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Best smith machine 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated November 1, 2020

Kyle DunnHi there, my name is Kyle Dunn and the first thing I would like to say is thanks for stopping by my website. One of the most important sections in the article – the comparison charts for best smith machine in 2018!

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. We take a close look at some of the best smith machine to help you get ripped.

Best smith machine of 2018

The table below summarizes features, and below you’ll find more detailed reviews of each good. I browse the various smith machine available on the market and list three of the very best.

Not all smith machine are created equal though. I want to find something that’s designed well (both for aesthetic purposes and efficiency).

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station

Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station

Fully Loaded Option: includes SCS Bench, leg extension attachment, and leg kit (required for leg extension attachment).
Bearing System: Precision steel ball bearing system provides a smooth, maintenance free action.
Weight Stacks: Two 150lb. commercial weight stacks with center drilled holes and magnetic weight pin for safety.
Nothing, except that I wasted too much time making my choice.

Why did this smith machine win the first place?

I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The material is stylish, but it smells for the first couple of days.
















№2 – Body Solid Series 7 Linear Bearing Smith Machine

Body Solid Series 7 Linear Bearing Smith Machine

Linear ball bearing Smith system with 20 crossmember lock-out points for a safe, solid stop at any point in your workout routine
Freeweight gunrack system with 14 lift-off and racking positions for ultimate versatility, safety and control
Large diameter Smith Bar responds quickly, is easy to control and weighs only 25 Lbs. It’s ideal for amateurs or professionals
It got crumpled after a couple of months of use..
Hard to use.

Why did this smith machine come in second place?

I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice.
















№3 – Barbell Squat Pad

Barbell Squat Pad

GENEROUS LENGTH – A longer length of 18” makes this barbell pad suitable for all weight lifters.
SWEAT & ODOR PROOF – Made of durable non-porous leather-type non-slip material that will not absorb moisture or retain any odors.
EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE – Thick ¾” foam provides enough cushion without extra bulk to protect the neck, shoulders and thighs during various weight lifting exercises such as squats, hip thrusts and lunges.
I didn’t like that it was packed tight. I think that the package doesn’t let the air in, so it’s unknown where and for how long it was kept..
Not very durable.

Why did this smith machine take third place?

This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. The material is incredibly nice to the touch. It has a great color, which will suit any wallpapers.
















smith machine Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy smith machine, right? No!

Press Bar

The pressing bar is the focal point of the smith machine; the components that construct this one part can be the difference between a smooth motion and a juddering one that would ruin your workouts. It all comes down to the quality of the bushings in the press arm, most of our models are brought in from Marcy because they use fine Ultra Glide Bushings to ensure a great feel, some of the top specification models go one further and use linear ball bearings for a supreme feel like that of a commercial standard.

Workout Stations

A lot of our models nowadays are more versatile then any multi gym you could hope to come across, this is because they combine the cable design with the smith to create almost a hybrid of the two offering high pulley stations and low pulley stations for lat pulldowns and seated rows to combine with your smith bar workouts. This provides a perfect blend of heavy weight movements to combine with isolation moves for definition and is well worth their weight in gold.

Powerline PSM1442XS Smith Machine Package

Also perfectly constructed for squat workout, this Powerline should be one of the most considerable options for you. More importantly, besides the standard and effective design it is built into, the item has been integrated with the safety features to make sure you can be safe at all time with this machine. Additionally, the bushing system and sliding carriages are the unique patented features of the product other ones can not have.

Valor Athletics Smith Machine

The second last one to review is the Valor Athletics Smith Machine. This is doubtlessly one of the very favorable machine squats available you can find on the market. The machine is first of all built with a strong capacity which could hold up to 1000 lbs. Also, the up and down movement of the item is made professionally smooth for great squat exercise experience.

PowerLine PSM144X Smith Machine

The last product is the PowerlIne Smith Machine. As you could see in the picture, the construction design of this item is very simple with only the square frame made from good quality materials. However, this simplicity is enough to bring you the great squat training. Plus, 1positions are made available for the training in addition to adjustable safety features.

Weight Stack Home Gyms

Weight stack machines are multifunction home gyms, consisting in a system of pulleys, and cables which connect to a stack of weight plates. Each machine of this type offers more or less workout stations. For example, some may include a pec fly workout station, others may have a preacher pad station etc. It goes without saying that the more workout stations comprised in a weight stack machine, the higher the price.

Smith Machines

Of course, the classic (or basic) Smith machine includes just the frame, barbell and stoppers. However, there are models which offer much more than that, integrating various workout stations such as high and low pulleys, benches etc. One of the main aspects that has to be outlined here, is that most Smith machines which also integrate pulleys and cables, also require barbell or dumbbell weight plates for the mobile weight elements, rather than a square weight stack such as the previous category of machines.

Aspects to consider

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith machine has much more to offer than a basic weight training equipment of this type. Not only that it includes the Smith cage with the bar, it also integrates an adjustable bench, preacher pad, low pulley, high pulleys and also a pec fly station.

Flex-rod Machines

Flex-rod machines are patented and manufactured by Bowflex. They feature a similar construction and pulley / cable system as a weight machines, but the resistance is generated by a system of flexible rods instead of a weight plate stack. The cables of the machine connect to the flexible rods, which bend as you pull the handles, generating the desired resistance. Evidently, due to their specific resistance system, these machines have their own pluses and minuses.

Squat rack features

Setting up your own home gym can have many benefits of over committing to a commercial gym membership.

This is where the design of the Body Solid Series Smith Machine is so effective. While most fitness companies will make you choose between a squat rack and smith machine, Body Solid have actually managed to combine the two.

Having the gun rack style bar supports attached to the front of the frame allows you to perform a variety of effective muscle building exercises. These include overhead presses, back squats, shrugs, and incline bench press.

The main safety feature for the free weight exercises is the set of heavy duty guard rails. Adjustable through a range of height settings, these safety rails will prevent the bar from dropping below a certain point.

Particularly useful when performing squats, this prevents you getting pinned below the bar and allows you to have the confidence to attempt a one rep max or take a set to positive muscular failure.

Smith machine workouts

When it comes to choosing a smith machine, you usually have two main types of motion; vertical, and reverse pitch.

The Body Solid Series falls into the second category, with a degree reverse pith creating a more natural range of motion for the bar to follow.

This prevents putting your body through any unnatural positions and risking potential shoulder injury, which is not only safer, but allows you to lift more weight.

The smith machine features 20 different lockout points, and includes a set of safety catches to prevent the bar from moving below a certain height.

Although the range of motion is more restrictive than the free weight exercises, this does allow you to work on weaker portions of your lift more effectively.

For example, if your bench press was weakest through the top half of the press, you could set the locking catches at a position where the bar only moves through this top portion of the movement.

You could then overload your triceps and strengthen the entire lift to bring up your weaker portion of the bench press. Although this is a more advanced training technique, the Body Solid Series includes a bench with a weight limit of 1000 lbs and an incredibly strong frame.

This makes it an ideal home gym for every fitness level, whether you have been lifting for only a few months or many years.

Lat pulldown and cable pulley system

Isolation exercises such as cable curls for biceps allow you to work a muscle from a variety of angles, helping to improve its shape and fullness.

Both the pec fly and cable pulleys get their resistance from a selectorized weight stack at the back of the frame, with a total weight of 2lb.

Weight plate storage

Whether you are squatting 500 lb or bicep curling 50 lb, having so many storage pegs helps to keep your weight plates both tidy and organised.

This makes it easier to find the weights you need quickly, giving you more time to get some all important rest between sets.

Over 50 exercise options

When combined with a simple barbell and weight plate set, the Body Solid Series allows you to put together an effective full body workout, with a large selection of both compound and isolation exercises to choose from.

With the GFID-7bench being free standing, you can always slide this out from the main smith machine / squat rack and use it to support even more exercises with dumbbell workouts.

PowerLine PSM144X

Smith machines come in all shapes and sizes. The PowerLine PSM144X is a simple machine which is enough to get you started on your exercises. Its simple design recommends it for a combination of free-weights and the typical safety of a Smith machine exercises.

Although the frame of the machine is small, it is actually made from durable materials. The manufacturer used 12-gauge steel for the pillars of the machine which supports the Super-Glide system.

This system ensures you`ll get a smooth and pleasant experience while using the machine. As with most machines, you can choose different lockout positions.

There are 1positions to choose from which bring you a level of versatility which is so beneficial in these types of machines.

The adjustable positions allow you to train specific exercises. They can also work for your own height as the starting point for most exercises will be altered for people of different heights.

The durability of the machine is very good. The main bar comes with a 1” diameter which is inspired from Olympic-style training. The finishing of the frame is also scratch resistant which will ensure you get the most of your routine without having to worry on the look of the machine too much.

Valor Athletics

The Valor Athletics Smith Machine is one of the best options for users looking for durable equipment which is easy to use and can handle serious weights. The Smith machine uses Olympic sizing. The barbell uses 2” whole plates for maximum power. This means that the machine can handle impressive weights of up to 1.000lbs.

The machine also comes with top performing bearings which will ensure a smooth transition on the movements. The biomechanics of the movement can be impeded with a poorly performing bearing system and this is why you need to ensure you get a machine which allows you to perform the exercises correctly. You can train your whole body using this machine.

As it comes with adjustable locking positions you can use the equipment to work leg muscles like hamstrings and even calves. You can also train the upper body with movement like the military press which will work your shoulders and triceps muscles.

Then, you can also use the barbell for pulling exercises such as shrugs which will help you develop your traps. But most importantly, you`ll be able to perform heavy squats on this machine without any issues. You also get to stack your weight plates on the machine which will help you keep an organized fitness room in your home.

Focus on the exercises

Since it might seem overwhelming to navigate all the features of these machines, you need to focus on what exercises you need and what is the best option to perform them.

If you won`t be training your biceps on a Smith machine, there is no point in looking for ropes, cables or other biceps accessories. You need to be strategic about what you actually want to achieve.

Focusing on the exercises also means you will have less time to maintain the equipment. Since you train at home and want to save time, make sure you get the best Smith machine which allows you to perform your workout without too much headaches. Some self-oiling options are available; make sure you check them out before you purchase your product.

Inspire Fitness FtSmith Station

The Smith machine works on a cable resistance system which is different from most machines but it also provides constant tension on the muscles which can increase body toning.

With a pull-up bar and different other options for isolation movements, it is one of the best machines for home use. It can actually replace other equipment and recreate a gym environment in your own home.

Its bulky for people with small setups

The best part of Bayou fitness total trainer DLX-III home gym is it uses a person’s own body weight for resistance and hence removing the need for heavyweights.

The home gym gives you the effective and safe result and you can adjust the percentage of weight by moving the incline up and down.

It has an extra-large squat board, upgraded twin handles, push-up bars and the Bayou Bicep Power Flex, which is an additional attachment.

The home gym equipment is crafted with chrome plated rails, embroidered logo, along with cushioned glide board.

The next Home Gym we have lined up is the Total Gym XLS. This compact, economical and modern Home Gym gives results to everyone, irrespective of whether they are a beginner or an expert.

It offers over 80 exercises that target various muscle groups together; it can be for cardio, stretching or strength training, all in one.

The Home Gym features exercises for your whole body: your upper body, lower body, abdominals, etc.

The single bench can be inclined to your liking, to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.

Apart from the cable system, the machine provides a squat stand, leg pull accessory, chrome package and much more.

The machine is compact and foldable for convenient storage.

Workout DVDs come along with the Home Gym to help you get the most out of your exercise machine.

Get gym quality training in the comfort of your home using Marcy -990 Home Gym.

This all in one gym machine has a compact design and offer 30 strength training exercise for the full body.

The system is constructed from heavy-duty steel and offers a variety of functions such as dual functioning press arm, comfortable roller blades, curl bicep pad.

With Marcy home gym machine muscle building and toning is going to be an easy job for you.

The equipment also offers adjustable butterfly attachment and leg developer.

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with linear bearings is designed to make bodybuilding easier and more convenient.

It’s an ideal pick for those who have an average height, it’s also very affordable.

This Home Gym offers you the opportunity to do every exercise you can do at the gym at home.

Versatility in the machine is one of the reasons why this product is so popular, a Smith machine, linear bearings,  free weight rack and a cable routed pulley system are put together to make a versatile product.

This design allows you to perform more than 100 club-standard exercises, for you to strength train.

The cable routed pulley system can also be used for exercises which will help you with everyday life and athletics.

The multipurpose bench has options to work on your biceps and legs, as well as the original purpose to lift weights.

Weights do not come with the Home Gym, so buying them separately will be another investment.

The chest muscles can also be worked on, with the Olympic Bar catches and the Smith Bar Catches.

The High Cable Pulley Crossovers give you the opportunity of full pectoral workout, but this might not work out for tall people, as they will have difficulty using them to their full extent.

You can expect to spend a good few hours of yours life assembling the Home Gym, as it will take a lot of time.

Powerline PSM144G

While this entry-level Smith doesn’t have the build quality or functionality of some of the machines here, it’s solid and stable enough for you to perform most exercises on. The rack adjusts from 75cm to 155cm and supports both standard and Olympic plates. What’s more, you can buy additional extras for it, such as a high to low pulley system and pec dec.


One of the most common pieces of equipment found in any gym is the Smith machine, and for good reason too, as the benefits are worthwhile – especially for people who prefer to work out alone. Comprised of a heavy-duty rack (the equipment is also known as a power rack or squat rack) and a barbell that is fixed in-between two rails, Smith machines enable people to train safely and lift heavier weights without the need for a spotter. Its fixed structure means that the trajectory of the bar is controlled and therefore any side to side or front to rear movement due to lack of balance is prevented. It’s also a highly versatile machine, one that allows people to perform squats on leg days just as easily as they’d use it for bench press on upper body days.

The smith bar is noisy!

Overall I’m happy with my purchase, as I like having a the extra variety a smith machine and pec dec provide. However if 1000 quid is your entire total home gym budget, then you’d be far better off getting a power rack, dumbells and maybe a powerline cable crossover.

Key features to look for

Despite their relatively simple design, modern weights benches can actually have a surprising amount of features. As this guide is designed for anyone looking to buy a bench for their own home gym, this includes attachment options, back support settings, and perhaps most importantly, safety features.

Confidence AB MASTER Pro Series AB Trainer

Where most ab benches are designed to be stationary, this is a bench that can be adjusted to create a range of motion that best suits your own physical ability.

Providing complete support for your lower back throughout the exercise, the padded back support follows your upper body through the complete 200 degree range of motion as you perform your sit ups and crunches.

The bar that arcs over the bench also performs a similar function to using an ab harness on a multi gym, creating added resistance which can be adjusted to suit your own personal strength level.

Sports & Fitness

They say, the best way to keep fit and maintain good body health is exercising. So far, exercising has been a challenge to most people. This is because they find it hard to create time to visit the gym.

But this will not be a challenge for you if you decide to get the best home gym equipment and start your home gym.

Bayou Fitness Total Trainer 4000-XL Home Gym

Do you want to tone, strengthen and take your flexibility to the next level? Then Bayou Fitness Total Trainer 4000-XL Home Gym is the best home gym equipment. It comes fully assembled so you start training on it as soon it gets to your home.

What to Look for When Choosing a Home Gym

There is quite a number of facts that you should put into consideration as you look for the best home gym equipment. We all have our lifestyle; these facts will help you get the equipment that perfectly fits into yours.

You may have the best home gym equipment at your disposal, but what matters is how regularly you use it. If you want to get the best out of your equipment, then you should use it regularly.

It is very important that you properly use your equipment. This will help you avoid any injuries that may be caused by the equipment. Make sure you follow all the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. If you are not careful enough, you may end up loosing your exercising privileges forever due to injury.

Determine your exercise goals

If you are looking forward to doing cardiovascular exercises then it is automatic that cardiovascular equipment will be good for you. This equipment might be a treadmill. If you are looking to do strength exercises then the best home gym equipment will be the one that focuses on weights. The same applies for fitness equipment.

Come up with a budget

Looking at the list of the best home gym equipment, you will establish that some of them are very expensive while others are affordable. Therefore, you should come up with a budget of how much you are planning to spend on buying yourself the equipment. You should also consider other costs that may come along like maintenance cost and the cost of buying other supplementary equipment.

Consider hiring before purchasing

It is said that experience is the best teacher. This is very true even when it comes to purchasing the best home gym equipment. If you settle to purchasing a particular home gym equipment, it will be wise to put it to test first before putting all your cash to it.

What the equipment offers

For the case of strength exercises equipment, it is very important that you choose one with the widest range of resistance. This is because it will give you the best exercising chance. It will also give you a chance to grow ad you keep exercising.

Now that you know how to choose a good home gym equipment. You can go ahead and purchase one that suits from the earlier reviews.

All of the earlier reviewed pieces of equipment are unique. Each of this equipment is unique in its own way. After a close examination of each of the pieces of equipment, you may realize that they are just supplements and compliments of each other. This may make it very hard to establish which among them is the best.

Despite this, it is still very possible to narrow down on the equipment with the most appealing features and abilities (if you know what you want). This is what you should consider establishing which the best of this equipment is.

Range of exercises

Looking at the reviewed equipment, the one with the highest number of exercises is very clear. The best equipment in this category has 50 different exercises and the runners-up have 30. It is, therefore, automatic that the equipment with the highest number of exercises is the best. This is because you can be able to exercise your body extensively with it.

Range of resistance

The range of a resistance of equipment influences a lot of this. To begin with, it influences the age and the ability of the people who can use it. It also influences the number of exercises that you can do with it.

The best range from the above-reviewed list is from pounds to 2pounds. There are only two pieces of equipment that fall in this range. They are the best home gym equipment in this category.

Additional features

What additional features does each of the features home gym equipment have? The best of them will have the highest number of additional features. On top of that, it should have the most functional additional features. These are the special features the make your equipment unique.

Another benefit of a home gym is the low impact. Most resistance-based home gyms offer low impact exercises; the smooth resistance of the elastic rods and bands, or the use of body weight, is easy on the joints. Resistance exercises allow your muscles to stretch and relax in a smooth and consistent manner. This avoids the shock and bounces at the end of the motion that causes muscle spasms. The same movements can be performed on home gyms for pain-free and calorie burning exercise routines. The natural burn of a great workout is the only pain you will feel after the workout.

Gym Design

When buying a home gym, you should have a place in mind for placing the machine. Most of these machines are large and heavy; hence, they will not be moved once placed. Don’t forget to consider the height and length of the machine. Many machines are tall and wide, so you should manage enough space to perform all of your desired exercises.

Included Items

If you are settling for a specific home gym, look what is included with the machine. Many machines may only feature the frame and the weight stack while others come with additional items such as training DVDs, a double-sided row bar, ab harnesses and pulley stations. Make sure you know exactly what you are spending money on.

Help & Support

The warranty of these large and heavy machines is extremely important. Look for the machines that have lifetime warranties. Also, you want to work with a company that makes it easy to reach representatives and are willing to answer your queries in case you have any. The most popular ways to contact representatives from these companies are email, telephone, and live chat support.

Total Gym 1400 Deluxe Home Fitness Exercise Machine

The Total Gym 1400 Deluxe Home Gym offers more than 60 different exercises that you can perform in comfort of your home. You can attain full-body calories burning and muscle toning workout in just 10-20 minutes. This home gym targets the upper and lower body with different bodyweight resistance levels. You will be able to successfully target any muscle group that you need to be toned with the help of the instructional manual and total body makeover DVD. Total Gym also gives you dip bars, a squat stand, leg pulley accessory and a multi-function attachment completely free of charge.

The Total Gym workout equipment is a quality home gym. It has a strong steel frame that provides a secure exercising surface. You will experience zero wobbling while using this bodyweight system. The components of 1400 Deluxe Home Gym are plastic but they are high quality and very strong. It features calibrated resistance levels to ensure that you get the perfect intensity for your workout. You will never need to buy a gym membership after you buy this machine, as it offers over 60 possible exercise options.

Total Gym is known for putting in lots of extras with their equipment that is great for enhancing your home workouts. This workout equipment is a true total body workout machine with a multi-function attachment, dip bars, squat stand and a leg pulley accessory. The multi-function attachment and dip bars target the upper body, whereas the squat stand and leg pulley attachment focus on the lower body. This home gym also offers an exercise flip chart, an instructional manual, and a workout DVD to guide you. Moreover, it also offers a nutritional guide.

This home gym has more options, more resistance levels, a higher weight capacity and the same quality design and extras included. A great feature of this home fitness equipment is that it comes out of the box fully assembled. Hence, you don’t have to go through all those hassles of assembling. And it comes at an affordable price. However, it comes with the only 1-year limited warranty.

Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III Home Gym

The Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III Home Gym uses body weight for resistance, eliminating the need for heavyweights. The percentage of the body weight can be adjusted by moving the incline up and down, which gives safe and effective results. This home gym is finely crafted with chrome-plated rails and cushioned glide board with embroidered logo. It features an extra-large squat board, upgraded pull-up, push-up bar, upgraded twin handles, and an additional attachment, the Bayou Bicep Power Flex.

This Bayou Home Gym also has exercise cards, which allow you to personalize and track your training program. You just need to select the programs that you need and start to work out. It has a strong steel frame that provides a stable and secure foundation for your bodyweight workouts. The large and comfortable glide board and the pulleys and bearings deliver a smooth movement. This home gym has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. It can accommodate just about anybody and allows the user to pack on plate weights for added intensity.

This is a top-notch gym and gives the competition a run for its money. It offers lots of extras and accessories. It features a biceps curl press bar, chrome pull-up/push-up bar, and a biceps power flex attachment for the upper body. An extra large heavy-duty squat board and dual leg cuffs for the lower body. It also provides a pro ab crunch strap, a sit-up cuff strap, a Pilates toe bar, chrome independent twin handles and a power weight bar for adding free-weights. Also, it offers a set of program cards, an instructional manual, and a DVD to tailor the perfect workout.

This first-class bodyweight home gym gives any other bodyweight home gym in its price range a run for its money. These bodyweight home gyms are great for burning calories and losing body fat but they are not ideal for building muscle and strength. It comes double boxed and fully assembled with 1-year limited warranty. This is a great bodyweight home gym with all the extras that can help the user to build the perfect training routine.

Powerline P2X Home Gym

The Powerline P2X Home Gym provides workout stations and can perform up to 2different exercises. This workout equipment includes a 160 lb. weight stack with the option to upgrade 50 more pounds. It is actually a compact home gym but the optional leg press greatly increases its dimension. The 2different exercises will give your entire body a workout.

The machine is designed brilliantly. It features a single adjustable seat with a two-way adjustable back pad. This workout machine is 8inches tall, 7inches long and 6inches wide. It looks fairly large but doesn’t take much space. The six workout stations include multi-press arms, lat pulldown/high pulley, ab crunch/mid pulley, functional pulleys, leg extension/leg curl and seated row/low pulley.

A leg press attachment can be added to this machine but you need to pay an additional cost. It increases the bulk of the machine considerably. This home gym doesn’t include any type of exercise or training DVDs to help you to use the machine to its fullest. The Powerline P2X comes with a 10-year warranty for the frame and one year on the parts.

This home gym is fairly basic but the upgrades provide a more versatile, powerful workout solution. It has the capabilities to provide a powerful workout from home. Though it lacks training DVDs and a longer warranty, it provides all of the main features you look for home workout equipment.

The bench can adjust to two different positions when working out. Hence you will not slip as you exercise. ​The construction is the next best feature as this Bowflex model is constructed out of commercial quality steel which makes it a heavy duty bench which can handle heavy weight people. ​It has durable upholstery which is easy to wipe and clean after you exercise and a good base that offers great balance and stability.

Very easy to assemble the parts, and most people say that it took them at least 30 minutes.


This Marcy gym set is made of tubular steel frame that is powder coated for durability ​Has a multifunction utility bench with different positions ​Has an adjustable preacher curl pad with a detachable bicep curl bar for extended bicep workouts.

Some other things to consider include

The kind of training will determine the kind of bench to get. If you are a serious weight lifter, then get a product that has an adjustable rack so that the barbell can be held at arm’s length.

The weight bench is a good workout equipment that you can add in your home gym. Make sure that you consider the above features and which is best for you before buying one. Remember, purchase a bench that you will enjoy working out on.

This Home gym is perfect for who live in a small apartment. This home gym has few option for workouts. Its allow only 50 pounds resistance. You can easily fold up it and easy storage when you not use.This is a awesome one who don’t want for workout every day.

Running Area

The optimal area we advise is at least 50 x 140cm. This is so that the user do not have to worry so much about running out of track and can focus on the exercise. For example, when the user is tired, he/she will tend to sway left and right.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the smith machine by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your smith machine wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of smith machine



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about smith machine is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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