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Best tsa approved toiletry bag 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated November 1, 2020

Kyle DunnMy name is Kyle Dunn. I have been a freelance writer for 20 years, focusing mainly on technology related topics. Let’s discuss this topic to help you select best tsa approved toiletry bag for 2018 and take your experience to a whole new level with aerators.

The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. I hope that my Top 3 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.

Let’s get to it!

Best tsa approved toiletry bag of 2018

The above tidbits will bring you closer to selecting tsa approved toiletry bag that best serves your needs and as per your budget. Below you can find 3 reviews of the best tsa approved toiletry bag to buy in 2018, which I have picked after the deep market research.

Welcome to my website! If you plan to buy tsa approved toiletry bag and looking for some recommendations, you have come to the right place. After carefully examining the reviews and ratings of the people who have used them earlier this listicle has been made.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
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№1 – TSA Approved 3-1-1 Airline Carry On Clear Travel Toiletry Bag | Quart Sized

TSA Approved 3-1-1 Airline Carry On Clear Travel Toiletry Bag | Quart Sized

TSA APPROVED BAG – Large Airline Travel 1-quart clear plastic bag case for men and women. Zipper bag is more durable than those inferior zip-top bags.
IDEAL – You won’t have to worry about getting through airport security checks with the My Travel Tube’s 1-quart clear PVC pouch and you’ll be able to carry on your favorite toiletries in their purchased containers or set.
Literally no flaws

Why did this tsa approved toiletry bag win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I also liked the delivery service that was fast and quick to react. It was delivered on the third day. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch!
















№2 – TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag 2 Pack – Zip Through Airport Security Check w/ Ease

TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag 2 Pack - Zip Through Airport Security Check w/ Ease

SAVE TIME AND HASSEL – TSA compliant quart-sized clear toiletry bag enables you to zip through TSA security check without delay or hassle
BUILT TO LAST – Heavy-gauge PVC and quality zipper (that won’t pull away or split) reusable for many trips
DIMENSIONS 7.2″ L x 5.5″H x 2.5″ W, compliant with TSA’s volumetric requirement for a quart-size bag
Heavier and thicker.
It is not for the small jobs.

Why did this tsa approved toiletry bag come in second place?

I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery.
















№3 – TSA Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag for Liquids – Navy Zipper – Quart Sized Carry-On Luggage Compliant 3-1-1 Bag with 2 Airline Approved 2.7oz

TSA Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag for Liquids - Navy Zipper - Quart Sized Carry-On Luggage Compliant 3-1-1 Bag with 2 Airline Approved 2.7oz

TSA APPROVED — Our clear, quart-sized bag is fully compliant with the TSA 3-1-1 Liquids Rule and is accepted in carry-on luggage by all airlines. With your travel-sized toiletries smartly packed, you’ll breeze through airport security, domestic or international, leaving any drama behind.
It is huge and heavy weight.
The clamp could be of better quality.

Why did this tsa approved toiletry bag take third place?

It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.
















tsa approved toiletry bag Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy tsa approved toiletry bag, right? No!

Flat Fold Organizer

The Weekender from Sephora might be best for holding it all together.

Also, consider how you’ll use your bag. If you just want to set it on the counter so you can easily rifle through your things, then look for an option with a sturdy bottom and water-resistant material. But, considering that counter space is limited in many hotel bathrooms, a bag with a built-in hook can be an instant space saver. For a useful mix of everything, the versatile by Victorinox is sturdy, hangs, and is made with an antibacterial liner (which is helpful if it gets wet).


If you’re toting toiletries in your carry-on, you’ll need to be mindful of. But before you go reaching for that chintzy zip-top plastic bag, know that there are better-made (and classier) options that you can reuse over and over again. Flight 00has a clear, carry-on-approved comes with reusable plastic bottles, jars, and an atomizer.

Prima 5L 15W soft-sided toiletries kit has convenient interior pockets (so you can easily store smaller items), plus a separate see-through vinyl TSA-friendly bag. SedaFrance offers an adorable that comes with three removable pouches and a roll-up bag with four detachable zippered compartments.

Since bottles can leak in flight and it’s easy to pick up dirt and grime while on the road, look for bags that you can throw into the wash, or at least bags that you can easily wipe down once you’ve returned home.

Our recommendation explained

A great looking and well-designed toiletry bag that will roll with the punches anywhere you take it. It both has enough room for the necessities, but does not allow you to overpack it. Overall, this is our favorite toiletry bag for most travelers.

Lowe Alpine AT Lightflite Carry-On 4from £57.94*

Check out our handy infographic to compare different airlines’ cabin baggage restrictions on short-haul flights.

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Just as sure as the air is dry, airport and airplane counters, chairs, door handles, etc. are riddled with every manner of germs from all around the globe. And rather than depend on the facilities to have something with which to wash your hands, you should keep this rinse-free hand wash from Aēsop on your person. Less harsh than your typical alcohol-based hand sanitizer, this gentle formula will kill unwanted bacteria without drying out your hands.

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer

Rather than just lumping all of your carry-on items into a pile at the bottom of a bag, keep them organized, easily reached, and protected in the Grid-It Organizer from Cocoon. This MOLLE style organizing pad is versatile enough to carry all of your small items in endless configurations within its rubberized woven elastic grid. And the whole thing slips easily into any standard backpack or weekender bag, making it very security-check friendly.

Bago Hanging Toiletry Bags For Men & Women

Toiletry Bags or Kit, is a small container that holds body hygiene, shaving or toiletry products used when travelling. Depending on the use or who is using them they can be called toiletry bag, toiletry kits, travel kit, shaving kits, wet packs or Dopp kit.

Toiletry Bags for Men can be used to hold deodorants, aftershave, skincare and shaving equipment while Toiletry bags for Women are designed to hold cosmetics, makeup and other products.

When comparing the best toiletry kits you need ensure the bag you like has the following features. The size of the bag can depend on your preference, larger sizes allow you to pack more gear while also taking up extra space in the backpack or suitcase. Ensure the bag is made with a strong durable fabric that is also waterproof as the kit spends most of its time in the bathroom, it should also be breathable to help prevent the growth of Bacteria. Having several compartments allows you to keep items separate ad better organised during travel while strong handles allows easy carrying and hooks for hanging and easy access.

Bidafun Hanging Toiletry Bag for Women and Men

The Itraveller Portable Hanging Toiletry Bag is perfect for Men and Women and can be used to securely store makeup, toiletries, cosmetics or shaving equipment. The bag features multiple storage compartments for different usage and will help to keep your gear safe and easy to access. Comes with a durable hook to hang the bag in wherever you want in the hotel room or in a tent. A wide range of design included printed fabric makes it an appealing choice for Men and Women. Anti-bacterial inner lining and waterproof fabric helps protect your personal items and stops bacteria growth and helps keep the bag hygienic.

Tidybagz Travel Hanging Toiletry Bags

Keep all your personal grooming items safe with this Hanging Mens or Womens toiletry bag. Strong, large and waterproof this toiletry bag is perfect for taking on any overnight or longer trip. The Tidybagz Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag can be used by men or ladies for grooming, shaving kit and bathroom items, make up, cosmetics or any of your essential items needed while traveling. Hang it on a shower, door or towel rack for easy access this bag fits perfectly in your suitcase, duffel or backpack.

Tidybagz back to menu ↑ back to menu ↑

This hanging travel organizer is very versatile and perfect as a cosmetic bag, maternity bag, makeup kit or Mens shaving dopp bag and can fit easily in your suitcase or backpack. This bag features a large main compartment with mesh pockets, spill proof PVC pocket and open pockets for plenty of storage. You can even hide your valuables,. tickets, passport etc. The bag can hang on a door handle, hook on a wall, shower rod or even in the closet. Measuring 12.6” x 10.2” x 4.7” this toiletry kit is extra large and suitable for couples or small families on vacation.

RW Collections Hanging Toiletry Bag for Women & Men

Cut out the fabric strips and the plastic sheeting to the dimensions detailed above. A rotary cutter works great here and ensures even and very straight edges.

Frame the zipper with the fabric. Take each of the 2”x9” strips and for each, fold both long side edges in approximately 3/8” towards the wrong side of the fabric and press in place.

Take the zipper and place one of the fabric strips next to the zipper teeth making sure the zipper is centered within the length of the strip. Now sew the zipper in place using a zipper foot. Repeat the process with the other strip on the opposing side of the zipper. The zipper is now framed with the fabric.

Fold the strip again in half and with an edgefoot stitch to secure the fold. Stitch along the center fold as well. Fold the completed strap in half and set aside.

Attach the zipper to the plastic sheeting. One of the difficulties of sewing with vinyl or plastic is it has a tendency to stick to both the needle plate of the machine and the presser foot, keeping the plastic from moving through the machine.

To prevent this there are a number of solutions. One is to use either a roller or Teflon foot to prevent the plastic from sticking to the presser foot or simple apply some Scotch tape to the underside of a regular presser foot.

What I prefer to do is to sandwich the plastic between two strips of tissue paper. Use either regular tissue wrapping paper or use the tissue that backs the plastic when you purchase it. Sandwiching the plastic between the layers of tissue solves the issue of both the presser foot and needle plate sticking. The key is to place the tissue just slightly in from the cut edge of the plastic so when sewing, the plastic can line up with your machine guide lines. This may sound silly, but often times when sewing it’s these very tiny details that can prevent frustrations.

To attach the framed zipper to the plastic sheeting, lay the folded edge of the fabric on to one of the short sides of the sheeting. Pin in place within a ¼” seam allowance — no more than that as the holes will then show. Pin a strip of tissue under the joining points. Now using an edgefoot positioned so the blade is to the left of the folded fabric and the foot rides on the fabric, stitch the fabric/zipper to the plastic. Tear off the tissue and discard.

Repeat the process for attaching the other side of the zipper to the plastic. It helps to open the zipper when sewing this side. You should now have a piece that resembles a tube.

Turn the tube wrong side out. Join the sides together so the sides line up and at the top there remains a ¾” fold of plastic — the zippered section will rest slightly down from the top of the bag. Pin the side where the bottom of the zipper is within a ¼” seam allowance. Place tissue both under and over the sewing area and stitch the side using a 5/8” seam allowance.

Repeat the process for the other side with the following considerations. First, open the zipper half way so when you complete the bag, it can be turned right side out. Next, position the wrist strap so it lines up with the top of the fabric edge and faces into the bag. Using tissue on the top and bottom sew this side of the bag.

To give the bag some depth, pinch the bottom corners and sew in place approximately ¾” from the pointed end.

Turn the bag right side out, push out the corners and press flat with your hands. The bag is now complete.

Wirecutter Staff

We’ve reviewed this piece and after updating many of our full guides, we’ve made adjustments to several picks in this one. We’re confident in all of our recommendations for the best gear for travel.

A lightweight but durable option

This simple, lightweight, and well-stitched bag was the toughest packable we tested.

Duffel is a town in Belgium, once known for producing a strong woolen cloth that was perfect for making hard-wearing luggage. Though duffel bags are still popular to this day, wool has since been replaced by lighter, more-durable nylon cloth. Indeed, the lightest duffel bags now weigh less than a pound and pack into a side pocket. They’re perfect for extra storage when needed yet take up almost no space otherwise. To find the best packable duffel bag for your next trip, we hauled a bunch of awkward gear around in six top-rated bags, filling each with 30 pounds of rocks, stabbing them with Sharpie markers, scraping them on sidewalks, and overstuffing them to make sure the zippers can handle those last-minute gifts that you shouldn’t have waited to buy at the airport. In the end, L.L.Bean’s Lightweight Packable Duffle emerged as the best way to haul up to 40 liters of your unanticipated purchases and still fit it under your airline seat. It’s not the lightest or the toughest, but it strikes the best balance between the two.

Packable duffels we tested starting at top, going clockwise: High Sierra PackNGo, Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler, Eagle Creek Packable Duffel, Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil, L.L.Bean Packable Duffle, Granite Gear Packable Duffel.

L.L.Bean’s Lightweight Packable Duffle has great ergonomics, solid yet lightweight construction, and just the right size and feel. (It feels like a lighter version of a typical gym bag.) Despite its voluminous capacity, it’s about the size of a small bag of potato chips when packed into its pocket and weighs just ounces. That means it’s a bit lighter and smaller than the otherwise excellent Eagle Creek. But whereas the Eagle Creek developed pin-sized holes when scraped against the sidewalk, the L.L.Bean’s thinner fabric came away with only slight abrasions. Otherwise, they’re both great bags.

As far as ergonomics go, the L.L.Bean’s well-stitched side and end handles feel comfortable and balanced, even when overstuffed. Although it doesn’t allow for a shoulder strap, like the Eagle Creek, you could wear it as a slightly awkward backpack in a pinch. Overall however, we think the L.L.Bean’s tougher material and lighter weight make it the superior packable duffel for most uses.

If you want something even lighter, Sea to Summit’s Ultra-Sil weighs a mere 2.ounces and compresses down to the size of your fist. The parachute-like fabric has more tensile strength than the extremely thin material would appear to offer. Although it is very well stitched and was able to handle an awkward load, we suspect (and the manufacturers admit) that this bag wouldn’t survive the potential punctures or scrapings of a baggage handler’s toss—there were small tears after our sidewalk scrape test and the handles appeared strained under the weight of our 30-pound testing load.

Over the past four years we’ve researched several dozen suitcases and went hands on with the 4most promising candidates in a variety of tests—including having active Virgin America flight attendants test bags for us in a fake plane fuselage in their training facility. After testing was completed, we determined that for most people the Travelpro Platinum Magna offers the best balance of features, durability, and price for most flyers who log less than 25,000 miles annually.

Compression sacks

Originally designed for reducing the bulk of lofty sleeping bags, compression sacks are stuff sacks modified with additional nylon end caps that can be pulled together by strings or straps to remove air and create a smaller, denser package that’s easier to pack. Most travelers use compression sacks to condense socks, underwear, and other stuff you don’t mind getting wrinkled into a package with half as much overall volume. For example, an 8- to 12-liter sack can compress a fleece jacket and a long-weekend’s worth of socks and underwear into something that fits in one hand. They also make a decent pillow in a pinch.


Snarky Nomad. That’s because clothing, which is very voluminous, makes up the bulk of what’s in your bag. He recommends traveling with basic-looking clothes because you can always buy or rent something nice in a pinch, whereas lugging around formalwear just in case will always be a pain. It also helps if you can avoid cotton and stick to merino and synthetic fabrics, which dry faster. This allows you to do laundry by hand in the sink as needed to reduce the amount of clothes you need to carry.

For women

Similar fabric to the Men’s Airism, with a no-ride cut for women, these underwear are the least expensive of any we tested and among the best performing.


Being on the road is no excuse to be sloppy. It’s always easier to make a good first impression (especially if you’re traveling on business, or to an event like a wedding) than to fix a bad one. It’s possible to build a travel hygiene kit out of the same products you use at home, but before you rush to buy a toiletry kit and little bottles, think about your goals for the trip and whether you need all that. If you’re traveling for business, you want to make sure you have everything to freshen up and look your best. But problems can arise when you feel the need to bring a bunch of stuff for leisure travel. Dyment laments that many travelers make the mistake of trying to bring all the comforts of their homes with them when they go on vacation—the hotel’s provided washcloth might not be your favorite, but it will be good enough. He remarks, “What’s the point of even leaving if you’re just trying to feel like you’re at home anyway?” So the next time you’re going on vacation, think about leaving the fancy (and heavy) liquid hair products and grooming tools at home.

Toiletry kit

We’ve researched dozens of travel toiletry bags and dopp kits over the past several years and tested nine top-rated contenders in our most recent round of tests. After packing and unpacking a week’s worth of travel-size toiletries, conducting spill tests, and living out of the top performers on the road, we think the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Wallaby (small) is a great option for carry-on travel. It’s leak-resistant, ultralight, efficiently organized, and features a huge swiveling hook that’s easy to hang from almost anywhere—even a shower rod.

For a silky feel and extra warmth

The Sea to Summit silk liner wicks moisture, doesn’t retain smells, packs down to the size of an apple, and even weighs less than one. It makes scratchy motel and hostel linens a lot more bearable.


Having Internet access when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings can be invaluable. Wirecutter publisher Chris Mascari flies about 70,000 miles a year, and he made a great case for connecting whenever possible: “No matter where I’m going in the world, I always like to have a working smartphone with lots of data to use. It’s so world opening to have the power of the internet in my pocket when in completely unknown places.” Maps alone can be worth the cost, not to mention the ability to access countless recommended local spots and itineraries with just a few swipes. Check out our Mobile Extras section for reviews of the best battery packs, cables (Lightning and Micro-USB), LTE hotspots, Bluetooth speakers, and more.


Weather-resistant Expedition Field Notes are great if you’re writing in wet conditions, but don’t get them if you don’t need them. The synthetic paper feels weird and can cause some inks to smear.

Extra Features

Handles helps you grabbing toiletry bag quickly. Thus it eases to put your bag for security instead of rummaging in your luggage. A clip, carabiner or a hook allow you to hang your bag from bunk beds, bathrooms’ stall doors even from seatback. ​Bags with built-in hook is an instant space saver. It’ll help you adjust your toiletry bag in the limited space of hotel bathrooms. in flights. So washable features will help you to clean your bag and reuse it. Be sure, if anything like this happens, your bag at least allows to wipe it down.

Sign Up for Airline Rewards Programs

Even if you don’t fly often, you could benefit from signing up for airline rewards programs. After just a few flights, you might have enough miles or points to get them redeemed for free or low-cost travel. You might not even have to use the same airline to redeem your miles. “You can often fly on partner airlines using your airline’s miles,” Huffman added. “In some cases, using Airline A’s miles to fly on partner Airline B requires less miles than if you used Airline B’s miles for the same flight,” explained Huffman. Before your next flight, be sure to sign up for the airline rewards programs.

Pack Only What You Need

It’s a good idea to be cautious when you pack and bring extra items, but ask yourself if you really need everything. “When packing, think about exactly what situation you’ll want a certain item of clothing,” said Gillian Morris, the CEO and founder of Hitlist, a travel app that alerts you when cheap flights are available.

Bring Your Own Headphones

Many airlines offer free in-flight entertainment, but not all of them offer headphones for free. In order to save money and keep yourself entertained during a long flight, pack your own headphones. Bonus perk: You’ll look busy and avoid any unwanted conversations with people in your row.


Bocco Leak Proof Squeezable Travel Bottles, TSA Approved Travel Accessories for Carry On Luggage – Perfect for Liquid Toiletries – Pack (All Large oz Bottles) (Blue/Purple/Clear/Green) >>> Find out more about the great product at the image link.

Plan Your Outfits

I like to begin planning at least a week ahead of time. I mentally, or physically, set aside the clothes I want to bring. Each day, I look through them and ask myself “Will I really wear this?” If the answer isn’t an absolute yes, I move it off the list. How many times have you returned from a trip with clothes you never even wore? While it is nice to have a backup change of clothes, remember that you can always find a way to do laundry. Whether you have to use a hotel laundry service, laundromat, or wash something in the sink, you can always get clothes clean while traveling.

Even if you are not traveling by plane, or if you decide to use a checked bag, planning your outfits is useful. By eliminating unneeded clothes, you can free up space for other necessities (or souvenirs!) and can reduce the frustration of digging through an over-stuffed, over-sized bag for that one shirt you simply must wear right now.

Pack in Layers

Do not throw everything into your carry on haphazardly. This makes it more difficult for security scanners to see your luggage and can lead to hold-ups, particularly if agents decide they have to check your baggage by hand. Place clothes in a layer, lay electronics and coiled cords out evenly, and then place additional clothes or shoes on top. If you are a fan of rolling clothing to save space, you can still pack in layers. Packing in layers refers specifically to separating clothing, electronics, shoes, and other items within the bag to make it easier to scan. By keeping bag contents organized and electronics neatly packed, and together, you make your bag easy to scan, which reduces the time you have to spend at security checkpoints. Plus, more organized bags are easier to unpack and neatly folded clothing takes up less space. It’s a win-win situation.

If you’ve pared down your outfits and still have just a little too much to fit, consider using vacuum or zip-lock bags. By putting your clothing in a zip-lock bag, you can press the extra air out of the garment and seal the bag. Vacuum bags allow for even greater compression. For a demonstration of how much space you can save by packing in zip-lock bags, take a look at the photos to the right. I used regular, gallon-sized freezer bags and dramatically decreased the amount of space taken up by clothing. My two dresses, folded and stacked, were almost 4″ high. By placing them in a zipper bag and removing as much air as possible, I reduced their combined height to an incredible 1.5″! Purpose-built travel vacuum bags offer greater convenience and even better space savings.

Research Carry-On Restrictions

Research prohibited items, liquid restrictions, and luggage size restrictions. Common wisdom is that, in the United States, you have to carry only oz bottles (or smaller) of liquids and all bottles must be contained in a single, quart-sized zip top bag. This is called the 3-1-rule: oz, bag for each person. This is only partially true. The regulation actually permits liquids up to 100 ml, which is 3.ounces. This is an important difference – many personal products already come in 100 ml, or smaller, sizes. This means you do not necessarily have to run out and buy all new ‘travel size’ toiletries to fly. Over 70 countries currently comply with TSA carry-on liquid restrictions, so unless you know for a fact you don’t need to follow the 3-1-rule, follow it.

To be safe, place anything you might possibly consider a liquid in your quart bag. Technically speaking, stick deodorants are allowed without restriction in carry on luggage, but the existence of gel and semi-solid deodorants means some TSA agents require deodorants meet the size and containment regulations, too. Check yours – it may actually contain less than 3.oz and be acceptable without purchasing a travel size. Disposable razors are allowed in carry-on luggage, as are all medically-needed liquids or liquid medicines. Baby formula, liquid medicines, and even beverages are permitted if needed, just make sure to declare them at the TSA checkpoint. To answer any questions about specific items, check the TSA website.

Make sure to check your specific airline’s carry-on size restrictions, but pay special attention to the largest plane’s restrictions. Smaller planes have less room for carry-ons, but airlines understand that you may be taking a commuter plane to a larger airport and longer flight. Many permissible carry-ons do not fit in the overhead compartments on smaller planes, but airlines allow you to ‘gate check’ these bags for free. You simply leave your tagged bag on the walkway before takeoff and pick it up on the walkway after arriving. As long as your bag meets the larger plane’s carry-on restrictions, you are good to go.

Wear Slip-On Shoes

June 17, p.m.: An earlier version of this post and its headline incorrectly reported that American, Delta and United recently had changed the allowable limits for carry-on baggage. The airlines say they have not changed  their limits on bag sizes. ———— Airlines often specify that a carry-on bag may not exceed 4linear inches (length plus width plus height). Hobica’s bag was 1inches wide.

United’s contract of carriage specifies the same dimensions, noting that the outside linear dimensions include the bag’s “wheels and handles.” It also notes: “Carry-on baggage… suspected of being oversized may require being placed into a sizing unit to determine acceptability.” And, it says, the airline “reserves the right to check a passenger’s carry-on baggage for any reason.” Delta also notes that its carry-on bags may not exceed 4linear inches, including handles and wheels and adds, “Baggage must fit easily in the carry-on baggage check (approximately 2inches by 1inches by inches or 5by 3by  2centimeters), which is located near the check-in counters.” Not all airlines hew to the same size limits. JetBlue and Southwest, for example, allow bigger bags that measure at most 2inches long, 1inches wide and inches high. The solution, as always, is to read your airline’s website. The information may be under its baggage policy or may be in its contract of carriage. Hobica recommends these four-wheeled carry-ons that meet all airline limits: Briggs and Riley U122CX Baseline, Travelpro Platinum Magna and CalPak Valley 20-Inch Carry-On Spinner.

Travel & Outdoors

If you have flown anywhere in Europe over the past few years with only hand luggage accompanying you onto the plane, then you will know all about the dilemma of trying to stuff as many 100ml toiletry bottles into a clear 20cm x 20cm resealable bag.

Some department stores and pharmacies now sell clear plastic resealable 20cm x 20cm cosmetic style cases purposely designed for taking liquid-based products in hand luggage through airport security. Most claim that these cases are accepted by all airports worldwide, but some airport security officers can reject them on a whim, so to avoid such a situation I prefer using disposable freezer bags instead.

Bringing liquids onto the Eurostar

There are no restrictions on the volume of liquid you can bring in your hand luggage when boarding the Eurostar. You do not have to restrict yourself to 100ml bottles or less and do not have to present your liquid-based products in a 20 cm x 20 cm clear bag at security.

The UK and other European countries have just recently (March 2017) introduced further security measures with regards to the carrying of larger electrical devices like laptops and tablets onto inbound flights from Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Tunisia. If the device is larger than 1cm in length, cm in width and 1.cm in depth then it cannot be brought onto the plane in hand luggage. It will have to be placed in luggage checked in and put in the hold. Most mobile phones fall under these dimensions so should be ok to bring in hand luggage, but most laptops and tablets are affected.

It does look like this measure only affects flights back to the UK/EU from the Middle Eastern countries listed rather than flights to the affected countries from the UK/EU, so you may be able to carry your laptop et al. in the cabin going, but may not be able to on the way back. If you have any concerns and will be flying back to the UK or other European country from the Middle East soon, then do contact your airline beforehand who will be able to advise. If in any doubt, put the item(s) in your checked in luggage, or if you are only carrying hand luggage then give the item(s) to staff at the gate before boarding and they will put the item(s) into the hold for you.

More details on this additional measure can be found on the Gov.uk website here.


If you are part of the European Union, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland (see below with regards to the UK), you are entitled to reduced-cost or even free basic state healthcare abroad in other EEC countries and Switzerland as long as you have an European Health Insurance Card. Applying for an EHIC is straightforward online and is absolutely free so ignore websites that offer the application service for a small fee. The card is valid for a number of years from the day of application and usually take 2-weeks to process.

Do not be tempted to treat this card as an alternative to travel insurance. It is only an accompaniment. If you are unlucky enough to need serious healthcare whilst abroad e.g. treatment for a broken leg, the EHIC will not cover all if any of the potential treatment costs and certainly will not help with repatriation costs, so get comprehensive travel insurance before you depart as well.

British citizens who have a National Insurance or NHS number can apply for a card from the Gov.uk website here. Otherwise, a quick Google search will point you to the right EHIC Government webpage for your residential country. Remember: ignore those sites that charge a fee for this card. Applications are free regardless of your country of origin.

Take medications in your carry-on bag

If your medication is liquid or you need to carry needles, get a letter from your doctor. This should help you avoid problems taking restricted items on the plane in your carry-on bag.

Note: Recently the US and UK have put into place restrictions on electronics in carry-on luggage for flights from certain countries and on certain airlines. Check with your airline ahead of time about whether you can pack tablets, cameras, or laptops in your carry-on luggage.

Dry cell alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries are okay, as are lithium batteries. It’s worth noting that the TSA actually prohibits spare lithium batteries in your checked baggage, so it’s best to carry your external battery packs with you.

Put This On

Roll-up Dopp kits, like this one from Col. Littleton are another option, and have the advantage of coming with a hook you can use to hang the bag up.

Why carry the extra weight and separate out your toiletries?  All it takes is one busted bottle of shampoo or shaving cream to ruin your clothing and you’ll never ask this question again.

For more on what you should pack in your Dopp kit, take a quick look inside of one.

And check out Put This On for some ideas on great Dopp kit options, broken down by price range.

Duluth Packs Backpack

A soft-sided, two-strap backpack should be familiar to just about all of us. They often lack style but are much more comfortable for carrying over long periods, and most will have more storage space than a briefcase. There will also be more zipping pockets, which makes carrying small items easier.  Backpacks are certainly handy and versatile, but please, don’t wear one with a suit.

The Weekend Bag

A big, soft-sided tote, longer than it is tall or wide. They make functional checked bags yet are small enough to carry with one hand and throw into the back of your car for a weekend trip (hence the name).  These bags are made to hold the maximum amount of gear per cubic inch without taking on excess weight (no wheels, lighter weight materials) and usually have only one big internal compartment.  One drawback is that the soft sides offer little protection, and if made from an inexpensive material, one rip (or a thief with a box cutter) can lead to all your contents spilling out.

TSA Restriction Highlights

When dealing with TSA restrictions, if you have any doubts, it is best to leave questionable items at home or packed correctly in your checked bags. Carrying any item classified as a ‘weapon’ by the TSA on your person can result in a civil penalty.

Any sporting goods

A must-have for carrying ID and currencies, but resist the temptation to conceal credit card sized knifes or utility tools in your wallet as they are likely to be confiscated by the TSA. It is best to leave these types of tools at home, but if it is a necessity for you, pack them into your checked luggage to avoid any needless hassles.

Key Ring

Keep your key ring stripped down to items you will need for traveling from your home to the airport, such as your house and car keys. If you have any self-defense tools like kubatons or knives, make sure to remove these as they will not be permitted. If they will serve some utility at your destination, pack them carefully into your checked luggage.

Phones are allowed as carry-on, as are back-up battery packs. If you have any credit card sized utility tools or knives concealed in your phone case, make sure they are removed.

A watch is a safe, compact way to carry survival items such as a compass and paracord, as all items are safe for carry-on.

With full body scanners there really is no where to hide prohibited items. Play it safe and travel smart.

Folding Knife

Folding knives are not permitted in carry-on. To choose a suitable alternative that is TSA-approved, consider the ways in which you typically use your knife and what other items could provide similar utility.

A great, travel-safe alternative is the Wenger 1691Air Traveler Swiss Army Knife, which doesn’t have a knife but contains several other tools that serve a similar purpose such as 1.inch scissors, a nail file with an unsharpened pointed end, tweezers, and a mini screwdriver.


Be sure to remove the batteries to avoid unintentionally draining them and keep them in a Ziploc bag, similar to how you would store your liquids. The TSA agent may want to try out your flashlight to see that it works, so having batteries packed close by is advantageous.

Tactical Pen

This is a tricky one as it may raise suspicion in the security line and will be up to the discretion of the TSA agent whether it is permitted or not. If a tactical pen is a must-have item for you, pack it in your checked luggage, especially if it has features that could be categorized as weapons.  Check out our comprehensive Tactical Pen guide HERE.

Glass Breaker and Pry Tool

These types of tools are not permitted, but you can replace them with similar items that are less than inches in length such as a wrench or screwdriver.

Our personal choice is the Boker Mini Blade, which is 4.inch minibar tool made of high tensile resilient steel and has a fine edge perfect for prying into tight spaces.


In reasonable quantities, paracord is a generally accepted item to bring on airplanes. There are several wearable options that save space and raise little suspicion such as bracelets, necklaces, belts, and watch wristbands.

A low-profile paracord belt is a great way to carry 70 feet of 550 pound commercial grade paracord, however it will need to be removed and scanned at the TSA checkpoint. If you’re looking for a good option, check out the Bison Designs Double Cobra Paracord Survival Belt.

Make sure you know the rules for wherever you are traveling. Different countries have differing requirements.


Typically, most multitools contain a blade and are not permitted by the TSA. Similar to a folding knife, determine the features you are most likely to use and find travel-safe alternatives that can accommodate your needs.

For a utilitarian multitool that is also travel-safe, we recommend the Leatherman 83148Style PS Multitool, which boasts a host of useful tools and is permitted as carry-on.

Firestarting Kit

TSA regulations allow one book of safety matches as well as one TSA-approved cigarette lighter. Additionally, you can carry up to two additional lighters in your checked baggage as long as they are in TSA-approved containers, such as the Colibri Tranzpack TSA and DOT Approved Airline Lighter Case.

Back-up flammable items or fuel are not permitted even in checked baggage so if you are headed to a situation where you’ll need these items, make sure you can pick them up when you land.

Survival Whistle

Whistles are allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage, however check yours first to make sure it doesn’t contain any fire-making items. Strike-anywhere matches are not permitted in any luggage so you will need to ensure these items are left at home.

Staff Writer

If you think your carry-on bag will be allowed on every U.S. airline, think again—or regret it when you’re forced to check a bag that’s allowed on one carrier but not on another. We’ve taken the measurements and selected the carry-on bags that will give you the best bang for your buck on every major American airline.

Alaska allows bags of 24″ x 17″ x 10″ and doesn’t have a weight restriction, which means you can get away with a heavier hard-sided suitcase. The N.Y. Cargo Vacationer Hardsided 24″ Spinner Luggage has a durable polycarbonate exterior and wheels that rotate a full 360-degrees to help you maneuver around the airport. The handle retracts with a push of the button to stash it away in the overhead.


Frontier has a unique carry-on allowance: 24″ x 16″ x 10″ and a maximum of 3lbs. It’s tough to find baggage that will give you those extra few inches of width without going higher than 24″, but the Lucas Vortex Spinner fits the bill. It’s also made of 100 percent polyester, so it’s lightweight but still has deluxe features like four spinner wheels and an ergonomic grip handle.

JetBlue and Southwest

These airlines both let you bring a 24″ x 16″ x 10″ bag aboard, but only one lets you check a bag for free, so you’ll be more likely to fight for overhead space on JetBlue. The SwissGear Spinner is a great, affordable option within these dimensions. It’s packed full with features like zippered toiletry and easy access pockets, 360-degree spinner wheels, and a pull-out ID tag. Plus, it starts out at 24″ x 16″ x 8″ but expands by 1.5″ in case you need a little more room.

Bigger Toiletry Organizers

These are for you 20-steppers, and begin to push the limits of a “reasonable” size for carry-on travel. But we understand that sometimes you just need more room (i.e. when sharing a carry-on with your significant other). Choose a shape that compliments the rest of your carry-on’s contents.

Our Picks





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your tsa approved toiletry bag wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of tsa approved toiletry bag



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