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Best racquetball racquets 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated November 1, 2020

Kyle DunnHey friends! I’ve got something important to talk about today! One of the most important sections in the article – the comparison charts for best racquetball racquets in 2018!

I have been writing about technology and entertainment since the early 90s from my secluded home in West Virginia. We take a close look at some of the best racquetball racquets to help you get ripped.

Best racquetball racquets of 2018

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your comfort, style, or accessibility, we have picks to fit a variety of needs and budgets. Come with me.

I browse the various racquetball racquets available on the market and list three of the very best. I want to find something that’s designed well (both for aesthetic purposes and efficiency).

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
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№1 – Alien Pros X-Dry Tennis Overgrip Tape

Alien Pros X-Dry Tennis Overgrip Tape

PRO-QUALITY: Alien Pros Overgrip Tape is pro quality grip tape with unique designs. Our products have been tested by many professional athletes and is their racket grip of choice.
ABSORBENT VIBRATION DAMPENER: The X-Dry series overgrips are made of highly absorbent, cushioning PU material that works especially well in keeping your racket/handle dry, even under heavy sweating in humid weather. It features 100% instant sweat absorption and provides the vibration dampening you need. The X-Dry grip tape provides a smooth, ultra-comfortable feel.
Absolutely no frills

Why did this racquetball racquets win the first place?

The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product.
















№2 – Head Graphene Radical 160/170/180 Racquetball Racquet Series

Head Graphene Radical 160/170/180 Racquetball Racquet Series

Weight: 160g
Headsize: 106 Sq. Inches
Length: 22″
Could be more durable.
Heavy and big.

Why did this racquetball racquets come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price.
















№3 – Alien Pros X-Tac Tennis Overgrip Tape perfect for your tennis racket

Alien Pros X-Tac Tennis Overgrip Tape perfect for your tennis racket

PRO-QUALITY: Alien Pros Overgrip Tape is pro quality grip tape with unique designs. Our products have been tested by many professional athletes and is their racket grip of choice.
TACKY OVERGRIP: Our tacky overgrip tape is highly absorbent, helping to prevent blisters; is an excellent tennis vibration dampener; and is amongst the most durable racquet grip tape on the market.
Not as good as some others we reviewed.
Soft parts prone to damage.

Why did this racquetball racquets take third place?

This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment.
















racquetball racquets Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy racquetball racquets, right? No!

E-Force Apocalypse

E-Force is quickly becoming known as one of the premier manufacturers of top end racquets, and the Apocalypse line is one of their flagships. It is no surprise that we rated this as the best racquet for advanced players. In fact, the Apocalypse is arguably designed for professional players, which might actually make it a little bit hard racquet for less experienced players.

If you choose to go with the Apocalypse, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best of both worlds. Part of this is because this racquet model comes in almost every conceivable form. Whether of head shape, grip, or weight, the Apocalypse can accommodate whatever you may need to have.

Back in history

In fact, Ektelon can trace its racquetball lineage all the back to the 1960s when the sport was a poor man’s version of tennis in the public eye. Of course, the game of racquetball was played far differently in that time which may go a bit of the way towards informing Ektelon’s philosophy as a manufacturer of racquetball equipment.

Lightest racquet at 160g

Of course, you will not miss any of the control lost from the wide-open string pattern, because nearly every other quality is control oriented. For one, this is the lightest racquet we reviewed at 160g. While it is not strictly the lightest racquet available, it is definitely one of the lightest racquets designed for use by advanced players.

The modified teardrop head shape combined with 10sq. in. of string surface act as a double team to not only ensure that you hit the sweet spot as often as possible, but that you can control even off-center shots better than most other racquets. The even balance further reinforces this control without edging too closely into the underpowered realm.

Deluxe Racquetball Starter Kit Series

For those who may be a bit new to the game of racquetball or are perhaps jumping back in game after an extended hiatus, researching and buying all of the different types of equipment can be time consuming and tedious. Looking for a racquet and poring through the various pieces of relevant information and numerous qualities that distinguishes one from another is already trying.

In this case, it would be nice if there were a complete set of racquetball equipment that was both inexpensive and still high enough quality that you do not kick yourself for not investing more. Thankfully, this deluxe racquetball starter kit has everything you need to begin play and all at an incredibly reasonable price.

For one, everything except provided eyeguards are Ektelon, which providing you a sense of comfort receiving from quality equipment. But, the actual racquet provided in this bundle is a surprisingly good one as well. In fact, the racquet alone is worth more than the bundle if purchased separately from a different distributor.

This kit comes with an Ektelon Thunder Longbody. While the racquet is designed more intermediate players, it can still serve admirably as either an early adopter racquet or as a stepping stone. So long as you are not a full novice and can competently swing the racquet with some control, the Thunder Longbody is an excellent choice.

The most power focused racquet

The Head i.16comes in as the most power focused racquet on our list. That may seem a bit odd considering it is a fairly light racquet in the 165g category, but virtually all other features have been geared towards pumping this racquet with power at the expense of control. The only real control design is the teardrop head shape which can feel too little. If your swing technique is not already as good as required, you may do better seeking for more well-rounded racquet.

If your game is on point and you could do with some additional power, the i.16has you covered. For one, this racquet features open string pattern, though it is not nearly as open as some of the other racquets we looked at. When you add the significantly head heavy balance into the equation, it is not difficult to see how the i.16can still generate impressive power. In fact, the point head heavy balance is not only the heaviest one on our list, but it is also one of the heavier available.

Head doubled down on that shift to power with the frame. For example, the string surface area of 10sq. in. is on the lower end of the spectrum. This shrinks your sweet spot, requiring you to strike the ball truer to maintain control. Instead, this smaller string surface also increases the power of a truly struck ball.

The frame itself is made out of a titanium and graphite alloy. This is done to both provide a lightweight material as well as reinforce the strength of the frame. Eventually, this combination makes the i.16one of the stiffer frames to play with which translates more power. Also, the frame features Intellifiber technology that uses a reverse piezoelectric effect to stiffen on impact.

Ektelon PowerRing Freak SS

When you are as a specialized and storied in the sport of racquetball as Ektelon is, you eventually realize that there is reason to cover every corner of the racquet market. This means that you must cater to beginning players or those who are not interested in spending significant amounts of money just to play a game for fun.

Ektelon has produced the PowerRing Freak. This is not strictly the best or most advanced racquet you can buy, but if you are an absolute novice who is still learning how to properly swing the racquet, the PowerRing Freak is designed to provide features that cater specifically for this.

Racquet’s weight

Everything begins with the racquet’s weight. The PowerRing Freak is a whopping 195g. That is heavy and any manufacturer that makes a racquet will ultimately force you to play a certain way. That additional weight will prevent you from swinging quite as fast as you otherwise and will severely penalize you with poor control if you do.


With this balance, the racquet feels like the weight hangs of the end of the racquet’s head. This is given either in points or in mm. Regardless, the a head heavy racquet swings a tad slower but produce a more power than a head light racquet. This racquet balance is ideal for smashing.

Head Light

A head light racquet places the weight not at the tip of the head but at the top of the shaft, generally where the shaft and the head meet. This racquet feels amazing smooth and easy to maneuver and finesse style players favor it. It allows you to position the ball anywhere. Unfortunately, you have to swing significantly harder with a head light racquet to get similar power as from a head heavy.

Evenly balanced racquets function just as their name describes. While each evenly balanced racquet is a bit different from one brand to another, they have a generalized tendency to feel as though the weight is distributed close to the sweet spot. This kind of racquet balance generate decent power and provide solid control, but it does not wow you in either regard. This is the balance favored by most amateur players with an intermediate skill level.

Head Shape

The head shape is one of the last features that plays a bit of an outsized impact on game. Unlike the prior two qualities, the head size can be broken down into two different categories: the modified teardrop and the quadraform. Each of these categories focus on either control or power, but there is no “middle ground” like with the other features.

Medium Swing Weight 150-160

These racquets are the easiest to use for the average player. Most balanced racquets are around +/- points head light or head heavy. A good player understands the concept of using passing power and touch placement to their advantage throughout a match.

Low Swing Weight = Control; less than 150

The lower swing weight racquets have less momentum in their swing allowing for easier adjustments when making touch shots. Control players attack the front wall more and rely heavily on ball placement to win. For this reason a control player would most likely prefer a low swing weight racquet.


Depending on how much you play, it is a good rule of thumb for most consistent players to have their racquet restrung once a year. Although your strings may not be broken, they can loose a lot of tension over time resulting in lost power, response and feel.


Having higher tension on your strings will give more control over your shots. If you desire more power, than consider lessening the tension on your string bed. The trampoline effect of the looser string bed is what causes this increase in power.

All racquets, in all racquet sports, lose some string tension over time. If you notice reduced power or response, it might just be that your strings have lost some tension. As a rule of thumb, higher tension offers more control thanks to the stiffer string bed, while lower tension offers more power thanks to the springy effect from the string bed.

Head i.16Racquetball Racquet

We had a pro show us how to use this highly sophisticated graphite and titanium racquet to its full extent and the results were almost perfect.

In nearly all of the situations, the racquet is able to perform to the maximum extent and the extra-long design made it easier to reach those harder shots.

To reduce any sweaty or sticky feeling, the Comfort tac grip feature has been incorporated and this allowed us unfit and fast sweating people to keep control of the racquet and still e able to deliver those top of the range shots.

Also commonly known as a Lockout type of machine, the crank stringing machine uses a Lever to pull the strings up to desired level of tension. A spring-loaded device in the machine locks the string in place so that it is effectively stretched.

Such machines demand lot of physical efforts from you, but are better in accuracy and reasonably priced. It is more accurate than drop- weight stringing system. In this category we recommend Gamma Progression II to be most optimum one.

Electronic Stringing Machine

By far, this is the most expensive type of machine that is integrated with a microprocessor inside used to measure the string tension. Some other models also use computer-operated Electronic motor to determine the tension.

Best one in this category is Gamma 600with Point Suspension Mounting, an impeccable choice for Professionals. Electronic stringing machine is widely used in professional stores as well as tournaments.


Tennis stringing machine is offered in two designs: Tabletop and Standalone. If you are looking for a portable device which is fairly affordable as well, then you can opt for tabletop design. They can be easily maneuvered around in any vehicle. On the other hand, Upright type of machine has a stand of its own, providing you with convenience of use and flexibility.

Stringing process will be much faster in upright type of design as compared to tabletop. You will also find advanced features and high-quality built in Upright machines. Which is why, they carry a hefty price tag. On a side note, many Tabletop models are compatible with a stand nowadays.


If you are stringing quite a few racquets per week, you need to see whether the machine is convenient to use or not. In drop-weight type of stringing, you have to lift the lever for every string, which is quite exhausting. So look for Drop weight machines that are offered with one pull action. Electronic models offer most convenient and faster stringing experience.


Every stringing machine is designed with different mounting system. Some models have mounting points, whereas others come with 4, or points. These mounting points hold the frame of the racquet in place. Each type of mounting system design has its own advantage.

or 4-point System won’t allow messy entangling of strings or block the holes. But, such system is not very stable as well. Whereas, or 6-point systems work great for oversized racquet frames. It won’t distort the frame whilst stringing.

There are three types of clamping systems provided with the stringing machine viz. Flying Clamp, Swivel Fixed Clamp and Non-swivel Fixed Clamp. Flying clamps are separately offered (not attached) along with the machine. Such clamps make use of one string so as to create tension on the next string. Consistency of string tension is not very great, but they are very low in price.

Non-swivel fixed clamps come attached to the glide bars. You need to reposition it while switching from Mains to cross stringing. Range of motion for such clamp is from 0° to 90°. Swiveling fixed clamps have flexible range of motion which allows you to create fan patterns. If you have a Tennis Pro Shop or are a regular professional player, you must invest in high-quality fixed clamps.

For occasional stringing, flying clamps are acceptable. High-quality of clamps will result in highly accurate stringing tension. The string should not be damaged or slipped away from the clamp. If you are on a budget, I would suggest that, it is better to choose a machine with good quality of flying clamps rather than the machine that offers bad quality of fixed clamps.


A good support system will prevent the racquet from any kind of damage or breaking while you string it. The stress in the racquet should be as low as possible during stringing, or else the racquet might develop mini cracks into it. Eventually, this will cause it to break during the actual tennis game. The supports must be as wide as possible. Direct support system is much better than indirect support system, as it never results in cracking of racquets.

GAMMA X-Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

Gamma is one of the leading Manufacturers of Stringing Machines for about 2years now. This one in particular is called X-series featuring different models viz. X2, X6, X-6FC and X-ST. All of them are designed as a tabletop equipment for effortless portability. Each of them differs in its features, price and functionalities.

X-is an enhanced version of X-model, but uses the same drop-weight tensioning system. The only pro feature in this model is that it comes with 6-point Mounting system, which allows more accuracy in stringing. Plus, your racket is less likely to twist during the whole process.

X-uses a drop weight tensioning system, so it requires a little extra time for setup. Tension range for this particular model is from to 90 lbs. Featuring a 2-point mounting system, X-might be not that great in preventing your racket from twisting while you string it. Moreover, it includes floating clamps, which are not as efficient as fixed clamps.

X-6FC is a versatile equipment that does not just string tennis racquet but also can be used for badminton and other types of rackets. It also comes with high-quality clamps that will hold your racket precisely during tensioning.

X-ST is the most advanced and expensive model of this X-series. It operates with manual stringing process, unlike other drop-weight types. Which is why, this particular model offers high accuracy of string tension as compared to drop-weight tensioning system. However, it does require some amount of physical efforts from you. It features 6-point Mounting system just like X-and X-6FC models.

All of the models in X- series are offered with complete tool kit along with an inbuilt drawer under the machine to prevent the tools from getting misplaced. The base of all these units is made from lightweight aluminum frame. For those of you who are just beginning to string racquets might want to consider these units from X-series. Even the top-end model from the series i.e., X-ST is quite reasonably priced.

Gamma Progression ST II Stringing Machine

Next up on the line is another one from Gamma called as Progression ST II stringing machine. It is expensive than the above mentioned X-series and boasts a Manual tensioning system. For those of you who prefer Crank stringing machine, this one might be the best option for you. It uses a hand Crank, with which you can set the tension level in the string anywhere from to 90 pounds.

Featuring a 6-point Mounting system, ST II makes stringing tennis racquet frame much easier and precise. Besides, the racket frame is less prone to twisting or distortion. Yet again, this unit from Gamma has tabletop design with extremely lightweight structure. And so, you can maneuver this machine around effortlessly.

The bottom of the unit has been incorporated with two drawers where you can store all of the tools for handy use. Additionally, progression ST II comes with fixed swivel clamps for Precision of tensioning. Not just that, you can even string squash as well as badminton rackets with this unit.

Gamma 600Stringing Machine

If you own a professional tennis Store or you are a professional coach or player, then this Gamma 600is of high benefit for you. It is one of the best electronic tennis stringing machine available in the market today, ideal to string bulk quantity of rackets. Designed as a spring tension winder stringing system, this unit can string Tennis, racquetball, squash as well as badminton rackets pretty quickly. Featuring a 6-point Self-centering Suspension mounting system, the racket is free from any kind of twisting.

Swivel fixed clamps provided with the unit are very strong and durable. The Stand included with the machine has Adjustable design and also comes with the tray to hold the tools. As a bonus, you also get 1sets of Gamma strings for practicing. This product has been backed with years of warranty period. Not just that, you also get a diamond coated string gripper for ease of use. The turntable features 360 degrees range of motion for a flexible stringing experience.

Given all these amazing features, the Gamma 600is one of the best stringing machine for tennis store owners or professionals who string their racquets frequently or in bulk quantities.


Tension on a string is nothing but the pressure that is applied onto a string whenever it is pulled by a stringing machine. This pressure is measured in pounds. Low stringing tension means the ball will bounce more when it hits the racket. On the contrary, high string tension means the player will have better control over the racket so as to master the shots.

Make sure to look for the string tension range that is imprinted on the racket for reference. This range is generally from 50 to 70 pounds. You can customize your desired level of tension. The tighter you keep the strings, more control you will gain over the ball.


When to actually restring a tennis racket? The number of times you play tennis per week is the number of times you must restring your racket every year. For example, if you play tennis times per week, you must restring your racquet times per year. Heavy-hitters must restring their racket more frequently as compared to occasional players.

Make sure you always follow the user manual that comes with the stringing machine to understand the proper tension mechanism. You can even refer to several YouTube videos that show you the process of basic stringing.

If you need maximum wrist snap, then smaller grip size is your choice since it will translate power potential according to on your skill level. If you have larger hands, it will make sense if you select larger grip size.

Weight will after your power, control as well as maneuverability. If you are a player who generates your own power, then you need to prefer lightweight racquet. Also, medium swing weight is easiest for anyone to select and use.

HEAD MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack

You need to release your power with this hurricane Racquetball pack. It includes two Penn balls, a pair of head eye guard and MX hurricane metallic racquet. With this racquet, you will be able to enhance your power with the increased head speed at impact. The power zone string pattern will provide you with maximum power and offer unique vibration dampening qualities. Thanks to quick maneuverability that will give you quicker reaction time and so you will get fastest on-court action and the pro grip synthetic grip will offer you a naturally tacky feel for excellent grip. It has been constructed to be stronger, stiffer and even more powerful.

MacGregor Scholastic Racquet

This is a perfect racquet for beginners and it is lightweight and comfortable to the grip. It is great for recreational as well as intramural programs and the powder coated aluminum finish will ensure that your racquet will never show signs of corrosion and also withstand vigorous play. You can now experience a fast paced workout with this racquetball racquet since it is engaged in the high-intensity rally. Its grip is soft and also thick for your comfort and with each swing and it will encourage challenging skill shots. The teardrop-shaped head complete with a multi filament string to make you play with confidence.

Racquetball Full Size Cover Bag

If you want to enjoy playing, you need to own this item and it will always ready to hold your racket, glasses, gloves and everything you need to go. It is the perfect item for amateur racquetball player. The bag looks great and durable and it is capable of fitting any size racquet and the side zip-compartment will hold your particulars in place. It is very handy and has been designed for serious players who mean their business. Thanks to the manufacturer who makes this case to be extremely lightweight and so you will easily carry it around. If you understand that it is dangerous to carry a racquet without a cover, then what are you waiting. The two small handles will enable you to carry your bag if you don’t want to carry it on your shoulder.

Head i.16Racquetball Racquet

This is racquetball racquet that is light yet sturdy enough to withstand your vigorous use. it has a nice grip and you will be hitting the ball well. The stock string is good and it will never show any signs of wear and tear anytime soon and if you are a college student, this is what you need to use during the weekends. It is balanced at the grip and it will provide you with more power. Since it has the lighter feel, you will react fast and enhance your workouts. You will enjoy the larger sweet spot and since you will love this racquetball racquet, you will get big satisfaction and you won’t replace it anytime soon.

This coming weekend, you need to make things look more different that usual. We need you to get out of that sofa right now and start using these best racquetball racquet that we have already select. We don’t want you to waste a lot of time since they are the best products that will enhance your workouts. Their handles are comfortable to hold and you will be playing for the longer time without any discomfort but don’t buy one for yourself, remember your dad and friends, too.

Racquetball Warehouse

First, let’s review the names of the different grip sizes. When you hear the terms “super small” and “x-small” you don’t automatically think of “small” and “large” grips, but that’s how you should think of them. These names come from the “Olden Days” of Racquetball when tennis had a strong influence on the sport.  At that time, handle sizes were classified as flared, super small, x-small, small, medium and large. The medium and large grips were huge…like a grip on a tennis racquet.  It was like grabbing onto a tree trunk!  Over time, Racquetball players moved to the smaller handle sizes because they offered more performance. As a result, small, medium, large and flared size grips went the way of the dinosaurs in the 1980’s.  Some Racquetball companies opted to keep the terms “super small” and “x-small” as to not confuse consumers.

Which grip size is best for you? Normally, a smaller grip will allow for faster wrist action, offering the player more power. The downside is that without much palm on the handle, the racquet might have a tendency to twist or turn…..thus causing a loss of control. A larger grip permits more of your hand to come into contact with the racquet, generally allowing for more control and a better feel.  The negative is that there may be a lack of racquet head speed which results in less power.

Finding the best grip size for you is truly a personal preference based on feel, but here are a few general rules to follow. First, some grips are more square (rounded), which is my personal preference, and others are more rectangular (flatter edged). When gripping the racquet handle, your ring finger should reach around and slightly touch your palm. Another common way to find your grip is based on your glove size.  If you wear a larger glove then you might feel more comfortable with a larger grip. Next, try grasping the racquet handle firmly but not too firm (like you’re peeling a ripe banana), then close your eyes and swing your wrist back and forth with very little or no arm movement.  Slowly increase your wrist speed but never to full speed, and get a general overall feel as you experiment with the various grip sizes.

Important note to women and junior players: Be sure that you aren’t sold racquet with a larger grip size by someone not familiar with Racquetball or with a Tennis background.

When selecting a grip size, here are a few things to consider based on my personal experience: A slightly larger handle can help with a sore elbow because you don’t have to grip the handle as tightly. A smaller grip can sometimes help a sore wrist because it is easier to maneuver.  Building up your handle will change the feel of the racquet and will increase its overall weight. If you want to increase your grip size, first try wrapping your grip with some gauze grip tape or replace your existing grip with a slip-on rubber grip and sample the feel.  Most rubber grips are thicker than the standard ones that come on your racquet.

On The Court

I like to play racquetball. For purposes of full disclosure, I’m not good at racquetball. I think I’ve won only once in my career, and it was possible my opponent had the flu. I regularly find myself being beaten by the 74-year-old man at the local YMCA that’s had at least knees and hip replaced.

But in spite of all of that, I still like to play racquetball. My lack of talent and inability to control the ball makes it great exercise. I’m constantly running around chasing my opponent’s shots.

Searching for Education

Never before in my vast experience of online shopping had a I seen a product that was so polarized. Every racquet I looked at in my price range was about 50% excellent reviews and 50% awful reviews. It became clear to me that there were other factors at work, and a good racquet was not going to be a one sized fits all product. The spec sheet alone reminded me of a Latin class I spent days in during college before I gave up.

So I turned to my friend Google for a search on how to choose a racquetball racquet. The first hit after the sponsored posts was a site called Racquetball Warehouse. Their site is completely built around their buyer’s guide.

HEAD Liquidmetal Tennis Racquet, Strung, Inch Grip: Liquid metal technology for pure energy and perfect power. Ultimate power for players with a short compact swing. Total sweet spot construction for more stability and bigger sweet spot.

Purchase Badminton Racquets from one of the best online store where you will find equipments for different sports like squash, Badminton and tennis.

Here are the steps you need to take

Let’s start with the basics

A paddle (that is, a good paddle) consists of a few parts. Blade (the wooden part in the middle), sponge and rubber. A well balanced combination of these three can make a perfect paddle. That is why it’s very important to look at it as a three piece tool.

Ping Pong Paddle Power

With performance ratings, higher numbers represent a higher level of that feature, so a power rating of 9(as with the STIGA Pro Carbon paddle) indicates the most power possible.

You can see these scores in the tech specs of these in each of our product reviews above.

The last performance rating to consider is spin.

In general, if a paddle gives a high level of control, it also provides plenty of spin. While complete novices might struggle to lay down lots of spin, experienced players look for a paddle with lots of spin as these shots are more difficult for an opponent to return.

Official ping pong paddle dimensions

Stricter rules come in with the thickness of the blade, where at least 85% must be made from natural wood. Additional layers (within the blade) can be made from other materials including carbon fiber or glass fiber.

Also, it is important to look for paddles which are ITTF approved: only these rackets will guarantee that all official tournament requirements and guidelines are being met.

How to choose your ping pong paddle rubber

Most ping pong rubber is covered with tiny dimples, but the main variation between paddles is whether the dimples are pointing inwards or outwards.

Rubber which has the dimples pointing in is sometimes called reverse rubber. This is the most popular type of rubber as it provides a relatively smooth surface to try lots of different shots and techniques.

How to hold a ping pong paddle

Penhold and shakehand are the two most common ways to hold a ping pong paddle.

The penhold grip involves holding the handle between the thumb and forefinger with the blade facing downwards. The popularity of this technique is decreasing due to its weakness with backhand shots, where the wrist has to twist into an awkward position.

The color itself does not have any relevance. The difference is merely for visual purposes, so that an opponent can anticipate which type of shot is being played depending on which side of the paddle is being used. If the racket was the same color on both sides, it would be easy for a player to flip the paddle without their opponent noticing.

Platform Tennis

The River Forest Park District sells annual memberships for use of the platform tennis courts in Keystone Park.  Annual memberships run from September to August 3 The courts are opened to members days a week from 7:00am to 10:30pm.  As part of the membership, members have access to the Keystone Center Warming Hut, the opportunity to schedule court time via the online reservation system, and the opportunity to participate in the Park District’s Travel and House Platform Tennis Leagues.  The Park District also offers individual and group platform tennis lessons to both members and non-members.

Platform Tennis Committee

The River Forest Park District Platform Tennis Committee is a group of River Forest Platform Tennis Members who support the River Forest Park District Platform Tennis Facility and its programs.  The Committee was created to enhance the quality of platform tennis through volunteerism and contributions.  The Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity and shall represent the needs of the platform tennis membership.

The Game of Platform Tennis

Platform Tennis, also called paddle, is a racquet sport derived from tennis.  The sport was developed as an opportunity for sport enthusiast to play outdoors during the winter months.  The court dimensions of 60’x30’ are one quarter of a tennis court, with 12’ of fencing around the court that is part of the play.

The court surface is specifically designed for winter play, consisting of a highly gritty surface to provide better traction in winter weather, and a heater system under the courts to assist with the drying of the courts during a winter snow.

The rules to platform tennis are similar to tennis, however there are distinctive differences.  Because of the smaller playing area, and a one serve rule, play is far more continuous than tennis.  As a result, even in subfreezing temperatures, players work up a sweat fairly quickly and maintain it until play is stopped.

The growth of platform tennis in the Chicago area has been steady over the past decade, with over 250 public and private courts in the area and thousands of participants.


The Park District offers group platform tennis lessons throughout the year. A platform tennis membership is NOT required to register for lessons.

Registration will be available online or at The Depot. Please note that use of the platform tennis courts by non-members is limited to the registered lesson day and time.


The Table tennis paddle or racket is constructed from laminated hardwood. Both sides of the paddle are layering through a textured rubber surface. It is the surface that helps the player to apply precise movements with the paddle when striking the ball to control the direction and spin of the ping pong ball. Many paddles will have the variety of textures or rubber compounds functionally to either side of the racket so that a player can increase his or her capacity for ball return. Ping pong paddles used in the competition will have one side covered in a red rubberized covering and the other side covered in black. That helps both the player as well as opponent know which side of the paddle the ball was the strike. Moreover, the rubber composition is different on the one hand the ball will respond differently to a hit. There may be extra spin or less speed when hitting from one side of the paddle than the other.

Customized or ready-made racket

You can get two choice options, one is customized, and another one is ready-made table tennis racket. Customized racked is for beginner player who just starts the table tennis game or improves his or her skill. But the ready-made paddle is much available on the market, and you can easily get one for the local shop or online market. You can get beginner level to advanced level table tennis paddle in the marker. An advanced or professional paddle is designed with five to seven layers of blade, wood, and rubber. All of these joint together with the glue and you can get a best ping pong paddle.

Blade and Rubber

That carbon layers give the ping pong paddle a larger key spot, which is the central area on the paddle that can create the most spin also deliver the most power throughout the ball. Otherwise standard wood ply made paddles the double carbon layers provide the pro carbon not only more spin and power other than a broad area to make it. That might not be instantly noticeable, however, after adjusting to the paddle many players observe the increased vital spot and can make more spin and power on their ball returns.

Handle providing a proper grip

If you can’t get the proper grip on the handle, then you can’t get the precise control over the paddle. So this is quite important to get a good grip. Killerspin speed NJET800 gives you a fantastic grip, and you can easily take full control over the paddle. And you can enjoy the professional standard gaming experience with this paddle.

Killerspin speed NJET800 builds this with Wooden Side Tape Technology which can keep the internal parts of the blade. That can make this paddle more durable, and you can get a stylish look in this paddle.

Free racket cover

Free or bonus always attracts the customer. As well this paddle model comes with a free racket cover. It can help you to put your ping pong paddle in a safe place, and you can protect it from bad weather too. You can get it with a heavy-duty and good looking gift box.

Minimum feature paddle

Table tennis is a game which can give more entertainment and fun what you desire. Table tennis game is quite easy to arrange in your house basement and outdoor garden. You can play this game both indoor and outdoor. Killerspin is a brand who has a good reputation about to produce table tennis game equipment. But in this part, I can show you an outstanding professional grade table tennis or ping pong paddle. It is Killerspin RTG Diamond Premium TC ping pong paddle which is best table tennis racket for spin and speed.

ITTF approved for professional tournament

International table tennis federation can approve this JOOLA 500 racket model for meets standards of the professional competition. If you a big fan of table tennis game and try to be a professional player then this is the ideal paddle for you. JOOLA can design this paddle with all latest feature what is desirable for a professional level match. You can get perfect control and able to make the better spin shot and great strike return. You can get it with the pre-assembling position when you can get it on your hand. You just open the box, and you are ready starting your match with this racket.

ITTF Approved Rubber

In the market, you must notice almost all paddle are in same design. But this design is much important when you are going to buy anything. It is a usual tendency to see the design before purchasing a product. But in the matter of ping pong paddle, you can get confused because all of the paddles are looking similar. But this sports-game table tennis paddle is incredibly designed with colorful looks.

Four rackets and six 3-star balls set

STIGA can offer this set or bundle of table tennis racket and ball set. If your budget is not quite much, then I can strongly recommend this bundle of accessories set. It includes four heavy-duty performances ping pong paddle and six 3-star ping pong ball. Three is the yellow color, and three is white color ping pong ball. That can help you to choose the preferred one what you can pick from those color ball.

Tournament play standard 3-star ball

Those balls meet the standard of professional tournament grade. That can help you to any professional tournament in outdoor or indoor. You can also use this ball for improving your skill with playback position practicing.

How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle

The three main things to look at are weight, grip size and materials.

Weight is one of – if not the – most important factors when choosing a pickleball paddle.

Pickleball paddles range anywhere from ounces to 1ounces, and the weight will affect the power and control. A lighter paddle gives you more control but less drive. Conversely, a heavier paddle gives you less control but more power and drive. Perhaps most importantly, a heavier paddle can cause elbow strain and fatigue in your arm. You may want to start with paddle that is not too heavy until you build up more strength, however it is a bit of a Catch-22: less arm strength means you will need more help driving the ball with any real power. Therefore, consider selecting a mid-weight paddle between ounces and 8.ounces. You may still be tempted to go light, but consider this: the lighter the paddle the more energy and swing you will need to hit the ball with force, which can inflame an injury or cause more pain.


Pickleball paddles are made out of three main materials: wood, composite or graphite.

Wood paddles are the heaviest paddles, yet they are also the least expensive. New players or players who are unsure of investing in equipment may be tempted to purchase a wood paddle. This is fine, however, keep the weight issue in mind.

Composite paddles are a happy medium. They are in the mid-range of price yet come in a variety of weights and sizes.

Graphite are the most expensive, however they can be light and powerful.


A fun, social, and year-round sport! Platform tennis is an outdoor racquet sport for any age that combines elements of tennis and racquetball. The game, which is mainly a doubles sport, is played with a solid paddle and a spongy ball. The court is 1/the size of a tennis court and surrounded by screens that let players keep the ball in play after it hits off the court and then the screens.

It is simple to get started—all you need to do is show up at the courts any Saturday at 12:00pm with a pair of sneakers to participate in our FREE Clinics. Our instructors will provide you with all the equipment and instructions you will need to get started.

Platform Tennis Drop-In Times

These drop-in sessions are open to all, members and those wishing to play on a drop-in basis. No advanced sign up is required. The formats vary depending on the number of players. We often play game sessions or first team to win games to keep the wait times short. It is a great way to meet the players.

Badminton shoes

One significant detail that you need to be aware of is finding the best badminton shoes. Contrary to popular belief, a good pair of shoes is an asset for any badminton player. While being on the field, you need to move quickly in order to anticipate the moves of the opponent.

It is a known fact that people that engage in badminton sessions move around the badminton court at a fast pace. Plus, they dash and change direction with every stroke of the badminton racket. Moreover, they are prone to twisting and turning. So they need plenty of support especially for their feet because they are in direct contact with the ground.

The reason why you must opt for professional badminton shoes instead of regular sports shoes is that these are specially designed for badminton movements. They feature a thin but supportive sole that increases the lateral support so that the players are able to keep the feet close to the ground. This way, the shoes enable them to bend their ankle fast in order to change direction, without exposing their feet to injuries.

Besides the sole, badminton shoes must be lightweight in order to provide faster feet movement.

Since we expose the feet to so much effort it is quite understandable why we need to invest in the best badminton trainers. Even if you buy a good pair, you’ll notice after a period that they tend to wear out. This happens because your feet make all the effort. Therefore, the soles will offer less support while the strong upper leather gives up due to the force exerted on it.

To prevent this issue, you should purchase more than one pair and wear them according to the weather and the field conditions. If one pair of shoes is deteriorated, you can easily replace them, so your feet stay protected all the time.

You need to pick your badminton shoes with care and opt for a model that fits the shape and size of your feet and ensures a comfortable position.

According to several badminton equipment reviews, you shouldn’t wear running shoes or thick soled shoes because they keep your feet up too high on the ground and lessen the support you need in order to perform the moves correctly. Plus, you risk having your ankle sprained.

Badminton racket

First thing, you need to understand that badminton rackets are made of parts, such as the head or the hitting surface, the shaft, and the handle.

Also, badminton rackets that are more evenly balanced in terms of head and body ratio are a tad faster and flexible. You should opt for this type if you want to control your shots easier. Plus, this option is great if you’re looking for the best beginner badminton racket.

On the badminton court, you’ll see two types of head-shaped rackets. There’s the classic model which is rounder and the isometric racket which is squarer. Players like to use isometric tools because they provide a larger effective hitting area.

If you decide to take a look at the product description of badminton rackets, you’ll notice something related to the balance point. This refers to the area located on the shaft of the racket which is measured from the handle end. The balance point lies between 290 and 3mm.

A higher value of the balance point means that it is closer to the head of the racket. Players that want to hit with power prefer this type because rackets are heavier than normal. On the other hand, a lower value translates to a balance point closer to the handle and it is designed for badminton players that need to have better control over their shots.

If you decide to add grip to the racket handle, this will interfere with the balancing point of the racket. Adding a lightweight grip is a better choice if you need more power.

Badminton rackets are built from steel, aluminum, graphite, or composite materials. You need to choose the material according to your game skills. Also, it depends if you intend to play on a regular basis or you’re just a recreational player.

A junior badminton player should be more than pleased with a steel or aluminum frame which is a little on the heavier side but adds more stability. After progress is visible, there is the possibility to move towards lighter rackets since the arm muscles are more developed.


In your search for the best badminton shuttlecock, you should learn that they are made either of feathers or synthetic materials. Although feather shuttlecocks ensure a better performance, they are brittle and more fragile, so they won’t last for long. Synthetic shuttles are more durable but fly slower on initial impact.

Shuttlecocks made of feathers come off the springs at a faster speed but slow down as they reach the ground. Therefore, the game seems to go faster when using a feather shuttlecock. Professional badminton players are prone to choosing this type because they have more control over the strikes.

Badminton clothing

Choosing badminton clothing is quite an easy task. Besides the fashion statement, you should look for items that are light and unhindered.

If you can, get yourself shirts that are slightly loose and comfortable and allow your arms to move.

Because badminton is a healthy activity that increases your level of sweat, you’ll need proper clothing gear that allows your skin to breathe. Also, sports clothes made from an absorbent fabric are the best option. There are plenty of brands on the market that sell workout clothes made of a cooling synthetic material that ensures a dry sensation during training.

Brake: The brake is a small, but integral part of a pro scooter. The brake is attached to the rear of the scooter with a bolt or screw, depending on the model. The majority of scooter riders run a flex or spring-loaded brake, however, most mid to high-level scooters riders will have a flex brake because of it’s high level of performance in the field. The flex brake is a piece of steel, shaped to fit the rear of the deck, while simultaneously, but comfortably, hugging the rear wheel. This brake is essentially silent and will provide you with all of the braking ability that you will ever need.

Parallel-jaw clamp

Parallel-jaw clamps features jaws fixed at 90° to the clamp bar to help ensure square and flat glue-ups.

Another must-have clamp that comes in many lengths to work well with large glue-ups. Their jaws remain fixed at 90° to the bar and parallel to each other to help ensure square assemblies. With strong user grip strength, the clamps can provide as much as 1,000 pounds of pressure.

Corner clamp

Corner clamps practically guarantee perfectly square corners.

Look to these when clamping together mitered pieces such as the sides of a picture frame. The jaws, set at 90°, ensure square corners. Versions like the one shown make easy work of clamping drawer corners, shelving joints, and other applications where two parts meet at 90°.

Strap clamp

With a strap clamp you can simultaneously clamp up all the joints of a mitered frame.

Here’s another great clamp for mitered pieces such as the sides of a picture frame. While it provides less pressure than a corner clamp, it can be used on odd-shaped pieces (even round) in addition to projects with 90° joints. For frames with more than four sides, simply use it without the plastic corners shown in the photo.

Apply a spring clamp with one squeeze of its handles.

When edge-gluing boards for a tabletop or large panel, alternate the clamp bars or pipes over the top and bottom surfaces of the glue-up. That helps in countering the tendency of the laminated boards to twist because the uneven pulling force of one clamp counteracts the uneven pulling force of the clamps on either side of it. So start with one clamp on the underside of the glue-up, then place the next clamp on top. Alternate the clamps in this fashion across the width of the glue-up.

As a general rule of thumb, apply just enough pressure to hold the workpieces firmly in contact along the entire glued joint surface. You want to see some glue squeezeout, but you don’t want to completely squeeze the glue from the joint. More-or-less equal squeezeout along the joint line tells you the pressure is evenly distributed.

Versatile and ideal for any DIY user

This is a solution for enthusiasts, hobbyists, novice artisans, construction workers and professionals looking for a tough fixture that doubles as an ideal workmate. With over seven decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, Keter Plastic comes as a reputable company with popular brands of various products. Keter workbenches are a good example. This folding table comes with adjustable feet made from aluminum with the whole system setup taking less than a minute. What else do you need from a workbench that saves you lots of time and ensures efficiency? Keter Adjustable folding workbench is durable, is built with adjustable clamps for firm holds, a rough surface to cater for a wide variety of materials to be repaired on it, as well as being able to withstand up to 700 pounds. This workbench is recommended if you need an adjustable workbench for various projects.

It easily opens and folds for compactness

This is another versatile, attractive, durable work table that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering what it is claimed to do. Though it only supports a total weight of 200 pounds, it is compact and supports the weight without a wobble. What is even amazing and what makes it portable is its ability to fold and save on space and storage. A one hand clamp system allows for smooth operation as well as providing great freedom in the adjustment of saws for a task. This Performance Tool product comes with a printed grid for measurement needs as well as a protractor and a ruler for more convenience and work efficiency. Its jaws are specially designed to be warp-resistant and can be customized to fit the desired angle to hold differently shaped materials. This is a good choice workbench for carrying out different projects at home; it is highly recommended.

Device Tests.

The lights on this page produce relatively high amounts of visible red and invisible near infrared A (NIR) and have low blue and UV output. Blue and UV wavelengths act to oppose some of the biological effects of red and NIR, light sources with peaks in these regions, such as CFL and many fluorescents should be avoided. Below are some good resources on the topic.

Red NIR on EM Spectrum

Red light and the sleep quality and endurance performance of Chinese female basketball players.

Wavelength output curves of light sources on Kelvin scale.

These incandescent and heat bulbs use E2size screw,the clamp lamp fitting is E27, these are almost always interchangeable. Fittings for these bulbs should be suitably designed for high temperatures at this wattage, even when not using specifically designed heat bulbs. Fittings should have reflectors to focus light where it is needed, some bulbs (heat bulbs generally) also have their own internal reflectors. Where possible I would choose to pair 3-Bulbrite Clear 250W Heat Reflector Light  (or equivalent) with 250 Watt Clamp Lamp  or above. If purchasing from a different country pay attention to the voltages as there are different requirements. The tripod sets will be easier to set up unless you have somewhere suitable to clamp the clamp lamps.


This is a rather sophisticated but an existing type of a desk lamp. They do not only illuminate the place but also zooms in the light and ensures visibility of finer details. Those who handle tiny products that are prone to get lost such as electronics’ screw can make a good use of this lamp.


Determine what compression system you want to use based on the chart and information below.

Click on the compression banner at the top of the section to show all in-stock compatible parts for the type of compression that you selected.

Add remaining compatible parts based on the two sections above.


Anything that is durable usually suffers in the weight department and SCS compression is no different.  An SCS compression system is significantly larger than any other compression system because it has to compress the bars and forks independently, as opposed to at the same time. You should note that despite the extra weight, SCS compression is the compression of choice for most pro riders due to its effectiveness and reliability.

Replacing Hoses

If the hose contains liquid under pressure, before removing the hose, be sure that the engine is shut off and the liquid has been allowed to cool so the pressure is released.

To prevent leaks, some manuals suggest putting a water-resistant sealant on the ends of the fittings to which the hose connects. Because these sealants tend to make the hoses difficult to remove when you need to replace them again, I suggest that you try it without sealant first. In most cases, if the hose is the right one and the clamps are on tight enough, you should be able to get by without sealant. If the hose leaks, you can always go back and use the sealant as recommended.

Electronic Stringing Machine

By far, this is the most expensive type of machine that is integrated with a microprocessor inside used to measure the string tension. Some other models also use computer-operated Electronic motor to determine the tension.

Best one in this category is Gamma 600with Point Suspension Mounting, an impeccable choice for Professionals. Electronic stringing machine is widely used in professional stores as well as tournaments.

Fizik R1

Mixing carbon and alloy gives the middle-of-the-range Rsomething of the best of both worlds.

Coming in three diameters and three lengths, this 25mm layback post has an especially sleek look to it that’s backed up with the details.

A full 48mm-long lower cradle means that even the lightest carbon saddle rails are well supported, while the micro-adjust wheel at the front allows really precise angle adjustments to be made – and all in a low stack height for plenty of compatibility.

We love the seatpost ring which helps height sett ing as well as reducing water running into the frame.

Verdict: A robust but elegant design with an alloy head that offers great compatibility in a 200g package.

Pro Vibe Ltd SC

It’s probably not a surprise that when Shimano’s components department creates a product they not only make it well but make sure it includes the latest thinking, too.

Vibe LTD SC is Pro’s most expensive road seatpost and weighs 220g.

Made entirely of carbon, it’s 400mm long and comes in 27.or 31.6mm diameters.

But what sets it apart is that it’s designed to hold a standard Dibattery in the base, so you don’t have to faff about with bungs and the like.

Cinelli Dinamo

7050 series aluminium keeps the cost down on this Italian brand’s mid-range offering.

With its 3D forged head, Dinamo mimics many of the carbon versions available and is one of the few to come in white paint as well as anodised black.

Just one size is available with a diameter of 31.6mm and a length of 350mm, giving the Cinelli a weight of 255g.

The head gives a layback of 15mm and the single-bolt clamp has a full-length lower section, which is only compatible with 7mm round rails but grips with a low torque design to keep rail stress to a minimum.

Verdict: A highly respectable weight and clever clamp design make the Dinamo a great option at a sensible price.

Zipp Service Course SL

With its 3D-forged single-piece alloy shaft and head, Zipp’s Asian-manufactured design complements its bar and stem off erings and comes in two black options, either gloss with silver etched logos or gloss with matt lettering for that stealthy look.

Twin titanium bolts make small adjustments super simple, even with the saddle mounted, and the 50mm lower cradle gives plenty of support and scope to work with either metal or carbon rails, while the upper offers a good range of fore/aft adjustment.

Choose from zero or 20mm setback in either 27.or 31.6mm diameters, both in a 330mm length with a weight of around 220g or 235g depending on the head.

Ritchey Classic

We just love the looks of the Ritchey Classic seatpost.

With its highly polished finish and twin-bolt clamp, its design truly lives up to the name, making it a worthy title for a top performer.

Crafted from 3D-forged 201aluminium, the design has stood the test of time, which means it gives great value as no one has had to reinvent it.

Ritchey makes the Classic in 27.2, 30.and 31.6mm diameters and all have a 25mm off set; you can expect a weight of around 260 grams.

The Classic clamp works with both saddle rail shapes but torque settings need to be respected.

On the heavy side

This is the heaviest leg here by over 200g, but it’s also the tallest. It manages not be especially long when packed, and the aluminium tubing is impressively rigid. Flip clamps make for speedy set-up; they’re a more streamlined shape than the Manfrotto’s clamp design, and they can be user-maintained should they ever work loose. Another nice touch is the oversized 50mm-diameter foot: it offers unrivalled grip on flat surfaces and links to the leg via a manoeuvrable ball joint. If weight is an issue, a 620g carbon version is also available, albeit for well over twice the price.

Slightly small fixed foot

The Stealth could well slip under your radar, with its average weight and size specs, and few frills. But there are hidden depths here. Induro’s nine-layer carbon tubing and generous 21mm minimum leg diameter help make this the stiffest support of the bunch. The tube sections are linked by extra-wide twist-lock clamps that are wonderfully easy to grip in all weathers; and they don’t slip, even when subjected to far more than the recommended 18kg payload capacity. The only minor issue is a fixed foot that’s considerably smaller than Benro’s design, and can’t be changed for a spike.

Not the most rigid

The standout feature of Manfrotto’s entry is its user-serviceable Quick Power Lock extension clamps. The levers extend on both sides of the hinge, creating a push/pull design that’s faster and more satisfying to use than conventional clamps, although they’re also less compact. Overall rigidity is good, if not quite up there with the Induro or Novo legs, partly due to Manfrotto’s slightly narrower 16mm leg diameter. The price is justified by a quality embossed rubber grip that’s a cut above foam alternatives, and a clever camera fixing screw which automatically switches between 1/and 1/inch.


Here we have Gitzo’s lightest and most compact monopod, but it doesn’t compromise on quality despite those attributes. The Carbon eXact tubing is incredibly rigid, even down to the spindly 11.2mm-diameter bottom section. However, Gitzo’s Traveler G-lock twist-lock clamps, while ergonomic and precise, have more lateral play when they’re fully tightened than we found in rival designs, compromising overall rigidity. They hold fast under compression, though, and the Traveler is a joy to use on the go when you need to travel as light as possible. It’s pricey, yes, but a fine travel companion.

Wire Ga

This refers to the thickness of the wires, which can be indicative of overall quality and durability of the jumper cables. It is expressed in numbers. Do not make the mistake of choosing a higher number. is probably too much for you unless you are going to jump start a truck. In most cases, is enough, while is better. Forget about As many people say, they are garbage. As a rule of thumb, the lower number will be the better option. This is basically because it will charge faster. Consequently, more power will also be passing the cable.


A better choice would be a thicker cable, which also means that it is going to be more durable. Some manufacturers label their product as “heavy-duty.” Do not believe these labels. Instead, take a look at the thickness or the wire gauge before making a choice.

When using the jumper cables, you have to clamp it on the dead battery and the one that will be used for boosting. With this, it is essential to have heavy-duty clamps. The teeth of the clamp must be able to stick well on the battery terminal and must not fall off easily. In the same way, it is also important that they are wrapped with rubber, which will make them comfortable and easy to hold. This will also prevent the possibility of shock.


If you are buying jumper cables from a trusted brand, chances are, it will exhibit heavy-duty insulation, which is one thing that separates the good ones from those with inferior quality. Heavier insulation is generally recommended, which is basically because it reduces the heat that passes through the cable.

This is an important consideration for many people. However, personally, I won’t recommend that you decide on the basis of price. It does not mean that a cheap product will be an excellent choice. At the end of the day, it would be good to have it considered as an investment, and hence, you should not hesitate to spend for it if it means that you will enjoy jumper cables with superior quality.

Using Jumper Cables

Lamps with built in magnifiers can be a useful tool for a wide range of different activities.  The main use of a magnifying lamp is to provide high quality light to make the item you are looking at brighter and more visible. Not only are they a huge help to anyone who has degenerative eyesight problems like macular degeneration, they are also fantastic tools to help reduce eye strain and vision fatigue for anyone who needs to focus on minute details any type of fine work. This can be anything from jewelry making to electronic repair to a whole range of hobby crafts.  They are also helpful for professional uses such as dentistry, or esthetics that require both magnifying and illumination at the same time.

There are many different types of lighted magnifying lamps with an option for every budget. The following chart shows some of the most popular and highly rated products broken down by style type.

Features to Consider

When shopping around for an illuminated magnifier lamp, there are a few features and terms to be familiar with to ensure that you end up getting a light that will work the best for your needs.

One of the most important features on these products is the bulb or tube that is used to produce the light. For the most part these magnifiers use either a fluorescent bulb or a LED lighting element placed around the viewing glass frame. It tends to be the older models that use the fluorescent bulbs, as most new models use LED although there are still a fair amount that use fluorescent.

LEDs are durable, long lasting; they also use less energy and emit less heat than florescent bulbs. Since LED provides light without heat, they’re also safer to work with, even safer than fluorescents which are typically quite cool.


Depending on your intended use for the product you will also want to pay close attention to the magnification level of the lens or the diopter of the lens. Diopter is the amount of curvature a lens will have, the more curvature a lens has means it will have a higher diopter number and more magnification.

Figuring out what diopter lens to get depends on the type of task you are using the light for, as well as your own eyesight. Generally these lenses have a diopter number of or Objects viewed under a diopter lens will have a magnification of 1.75x and will appear 175% bigger than normal. While objects viewed under a 5-diopter lens have a magnification of 2.25x and will appear 225% bigger than normal. The diopter lenses would let you view things from farther away (10-1inches) while a diopter lens is best for really fine work with small objects.

Keep in mind that as the level of magnification increases, your lens and focal length get smaller.

There are four basic styles that you can go with, all with advantages and disadvantage depending on its intended use.

Desktop with Clamp-The clamp style is very versatile for most users. You can attach these to work benches, tables, desks or any kind of work station that you have set up. Depending on what you are clamping the lamp to, you may want to check the measurement of the clamp.


If you are using one of these lamps to work with electrical circuit boards and sensitive components you will probably want to look for a model that is Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safe. There are a number of higher end magnifiers (Aven, Luxo or Dazor) that are ESD-Safe that have special polymers applied to the lens, and that have passed rigid ESD certification testing standards.

Ultra-Efficient Desk Clamp

What do users love:  This is considered by most users to be a well-made solid very useful device. The arm does not go limp after extensive use as do some of its competitors. It moves easily and stays in place. It comes with a cover to keep dust off the lens. The light is bright and the magnification is great. The cover is a nice touch to keep dirt and dust out. The clamp is extremely sturdy and attaches easily to a desk or table giving you more room to work.


It is always advisable to research beforehand anytime you want to purchase a woodworking tool. Considering the variety of options in the market, it is only wise that you read through reviews to find out which brands are more reliable and trusted. Remember that reviews can be professional or customer based, regardless, they all give you useful ideas on the reliability of a tool and help you decide whether you should buy one or not.

The C-clamp

Well,clamps are an overall versatile type of tools, but generally, C-clamps are the most versatile and also the most recognizable among woodworkers and DIYers. These tools come in sizes that range from 1- inches and the size denotes the maximum opening width of the clamp.

On the other hand, the depth to the back of the clamp ranges from 1-inches; this depends on the size of the tool. While there are also larger sizes available, the smaller tools are mostly preferred for everyday use.

Spring Clamps

These are the simplest type of clamps to use especially for light duty work where high clamping force is not essential. Spring clamps range from 4- inches with jaw openings from slightly under to inches.

The spring clamps are the best suited where you need to add more than one clamp quickly, and the best quality of these come with jaws covered with vinyl for protection against marring.

Bar and Pipe-Bar Clamps

These are clamps that are mostly preferred for carpentry work and are manufactured either with jaws mounted on a flat steel bar in lengths of 12-4inches or with jaws designed to fit ½ -7/inch pipes.

These are some of the best clamps in the market regarding quality, size, overall functionality and price. So read through to help you identify the best one for your needs.

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

There are two main numbers to consider when looking at MTB handlebar geometry: rise and sweep.

Backsweep refers to the angle at which the bars swoop toward the back of the bike. This angle can range from 0° for a completely straight bar to 45° for a specialty bar like the Jones H-Bar. Again, sweep comes down to rider comfort and preference ahead of any other considerations like performance.

Bar Materials

These days, mountain bike handlebars are made from either aluminum alloy, titanium, or carbon fiber. Aluminum bars are generally the least expensive but are also the heaviest. Titanium bars can be more expensive than carbon, and are generally heavier too.

Bar Shapes

Most mountain bikes utilize a standard straight bar but these days, mountain bikers are experimenting with other shapes like the Jones H-Bar, road-style drop bars, the Titec J-Bar, and BMX-style riser bars. Many of these choices are based on extreme use cases like bikepacking and ultra-endurance riding where riders need to utilize multiple hand positions throughout the ride to avoid fatigue. In general, these types of bars trade comfort over trail handling.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your racquetball racquets wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of racquetball racquets



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Chatting about racquetball racquets is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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