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Best range bag 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated November 1, 2020

Kyle DunnHi! My name is Kyle Dunn. One of the most important sections in the article – the comparison charts for best range bag in 2018!

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. We take a close look at some of the best range bag to help you get ripped.

Best range bag of 2018

Welcome to my website! If you plan to buy range bag and looking for some recommendations, you have come to the right place. There’s a product for every kind of user on the list of affordable options below. On that note, I review the three best range bag of 2018 to help you get value for your money. There are dozens of choices for an range bag these days. These are composed of modern styling with modern technology to match it. Here are some good examples.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
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How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the range bag by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



№1 – Tactical Gun Shooting Range Bag

Tactical Gun Shooting Range Bag

Range duffle bag Exterior Dimensions: 15″x12″x10″ (WxDxH).Interior main compartment Dimensions 14″ x 8″ x 9″(WxDxH).
Gun range bag is made of 600D nylon fabric, durable, water-resistant and heavy duty. Lock style zippers for main compartment (zippers didn’t include lock)
Literally no flaws

Why did this range bag win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.


Ease of use














№2 – Tactical Duffle Military Molle Gear Shoulder Strap Range Bag

Tactical Duffle Military Molle Gear Shoulder Strap Range Bag

Reliable! I really like this!
It is not for the small jobs.
A little on the heavy side.

Why did this range bag come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed.


Ease of use














№3 – Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

√ SPACIOUS: Multiple compartments give you ample space to store your gear. Comes with Two Adjustable Padded Dividers that Creates Three Protected Compartments. The Two Spacious Exterior Zippered Pockets for Magazine, Ammunition, and Accessory Storage. Also includes a Removable Pistol Pouch
Less durable.
Pretty costly.

Why did this range bag take third place?

It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work.


Ease of use














range bag Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy range bag, right? No!


It enables the bag to handle any weight. The bag is fully beefed up to support the rigor of any full loaded range duty.

The shoulder straps as well as carrying handles too are constructed from heavy duty iron to ensure they don’t stretch and wear under heavy load. ​Sufficient Storage Space ​The bag has more than enough room to carry your ammo, hearing protection, magazine, cleaning supplies, pistols, and other tools.

Check Price! ​BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag

Blackhawk is a big name in the shooting industry. Over the past years, they’ve produced great shooting equipments in the market. And in one of those past years, they got up and made the above great range bag that is so popular today.

During my research, I noted that many shooters tend to carry their equipments in the Balckhwak bag.​ ​Simply stated, BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag is a bag of class. It’s made from high strength 600 denier polyester material.

If you fear your tools too heavy for the bag, go ahead and try it. It will prove you worn gin broad daylight! ​The bag allows you to enjoy the high durability level plus other great features at very low prices. No matter what your range bag needs are, trust me, the bag will meet your budget range perfectly. ​Key Features: ​Super Strong Polyester Design ​Immediately you hear the name polyester, you expect the bag to be among the most durable types. This is exactly what this bag is. It’s made form 600 Denier plotter materials. It excellently and comfortably withstands the weight of any gear. ​Adequate Storage Provided ​You’ll enjoy packing up to two pistols in this bag. This still leaves enough space in the bag to carry earmuffs, safety glasses, speed loaders, cleaning materials, and so much more.

When you move to the outer side of the bag, more space is granted. You’ll enjoy slash pockets that you can slip your Mag and other small items in. ​Top Quality Coil Zippers ​Remember the first bag I told you I bought? It has the most miserable zipping system I have ever seen. This taught me to always look for the type of zippers in any bag.

The zippers found in this bag do not disappoint. They’re self healing, heavy duty, and have a standard size. ​Tactical Web Handles ​The handle has a wrap around design. They feature the strong MOLLE webbing and make it easy to carry the bag in your hands comfortably. ​A shoulder r strap that also uses MOLLE webbing is present for easy carrying around your shoulders.

Occupying our third position for the best range bags is the GunMate Range Bag. The most amazing thing I’ve never forgotten about this gas is its eye catching interior view.

It features one of the smartest interior designs that allow you to pack your things. Pro, or no-Pro, you’ll be able to neatly arrange all your things in this bag.​ ​As with the interior view, the exterior quality is equally great. I couldn’t get enough of the snaps and zippers made from string metal.

Small-sized bag ​As we did say in the opening of this post, buying a range bag with smaller size is better than buying one with a big size. This bag meets this condition very well. Its dimensions are 16”Width x 8” height x 7”Depth. ​But the small size does not mean that this bag has inadequate storage. Lest discuss its storage capacity next.

Enough storage space for all your gear​ ​With this bag, you’ll be able to carry up to two hand guns, a spotting scope, hearing protection, shooting glasses, ammo, cleaning supplies, etc. ​Outside the bag is more storage space in form of side compartments. Each side compartment has enough room for a removable padded pistol rug.

It’s also good to note that each of these compartments comes with a durable zip system that is lockable to ensure safety of your items. ​Easy to Carry ​The bags are sure-easy to carry. Whether you prefer to carry it on your shoulders or with your hands-everything is real easy.

This is made possible by a shoulder strap and handlers that are made from the same stiff material that makes the bag body. ​The shoulder strap is attached to the bag via a metal to further enhance its durability.

Check Price! ​Explorer Tactical 1Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag Review: ​What about a rage bag that fits up to 1pistols in addition to other shooting items? Does this sound real? I know it might not. But Explorer Tactical 1Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag will prove to you that it’s possible. ​Though the bag carries so many items, it’s perfectly compact sized. You’ll be able to easily carry it in the fields, on duty, and even store in inside your car. ​Everything else about his bag has a true definition of a top quality range bag. From zippers to material used to make the bag- all has an assurance of the bag serving you for more years that you wish. ​Key Features: ​1000 D Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon ​The above material has unmatchable strength. Its performance is equally amazing. If you have been using bags which begin to wear out as soon you load them, try this one. You have my assurance: it will never let you down. ​Up to 1compartments ​There are no better words to explain the amount of space you’ll enjoy when using this bag. It has a total of 1compartments that are nicely designed to hold up to 1handguns.

Apart from this, some sufficient enough room is left to hold a verity of weapons. With different compartments holding different contents, fast deployment becomes possible. ​Outside the bag, there are additional two side compartments to hold more items in case the bag becomes full inside. ​Intelligent Interior Padding ​All the above compartments have been intelligently padded. This is in an effort to ensure that the sensitive gear you might be carrying is well protected from potential damages. ​Quick detach Shoulder Strap ​You don’t wish to carry the bag on your shoulder? No worries. You can simply remove the strap from the bag, thanks to its easy-to-detach design. ​And if you prefer to carry it on your shoulders, the case will get better. The strap is padded to give you comfort when carrying the bag with its heavy contents. ​Top Quality Zippers All Around ​The zippers employed in this bag are the ones every shooter wishes to be fitted on their bags. The bag has durable zippers.

Check Price! ​Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag Review: ​We feature yet another Blackhawk item in our list of the bet range bag reviews. As with all the other Blackhawk products, this bag comes with attractive prices without sacrificing its quality.

The bag can comfortably carry around 4-guns. If you cram the guns, the bag will hold up to of them. This will still leave adequate space for other items you’d like to carry in the bag. ​Overall, it’s a great, durable bag that is ready for the task at hand. ​Polyester stands for the durability of the bag. It lives to see the bag serve you for many years without wearing out.

Molle Webbing​

The bag has large dual-zippered compartments where you can easily pack your gear. A slash pocket is also available to increase the bag’s storage capacity. ​Compact and Lightweight ​The bag is 15” long, 11” tall, and 10” deep. That’s an absolutely compact bag. Adding the lightweight feature, it becomes the ideal bag for all your shooting trips.

Check Price! ​Explorer Tactical Padded Deluxe Shooting Ammo Range RangeMaster Gear Bag Review: ​Explorer too has its contribution in the range bags industry. The above name represents one of the top models on the line of their range bags.

It is a compact size bag that measures 12”L by 9”W by 9”D. It’s also lightweight for better experience when travelling.

Quick detach Shoulder Strap​

Like any other explorer range bag, this one has a very compact size. Its only 20 inches long, 1inches wide, and inches deep. If you couple the small size with its extremely low weight, it becomes an easy to carry bag.

A Long-lasting Range Bag​

The heavy duty durable nylon material used to design the bag advocates for its durability. It enables the bag to hold as many heavy equipment as possible without stretching or tearing.

Durable bag​

The obvious benefits of carry bags are that they are lighter and feature a stand that provides easy access, meaning your clubs don’t get wet on the ground. Cart or trolley bags are designed to fit specifically onto a trolley and offer plenty of storage space for anything you will need on the course.

Weight and size

After you have decided between a carry or trolley option there is still a wide variety of size options available. In the carry bag category you’ll find very lightweight designs with little pocket space, as well as models that are as big as the smallest cart bags.

Windows Store

New shooters may often find it intimidating to start going to the range on their own. Many new shooters don’t have any idea what they should bring with them to the range. Some err by bringing nothing but their firearm(s), and then have to rent eye and ear protection, while paying a premium for targets and ammunition at the range. Others do the exact opposite and bring far too much gear, half of which is unnecessary to lug around at the range.

A range bag filled with the right gear can make your shooting experience much more valuable, especially if the range you go to limits your shooting time. It can be quite frustrating to waste your indisposable time and money waiting in line and then realize you left an important piece of gear home.

We have compiled a checklist of essentials for both new and experienced shooters alike to keep in their range bag in order to make the most our of every trip to the range.

Range Bag

The first thing you’ll need is a range bag. There are many on the market, and the Blackhawk Sportster Deluxe Range Bag is a fine choice. The bag has a removable pistol pouch and can hold up to two handguns. Additionally, the bag has S.T.R.I.K.E. webbing to allow you to attach pouches and accessories to the bag.


American Eagle centerfire handgun ammunition is great for many different purposes.

Ammunition is another important item to include in your range bag, but one that some people may overlook. The ammo you bring to the range should be dependable, but cheaper than your self defense ammo. It is recommended that you find a load(s) that runs well in your gun.

Price: Varies based on caliber and type. Consider using an economical load for practice and a specialty round for use in the field.

Maintenance Tools

As a new shooter, you will become very familiar with the Hoppes line of products. Their signature No. Bore Cleaner is so well known and liked the company even makes air fresheners with its scent. That being said, their lubricant is top notch too. It is important to always have some lubricant in your shooting bag so you can keep your guns running smoothly.

The M-Pro Universal Kit includes useful tools that fit into a compact hard case.

There are also many more cleaning and maintenance tools available that might suit your particular needs. Read here to see more firearm maintenance tools.

Eye Protection

Bollé tactical eyewear offers durability and a personalized feel.

Eye protection is one of the most important pieces of gear you can have in your bag. In fact, most shooting ranges will not even allow you to shoot unless you are wearing eye protection. While many ranges will loan or rent glasses to wear, having your own pair increases comfort and ensures that they fit properly for maximum safety benefits.

There are a wide variety of eye protection available on the market, but be sure that anything you buy meets OSHA standards. It is important to wear actual eye protection, and not just a pair of sunglasses you had laying around. The Champion Ballistic Shooting Glasses meet military specifications for protection.

For increased comfort, durability and style, shooting glasses from Bollé (pictured above) offer a greater variety to fit more applications. Their frames and lenses are available in various sizes, colors and styles that will give you a more personalized fit and finish.

Champion passive earmuffs feature 27dB noise reduction and require no batteries.


VisiChalk targets burst into a bright cloud when they are hit for positive feedback.

One item new shooters often forget to bring to the range are targets to shoot at. Targets are often available for sale at ranges, but at a premium. Simple paper targets are a good place to start at indoor ranges, but there are a lot of options out there.

If you go to an outdoor range, you may want to try some interactive targets like Champion DuraSeal targets that wobble, spin or bounce when you hit them, giving immediate visual feedback. Another fun target is the VisiChalk target system (pictured above). When you hit the brightly colored chalk targets, they burst with a cloud of dust to indicate a positive hit. Test your shooting skills by racing against the clock or against your friends to see who can dust all of the discs in the fastest time.


Holsters vary greatly in design based on their intended functionality. Some holsters are designed for concealed carry, while others might be well suited for shooting competitions or law enforcement applications. Regardless of which holster is right for you, its important to practice with it so you can become accustomed to how it performs.

Check out our handy infographic to compare different airlines’ cabin baggage restrictions on short-haul flights.

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Altura’s seatpack is quite literally an eye-catching option thanks to the built-in iLume LED fitted into the rear.

This tiny button has three settings – slow, fast and constant – and runs from a watch battery, all packaged into a shape not much larger than a pound coin.

With a diagonal length of 20cm it’s a good-sized bag that will hold a multi-tool, mini-pump and a couple of inner tubes, or a few energy bars if you’re planning a longer ride.

At just 4cm wide it’ll mount snuggly behind the seatpost and shouldn’t rub as you pedal.

Ideal as a ‘hamster transporter’ if you need to go to the vet’s.

Another of our smaller options, this one coming in with a simple design and, therefore, price tag.

Measuring 16cm, it has plenty of noteworthy details, including black reflective patches, a rear-facing loop for an LED, and a brightly coloured interior with an internal pocket on one side to stop items from rubbing.

External pockets, one on each side, are closed off thanks to the side strap that holds the whole system to the rails and compresses the contents to stop rattles – all useful details.

Arundel Dual Seatbag

The Dual is designed to carry two inner tubes along with the necessary inflation equipment and maybe a small multi-tool as well, depending on your inner tube size and how good you are at packing.

With a different shape to most, the Arundel attaches to the seat rails alone and has a leather patch for durability where it touches the seatpost.

Made from black canvas, it’s certainly not waterproof so will need to be removed and dried after wet rides but thanks to the single velcro strap that’s hardly a chore.

The Dual measures 14cm by 5cm so it should avoid leg contact.

Pro Saddle Bag Medi

One of the smaller seatpacks in the round-up, the Medi is the second-smallest of four in the Pro range and measures around 17cm in diagonal length.

That’s about right for a spare tube, tool and COinflator.

With an internal net and light blue fabric, finding what you’ve stuffed into the pack shouldn’t be too difficult, and there’s an additional pocket down one side for extras, such as a patches or some cash.

A well constructed bag, it has three mounting points: one for each saddle rail as well as the seatpost.

A rear facing loop allows the use of a clip-on light, too.

Lezyne S-Caddy Loaded

First off, don’t be put off by the price, this seat pack is ‘Loaded’, which Lezyne means it comes with a multi-tool, tyre-levers and patch kit.

This little 12cm-long bag has a neoprene pouch underneath for the Vtool (Philips head, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Allen keys) as well as internal pockets for the supplied levers and inner tube repair kit, and one for folding cash.

That means you just need to add your inner tube and COpump for a basic pack to be covered for the worst eventualities.

Think of it as the equivalent of buying a food mixer, but with all the food supplied.

FWE Medio Saddle Pack Pro

What the makers say – The FWE Medio Saddle Pack Pro is made from durable water-resistant, ripstop nylon with a waterproof zip to keep everything dry when the weather turns horrible.

What we say – On undoing the water-resistant zip, a couple of mesh guards deploy either side of the opening, making sure the contents don’t spill out. Along with a holster for stashing your house keys inside the lid, it’s one of several features that help this cheap pack shine. Discreet reflective detailing and a light loop round off a neat package.

Ortlieb Saddle Bag 

What the makers say – Tucking neatly under the saddle, this 100% waterproof saddlebag provides room for equipment, snacks, extra shells and lots of tools. The roll-top closure features buckles and D-rings for locking the bag.

What we say – A quick-release mechanism makes detaching this medium-sized pack a doddle. Great construction and a roll-top closure keep out the water, while D-rings and an additional mount underneath allow you to lash more gear to the pack. Its stiff fabric slightly amplifies things rattling around inside, and the otherwise sturdy release mechanism can also be a little noisy, although neither should put you off.

EH Works Essential Canvas Tool Roll

What the makers say – Made of waxed canvas with leather trim and a leather toe strap, carrying everything you need for any ride. It’s a real cinch to fit under your saddle.

Altura Arc Seat pack

What the makers say – The Arc seat pack is a waterproof, seam-welded, roll-top saddlebag. Using the roll-top closure ensures the content will stay dry during adverse weather conditions.

Lezyne M Caddy QR

What the makers say – A medium, wedge-shaped caddy designed to carry just the right amount of tyre repair for most rides. Durable woven nylon fabrics, a water-resistant zipper and reflective tail light loop mean it’s ready for all the weather you can throw at it.

What we say – A neoprene holster underneath the main pack neatly stows a multitool, saving you from having to dig through the rest of your kit in the event of a breakdown. Inside the main compartment are several dividers, helping to keep everything neat and tidy. The sturdy quick-release mechanism attaches with a clunk and, as there’s no post loop, it pops off instantly.

If you want to shoot above 2yards, you may want to confirm where the rounds are impacting on the target. At various shooting ranges, you will be forced to wait for other shooters to complete their session before you start inspecting your target.

There, you will have to consider a spotting scope to see when the shots land while you are standing at the firing line. There are different kinds of binoculars and spotting scopes on the market, which are perfect for amateurs.

I’m the admin geek of this blog. Like me, there are several geeks who regularly share their experiences and knowledge with the readers of this blog. By education, I’m an engineer but by heart, I’m an entrepreneur, passionate digital marketer, and data analyst. Father of two angels, named Marissa and Arissa. I’m a workaholic and think about my works and projects even while I sleep.

Bivvy Bag Weight

Bivvy bags, alternatively spelt bivi, bivvi, bivy or bivvy, are a lightweight, highly portable alternative to one-man tents.

The primary function of a bivvy bag is to provide campers with a robust shelter, that offers as much protection against the elements as possible, whilst keeping weight and pack size to a minimum. This makes them particularly popular with the military, mountain climbers or people who engage in any activities outside that require bringing along additional equipment, such as long distance cyclist and hikers for example.

Knowing what features to look for when choosing a bivvy bag is essential, as picking up the wrong bivvy bag will result in a far less comfortable sleep or reduced safety, depending on where and how you intend to use it. As with any other product, getting the balance of these features right is incredibly important, as selecting a bivvy bag is all about trade-offs and compromises.

There are a number of key factors you should consider when deciding which bivvy bag to purchase. Which of these factors are more important depends entirely on your own needs, with not all bivvy bags being suited to everyone or their budget.

Bivvy Bag Design

Design and appearance of a bivvy bag is often more than a mere matter of taste, with wild campers tending to opt for styles that are likely to better blend in with their surroundings. This is certainly the case with military bivvy bags, most of which come exclusively in earth tone colours, such as dark greens or brown, or some form of camouflage.

Other campers may require bivvy bags that are as visible as possible, particularly for safety reasons, such as when mountain climbing, or in extreme weather conditions, such as heavy storms and snow, where it may be more difficult to locate a bivvy bag. This is particularly true in the case of emergency bivvy bags, which more often than not are bright orange in colour.

Bivvy Bag Waterproofing

The measure of waterproofing when it comes to bivvy bags is their hydrostatic head, which in laymans terms means the height of a column of water that can fall onto the material without it leaking. Materials that have a rating of at least 1000 are considered to be fully waterproof, being capable of withstanding up to 1000mm of water.

Bivvy Bag Materials

Another useful tip is to look out for bivvy bags that use a lightweight material for the top section, but a thicker, more durable material for the bottom, as bivvy bags of this construction are less likely to develop rips and tears, even when camping out on rough ground.

It is well divided yet not too heavy.

What makes it the best is the additional organization facility, with throngs of zippered and meshed storage.

Such a good quality in such a price range makes it the best.

Most importantly, this is the best because this backpack has all the features and priorities.

I am not the only one who thinks this is the best tactical backpack; it is the contentment that has been achieved by users, which made me rank this backpack at the top of the list.

This amazing tactical backpack can be used as a three days, which means, it can assist you for 7hours. It has a front loader design to support the best possible organization. It is undoubtedly the best tactical backpack for you if you are looking for a front loader design. Within this price range, you cannot look for anything better than the 5.1Tactical Rush 7Backpack.  It has the best possible features you will require.

It is assembled with vigor, 1000D nylon cordura. Cordura is a tear resistant fabric, which is more durable compared to any other nylon fabric. It is woven with tight threading, and would never look stretched even after long use. It has a surface coating to make the water penetration challenging. That is not entirely a waterproof backpack, but water repellent.

As it is a front loader, it has a large front pocket, two smaller pockets at the back, the main compartment, a top pocket, two large side pockets, as well as a mixture of exterior and interior pockets.

Designed for 72-hour essential backup.

Perfect use for both light utilization and as a prepared bug out bag.

Dual-zippered front and main compartments with molded grip pulls allow quicker access.

Manifold incorporated organization pockets for supreme organization.

Admin Organization pocket to store and protect maps, pens, and documents.

Fleece-lined sunglass pocket secures smaller essentials.

Internal hydration compartment with a hook is to pull out the water tank efficiently. Can carry liters of water.

Cinching waist strap and dual compression straps hold the backpack in position and is easier to carry with comfort.

Adjustable dual density closed-cell foam shoulder straps are added to loosen or tighten the backpack to fit according to your body structure for more comfort.

Sternum Strap to fit according to your upper body and distribute the weight evenly throughout the upper body.

Foam Back Panel allows airflow between the bag and the skin to keep you cool.

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Back Pack

This Direct Action Dragon Egg Backpack has been designed with military and law enforcement operators in mind.

It is a very rugged pack and is also perfectly suited to those who spend a lot of time outdoors or want a solid base for their bug out bag.

This bag has been mentioned in many of the best tactical backpack, and if you’re in law enforcement or embarking on advanced tactical missions, this may well be the best tactical backpack for you.

The back-facing part of the bag features thick padding for enhanced comfort while wearing it.

The shoulder straps are very thick to ensure the user’s comfort even when the bag is very heavy and full of gear. The top of the bag has a paracord grab handle. This allows easy vertical carrying and lifting and also doubles as 2.meters of paracord in emergency situations.

The front of the bag features a laser-cut MOLLE and PALS system. The sides of the pack feature compression bands which allow you to slim the bag down if you don’t have it filled.

The zips on the bag are large and bulky; this makes them durable and easy to use. This tactical backpack also features a waistband strap for increased support when on the move.

Working from back to front, the first compartment of the bag (closest to your back) houses the back panel which keeps the bag rigid.

This compartment also has an area that is well suited to holding a 15” laptop or other flat devices such as tablets.

The front of the main compartment features a large netted pocket. The middle is open, perfect for larger items and the rear of this compartment houses a large bungee pouch, well suited to carrying a laptop or other slim device.

At the top of the front of the pack, there is a scratch-resistant pocket for mobile phones, sunglasses or lenses.

The front compartment features various netted sub-compartments which are ideal for housing PDAs, range finders and the like.

There are bungee pockets which are ideal for radios and smaller pouches which are well-suited to tactical pens and tactical knives.

A bigger Velcro pocket runs down the back of this section. The sides of the tactical backpack feature MOLLE-cut pockets which would support a bottle of water or something of similar size very well. The bottom also has compression straps which can be used to tighten up the bag or hold a bed-roll, windbreaker or sleeping bag.

This piece is removable if you don’t wish to use it.

At the top of the front of the bag, there is an easy-to-access zipper pouch that is well-suited to smaller items. The front admin pouch houses pen pockets, key-keepers and other sections for cards, iPod and similar items.

This section is backed by a zipper pouch that runs its full length. All the pockets on this 5.1tactical pack feature YKK zippers with large pull tabs and are lined with a rain-protective layer.

The top of the pack has a fleece-lined pouch that is great for items you wish to keep free from scratches such as sunglasses.

The main compartment features two netted pouches, a smaller one at the top and larger one at the bottom.

There is also a bungee-type pocket in this area which is perfect for a 15” laptop.

Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack

For low price, Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack is a great option too,  ranked it at the end because of the rating and fewer features compared to other tactical backpacks.

The Explorer Tactical Gun with multi pockets, gun compartments. The padded shoulder straps are compatible with durable webbing MOLLE Strap System, which will make you feel like you are wearing the backpack not carrying it.

What makes it so fine is the four extra military style pockets with the fastener at the front. Explorer concealment backpack has six zipper pockets; two front pockets and four side pockets.

You can also carry you iPad as there is an easy access pocket for tablets.

The two gun pouch around the waist helps to hold revolvers, cell phone, iPad, GPS devices or remedial accessories. This also has a hydration chamber so that you can carry your bladder. It can fit clothes worth of days.

G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

If you’re looking for a tactical bag that is made specifically in the USA, then G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack is probably one of the best tactical backpack for you.

This is a backpack style range bag and has been designed to hold all your gear for the gun range. If you are looking for a tactical pack to use for the gun range, then look no further.

This tactical pack has thick, padded shoulder straps as well as a padded waistband strap to keep the bag stable when you’re carrying it.

It also features a double stitched handle at the top so that it easy to move the bag around. The bag has a Y-strap which can be used for carrying a jacket, blanket or any other item you can’t fit into the bag.

The outside of the pack is covered in MOLLE webbing so that you can attach additional pouches if you wish to do so.

All the pockets on the bag have corresponding icons to what should or could be kept in them. For example, a target symbol indicates the place to roll up and store your targets for the range.

The front pocket on the bag has a place to store magazines, a flashlight and tools. The pack even comes with a small toolbox that fits nicely into the corresponding area.

The front top pocket has a separate pouch for safety glasses and ear protection as well as a lanyard for your keys. There is also a zip pocket for personal items.

The base of the bag opens from the side, inside this compartment, there are three smaller, removable compartments and each is meant to house one of your pistols.

The base of the bag features a honeycomb internal structure which keeps the pack rigid and allows for each one of these pistol compartments to be removed.

Triple stitched MOLLE webbing system that is strong and allows you to carry extra gear.

SOG Ninja Daypack

In our search for the best tactical backpack, we came across the SOG Ninja Daypack. This is a hardy, well-built backpack that will fit snugly in your active, outdoor lifestyle.

With its polyester and canvas build, the backpack is durable enough to endure those strenuous days. And you most definitely want a bag that can keep up with you.

This bag will not only keep up but will also be your trusted companion. With its roomy main compartment and multiple pockets, it has enough room to carry all your essentials to keep you going.

With a polyester and canvas material, the Ninja daypack is assured of durability. This material is known to withstand the vagaries of the outdoors, a quality necessary for such a backpack.

The whole backpack has a capacity of 147cubic inches with its main compartment measuring in at 1inches tall by 9.inches wide by inches deep.

It also has a pocket for flat storage, a front accessory pocket and a soft lined pouch for carrying your delicate stuff. The Ninja comes with a hook and loop flag patch that gives you the power to personalize it to your taste.

All that one wants from a backpack is its ability to keep from transferring the strain of the load onto your shoulders and back.

The Ninja does exactly that. With its yoke style shoulder straps, the Ninja Daypack comfortably lays over your shoulder, evenly spreading the weight on your back.

The back has a soft padding to enable the backpack to comfortable rest on your back without any strain.

Key Features

The Ninja Daypack has a large main compartment with a large zippered opening for easy access.

It has a pocket for flat storage together with a front accessory pocket with an organizer.

It has a hydration pocket with left and right hydration hose ports plus a side pouch which fits two 1oz water bottles.

The backpack is MOLLE equipped to enable expansion of storage capacity.

Yoke-style shoulder straps with an adjustable sternum slider and padded back improve comfort.

It is versatile and can not only be used for outdoor adventure but also for school.

Why You Need A Tactical Backpack

And I am considerably certain, taking multiple pieces of luggage or bags will only dawdle your motion. Besides, it will be tough for you to supervise so many bags.

It consists of straps and clips to protect your gear, and it is also divided with short zippers. Most of the tactical backpacks come with a separate pocket for the water bottle to keep you hydrated.

The Athalon everything boot pack is one of the best choices that you make when looking for a ski boot backpack. Apart from the major compartments that are meant to store up your skiing gear, you get several tiny pockets to stash up some of the little things that you may want to take with you. There is a small pocket at the very top, and two zippered pockets lockated on the boot compartment. The pockets come in handy in case you may need to carry smaller items which you may not want to have inside the main compartment.  The boot compartment is large enough to accommodate you ski boots and in case you may have something more that you need to carry, there is plenty of space in the boot compartment. With the boots in place, you can now focus on the main storage compartment that is in a position to hold your helmet, your jacket and even you glove. This backpack offers amazing capabilities that are most ski boarders would find useful. The fabric is water resistant putting in mind that this pack is mainly used in snow prone areas meaning that one may need a bag that is good enough not to allow a drop of water to get through the bag. Most airlines allow you to have this pack with you while you fly and you can stop worrying about your gear being in the luggage area which is associated with a lot of risks. It is an amazing backpack that gives you comfort and efficiency.

Stars:  4.4

I bet one of the main thing that we put focus on when buying a ski boot backpack is its capacity and whether it has a great quality that can offer durability. The Transpack can do all that for you with the consideration that it is a low budget backpack. This bag is quite spacious and large enough to accommodate your ski boots while the main compartment has more room for the gear that you will be taking with you. There are several features that makes this bag stand out, the backpack is designed with a shape that gives it water drainage capabilities. In as much as the bag is water resistant, it does not harbor any water on its material since the water easily rolls away after it hits the bag. The quality of the nylon fabric that makes the bag is good enough to ensure that the backpack takes you as many skiing adventures as you would want. It has a fabric that can be trusted and thus worth every single coin that you spend on it. The shoulder straps are padded to give you comfort and an easy time when you are carrying your gear. The straps are also adjustable which is good enough as they can be adjusted to the right fit which is comfortable for anybody. It is a great backpack that gives you the freedom of selecting a bag from the variety of colors that are available.

Stars:  4.7

The Kulkea ski boot backpack is unique as far as its design is concerned. It is a pretty amazing backpack that comes with a number of zippered pockets that can be used to store a number of small items such as your keys or anything else that you may want inside you may want to take with you. The back panel is made with a breathable mesh that enhance air circulation which keeps you feeling fresh all day long and you also get to have contoured padded shoulder straps that give you an easy time whenever you are carrying your skiing gear. One of the unique features that you get with this bag is that it comes with a padded waist belt that helps in weight distribution since the gear is at times too heavy. The waist belt has buckles that may be used in the event that you may want to remove it. One thing that you can be sure with when it comes to this backpack is that it keeps you feeling comfortable. The ski boot compartment is large enough to accommodate your boots with the main compartment reserving lots of space for the storage of most of the skiing gear that you would take with you.

Stars:  4.8

The Transpack sidekick lite ski boot bag is one of the best boot bag that you can come across this season. It is an amazing storage bag that enables you to store your skiing gear within a single trip and you can have your hands to yourself to carry your ski poles or your ski board. The bag is unique in that it has an external storage for your boots, this is not only stylish but also good since storing the boots inside the bag may give you a wet bag which may be a bit uncomfortable. The bag has an outer storage compartment for the helmet which is a great place to store your equipment. The bag is water resistant and thus protects the content inside the bag keeping all your items your safe. Kids as well as adults may find this bag to be useful since the shoulder straps can be adjusted to fit most body forms. You may want to check with the airline that you are using to find out whether the bag is within the acceptable range of their travel regulation. You may want to check out this bag in case you are looking for a top ski boot bag.

A range bag is sturdy and durable.

A regular bag, especially one that isn’t cheap, may not break or damage that easily; but a range bag is guaranteed to be extra durable. While most of the shooting tools you have are small in size, they are mostly made of metal which means they are heavier than they look.

Range bags are used to carry heavy shooting equipment, which is why they are extremely durable in nature. High end range bag models are usually made of leather.

And even the ones in the mid-range price point are made of high quality nylon and polyester. Some even have a coating designed to make them waterproof.

A range bag is designed such that it is very easy to carry.

Range bags aren’t necessarily designed in a duffel style. They can be in a box style or backpack style as well. It is really up to you on how you intend to use the bag and the type of equipment you have.

For example, if you carry a long-bodied gun, the duffel type would seem more practical to use. However, if you are into small pistols, the backpack or the box style would seem more convenient for you.

Range bags are used mainly for carrying shooting essentials. Naturally, the first two things that you will find in there are guns and ammunition. But aside from these two, there are other things that you should carry in your range bag at all times.

Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag

You don’t have to look hard to find a reliable range bag that you can guarantee to last long and can withstand extreme conditions when you take it on a hunting expedition. The Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is designed for that purpose and more.

It’s made of high quality materials, is extremely durable and is ideal for supporting heavy shooting equipment. It’s comfortable to carry around and the overall design is very versatile. It has all you need in a range bag and more.

GunMate Range Bag

Who says you have to spend a fortune for a good quality range bag? For a very affordable price, the GunMate Range Bag can be yours.

It’s a popular product, mostly because of its inexpensive price, considering its overall quality. It has enough space to store all the equipment you may need for your shooting sessions.

Every component used for its construction has impeccable quality and the design is intended for efficiency. If you are looking for a reliable range bag with a tight budget, the GunMate Range Bag is perfect for you.

Explorer Tactical 1Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag

Just because you are spending a lot of money doesn’t guarantee that you’re actually investing in something that will last for a very long time.

With the Explorer Tactical 1Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag, you can be sure that your money is very well spent. The overall quality of the bag makes you think it’s a branded and high-end range bag.

It has multiple compartments ideal for a range bag and it’s durable enough to use even for outdoor shooting like on hunting trips. The components of the bag display impressive quality which is one of the reasons why it received such positive feedback online.

The Bare Necessities

Ammo (and plenty of it): You’d be surprised at how many people rush out to the range having left a box of ammo in the safe. Ranges aren’t known as bastions of cheap ammo, so make sure your bag is well stocked with the appropriate rounds for your weapons and range plan.

Extra Magazines: Don’t waste precious range time feeding hungry mags. Buy as many extras as you can. Fill ‘em up before you leave for the range ; keep them range ready and at hand.

Extra eye and ear protection: Eye and Ear protection are the most basic range requirements. Even if you don’t have a firearm you can’t step on to the range with out your ears and eyes covered. Break, scratch or lose your favorite sensory protectors and you’re stuck with the less than stellar range freebies.

Multitool: Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Who knows when and what you’ll need to pry, bend, pull, or unscrew something.

Knife: You actually should never leave home with out a blade.

Basic First Aid: A variety of elastic bandages, gauze, and saline will ensure you don’t have to leave your shooting lane to tend to small injuries such as slide bites.

Targets: Otherwise you’ll be shooting at empty space and that isn’t any fun. Buying targets at the range is the norm, but to save some cash try paper plates. Buy the generic bundle and you can get 250 for the price of a range target.

Double Sided Tape or Staple Gun: Targets (especially paper plates) don’t hang themselves.

Baby Wipes: After you leave the range, you’ll want to get rid of all that gunshot residue.

Luxury Items

Range Finder: For the long distance shooting range calculation is an essential skill but using a range finder helps you confirm your math.

GoPro: Just like golfers recording their swings, recording yourself shooting is a valuable tool for improving and can help you figure out where in the firing sequence you may need help. For practical shooters this should be considered an essential item. Who knows you could become a YouTube star in the process.

Cheaper Than Dirt! offers a wide array of range bag to fit your range day plans. Whether you are taking one gun or several, practicing a few fundamentals to practicing for an upcoming match, Cheaper Than Dirt! has everything you want or need.

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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your range bag wisely! Good luck!

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