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Best ladder stand 2018 – Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

Last Updated November 1, 2020

Kyle DunnMy name is Kyle Dunn. After more than 38 hours of research, including interviewing two experts and spending 10 hours testing 16 popular ladder stand, I found the best ladder stand of 2018.

The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. In this article, I’ve listed down the Top 3 list. These are the best ladder stand your money can buy.

Best ladder stand of 2018 for bowhunting

So, what exactly would anyone want to know about ladder stand? I know most of us don’t really care much about the history and the origin, all we want to know is which of them is the best. Of course, I will spare you the history and go straight on to the best ladder stand. I browse the various ladder stand available on the market and list three of the very best. Many models on the market may be confusing to a person who is shopping for their first time. The best ladder stand will make your fairytale dreams come true!

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
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№1 – Guide Gear 16′ Deluxe Ladder Tree Stand – Most Comfortable Ladder Tree Stand

Guide Gear 16' Deluxe Ladder Tree Stand

A luxurious seat for one.
For all-day comfort and stretching out, it boasts a stable foot platform, flip-up footrest, and a durable padded seat.
Heavy-duty steel construction for season-after-season of durable use.
Literally no flaws

Why did this ladder stand win the first place?

The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.
















№2 – Guide Gear 2 Person 20′ Double Rail Ladder Tree Stand With Hunting Blind – Best Climbing Treestand

Guide Gear 2 Person 20' Double Rail Ladder Tree Stand With Hunting Blind

It’s built tough and sturdy, so you can hunt with confidence
Plus, it’s roomy enough for two hunters and it comes with a Blind
Sturdy steel construction with dual-rail ladder design
Bad customer service for warranty.
It is not for the small jobs.

Why did this ladder stand come in second place?

The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice.
















№3 – Guide Gear 15′ Ladder Tree Stand – Best Hang On Treestand For Bowhunting

Guide Gear 15' Ladder Tree Stand

A simple and affordable way to elevate your hunt
It’s lightweight, easy to set up, and gives you the vantage point you need for that once-in-a-lifetime shot
Adjustable ladder support bar provides extra stability
The instruction guide is not very helpful.
Quite difficult to clean.

Why did this ladder stand take third place?

I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment.
















Ladder stand Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy ladder stand, right? No!

The Insider Pick

The best Christmas tree stands are designed to last for many decades, have a stable base that holds plenty of water, are easy to set up, and store easily after the holidays are over. The Krinner Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand is the best one you can buy, thanks to its innovative design.

As a youngster, getting the stand on the Christmas tree was always a traumatic experience. My father was in charge of the heavy lifting, and I was tasked with fitting the unnecessarily complicated stand on the trunk and securing it. There’s nothing like getting into the holiday spirit with a little bit of anger.

These days, companies have simplified things. Sure, there are still stands out there that will lead to family arguments and animosity, but the best Christmas tree stands are effortlessly installed in a minute or two. They also have a sufficient reservoir to accommodate enough water for a few days, so you can take off for a weekend ski trip.

When shopping for the right Christmas tree stand, there are a few specifications you must take note of. Most importantly, how large of a tree will the stand accommodate? If you like to make full use of your vaulted ceiling with a large real tree, make sure you can fit your 12-foot-tall tree in the stand base. Likewise, artificial trees generally have skinny poles that will only fit in specific models. We make it clear what type and size of tree are best for each stand.

We read through hundreds of buyer and expert reviews and ratings to come up with the best Christmas tree stands you can buy. The stands we chose to include in this guide exhibit consistent performance, durability, and were easy to set up with minimal instructions.

Read on in the slides below to learn why the Krinner Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand is our top pick and why you should also consider the Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand, the National Tree Folding Tree Stand, the Good Tidings Cinco Tabletop Christmas Tree Stand, and the Cinco C Express Tree Stand.


Why you’ll love it: The German-engineered Krinner Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand is easy to set up in a couple minutes and keeps trees up to twelve feet tall secure.

What sets the Krinner Tree Genie apart from other Christmas tree stands is the five-claw design that holds the tree’s trunk in place. The claws are connected by a single cable that allows the claws to apply equal pressure around the trunk whether it is thin, crooked, or thick.

To secure the trunk, you put the tree in the base and tighten the cable using the foot pedal ratchet. The foot pedal stays in place, thanks to a security lock that prevents unintentional opening of the cable.

The Tree Genie XXL stand has a 20-inch diameter and is made of a plastic resin. It weighs approximately eighteen pounds without water. The base holds 2.gallons and features a water level indicator that tells you when to refill the water. The Tree Genie L has an 18-inch diameter, weighs thirteen pounds, holds a gallon of water, and accommodates trees up to eight feet tall.

The experts almost universally agree that the Krinner Tree Genie is the top stand on the market.

The Sweethome (now Wirecutter) has picked it as the best Christmas tree stand for four years in a row because of its one-of-a-kind design that is versatile, secure, and easy to set up., a new station in North Carolina, posted an in-depth test of the tree. The reviewers found it had no trouble supporting a twelve-foot tree and required minimal effort to set up.

Galt Technology called it the most convenient tree stand because it was easy to assemble and “install” the tree.

One of the known issues is occasional small cracks in the bottom of the stand. However, Krinner does an excellent job of troubleshooting problems and often replaces damaged items, though the company does not have a clearly-stated warranty.

Weight Limit

It could be dangerous if a hunter is in extremely high heights and the stand cannot handle weight hence topple. Most tree stands can hold the weight of 250 pounds while others can accommodate heavier hunters up to a maximum of 350 pounds. Care should be taken not to overload the unit which can be chaotic leading to a fall, injury or even death.

Quiet Operation

For the hunter to get accurate results, he or she should operate in all hunting conditions quietly so as not to interrupt the target or learn of your presence as it will run away. The stand should not produce sound when making small movements or raise from your seat.

Take your hunting experience with the following ladder stands that are designed to meet the need of any hunter. These are incredible products that top the list on the market.

Ratcheting Cross- Cross Straps

It has strong well-padded straps for holding the tree stand closer to the tree for more stability and to conceal the hunter from its target. Holds the stand in place to the tree for more stability and hunter’s safety.

Easy set up

Now you might be wondering how you can climb up a tree with a big tree stand? And how does it attach to a tree anyways? Valid questions and for the sake of your safety, I’ve posted a video below which gives you a good look at how exactly a climbing tree stand works.

Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber

One of the more popular climbing tree stands is the Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber. One feature that’s particular ideas for those who hate having a safety bar encircling the tree stand. Instead, you can simply adjust the safety bar to where it becomes a footrest instead taking any worry of hitting the safety bar when you release away.The price point of the Ol Man is ideal as it won’t break the bank either. There is actually another option of aluminum which is a little bit lighter but the price is considerably higher.

At a weight of about 2pounds, the Ol’ Man is a little heavier than it’s counterparts although its due in large part to the quality steel construction. It has an overall weight capacity of 3000 lbs.

Another great option is the lone wolf sit and climb combo II which has improved upon its original version in a big way, offering a much more comfortable and user-friendly bow hunting climbing tree stand.The first noticeable difference is its extremely thin profile measuring only 4” while in the backpack position. The stand folds nicely away for transport and only weighs 20 pounds which is awesome for those longer trips.

The majority of climbing stands you’ll find at the big-box retailers such as Cabela’s are secured to the tree via cables as was shown in the video above. Instead, the Sit and Climb utilize a virtually silent alternative method they refer to as a “traction belt”. From an appearance perspective, it looks similar to an alternator belt in an old sedan but grips the tree very effectively. In some cases, it can even hinder your descent down a tree.

Perhaps what makes this unique is the adjustable stabilizer straps. They serve as a multi-functional piece of equipment that allows the hunter to cinch the straps down tight to stabilize the top portion of the stand. It’s super handy and does provide a good level of stability for those who are concerned about it.

Perhaps the unique innovation is what the name of this product describes. To use it, you literally sit and climb. It works by making use of the pivoting seat bar, instead of a traditional way of supporting your weight with your forearms while raising the bottom section (think tricep dip!). It’s easy enough and will support anyone up to 250 lbs in weight. A great option for the big and tall hunter we all know.

The stand also has a handy built-in bow rack so you can keep those hands warm on colder days. However, you’ll be paying for that warmth as this unit is quite a bit expensive than it’s counterparts as the variety of functionality and comfort allows it to sit at a higher price point.

What Else to Consider with Climbing Tree Stands

A couple of things to consider with climber tree stands is that because they are not permanent, they are obviously less stable than their permanent counterparts. It can take some getting used to as there is some sway depending on how you need to position yourself to make the shot so if you are someone who is a little bit… bigger, make sure they you’re able to both climb the tree and can maneuver safely once in the stand.

If you’re new to the concept of tree stands, do be aware that finding a suitable tree can take time. Remember to be patient as there are lots of trees are suitable but sometimes it can be a bit tricky.

Materials Used

Steel and aluminum are the top materials used to construct tree stands. While aluminum is best known to produce lightweight products, steel offers you extreme rigidity that keeps you safe up there.

Of late, carbon materials are also being used to make tree stands.

Stand Platform

This is the part of the stand where you rest and put your hunting tools. Larger platforms are better compared to the smaller ones. They give you a bigger room to move around more freely and take better aims at your target.

But note that the size of your platform directly affects the weight of your stand. The larger the platform, the heavier the entire sand might become.

It’s, therefore, wise to weigh between the size of the platform and overall stand weight and determine which factor contributes to your hunting success.

How high will you haul the stand in the tree yore climbing? The answer to these questions will help you pick between lightweight or heavy product.

Usually, heavier stands come with more enticing features, e.g. gun rests, larger platforms, and reliable mounting systems. If you concentrate on one hunting area, then a heavy stand will be ideal for you.

If you frequently preset your hunting positions in the woods, consider lightweight stands as they’re easier to transport.

Again, the bigger the platform, the more comfortable and safer your stand becomes. But this makes it heavier. Thus, you need to choose between weight and size.

Mounting System

Another great factor to consider when buying a tree stand is its mounting platform. Always go for a stand that mounts easily on the type of trees in your hunting location.

If you frequently shift your hunting areas, consider looking for a stand that features a flexible mounting system that can adjust to different trees. And if possible, find tree stands that you can level on crooked trees.

The most typical mountains systems are chain-on, strap-on, and multi-position systems.

Other factors to consider

If you’re looking for the best climbing tree stand for deer hunting, this is it. Summit Viper Climbing tree stand is a great stand-up/sit-down climbing stand perfect for hunting with a gun as well as with a bow.

Transporting this stand to your hunting area is a breeze, thanks to the Summit Lokt construction.

Now, if you add the Quick Draw Cable Retention System and Rapid Climb stirrups, you got a state-of-the-art treestand that gives you the most versatile and comfortable hunting experience.

The stand features high-quality aluminum design, adjustable seat that measures 12” x 18” x 2”, a backrest of dimensions 12” x 20” x 2”, backpack straps, padded seat bar, and cushion arm rests.

You’ll appreciate all these plus the fact that they make you feel comfortable like in no other tree stand. You’ll even get to enjoy a full-body safety harness and a comfortable 20” x 29” platform. Keep in mind that this stand is TMA certified and can hold a maximum weight of 300lbs.

Safe and Easy to Use

You’ll also like how easy it is to set up the tree stand. It comes with two steel climbing cables and RapidClimb Stirrups that securely holds your boots when climbing.

A 4-point Fall Arrest System (FAS) with attached safety and SRS strap that holds you securely to the tree is provided.

You’ll also like the Green utility strap that enables you to access your hunting weapon from the ground, from the comfort of your stand.


This tree stand is engineered to be lightweight. And for this reason, it’s incredibly easy to transport from one place to another. The fact that it comes with backpack strap enables you to carry in on your back, making it even more portable.

Safety is the key aspect in any tree stand, and this is exactly what the product gives you. First, the traction ridges on the platform make sure you’re always safe when resting on the seat.

It also features an adjustable safety harness. The heavy-duty straps that secure the treestand firmly to the tree (from top to bottom) further improve its safety standards.

Easy to Use

This tree stand is incredibly easy to use. With a secure footing provided by the climbing braces, you’ll have an easy time climbing any tree with this treestand.

Summit 8105Viper Classic Steel Self-Climbing Tree Stand is a great perch for any hunter who enjoys perching while hunting. It’s also from Summit, the reputable brand for producing top-rated treestands.

Similar to other products from this brand, this one comes with heavy duty steel construction which makes it super-storing and durable! The tree stand is engineered to meet all your hunting needs and never lets you down.

It has a secure, most silent, comfortable and concealed design- the best one you’ll find on the market. The tree stand even breaks the odds to support a much higher weight of 350 lbs.

Durable Design

One of the most notable features of all Summit treestands (including this one) is the durable steel design they come with.

This particular product has a durable steel frame throughout that makes it stronger than any other treestand on the market. This enables it to support your weight and remain active for generations.

Bigger Platform Design

Remember what we said earlier? The bigger the platform, the better the treestand becomes. Lucky for you, Summit 8105Viper Classic Steel Self-Climbing Tree Stand comes with a big, spacious platform. Needless to explain this allows you to take a firm stance when aiming your target.

Ultimate Comfort

The seat of this treestand is not only spacious, but also comfy. It features dual foams that make you feel more comfortable and forget you’re up on that tree.

If you’re looking for a tree stand that’s easy to transport from one point to another, then you have Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Climbing Tree Stand.

This is an extra-lightweight treestand that offers you a quick and easy setup. It has a patented aluminum platform design that gives you a sturdy, stable, and quiet shooting environment.

You’ll also appreciate how the manufacturer works to reduce the number of moving parts in each stand. The same stands are skillfully designed for easy climbing with non-slip footing.

With a contour seat pad, you’ll feel comfortable on the seat. It’s important to note that this stand fits trees of 6”-19” diameter, a platform of 30” x 19.5”, and has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Silent Operation

This is made possible by the patented platform design of this treestand. It features cast aluminum which offers you a quiet base, unlike the noisy hollow-tube metal models.

The Summit’s 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand is a game-changer in the world of tree stands. Unlike the others, it provides you with more space and capacity. It’s a great deal for big hunters looking for a large stand.

It comes with a professionally designed Surround seat that’s height adjustable. This seat lets you sit while facing the tree or against the tree.

With a quality precision welding, the aluminum-made platform emerges stronger and more durable than the rest.

The extended aluminum top frame makes this stand ideal for big hunters. Irrespective of the large platform, however, the treestand maintains an overall lightweight design of 2pounds for easy transport. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Easy Carry Design

Apart from being super-lightweight, this tree stand can also be packed into a compact size for easy transport. It comes with backpack straps that enable you to carry it on your back. An accessory bag is also included to make it easy to carry to your hunting fields.


The other important aspect of this grand tree stand is the level of comfort it grants you. It boasts of a high-comfort seat cushion that measures 17” x 11” x 2”. The thick cushion rests on heavy duty nylon webbing.

The hang-on tree stand from Guide Gear opens our list of the best hang on treestands. It’s a great stand for the price that allows you to start hunting on a perch.

The stand is completely easy to set up and offers you superior comfort that you’ve never experienced before. It comes with quite large foot platform for better and more stable aiming positions.

Use of steel to construct this tree stand makes it one of the strongest treestands on the market. Note that this steel is coated with green powder finish that keeps corrosion attempts off the metal.

Ratchet straps are part of the package to help you secure the stand to the tree. And for the best safety measures, the package comes with a Fall Arrest System.

Huge Platform

As you’d expect in any high-quality treestand, this one comes with a huge platform that gives you a nice time while up the trees.

It allows you enough room for shooting in either a sitting or standing position. So, the issue of sitting for an extended period in the small platforms is solved here.

All-day Comfort

As one of the best hang-on tree stands, this product comes with a suspension style seat that offers you all-day comfort.

The foam used in this seat is 17” x 10” x 21” H to keep you comfortable throughout your hunting session. The padded armrest makes you even more comfortable.

Easy to Transport

The sturdy steel frame above is also lightweight (at 18lbs only). In addition to this, it folds down to a more compact size that allows you to transport it to any location.

As an improvement to the earlier Millennium M100, M100 Lite is simply a case of the best getting better. The manufacturer has invested so much in this new version to make it 20% lighter than its predecessor.

On top of this, it boasts as the most versatile of all the Millennium tree stands. Everything has been improved to give you the best hunting experience! Look at its new seat and platform.

The two have been redesigned with your comfort and stability needs in mind. When using this sand, therefore, be ready to experience the utmost comfort throughout your hunting exercise.

The platform offers you more than enough room to stable yourself and achieve the best shooting angles. Transporting this treestand to the woods is as easy as pie as it packs into a smaller, portable size.

Easy Assembly

Just by looking at the different parts of the package, you’ll get a clear mental picture on how to assemble. That’s how easy it is to assemble this treestand, and everyone raves about it.

The perfect way to get a hawk-eye view on your target while on your perch is by using Guide Gear 21′ Premium Ladder Tree Stand.

The moderately priced ladder treestand makes an appearance on our list of the best ladder treestands for its impressive features and performance. Remember that the better the view, the more accurate the shot you’ll squeeze.

The package contains an all-around durable steel construction, a flip-up seat, a large platform, safety harness system, adjustable ladder support bar and so much more. The stand weighs 103lbs only and can hold weights of up to 300lbs.

Rugged Double-tube Steel Construction

If you want a treestand that will last for many years under frequent use, this is it. With such a high quality, sturdy steel construction, it will grace hundred of your hunting seasons without losing its quality.

BIG Foot Platform

The exact measurements of the foot platform are 1¾” X 20 ¾”. Such a sufficient space allows you to move your body freely and stretch while on the perch. The vast area also gives you the advantage of taking better shots by giving you better shooting positions.

One more ladder treestand you might want to use to enable you to hunt from a perch is the Big Dog Foxhound Ladder Treestand.

It safely gets you up the tree, thanks to its robust and sturdy ladder that you can secure to the tree using an adjustable safety bar and a strong rope. And once you’re on the top, the safety harness system will keep you safe.

The stand comes with a padded seat plus padded armrests that make you feel comfortable as you wait for your prey to turn up. The camo pattern is a sure way to protect your identity from being detected by that deer.

Durable Construction

The package comes with 16” long steel ladder. This enables it to support weights of up to 300lbs. Yes, it offers you a stable support as you move to the top of the tree.

The platform and other parts of the treestand also feature the sturdy steel construction, enabling the stand to last for years.

Recommended Heights

How high should you go with your treestand? Though the situations may differ, it’s always good to go as high as you can. This helps you get a better view of everything. It also makes it impossible for the deer to see you and best of all, it helps control your scent. But again, don’t go too high that you get out of range and miss precise shot opportunities.

Inspect Your Treestand Beforehand

Why should you inspect your treestand before actually using it? Well, some nuts and bolts tend to loosen after each use and the earlier you realize it, the better. You’ll be able to fasten the nuts/bolts and thus improve the safety of your treestand.

Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

Summit Treestands make some of the best climbing tree stands around and the Summit Treestands Viper SD is a great stand at price that’s not out of reach. You can spend some long hours in that tree waiting for the perfect opportunity and that’s why a stand like this is a great choice.

It’s designed with your comfort in mind with a foam padded seat as well as padding on the arm rests and on the rifle or bow rest.

There are some areas of the arm rests that aren’t covered with padding and that’s probably the only real issues I have with this stand.

It’s constructed from a durable aluminum frame that’s made to withstand the elements and it can hold up to 300 lbs so it’s not just for the lightweights.

It’s 1inches wide and 1inches deep which gives you lots of room to sit in comfort and the foot platform is 26.inches which gives you a nice wide base to stand on when you need to.

Safety hasn’t been looked over either as this stand comes equipped with a full body harness and fall arrest system so you can concentrate on the hunt knowing that you’re safe and secure. With the number of hunters that are injured and killed every year from falling accidents this has become an essential feature of a climbing tree stand. It only weighs about 20 lbs as well so you won’t injure yourself carrying it either.

Durable and Weather Resistant

Climbing tree stands are normally constructed from steel or aluminum. While both types of material are quite sturdy and durable aluminum is normally the better choice. Aluminum is more resistant to wet weather and when you’re out on a hunt it’s inevitable that you’re going to get stuck in some rain from time to time. Most of us don’t want to have to replace our tree stand every couple of seasons – we want something that’s going to last us a very long time.

Low Maintenance

A good tree stand should be extremely low maintenance. That means the adjoining parts should be connected with joints that withstand plenty of weight and repeated use without bending or breaking. Along with paying close attention to the stated weight capacity it’s also important to pay attention to a products reputation for parts that last.

Replacing pieces can be a frustrating experience and that’s why it’s normally worth it to pay a little extra up front so that you can avoid expenses down the road.

Tree Stand Brands

Listed below are some of the biggest brands of tree stands that are currently available. Although this list is not exhaustive the manufacturers of these stands will be able to provide an example of each of the different types that have been discussed above. As they become available we will be posting reviews of treestands from each of these manufacturers. The more popular of these treestands have been listed in the comparison table above.

Big Dog Treestands

The single most important thing to remember when using any of the treestands that have been mentioned on this page is that they are fully equipped with safety accessories and these features must be properly utilized at all times. The biggest incidence of hunting accidents comes about due to mishaps surrounding the treestand so it is imperative that all safety advice is closely followed every time they are in use.

Other factors to consider

If you’re looking for the best climbing tree stand for deer hunting, this is it. Summit Viper Climbing tree stand is a great stand-up/sit-down climbing stand perfect for hunting with a gun as well as with a bow.

Transporting this stand to your hunting area is a breeze, thanks to the Summit Lokt construction.

Now, if you add the Quick Draw Cable Retention System and Rapid Climb stirrups, you got a state-of-the-art treestand that gives you the most versatile and comfortable hunting experience.

The stand features high-quality aluminum design, adjustable seat that measures 12” x 18” x 2”, a backrest of dimensions 12” x 20” x 2”, backpack straps, padded seat bar, and cushion arm rests.

You’ll appreciate all these plus the fact that they make you feel comfortable like in no other tree stand. You’ll even get to enjoy a full-body safety harness and a comfortable 20” x 29” platform. Keep in mind that this stand is TMA certified and can hold a maximum weight of 300lbs.

How we picked

We wanted a Christmas tree stand that could serve two primary functions: Keep the tree standing upright, and keep it watered.

A good stand can hold the tree up and make it look straight, even if the tree itself is a bit crooked. To create stability, the stand needs a heavy base to lower the tree’s center of gravity and keep it balanced. For size, it should have an opening wide enough to accommodate a roughly 4- to 6-inch trunk diameter—that’s the ballpark thickness of your average Christmas tree, which has a height of or feet, according to the National Christmas Tree Association.

Second, it needs a sizeable reservoir of water to keep the tree moist and “alive” (or at least prevent it from drying out and losing all its needles) for as long as possible. A dry tree is not only ugly and messy, it’s a fire hazard. Though this is rare, it does happen—according to the National Fire Protection Association, between 200and 2013, Christmas trees were the source of an average of 2home fires each year, according to a National Fire Protection Association. So how much water is enough? The National Christmas Tree Association notes that, “Generally, a tree can use up to one quart of water per day for each inch of stem diameter.” That’s 1½ gallons each day for a 6-inch-diameter tree. Larger water capacity is always better, so you’re not constantly worried about watering the tree.

Pull Quote

The Krinner’s unique fastening mechanism is far simpler and easier to use than any other tree stand.

We tested the Krinner on two trees: a 6-foot-tree, which we put up unassisted, and a bigger 8-foot-tree, which was easier with a second person. As long as you can heave the tree into the Krinner’s open jaws, you may be able to manage it on your own. This is a huge distinction between the Krinner and basically every other stand, which forces you to get down on your belly to tighten individual bolts. Even for a smaller tree, that’s nearly impossible to do without help.

One of the Krinner’s other major advantages is the ability to handle a wide range of trunk sizes. With the claws cranked all the way down, this stand will hold a tree with a trunk as small as inch in diameter. The maximum trunk diameter it will accept is inches. That gives you a lot of flexibility on tree sizes. When testing on our smaller tree, with its 3.5-inch diameter trunk, some other stands’ screws could barely extend far enough to meet the trunk (and they wouldn’t work with a tree any smaller than that).

Once the tree is installed, it’s hard to overemphasize how stable this stand is. In our stability testing, the Krinner Tree Genie XXL was able to max out our force gauge at 50 Newtons when testing with both small and tall trees. The tree stand even outlasted the test materials: We bent the hook on the force gauge trying to get it to tip over, and at one point we snapped the twine we had tied to the tree. The stand itself weighs 1pounds, which you might expect to make it stable, but it actually has a smaller footprint than most of the other stands. That’s another advantage: It’s easier to store during the non-Christmas months.

The Krinner has a 2½-gallon water reservoir. Of the tested stands, only the runner-up Cinco is larger, with a 3-gallon capacity. But 2½ gallons is plenty large: A tree of roughly to feet in height has a trunk diameter of about to inches, and will usually take in 1½ gallons or less per day. In fact, you should even be able to relax a little about watering, as you may not need to each day. A gauge on the tank will tell you what the water level is between fillings.

One last feature worth mentioning: This is the most attractive tree stand of everything we tested. If you want to set up a tree on your porch or some other area where a tree skirt isn’t practical, it will still look nice.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

As with most tree stands, watering the tree’s reservoir is still a chore, and you have to be careful when filling it. The majority of the Krinner’s reservoir is enclosed, and there is only a small space near the trunk for watering. You could make the case that this narrow opening has advantages—pets will not be able to easily drink from it and gifts are less likely to fall into it. The gauge that tells you how much water is in the stand also has a very clear “Stop” indicator that shows when you’ve filled it enough. However, there is no overflow tray, a feature some other stands have that we’d like to have seen here.

Almost every negative review mentions the same problem: water leaking from the base. This is obviously a huge flaw, but it’s rare. Most of these problems seem to be happening between seasons, so if you’re taking a used stand out of storage, fill it once on your driveway or sidewalk and watch for a leak before you set it up indoors.

The competition

Our original 201hands-on testing included the Contech Enterprises TS940Indoor Steel Christmas Tree Stand and the currently unavailable Emerald Innovations XTSSwivel Straight Tree Stand For 12′ Tree (also known as the 1-Minute Tree Stand). Neither was as stable as the Tree Genie XXL or the Cinco. The Emerald Innovations started to tip at 30 Newtons of pulling force, and the Contech tipped at 2Newtons. Performance was similar with large and small trees. Both the Emerald Innovations and Contech stands have 1½-gallon reservoirs—sufficient, but the smallest among tested models.

The Emerald Innovations stand in particular had our hopes up because it lets you adjust the angle of the tree by pressing a foot pedal and turning the tree on a large ball joint. But the initial setup proved more of a hassle than any other method: A separate sleeve fits over the tree’s trunk while it’s lying down, and you secure it with screw-down clamps. Then you fit the sleeve and tree together into the base. The frustrating setup, along with the lack of stability, outweighed the otherwise cool design.

We looked at, but didn’t test, the Santa’s Solution Steel Extreme. This expensive stand accommodates trunks up to inches in diameter and has a 2-gallon water well. The name is quite apt: The Steel Extreme is imposing, but it still uses only the traditional bolt design. If you can spend this much on a stand, save a few bucks and get the much simpler Krinner.

We dismissed the Iron Mountain Welded, which had decent reviews but only a 90-day warranty. After hours of research, we couldn’t figure out who made the stand or where you’d go for service if you had a problem.

The Oasis tree stand can hold a tree up to feet tall. But its water capacity maxes out at 1½ gallons, which is enough for only a 7-foot tree to drink from comfortably. The Santa’s Solution Steel Arm Plastic Tree Stand can accommodate trees no taller than feet. The Cinco Classic and Jack Post Stand each max out at feet.

The Insider Pick

The best Christmas tree stands are designed to last for many decades, have a stable base that holds plenty of water, are easy to set up, and store easily after the holidays are over. The Krinner Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand is the best one you can buy, thanks to its innovative design.

These days, companies have simplified things. Sure, there are still stands out there that will lead to family arguments and animosity, but the best Christmas tree stands are effortlessly installed in a minute or two. They also have a sufficient reservoir to accommodate enough water for a few days, so you can take off for a weekend ski trip.

When shopping for the right Christmas tree stand, there are a few specifications you must take note of. Most importantly, how large of a tree will the stand accommodate? If you like to make full use of your vaulted ceiling with a large real tree, make sure you can fit your 12-foot-tall tree in the stand base. Likewise, artificial trees generally have skinny poles that will only fit in specific models. We make it clear what type and size of tree are best for each stand.

We read through hundreds of buyer and expert reviews and ratings to come up with the best Christmas tree stands you can buy. The stands we chose to include in this guide exhibit consistent performance, durability, and were easy to set up with minimal instructions.

Read on in the slides below to learn why the Krinner Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand is our top pick and why you should also consider the Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand, the National Tree Folding Tree Stand, the Good Tidings Cinco Tabletop Christmas Tree Stand, and the Cinco C Express Tree Stand.

Water Holder

The water holder was designed to hold the live tree. It has a water reservoir that prevents the tree from drying out. The water holders come in different types of material. You can choose from metal to thick, hard plastics. Stands with water reservoir are easier to set up.

The Vintage stand

This type of Christmas stand is common among wealthier homes. The kind of trees used for vintage stand can date back as early as 1990. Finding a vintage stand takes time. However, if you look hard you can find them. The good thing about the vintage stand is that they are last long.

Try to find a good climbing tree stand for a big guy.

Comfort – the tree stand shouldn’t be just better than a tree limb; it has to allow some degree of movement and must be suitable to your body type and size.

Of course, it largely depends on the length of wait that you typically do, or the extent of climbing that you intend to engage in.

Remember that if you were to regularly use the stand for prolonged stalking, it better allow you to shift your weight from time to time and provide a well-placed footrest to prevent numbing of your feet.

The seat and platform sizes are usually measured in inches, so be aware of your own measurements.

Lightness and ease of installing – most hunters would reject a heavy tree stand right away.

Although there are various styles and weights you can choose from, a lightweight climbing tree stand is the way to go.

Hunting requires a lot of moving around, and a tree stand that adds to the weight or entails complicated installation will be highly undesirable.

Factors that affect individual choices

The frequency of your location changes – if you expect to move the location of your tree stand a lot, give importance to the portability of the climbing tree stand.

The characteristics of trees which you will likely climb – your choice will be affected by the traits of trees common in the area where you regularly hunt.

Factors such as trunk diameter, straightness, and the uninterrupted vertical height will definitely matter. The latter is important because the climbing tree stand works on trees which do not have low-growing branches.

Terrain – the hunting ground should allow you to wrap the climbing strap around your tree; otherwise, the climbing tree stand may not be the most ideal tree stand for the situation.

The key factors that may have led you to consider buying a climbing tree stand are possibly portability, simplicity, and usefulness.

It will not be too late to start considering applicability or suitability of the contraption to your purpose and typical hunting conditions.

How to Use Climbing Tree Stands

Here’s the rule of thumb before you go out on a hunt with a new tree stand – always test or practice on it first at home. Set it up on the ground and familiarize yourself with the system. This way you don’t have to worry about not bringing the manual with on the hunt.

Once all the safety checks are good, this is the part where you start climbing.

Climbing Tree Stand vs. Hang-On Tree Stand

Which one is better, the climbing tree stand or the hang-on type? Ask seasoned hunters and they’ll give you these two options often. We’ve already described how climbing tree stands work, how about the hand-on type. It requires you to climb the tree using climbing sticks and harness, with the hang-on stand strapped on your back. Once you get to the height you want and the sticks in place as your ladder steps, you then lock on the stand on the tree and secure yourself in place.

Hang-on Tree Sand

Easy-to-setup. Once the two part system is installed on the ground, you can climb easily.

Easy-to-setup. No need to worry about platforms or seat rest part. Once you have climbed to the height and position you want, just wrap and secure that stand as instructed by the manual, then open up the platform and you’re ready to lock yourself in that position.

Safe, secured and silent cable system that locks itself around the tree effectively.

Extra-wide platforms

Need to climb with ‘climbing sticks’. Not many hunters like this process; you have to install the sticks up the tree as you climb.

Although you can probably remove some small branches blocking the climbing path, the height that you can climb is limited by how void of limbs the tree is.

Since hang on doesn’t have its cable climbing system, you will need to purchase extra climbing gear; ladder, climbing cables, tree steps, etc.

Requires a straight, sturdy tree with no branches for you to climb further.

Requires some fitness level to be able to climb some considerable height.

Usually, comes with small platforms that are just enough for you to stand up or sit down.

You will need to go back to each of your tree stand spots to remove each, which limits your hunting ground coverage.

Hang-on Tree stands are easy to remove, and there’s a possibility that someone might steal your stand when hunting on public grounds.

Most hunters have both climbing, and hang-on tree stands ready among their gear, and they decide which one to carry based on the terrain or hunting ground they want to cover. The terrain plays an important part on what type of trees grows within the area and the amount of hiking you need to cover ground.


Also, the tree stand is made from a ComfortMAX seats, which are contoured to give you ultimate comfort and satisfaction. The seat also features a tight sling so that you can hunt all day long without feeling sore at the end of your trip.

When looking at what people had to say about the Millennium Tree Stands Loc-On Lite Hang-On Tree Stand, they had great things to say. Customers report that this is one of the most comfortable stands they have ever used.

They go on to say they can sit in it from dawn until dusk without feeling any discomfort at the end of the day. Other customers report that the stand is easy to hang and they appreciate how lightweight it is, which allows them to travel from spot to spot with this on their backs.

When looking at the critical reviews, there weren’t very many causes for concern. One customer reported they found the seat was too low, which for a taller person, it could make you work harder to stand up. Other customers report that the stand puts you further from the tree than other stands because the depth of the seat.

Being away from the tree has made this customer feel uncomfortable, even with their full body harness on. Other customers stated that they received an older model, which is heavier and features a different floor than they had expected to receive.

They are light-weight

Climbing tree stands are very light-weight and easy to carry. Most models weigh between 20 to 30 pounds and can be carried like a backpack. They are typically much lighter and easier to carry than a hang-on tree stand or screw in steps.

They are easy to use

It is simple to use a climbing tree stand! You can set it up in a matter of minutes — much faster than a hang-on tree stand or screw in steps. You can also avoid scenting up the area surrounding the tree by moving around. You quickly move up the tree before contaminating the area around you.

They are very safe

When using a climbing tree stand, you will be fitted with a harness the entire time. It is easily the safest way to climb a tree. Once the seat is at the desired height, you remain strapped in via the harness. Many climbing tree stands also come with a solid barricade that surrounds the seat. This can be useful for resting your weapon or other objects. Unlike a traditional tree stand, there is no risk of your foot slipping off, causing you to fall backwards.

Hawk COMBAT Hang-On Treestand

Capable of supporting more than 300lbs without any problem, this treestand is made of a superior steel construction, making sure everyone can use it. It is comfortable to help hunters stay on position for longer, stable to ensure a better shot, and silent to avoid animals to spot the stand.

Ameristep Camo Stand

1feet seem like too much for hunting, and maybe a little unstable. But that’s entirely untrue with this excellent option, as it is exactly what most people want – perfect height, completely durable and resistant construction, and an incredible stable design for superior hunting experiences no matter where you are.

Millennium Treestands M100U Loc-On Lite

If you want a really efficient and easy-to-carry option – the Millenium Treestand is an excellent choice. It is extremely lightweight thanks to an aluminum construction, offers a high-quality performance in any type of weather condition and supports up to 300lbs without any problem.

Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-On

Millenium is a brand that delivers the highest-quality treestands in many ways. This one, for example, offers high-quality characteristics like the comfortMAX technology for a more cozy experience when using it, as well as the SafeLink system for a safer and worry-free hunting adventure. Yet, there’s no doubt how the M150 can be a lot better than others of the same brand, especially for its superior stability and carrying convenience.

Sniper Deluxe Ladder Stand

The taller option in the list, at 18-feet of height, Sniper Deluxe offers a much more efficient hunting method – making sure no animal can listen to you when you’re hunting. You won’t be visible or detectable by anything or anyone, making sure you can catch whatever you want without any problem.

Summit Treestands Viper SD

A premium climbing treestand can’t really get much better than the Summit Viper SD. This wonderfully camouflaged and good-looking stand is also much safer, stable, easy to install and extremely effective no matter where you use it. The Mossy Oak design is well-made and thanks to the superior full-body harness system you won’t have to worry about safety.

It was designed for the most demanding hunters, those who want to be quiet, comfortable and always sure that they have a superior safety as well. It is totally lightweight thanks to the stainless steel construction, and much more comfortable thanks to the padded foam seat and additional padding for arms.


Most treestands are made of either steel or aluminum. These are the most common materials as these products need to be lightweight but strong, and at the same time resistant and durable to be used in the most demanding environments without a problem. Additionally, they often come with other materials, especially in the seat, where you may find nylon construction, foam padding, polyester armrests and much more.

For the frame material, it is always important to choose a strong one. Make sure yours is a heavy-duty aluminum or steel if you are going for a climbing treestand. And if you need a ladder one, make sure it is made of stainless steel.


As a hunter you need to make sure you are well-prepared for each adventure, you won’t like to waste your time. That’s why you always need to choose the right tree stand so you can have a more efficient performance when hunting, and eventually, catch that animal you’ve always wanted.

Make your hunting process be the most efficient plan with the right tree stand, take our advice and recommendations into consideration and improve your hunting experience.

Accessory hooks

Another item that is often overlooked is having enough hooks to hang some of your gear when not in use. Being able to hang a bow, a quiver or even a jacket while you are up in a tree stand can mean the difference between an item held safely in the tree and one that ends up on the forest floor. Big Game Treestands offers a pack of hooks that simply screw into the tree you are hunting from to allow you customizable hangers you can set up once on site.

Even though you might be hunting from a tree, odds are that tree isn’t going to have any leaves or be able to offer you much protection from rain or heavy mist. If you are gun hunting, having a scope that is covered in rain or mist could very well mean the difference between a full freezer and an empty one. A very simple, and economical, solution to this is the Allen Instant Roof Tree Stand Umbrella. It comes with hardware to allow it to easily attach to most trees and offers 57” worth of protection. For some hunters in the south, this can also mean a bit of shade on those warmer hunting days as well.


If you hunt from an elevated platform, WEAR A HARNESS!!! This is something that is said over and over, yet every season there are a few hunters’ families that really wish that hunter had listened to this. Most tree stands on the market today come standard with a safety harness if for no other reason than to mitigate liability. Unfortunately, some of these harnesses might take an advanced engineering degree to figure out, and even then they aren’t very comfortable. If you find yourself with a harness that is overly confusing, not comfortable and/or with dangling straps that threaten to get hung on in your bowstring, you might want to take a look at the Hunter Safety System Harness. It is designed to be very comfortable and also rather straightforward to use.

Carrying a good length of quality rope is something most experienced hunters will take for granted, but it is not something that hunters new to the sport, especially those hunting in tree stands, might think of. A good length of rope with quality fasteners on the end will allow you to hoist up your gear after you are in the stand, making for a much safer climb. Anyone that has ever tried to climb into a tree stand with a bow or crossbow hanging off them will understand that statement. The Primos Pull Up Rope is a simple and economical tool that any hunter climbing in to a tree stand can benefit from.

Even though a tree stand offers a hunter some elevation to be out of the line of sight of game animals, there are still some potential ways to be seen. If the tree is barren, as many trees are during hunting season, there is the potential for an animal to see your silhouette and as such, be able to see slight movements, such as the drawing of a bow. If you need to stand to shoot, that can be a lot of movement to be seen as well. Sometimes, if there are many animals nearby it is almost impossible to even move to aim a gun with that many sets of eyes looking to spot trouble. By covering the lower part of your tree stand, you can create an actual blind up in the tree that will allow you to move around a bit without detection. The Guide Gear Universal Hunting Stand allows you to attach it to most tree stands to keep from being seen.

Success In Your Tree Stand

How can you remedy this problem of scaring away your game? To begin with, you’ll want to be as quiet as possible, all the time. Animals get spooked at foreign sounds, so the quieter you are, the better. Be careful while moving, especially while setting up your tree stand. Mask your scent using sprays. Don’t make sudden movements and be sure to set your tree stand up out of the animal’s line of sight. If you do this correctly, the chances of the animal seeing you fall significantly. A shot may cause your chosen animal to avoid the area for days afterward. Be sure to take careful consideration when taking a shot. If you don’t see prey in one location, it may be worthwhile to move to a new one.

Ease of Movement

If you are going for a live tree, the trunk needs to have a place that you pour water to prevent the tree from drying.

Above all, you need to have enough space in your house. Space will depend on the size of tree that you have and the kind of Christmas tree stand that you’re going to buy.

Budget plays an important role when you want to bring lots of customization to your Christmas tree trunk. For instance, if you want a musical stand, you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket.

Plastic stand

This is the perfect choice if you need something that’s simple. You can use the plastic stand if you are going to buy an artificial tree instead using a real live tree. The advantage of plastic stand is that it’s light and will secure your tree trunk perfectly. The plastic stand is less expensive compared to other types of tree trunk.

Iron stand

The iron stand is perfect if you want to cut the budget of buying a Christmas tree every year. The iron stand is expensive for most homeowners, that means you’ll have to dig a little dip into your budget. The cast or wrought iron used to make the stand are durable and capable of handling large tall trees without tipping over.

Revolving stand

It’s the perfect style if you’re looking to enjoy the Christmas festive season with drama. The stand revolves at a slow space. You can find this type of Christmas stand in commercial setting like supermarket or your favorite mall. However, you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket, if you want to add a sense of style with a revolving stand.

A tree stand can keep you safe in dangerous environments. There will be less risk of being attacked by a bear or snake while sitting in a tree stand. You can also avoid being attacked by fire ants, spiders, or other creepy crawlies.

There is also less risk of being shot by another hunter while perched in a tree. Your orange hunting vest will be easier for other hunters to see as it is not obscured by foliage. It is unlikely that a stray bullet would hit you when you are off the ground.

Being in a tree stand is also safer for other people. If you fire your weapon, the trajectory will be at a downward angle and will enter the ground. That is very useful when hunting in areas where other hunters are located or there are buildings nearby.

Climbing stand

A climbing stand is a very lightweight option that is useful for hunters who frequently change location. The design consists of a two-piece chair and a platform. To use a climbing stand, the platform and chair are first secured around the tree. The user stands on the platform and raises the chair. They gradually achieve height by alternating their weight between the platform and chair. Almost all climbing stands are designed for a single person.

Ladder stand

Ladder stands are basically large ladders with a platform at the top. They are secured to the tree using straps or bolts. These stands are typically quite heavy and are best used when you expect to be staying in a particular location for a while. They are the safest and most stable option. Most two person tree stands are ladder stands.

Consider the color of the tree stand

The color of your tree stand may be an important factor, depending on the types of prey you hunt. While animals like deer, elk, goats, and pigs don’t see color very well, they can notice differences in shades of light and dark. That means having a black tree stand placed on a tree with light bark will be more visible to your prey.

Some tree stands come with a camouflaged blind. This will completely obscure you from your prey and is an excellent choice if you are hunting animals with high visual acuity.

Consider the locations where you hunt

If you are using a hang-on or portable stand, you will require a tree with a diameter big enough to support it. This is particularly important when hunting in windy conditions. It is also more difficult to use tree stands on trees with very smooth bark, as they are prone to slipping.

If the locations where you typically hunt don’t have many mature trees that can support a tree stand, consider purchasing a tripod stand. They are usually bulkier, but can be more convenient, especially if you have a prime scouting location that doesn’t have many large good trees.

Consider the platform size

The platform size of man tree stands can vary greatly. If you are looking to maximize your comfort while in the stand, look for a tree stand with a larger platform. If you are trying to cut down on weight, go for a small platform.

Ameristep 15-Feet Two Man Ladder Stand

This is an affordable and surprisingly lightweight ladder stand from Ameristep. It is made from a durable metal alloy with some plastic components on the seat and handles. The Ameristep 15-feet two man ladder stand also comes with a tree stand safety DVD, which provides you with useful information on tree stand safety.

It includes safety harnesses, so both occupants can strap themselves in while using the ladder. The padded surfaces use a Realtree camouflage, which can be handy when hunting prey with good eyesight. Assembly is simple and takes less than an hour.

Muddy Nexus 2-Man Ladder stand

The Sniper Deluxe is a sturdy 2-man ladder tree stand made entirely from steel. It has a large 3x 13” foot platform with a 13″ x 38″ seat. The seat has a thick 1” cushion made of high-density foam. Other features include a padded flip-up shooting platform and two safety harnesses. This ladder is quite high at 1feet.. Make sure you check out the lightest climbing tree stand reviews. For more hunting gear guides, subscribe to our site or follow us on social media.

If the area you are going to hunt is in woods that have trees that are relatively straight with few limbs up to the height you are comfortable climbing, a lock on or hang on stand is as suitable as a climbing stand. You can also choose a ladder stand for this type of environment. Your decision about which stand is better will depend on your climbing capabilities and hunting strategy.

If the area you are going to hunt in has trees with lots of limbs or low hanging branches, a climbing tree stand is unsuitable.


Once you have decided on the type of tree stand you need, the next consideration is the level of comfort you need.

To further increase the comfort with all of the above stands, there are some accessories that can make your time in a stand more comfortable. These accessories are mainly for protection from the weather. There are main types – protection above you, and protection around you. The protection above you is like an awning or umbrella.

It can either attach to your stand, or to the tree to keep most of the rain, snow and sleet off your body. The protection around you is like a skirt encircling the stand. It may also provide protection from the wind below blowing up through the stand. They obviously also provide concealment.

Prime Time

There is always a prime time in both morning and night that deer hunters should get a little extra excited for. This is because this is the time when deer are moving the most. In the morning, prime time is right before sun rise to about half hour after the sun comes up. At night the prime time is right before sun set to a half hour after the sun has set. This isn’t the only time deer are moving, but there is a special feel in the woods at these times you feel like something could happen at any second. This is why you need to stay in the stand at night until a half hour past sun set. Last year I was hunting on a cold November night and I hadn’t seen anything all night. I gave it fifteen minutes past sun set and I was ready to get home. I started packing up sent my bow down the tree, turned around to put my back pack on, and saw a buck walking down the trail right to me but he had saw me and stopped. If I wouldn’t have started packing up early that buck would have came straight down the trail 1yards from my stand. The feeling I felt that night still haunts me to this day.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your ladder stand wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of ladder stand



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about ladder stand is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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