rows

Stand in front of the bench with one knee up, slightly bent over. Hold a dumbell in one hand. Perform an upward ‘rowing’ motion, pulling the dumbell back and up. Switch to the other side and repeat the motion to work both sides.

Dumbbell Back Flys

This works in a similar fashion to the chest-focused dumbell flys, but you are lying on your front with the dumbells on the floor in front of you, and then using your back muscles pull the dumbells back and out, as if you are flapping your wings (slowly, and with full control).

Begin working the abs with leg raises. Lie flat on your back with your legs straight in front of you. Slowly raise your legs so that they are at a right-angle with your body, keeping your back pushed against the bench (do not allow it to round). Slowly lower your legs again.

Lie flat on your back with your knees up. Rest your hands on your legs. Slowly sit up to touch your knees (do not ‘fling’ your arms to help you). Slowly relax to lie down again.

Hold a dumbell in each hand, similar to how you would for a barbell press. Let the dumbells touch your chest then push them upwards, straightening the arms. Try to move in a straight line, not ‘arcing’ the dumbells as you go. Pause for one second at the top, then lower the dumbells towards your chest, pausing for one second at the bottom.

Perform sets of repetitions with a light weight. Then perform more sets of repetitions, increasing the weight slightly with each set.


The Fitness Reality 1000, however, gives you a lot of angling positions so you can perfectly execute your exercises. It also provides rock-solid stability to help you achieve huge muscle gains. We really like that this bench supports up to 800 lbs. and features 1backrest angles. You can adjust it from a -20° decline and move it all the way up to a +80° incline. Tall individuals need not worry – the Fitness Reality 1000 accommodates heights up to ft. in. Overall, you will find this very comfortable to use no matter what your current fitness level is.

The only concern with this product is to assemble it properly and carefully. We’re sure you’ll be excited to try out this weight bench ASAP, but make sure all bolts and screws are tightened firmly to prevent it from shaking or coming apart unexpectedly.

Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

The Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike has a frame and fork made of steel. This bike comes in three sizes which are small, medium and large. This road bike has a threadless 1/Alloy Handlebar and Stem. The road bike also has water bottle mounts. The steel construction of this product makes it very reliable and durable.

However, unlike other steel bikes the Libero Acciao is fairly weight, weighing only about 25-30 pounds. This allows the bike to be very fast when it is driven. This bike also comes with effective brakes and shifters.


This bike comes with 700c wheels and is very reliable. The bike is made of lightweight aluminium material. The bike has a quick release front wheel and brakes from Promax. The bike has alloy calipers which makes it very dependable when it comes to stopping the bike. The height of the bike can also be modified to suit the stature of the rider.

Tommaso Sterrata Road Bike

The Tommaso Sterrata Road Bike is built with great versatility. It has good tires which provides traction and has a great appearance. This is a bike that is constructed to be durable as well as powerful. This bike has a compact geometry which provides a smoother ride when compared to other road bikes. The bike is equipped with a ultra compact handlebar which allows for a steady and comfortable ride. The bike is easy to assemble and also easy to use.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your weight bench wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of weight bench



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