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Best hooking bowling ball 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated November 1, 2020

Kyle DunnHELLO! I’m Kyle Dunn. After 40 hours of research including speaking with consultants and experts, and plenty of parents and 13 hours spent testing 10 hooking bowling ball, I believe that I found the best hooking bowling ball of 2018.

In fact, it was the first time I had been in this situation and what I thought was going to be a very quick and easy task turned out to be a good many weeks of research. So, you will find reviews on some models of hooking bowling ball that impressed me (and a good many other people), and you will find a few informational pages as well.

Best hooking bowling ball of 2018

The best hooking bowling ball will make your fairytale dreams come true! I review the three best hooking bowling ball on the market at the moment. Now, let’s get to the gist of the matter: which are the best hooking bowling ball for the money? There are dozens of choices for an hooking bowling ball these days. These are composed of modern styling with modern technology to match it. Here are some good examples.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

New Era 139 Symmetric Core offers Variety for Drilling
Path Reactive Pearl coverstock offers delayed/angular reaction
Ideal for medium-dy lanes, Finished to 1500-Grit/Polished Factory Finish for extended length
I didn’t notice a single drawback yet

Why did this hooking bowling ball win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable.
















№2 – Hammer Black Widow Assassin Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Assassin Bowling Ball

NBT Solid Coverstock
Gas Mask Core
500/500/500/1000 Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
A little bit shallow.
Hard to use.

Why did this hooking bowling ball come in second place?

Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made.
















№3 – Storm Joy Ride Bowling Ball

Storm Joy Ride Bowling Ball

The Joy ride features a lower friction highly Polished Pearl reactor material that makes this ball go straighter the original ride
The new cruiser core produces a modest amount of flare to help Control the ball path to the pocket
Great ball to Use on drier lane conditions or Late in a tournament when the head’s are hooking
The handles break easily.
May be a little heavy for some users.

Why did this hooking bowling ball take third place?

This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work.
















hooking bowling ball Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy hooking bowling ball, right? No!

Videos of My Progress

As for the specific types of masses, it’s important to know that there are two types: high mass and low mass.

The aforementioned mass categories have little to do with specific weights and more to do with the distribution of said weight amongst the ball.

A factor/tip you should always think about is your budget. For better outer materials, you’ll be looking to spend a bit more, but for the budget conscious, you may have to look into a polyester/ball. Unfortunately, this means that you will not have enough friction on your ball to produce a good enough hook for more serious games. It’s worth to save up for the perfect ball.

If you’re purchasing a ball for a younger child, a general tip is that for each year they are (i.e. years old), add a pound. For an 8-year old, an 8lb. Ball may suffice. Of course, you won’t be giving 15-year-old 15lb balls, but this rule works for those under who want to take the sport more seriously. Basic mini-balls will work fine for children who bowl casually.

What Else You Need to Know

Having a custom-made ball will always reign supreme of pre-made, no matter how high-quality they are, but there are high-quality balls available that can give you a very similar feel for a much lower cost. When you have a ball that fits perfectly for your grip and style, you’ll see that inconsistency will never be an issue again, and you’ll never return to using in-house balls.

Breakdown of the Features

A highly-rated bowling ball, the cover stock of the Rhino bowling ball is one that is an R-1formula of reactive resin. In having this as a cover stock instead of the typical plastic, there is an optimal balance between power of the player and control in the lane. If the bowling alley you play at is known to have oily or dry areas of a lane, you’ll love this ball, as the resin reactive outer layer preserves the power and control. In having this, you can eliminate almost any blips in a bad shot due to oil or dry areas on the lane. Because of the reactive resin layer, the backend hook is more powerful and allows you much more control than balls without this cover stock on an oil or dry lane.

Pros of the Product

One of the advantages of this product is the cover stock layer. Without, it’s performance wouldn’t be nearly as fantastic. Because of the layering used, this cover stock is optimal for combating difficult bowling alleys that you may not be prepared for in terms of oil and dryness. The two-in-one benefit of having this cover stock layering allows for a more powerful performance in terms of control and how much power you have as you make your shot. One last advantage of this product is that it comes hole-less so you can have the holes drilled in a custom manner for your fingers. Having this allows you more control when you do have them drilled.


If you like the design but don’t want to deal with a polyester cover stock, you unfortunately won’t enjoy this product. Another disadvantage of this product is that there is no core inside, and may not be optimal for those who are more seasoned in this area. While neither affects the performance for a beginner, semi-pros will probably look elsewhere.

In the contents of this package, you’ll find a Brunswick Bowling Ball. Unfortunately, there is nothing else with this box.

Find The Right Finger Angle

Bowling balls should be drilled unless otherwise specified. Always take your ball to a qualified driller. Professional bowling ball drilling lets you customize the placement and size of finger holes. Try asking around at your local alley for the best local driller.


Randy Peterson: Hi, Everybody! Randy Peterson once again with Storm Bowling Products and Roto Grip. We are talking about how to select the proper ball for you and today specifically, we’re going to talk about selecting the right bowling ball for the beginning bowler.

Hey! Let’s talk about how heavy a ball you should throw. Remember bowling balls start at pounds and go all the way up to 1I think the most important factor here is making sure, that you don’t use a ball that’s too heavy. Because that will promote injury.

You want to make sure that you can throw a ball comfortably for at least three games without feeling any fatigue or any pain. I actually use a 1pound. I used to use 16, but as I got older I found that a 1pound ball is much more manageable. Another great point, as you get a little older, consider dropping down a pound or two, it will make you much more comfortable and make the game a whole lot more fun.

Hey! Let’s talk about the right ball for the beginning bowler. Now typically, beginning bowlers always got into a plastic or polyester ball for a couple of reasons. Number one price and number two, it’s very easy to control, because you are going to see very little hook with a plastic or polyester ball.

One such product is the

Pyramid Path Triple Tote Roller Plus. Featuring 1680 Denier in its construction, this is a heavy duty bag which can hold in no less than three different bowling balls. Also present in this purchase is a separate shoe compartment which is good enough to accommodate men’s shoe sizes up to 1This compartment is detachable so one can also use it separately.

On top of this bag is an accessory pack which is spacious enough for holding in your valuables. Just like the shoe compartment, it is also detachable which offers convenient storage.


The best bowling pin setup should include, besides pins, a bowling bowl, and other extras. Besides the fact that you will have everything in one place, you will be able to start playing right away. Other interesting add-ons include a sheet and score pad for keeping track of everyone’s evolution throughout the game.

Cramer Cosom White 000304

Whether you want to develop an inclination towards bowling in your child, or you want to practice in the backyard so you can knock everyone off their feet the next time you go bowling for real, this set will prove handy.

Many of the bowling pins reviews available indicate this set to be a must-have for anyone who wants to teach their kids how to throw a ball.

The pins included in the set have the officially admitted size and shape, so there will be no compromises to make here. This way, you will be able to practice your game just like you would on a standard lane since the pins are designed to help you in your endeavor. The pins have added weight at the bottom, so they react realistically when hit with a ball.

You will love this set during parties, where everyone will want to try their hand at kicking the pins with the ball, and you can rest assured that all your guests will be entertained. Anything you need in a bowling set you can take along with you when traveling, is present here.

Choosing the weight

Once you’ve found the perfect ball, you’ll need to find the perfect weight. This is probably the most common concern when selecting a first ball. One thing to consider before choosing the weight is that you’ve never used a ball drilled specifically for your hand/fingers and for this reason most people assume they need a lighter ball than they actually do. The reason for this is that most house balls have very large finger holes and very short spans which causes the user to tightly grip the ball. A ball drilled to your hand and fingers will feel about two pounds lighter than your average house ball.

Choosing the grip

Now that you have the perfect ball and weight, you’ll need to decide if you want to use a conventional grip or fingertip grip. Most house balls are drilled for a conventional grip. Conventional grip means you’ll put your thumb all the way into the ball and your middle and ring finger in to about the second knuckle.  A fingertip grip means the thumb goes all the way into the ball and your middle and ring finger go into about the first knuckle.

If you decided to go the the fingertip grip route, you’ll need to decide if you want to use inserts.  Inserts are “plugs” that go into the finger holes of the ball and come in variety of colors and shapes to fit an individual.

Why wouldn’t you  want Inserts? If you bowl often you may have to replace them regularly or maybe it gives you too much lift. Either way you go, it’s a preference thing, one is not better than the other.

Getting the ball drilled.

Now that your ball is drilled and ready for use, you’re probably very excited to use it. Since you’ve never had a custom bowling ball that is drilled specially for you, the finger holes will feel  tighter than you’re used to. This is normal, it just takes some getting use to. For your first few shots, go slow to get accustomed to the finger holes and weight.


Normally delivered within 7-working days (exclusions apply including postcode restrictions, extended timescales– please see delivery exclusions) smaller items may be delivered via Royal Mail.

FREE on all UK orders uk returns

ELC are happy to refund or exchange any unused merchandise returned within 30 days of purchase upon production of your receipt, as long as they are returned in an unused condition and in their original packaging. Please see Terms and Conditions for details. This does not affect your rights if the product is faulty or mis-described.

Brunswick Flyer

In the equation of quality jogging enters great pairs of running shoes, capable of delivering comfort every step of the run. One of the Best bowling shoes for men was released by Brunswick Flyer. Very popular in the United States of America and United Kingdom as well, this pair is a significant investment in running comfort.

KR Flyer

Bowling, as thousands of doctors put it, is the best way to keep diseases away. Only through daily exercises the organism recharges itself with energy levels, strengthening most of muscle groups. Men understand full well this reality and do their best to run at least 30 minutes per day.

With the Best bowling shoes for men, the quality of your jogging sessions will register a major upgrade. Today, more and more men use with confidence KR Flyer, a pair that simply needs no introduction. Why should you opt for this particular running shoe? Well, the shoes are designed in order to keep the feet stabile during each step. With heightened stability, you will be able to push former limits and grasp better results after each run. The shoes use Wave technology and Full-length Infinity Wave, which maintain your feet comfortable irrespective of the surface layout.

BSI 651

This pair comes with a supportive leather and mesh upper that adds stability and comfort every time you start running. In addition to the sporty appearance, the shoes come with lateral support for better response to terrain changes. The shoes have foam insole plus shock-absorbing EVA which give you better stability during runs. This pair includes cushioning IMEVA, placed in the midsole which delivers better plush landing. Furthermore the shoes are finishes with a special high-abrasion rubber outsole, completed with flex grooves for enhanced movement patterns.

Pyramid Men’s Ram White Shoes

ASICS have really taken the lead when it comes to bowling shoes. Their products are among the most popular on the planet especially when it comes to cross-fit, jogging and other similar activities. The Nimbus 1are rated among the top bowling shoes.

The materials used are durable and very comfortable. The rubber sole, the Impact Guidance System and the Forefoot Gel Cushioning will make you feel lighter than air while running. They will also remember the shape of your feet which is basically the same as having custom made shoes. There will be no discomfort and no pain whatsoever. You will be able to focus on your running without any interference.

Storm Gust Shoes

This is one of the coolest looking pairs of bowling shoes you can get. Our experts consider it the ultimate pair of ASICS. They come with elastic laces, DuoMax Support and a perforated upper part which will allow your feet to breathe.

The Cumulus 1are an excellent choice for people who love to run but have a relatively limited budget. This is a great pair to invest in especially if you are not into competitive running or marathons. They are the perfect fit for people who just want to spend a couple of mornings clearing their head while running through the park.

The Green

The green should form a square with sides between 30 and 40 metres long. If space for a square is not available, the longer side of the rectangle must not be more than 4yards and the shorter must not be less than 30 metres.

The green is divided into rinks 4.metres and 5.metres wide for outdoor play, numbered consecutively. The four corners of the rinks shall be marked by pegs of wood, painted white and fixed to the face of the bank and flush therewith. These corner pegs shall be connected with green thread drawn tightly along the surface of the green with sufficient loose thread to reach the corresponding pegs on the face of the bank. These pegs and thread define the boundary of the rink.

The green must be level and surrounded by a ditch and bank. The bank shall be not not less than 23cm above the level of the green, preferably upright or alternatively at an angle of not more than 3degrees from the perpendicular.

For domestic play the green may be divided into rinks not less than 4.metres nor more than 5.metres wide.

The Mat

At the beginning of the first end of the mat is placed lengthwise on the centre line of the rink, the back edge to be four feet from the ditch.

In all subsequent ends the back edge of the mat shall be placed not less than four feet from the rear ditch and the front edge not less than 2metres from the front ditch and on the centre line of the rink.

If the mat is moved during play it shall be replaced as near as possible in its original position and if found out of alignment with the centre line of the rink it may be straightened.

Point Of Aim

The effect of the bias on the bowl is negligible until the bowl has covered about three- fifths of its path. From then onwards the bowl follows a curving path, the amount of the curve increasing all the time until the bowl comes to rest. When the bowl has travelled three-fifths of its path it will be at its widest point from the straight line connecting the mat and the jack. This is known as the Point Of Aim.

The area enclosed between the curved path of the bowl and the line from the mat to the jack is known as Land.

In competitive games, a trial end in each direction is permitted before the game commences.

There are two recognised grips, or methods of holding the bowl.

Claw Grip

The bowl is placed in the palm of the hand, the middle fingers being spread out under the bowl. The thumb and little finger provide additional support for the bowl, the little finger being level with the bottom of the disc, the thumb over the top, or a little above, the large disc. The bowl is not held tightly, but gripped enough to prevent it slipping at the moment it is delivered from the hand.

Cradle Grip

In the cradle grip the bowl rests in the hand. The middle fingers are placed fairly close together with the thumb much lower down the side of the bowl than in the claw grip. The wrist slightly cupped so that the bowl does not slip from the hand as the arm is swung backwards.

With both grips the middle fingers must be parallel to the running surface. A wobbly bowl is caused by the middle finger being pulled across its running surface.

Forehand Shots

In a forehand shot this swing of the arm and the path of the wood never intersect the line from the mat to the jack. The swing of the arm should always be parallel to the body. To play a forehand shot turn to the right until the shoulders are square to the point of aim.

Backhand Shots

In the backhand shot the swing of the arm crosses the line from the mat to the jack. Turn to the left until the shoulders are square with the point of aim before delivering the bowl.

Having fixed the point of aim and turned on the mat until the shoulders are square to it, delivery and length are the only two problems to be overcome. With a natural swing parallel to the body the direction of the bowl will be correct and only length needs to be determined.

Some players always adopt a square position on the mat. By doing so they add an unnecessary handicap to their game, for, to play a forehand shot, the arm must move away from the body in the forward swing; to play a backhand shot, the arm must swing across the body.

With players on each side

Note that (a) A single game means one game only, whereas a singles game means one player on each side. (b) A rink is that part of the green on which the game is played.

Starting The Game

The captains or skips in a team game shall toss to decide which side shall play first, but in all singles games the opponents shall toss, the winner having the option of decision.

In all ends subsequent to the first the winner of the preceding scoring end shall play first.

The Singles Game

Each player has four bowls and plays them singly and alternatively. Player X having won the toss may throw the jack and then deliver the first bowl. Player Y delivers his first bowl, Player X follows and so on until both players have delivered their four bowls.

The end is completed when all the bowls have been played in one direction and the points have been mutually agreed. A fresh end is then started by playing back along the rink.

The player first reaching 2points, or shots, wins the game.

The Pairs Game

Each player has four bowls and plays them singly and in turn.

A and B are playing X and Y. A and X alternate until they have each delivered four bowls; then B and Y alternate until they have sent down four bowls each.

All bowls of one pair nearer to the jack than any bowl of the two opponents count one shot each. The maximum score for an end is eight shots. The game is concluded when 2ends have been played, the pair with the highest score being the winners.

The Fours Game

Each side consists of players, each player having bowls. He plays them singly and in turn, as in the triples game.

All bowls of one team nearer to the jack than any bowl of the four opponents count one shot each. The maximum score for an end is eight shots.

The game concludes when 2ends have been played, the team with the highest score being the winners.


A bowl which, in its original course on the green, touches the jack is called a Toucher. It remains a live bowl even though it passes into the ditch, provided it comes to rest in that part of the ditch within the boundaries of the rink.

If the jack has been driven into the ditch and should be displaced from its position in the ditch by a bowl delivered later in the end (i.e by a non-toucher), it is restored to its former position in the ditch. If a later bowl drives a toucher, still lying on the green, into the ditch, displacing the jack lying in the ditch, the jack is not restored to its former position. The same rule applies if the toucher driven into the ditch displaces another toucher lying there.

Fours Play

The fours game is, however, the most popular one, since it accommodates the maximum number of players (8) on a rink, demanding that each side of four players should combine to play as a team. Matches are invariably played as fours games.

Fours play demands a greater skill than the other games. Each player is limited to two bowls, and with only a pair of bowls to deliver in each end, no player can afford to be careless with either shot.

The four players in each side are known as lead, second, third and skip. They play in that order, alternating their shots with their opposite numbers in the other team, and continue to play in that order until the end of the game or match. Changing the order involves forfeiture of the game or match to the opponents.

Each player must be a specialist in his position. In addition each player has certain duties to contribute towards the smooth progress of the game.

The Second

The duties undertaken by the second man consist of keeping a record of all shots scored for and against his side. He records the names of the players on the score card, and after each end he compares his record of the game with that of the opposing second player. At the close of the game he hands the score card to the skip.

Position Of Players During Play

Possession of the rink belongs to each side in turn, belonging, any any moment, to the side whose bowl is being played. As soon as each bowl comes to rest, possession of the rink is transferred to the other side unless a bowl becomes a toucher when possession is not transferred until the toucher has been marked.

Players not in possession of the rink must not interfere with their opponents, distract their attention, or in any way annoy them.

The position of players during play is important. Players standing at the head of the green, unless directing play, i.e, the skip or third man, must stand behind the jack and away from the head. The skip or third man directing play may stand in front of the jack, but must retire behind it as soon as the bowl is delivered.

All players at the mat end of the green, other than the one actually delivering a bowl, must stand behind the mat.


The umpire may stop a game, or the teams may mutually agree to cease play, on account of the weather, or because of the darkness. When the game is resumed the score will be as it was when the interruption occurred, an end that was not completed not being counted. On resumption, if one of the four original players in the rink is not available, one substitute player is allowed.

The Draw

The length of a full size bowling green is 4yards, and the jack must be delivered to a distance of 2yards from the mat. Each bowl must traverse a distance between 2and 40 yards. The beginner must learn to estimate the various distances over which each bowl is to be delivered.

The Trail

The trail is a difficult shot to achieve. The object of the trail is to take the jack along with the bowl, the two rolling together and coming to rest while still in contact.

If they come to rest with the bowl hiding the jack from view, then the perfect shot has been made. Further, should the jack be carried into the ditch, the player is in an unbeatable position while that end is being completed.

The trail demands accurate judgement of land in that the bowl must still be running when it strikes the jack. Weight must be calculated exactly to prevent the jack running ahead of the bowl, or being knocked to one side or the other.

The Guard

The guard is a shot which can be used to defeat a possible firing shot by an opponent. The bowl is delivered to come to rest about feet in front of the jack along the straight path from the mat to the jack. When accurately positioned it provides a physical guard to the jack, and has a psychological effect on the next player by disturbing his estimate of the distance from mat to jack.

Absentee Players

In a competitive single fours game where a club is represented by only one four, all the members of the four must be genuine members of the club. The failure of all four players to appear and play after a period of thirty minutes, or the introduction of an ineligible player, will cause the side at fault to forfeit the match.

In a team game where not more than one player is absent from either side after a period of thirty minutes, the game proceeds. In the defaulting side or four, the number of bowls is made up by the lead and second players each playing three bowls. One fourth of the score made by the defaulting side or four is deducted at the end of the game.

If two or more players are absent from a four or side, play takes place only on the full fours. In a single four game the defaulting side forfeits the game. In a team game the aggregate score of the defaulting side is divided by the number of fours which should have been played, whereas the aggregate score of the non-defaulting side is divided by the number of fours actually played.

Play Interruptions

Should play be interrupted due to darkness, weather, or a similar reason, it is resumed with the scores as they were when play was stopped, an uncompleted end being declared null.

If one of the four original players in any four is not available when play is resumed, one substitute is permitted but that substitute must not be transferred from another four.

Should a player in a single game have to leave the green owing to illness, the game is resumed, if possible, at a later time or date.

A player may not delay play by leaving the rink except with the consent of his opponent, and then not for more than minutes.

Contravention of any of the above conditions entitles the opposing side to claim the game or match.

Canteen Set

A canteen set of cutlery can range from a 4piece set to a 12piece set and will come beautifully displayed in a wooden canteen with softly lined cut-outs for each piece to sit securely in. Canteen sets like these are perfect for dinner parties and special occasions as the cutlery in this type of set will be high quality 18/stainless steel. Canteen sets when not in use also look stunning on display on a dresser or sideboard.

Accessory Set

Other items that complete your table include, cheese and butter knives, cake slices and dessert knives and forks. All of these can be bought separately to match your existing cutlery. These will also come in small sets or can be purchased individually. Steak knives and forks and fish knives can extend your cutlery set for those special meals. Although these come in smaller sets, some items are presented in pretty boxes which make great gifts for those trying to extend their collections.

Children’s Set

Individual pieces of cutlery can be purchased separately and are used and designed for a wide variety of tasks including your everyday meals.

Table Fork – Used for your main meal, this fork will be used alongside your main meal table knife and will be the largest fork in your set.

Pastry Fork – Mainly used for desserts like cheesecake and flans which contain pastry.

Fish Fork – A fork used together with the fish knife as a pair, used for eating fish.

Dessert Fork – Used for desserts without pastry, like soft gateaux and sponge desserts.

Steak Knife – A long serrated knife for cutting steak, this knife will generally have a good grip handle.

Table Knife – Your main knife for the main meal course and will generally be the largest in the set.

Fish Knife – Use alongside your fish fork for delicately cutting fish and seafood courses.

Cheese Knife – Designed for cutting all types of cheese and will feature a prong on the end for picking up your cut cheese.

Dessert Knife – A smaller knife with a smaller blade and a longer handle, use with your dessert fork.

Teaspoon – A small spoon used for tea and coffee and measure small amounts of ingredients.

Coffee Spoon – Slightly smaller than a teaspoon, this spoon will be used alongside serving coffee.

Latte / Sundae – A long handled teaspoon, designed for stirring long tall drinks and enjoying a tall dessert like a sundae.

Dessert Spoon – A dessert spoon is a little bit smaller than tablespoon and used for eating desserts and puddings.

Soup Spoon – A rounded spoon designed for scooping and eating soup.

Tablespoon – A deep large spoon used for serving and measuring ingredients.

Grapefruit Spoon – Similar in size to a teaspoon but the bowl of the spoon is more pointed and has serrated edges for cutting the fruit.


Mustard Spoon – A tiny spoon smaller than a teaspoon, perfect for serving a small amount of mustard. These spoons can be decorative or have a hook end to prevent them slipping into the mustard.

Straining Spoon – A straining spoon is slotted for draining vegetables from the cooking water or food from a sauce, once drained the vegetables or food can then be served.

Jam Spoon – A jam spoon is designed to serve jam, the spoon can have a kink in the handle that acts as a hook, preventing the full handle falling into the sticky jam.

Mint Sauce Spoon – A small teaspoon with a pouring lip on the side of the spoon head, this is used for pouring onto your lamb.

Cake Server – A cake server has a flat head, ideal for sliding under a slice of cake and lifting easily away for serving.

Sugar Tongs – Sugar tongs are small tongs for picking up sugar cubes when serving tea or coffee, they are small enough to put with a sugar bowl and not be too intrusive.

Salad Servers – A pair of spoons, sometimes with prongs, designed for delicately picking up salad. Sometimes these can be joined together at the handle for easy handling.


Cutlery Tray – Designed to fit into a kitchen drawer or a dresser, a cutlery tray is a shallow tray with sections for all of your cutlery, these come in a variety of materials and sizes suitable for different types of cutlery. Adding a cutlery tray to your drawer will keep the cutlery from being mixed up and makes it easy when selecting the right cutlery for your table layout.

Cutlery Cabinet – A cutlery cabinet, also known as a canteen, is a wooden presentation and storage box. Inside the hinged lid and box will be a soft velvet lining to protect the cutlery from scratches and damage. The boxes vary in wood types and styles and are great to display.


Silver Plated – Silver plating provides a high quality and high class finish to your cutlery. Different thicknesses of silver plating are available depending on the level of finish you require. Silver plated cutlery is ideal for entertaining and fine dining, though often reserved for special occasions.


On joining the Para Hills Bowling Club you will be invited to undertake an Induction of New Member Session.  A senior member will show you around the entire club premises explaining, amongst other things, where particular items are located, e.g. first aid kits and who is responsible for certain areas of the club.

Club Administration

Isolated or tall trees

Equipment such as Bowling Arms, bowls lifters, bowls rakes, umbrella, etc.

Lawn bowls is not a dangerous sport however it always pays to be careful as some injuries can occur.  The following basic safety warnings are offered in order to prevent possible injury; • Take care when stopping a speeding bowl with your hands or feet. • Never walk backwards on the green to avoid stepping on bowls. • Never deliver the bowl at full speed unless directed to do so by the Skip and other bowlers have been warned. • Be careful not to drop bowls onto your, or any other bowlers feet.

There are certain health benefits associated with participating in lawn bowls.  These may include; enhanced social and community connectivity and an increased level of personal support.

Position on the mat and stance

Before delivery of your bowl you should stand with at least one foot fully on the mat.  Face out to the chosen side of the mat, depending on whether you have elected to bowl forehand or backhand, in order that the bowl can be delivered to allow the bias to take effect.

It is usually recommended that you stand with your feet parallel and slightly apart, pointing along the line on which the bowl is going to travel.  Your stance should be well balanced and comfortable.  The bowl should be held for both comfort and control, and on a line just outside the right or left hip, depending on whether you are right or left handed, so allowing an unimpeded backswing.  Your eyes should be looking along the delivery line and not at the jack.

Finding Your Aiming Points

When delivering the bowl some players prefer to combine the movement of a forward stride simultaneously with their back swing.  Others place the forward foot a walking pace in front of and parallel to the back foot before beginning the back swing.  This is a matter of personal preference.

On completion of the back swing you must now consider the forward swing, at the same time bending knees so that at the moment of release the hand holding the bowl is as close to the bowling surface as possible.  This ensures the bowl is delivered smoothly.  Releasing the bowl to early will cause it to bounce and generally it will lose speed and its intended trajectory.

The right-handed player steps forward with the left foot and at the same time swings back the right arm holding the bowl.  The body is lowered down and the left hand placed on the left knee for support, as the right arm comes forward to deliver the bowl on the green when the body has dipped to the lowest point.  For the left handed player, of course, the procedure is reversed.

Bowling greens are quite delicate areas and it is easy to cause damage by throwing or dropping (referred to as dumping) a bowl.  Although different players have different delivery styles, it is essential to make sure your technique does not cause any damage to the green.  If it does then seek advice from the club coach as undoubtedly your delivery technique requires improvement. You should never drop bowls onto the green under any circumstances.  If you cannot bend down and bowl correctly then you should consider using a bowlers arm.


This is an essential requirement for any bowler aspiring to an improved standard.  So many bowlers allow outside factors to interfere with their concentration that it is probably the greatest single reason why they fail to improve.

It is often noticeable that even top players will play a good shot when attempting to convert or save, but it is surprising how many times the same players will fail to add to the score when they have plenty of room to draw another shot.  This is due mainly to a lack of concentration.  A bowler must try to maintain 100% concentration at all times when playing.  Nothing less is acceptable.


After you have been taught the basic skills, it is crucial that you practice as much as possible.  The main and most used shot in the game is the draw shot.   After mastering the draw shot, you can progress to become skilled at the techniques used in playing further shots.  Regular practice is essential.

The Third may be called upon to play different shots in order to score more, or to place bowls tactically to protect an advantage.  In addition the Third is also responsible for advising the Skip of the state of the head when it is the Skips turn to bowl and/or when requested.  The Third is also required to measure to determine the winning bowls when required and agreeing the number of winning shots with the opposing Third at the completion of each end.

Vertical racks

More advanced and secure options include those that bolt to the wall with multiple points of attachment and feature a built-in backing plate, such as models from PRO, Topeak and X-Tools to name a few.

Lastly, the ultimate is something like the SteadyRack (read our review here), which holds the outside of the wheel and will not mark the rim.

Its unique design allows you to swing the bike nearly 180 degrees to get access to others or have the bike sit closely against the wall. The downside? This rack isn’t cheap, especially if you want more than one.

Horizontal racks

If vertical storage is best for when width is an issue, horizontal storage is ideal for when depth of space is the concern.

Generally holding the bike underneath the top tube, this method requires more wall space.

Basic options include foldable hangers that bolt to the wall, with more expensive options taking the design concept further and creating something that is visually appealing.

Brands such as Feedback Sports offer models with adjustable hooks to fit a variety of frame shapes, while other brands offer racks that double as shelves.

For those with plenty of ceiling or wall space out of easy reach, there’s the hoist system.

Generally, they are best for people that see cycling as an occasional pastime, rather than a lifestyle — it’s not the quickest system to use and installation is more involved than mounting a fixed hook or bracket.

Ceiling-to-floor rack

The most common type of non-permanent off-the-floor rack is the pole type that clamps between floor and ceiling.

Most common examples are the Feedback Sports Velo Column and Topeak’s Dual-Touch.

These use either a spring or hinge to lock in place, but can easily be removed if needed. Generally, these racks will hold two bikes, with the option to hold a further two with aftermarket kits.

Quiet Carry

Quiet Carry is a small company that creates everyday use items. Their products reflect California’s outdoorsy culture and are a nice blend of utility and beauty. The Ti Mini Q is the first product they ever came out with.

The Mini Q Key Organizer is made from Grade Titanium. The USP of this product is a knife that you can slide out with your thumb. Being a minimalist product, it only holds a handful of keys. The knife is a nice touch, though. There’s also a loop for car keys.

Item Weight:  1.lbs.

KeyGuard cabinet comes in on the 8th position thanks to its impressive features like the fact that it provides keyless operation. After all, what’s the essence of getting a key lock box if it comes with a key for you carry around? That’s like trampling upon the very role it’s designed to play, right? It comes with easy to use buttons which make the entry of your home by your friends and relates a breeze, while at the same time making entry by uninvited guests and intruders a rock.

Minimizing Your Carry Setup

The first step to creating some calm in the midst of key chaos is trimming down your key carry to just the essentials. Examine your current key carry setup and remove anything you no longer use or need, whether it’s keys, small tools, charms or the like.

A useful tip: you can trim your carry further by removing loyalty card key fobs and store their barcodes on your phone (there are a variety of apps to help you with this).

You can then group the remaining items according to use (for example work keys, home keys, etc.). You can incorporate quick-release options like carabiners or the True Utility Key Ring system in order to easily remove or add keys to suit changing day-to-day needs.

Keyport Slide 2.0

After identifying the type of keys you have, Keyport supplies blades (key blanks) which your local locksmith can use to duplicate your current keys. Blades fit in the Keyport Slide 2.0 and are interchangeable. The retractable design allows for one-handed access and also accommodates optional Keyport inserts including a USB flash drive, bottle opener, pen, mini light, and bar code holder.

TEC Accessories P-Suspension Clip

The P-clips onto the top edge of your pocket, suspending attached keys partway in the pocket space to reduce pocket bulge. It can also clip inside bags for quick access.

This multifunctional tool uses an included cable ring to attaches keys, and can hook on a belt loop or inside a pocket to suspend keys.

Munroe Mega Dangler

The Mega Dangler serves as a durable key hook for suspending keys in a pocket, while also offering other useful features such as a bottle opener, screwdriver, and semi-sharp cutting edge. The problem? The Mega Dangler is made in limited batches, is extremely popular, and sells out quickly.

Switchkey Automatic Key Fobs

Available in a choice of models, these spring deployed automatic key fobs work with the simple press of a button. They are designed to flick a key out like a switchblade and come with a choice of uncut key blank to duplicate your original key.

Tec Accessories UFO

In this instance, UFO stands for Universal Flex Organizer, and we’re glad it does. The titanium ring has equally-spaced holes around the perimeter to attach keys independently instead of having them hang in one large bunch, making it infinitely easier to swap keys in and out.

Apolis Transit Issue Keychain

If you want to carry a key chain that looks a little more high-tech, pick up this Transit Issue Keychain from Apolis. Crafted in Los Angles from MIL-SPEC hardware and high-quality leather (you can choose from a variety of colors), it’ll keep your keys secure while still looking good.

Grovemade Brass Key Ring

Grovemade typically works in wood and bamboo and not metal, but they do it with their Brass Key Ring, and they do it well. Virtually indestructible, the handsome circular solid brass ring can hook to your belt loop and features a bottle opener.

Quick Tips

17- or 18-inch laptops are typically more powerful, but the least portable while 13-, 14- and 15-inchers are easier to carry but often lack higher-end components.

Make sure the keyboard is comfortable. If you can, take a trip to the store and try out the keyboard before you buy.

Avoid laptops with a low-res display (less than 1920 x 1080).

Get solid state storage. Invest in an SSD for faster game installs and load times.

Get a laptop with at least an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU and a HDMI 1.port if you want to be able to enjoy virtual reality games with an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.


The graphics card or GPU is the keystone of your gaming laptop. It delivers the images on your display by processing the data and transmitting the signal to the monitor. Due to how stressful this process can be when running games, you need a discrete GPU with its own dedicated memory, called VRAM (video memory).

Hardcore Gamers and VR-Ready 

OLED: Described as the future of display, an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panel is comprised of a film of organic compounds that produce light when an electric current is introduced. The technology allows for thinner, more power-efficient panels that deliver incredibly rich color and contrast. The Alienware 1ROLED is currently the only laptop to feature this technology.

Actuation: We also have measured for the optimum amount of force necessary to depress a key and settled at 60 grams, which gives a nice, springy bounce. Keys below the cutoff tend to feel mushy and can potentially slow you down.

This is an important feature for gamers that need to press several buttons simultaneously to unleash that kick-ass power move. Anti-ghosting essentially means that you can press a number of keys at once and have them all register.

Pull Quote

An angled nail, or even a thumbtack, is often sufficient to hold up a framed picture, but they’re also prone to failure.

An angled nail, or even a thumbtack, is often sufficient to hold up a framed picture, but they’re also prone to failure because that’s not what they’re designed for. When hanging things that really matter, like paintings, diplomas or old family portraits, you want something that’s engineered to hang things.

The majority of residential wall construction since the ‘60s has been done with either sheetrock or blueboard with a plaster skim coat. Previous to these sheetgoods, there were a variety of backers (wood and metal lath) with a thick plaster coat on top. Because of the prevalence of these types of gypsum board/plaster-based constructions, I looked at hooks designed specifically for walls of this style. Masonry is a different story; we cover it below.

We do need to note that because the quality and condition of plastered walls (specifically old ones) varies so greatly, you need to investigate and determine for yourself how they will hold up to a picture hanger. In my ten years in construction, I’ve seen ancient horsehair plaster walls that were as sturdy as can be, and I’ve seen others that crumble in your fingertips. If your walls have extensive cracking or any play when you push against it, the plaster may have disengaged from the lath, resulting in the loss of virtually all structural integrity. In these situations, it may be best to locate a stud and hang the piece directly off of that or have a plasterer come and take a look to see if any repairs are needed.

Weight ratings

While each package of hangers has a weight restriction on it, commonly 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, or 100 pounds, the small print, like on the Ook box, says these weight ratings “are based on hangers nailed into studs and are for comparative purposes only.” Nailed into studs and nailed into a sheet of drywall are two totally different things.

To give some context to this, I weighed a few pictures of mine. A photograph that I have hanging in a 12½ x 10½ drugstore frame weighs pound, ounces. Another picture, measuring 1x 1with a fairly robust 2½-inch wooden frame only weighs pounds, ounces.

Bird picture: pounds, ounces. Insane photograph: pound, ounces. Lego Batman for scaling purposes only.

Since picture hangers cost very little, and artwork can cost thousands of dollars or have irreplaceable sentimental value, there is no reason not to get stronger hangers than you need, especially when the 30-pound and 10-pound ones cost the same. Taking the advice of Muchmore and his 1years of experience as a professional picture hanger and art installer in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which The Atlantic deemed “The Most Artistic City in America,” I only looked at 30-pound hooks.

There is no doubt that a 30-pound hook will be able to support the vast majority of pictures. But if you’re looking to hang something heavier, our testing showed that you should choose hangers that have a weight rating of at least double the weight of the picture, if not more.

How we tested

Top to bottom: Ook Professional, Moore, Ook (Regular), Floreat, and Hillman.

To test out the hangers, I installed each hook into a wall consisting of ½-inch blueboard and a skim coat of plaster. While doing this, I watched for plaster spalling and chipping. Then I hung a series of increasing weights from the hangers and watched how they reacted. I raised the weight to 1pounds in 5-pound increments, then 2-pound increases until 2pounds. Then I ended with 30 pounds, the official weight limit of the hangers. After that, I went back and installed new hangers and just placed 30 pounds on the hook with no incremental steps. I also checked each hanger’s nail angle with a digital angle finder.

The competition

As described, none of the other hangers surpassed the Floreat in the weight testing. Beyond that, they all had other problems.

The regular Ook Hangers stabilize the nail with a small plastic triangle that the nail passes through as it sits in the hanger. The plastic fits tight on the nail and ensures that it doesn’t move at all. The piece also serves the purpose of keeping your fingers away from the hammer strike while you’re installing the hanger. If you’re not used to using a hammer, it’s a feature you’ll appreciate. The hanger did well with the weights, probably attributed to the secure nail angle combined with the massive size of the railroad spike that it uses for a nail. It was by far the largest fastener of the bunch and it did its share of damage to the skim coat of plaster on the walls.

Other hangers that I looked at but didn’t test included the Monkey Hooks and the similar Hercules Hooks and Super Hooks. They’re interesting items, but they have their drawbacks. The design is basically a bent piece of wire that you jam through your sheetrock, and the kinks and curves of the wire hold it in place and transfer the weight of the picture to the wall. Because they go through the wall and hook against the back of the sheetrock, they won’t work where there’s a stud or any kind of horizontal blocking. This makes them limiting if you have a precise layout in mind for your artwork. In addition, the wire needs to shift around in the wall during installation, so it would seem that if the wall cavity was filled with a dense insulation, like a closed-cell spray foam, there could be issues there as well.

Similar to these is the Ballard Design Power Hook. According to the manufacturer, it can hold up to 12pounds in ½-inch sheetrock. It has received good customer reviews at Ballard Design. To install it, you need to punch a hole in your wall with an awl or a screwdriver and then twist the hook in. Because of the damage it does to the wall, it’s not practical for most pictures.

Another style of hanger is the French cleat. Consisting of two interlocking brackets, the hangers can hold up a tremendous amount of weight, as evidenced by the 200-pound rating on this Ook model. In construction, I’ve used the same principal to hang cabinets; the brackets are incredibly sturdy. But it’s overkill for the average 2-pound painting. While I’m in favor of overshooting the weight of the picture, doing so by 100 times is a bit excessive. French cleats also need to be screwed into the wall at multiple points, so they do a good amount of damage during install.

We need to note that it appears that the Ook hooks that come with this kit do not have the little plastic piece that stabilizes the nail. When I removed the plastic piece, the nail had a lot of movement, swinging from 60 degrees all the way up to the horizontal point of 90 degrees. So, when installing these hooks pay close attention, and make sure you drive the nails at a nice steep angle to increase their holding strength.

So with the Ook kit, you get the complete picture hanging package for short money, but just be aware that they hooks you’re dealing with aren’t the highest quality.

Hillman sells a kit as well with a large variety of hangers, but since the safety of the art work is paramount, I discounted this kit because of the non-reinforced hooks. A company called Midwest Fastener sells a 175-piece kit, but it also comes with the flimsier hooks and cannot be recommended.

Wrapping up

So after all of our research and testing: if you want to put your pictures on the best hangers, go with the Floreats. They hold a lot of weight and leave a very small, clean hole. For a quick-and-dirty variety pack, the Ook 50-piece will work. It’s cheap and has a little of everything and the hangers are of decent quality. But really you should get the Floreats.

Hand blender

Basic, cheaper hand blenders will only include the chopping blade while more advanced models may come with attachments for tasks such as whisking, chopping and mashing.

Ideal for: blending soup, sauces, smoothies and baby food. Whisk attachment can be used for whipping cream and beating egg while chopper blades are useful for shredding herbs, garlic, vegetables and nuts. Smaller than food processors and greater control when blending.

Hand mixer

A hand mixer is a compact handheld appliance for mixing, whipping or whisking. It features twin beaters, and sometimes a dough hook and balloon whisk, which rotate to blend, stir, knead and whip ingredients.

Ideal for: gentle baking jobs like whipping cream, whisking egg whites and blending cake ingredients.

Ball Material

The house balls you will find at the alley are made of plastic, which is the cheapest material used in bowling balls. While this is often appropriate for beginners and children, especially those who bowl a straight shot with no hook, many other bowling balls you will find for sale are made of different materials with important added advantages.

Key Holders on Kickstarter

I’m completely and absolutely biased when it comes to products I produce myself.

When I received my TiKeY it was anodized blue and gold – so I took to it with my grinder and polisher (yes, there’s that obsessive habit of mine – I just can’t leave stuff alone. I am forced by my flawed genetic code to customize anything I touch).


Some of the really good pairs of batting gloves use Pittard Quartz Leather like the Kookaburra PRO cricket batting gloves. There have also been offerings from Kookaburra with Kangaroo Leather.

Another factor when it comes to the comfort of a pair of cricket gloves is the thumb. Some players like a two piece thumb on their cricket gloves while others go for a piece thumb. It is a matter of preference in the amount of nimbleness one is used to.

Like we have said in this cricket equipment buying bible, a number of times, what you pay for is what you get. Look out for cricket gloves that are manufactured with very high quality material. Things like leather in the palms and fiber casings are giveaways as to what the durability of the cricket gloves are like. Players will often like a lightly used pair of cricket gloves as opposed to brand new. This is to have a broken in pair of batting gloves as opposed to having a stiff pair of batting gloves. This makes it even more important to find a durable pair of cricket batting gloves.

If you are serious about your cricket and play a fair amount of cricket then it is really important that you own more than one pair. Over the length of an innings that spans for more than an hour, even with the best possible ventilation there will be a need to change batting gloves. Sweat on the hands can seep through and hampers the ability to properly control the bat.

The best way to ensure that you get the cricket batting gloves that are right for you is by getting in touch with the experts at Cricket Store Online. By consistently getting new stock there are always great specials on extremely high quality cricket gloves with many brands available.

Features like

Ventilation- A good cricket helmet has ventilation pores so that the head of the batsman can get some air and breathe. Good side ventilation is also important. Shrey, Masuri and GM cricket helmets are all known for their excellent ventilation.

Straps- Great cricket helmets come with high quality and very comfortable chin straps. The strap should be adjustable and either with a click fastening mechanism or Velcro strap but should be comfortable. that you can buy. You will have to take into consideration many things before you make your purchase.

SG Cricket Balls

These could be quite pricey and therefore specifically in terms of training it is worthwhile buying a good quality cricket ball at a better price than the cost of Test match quality cricket balls.

Aside from Test Match cricket balls by these manufacturers, there are many other cricket ball manufacturers that offer high quality cricket balls at great prices.

Hammer Core Cricket Balls

For international limited over cricket the same Kookaburra, Duke and SG Cricket balls are the ball of choice. But once again there are many other options for white cricket balls at a cheaper price point for training and matches.

Kookaburra Pink Cricket Balls

Aside from leather cricket balls, Cricket Store Online caters to a large variety of the population that does not play with hard leather cricket balls but rather use a heavy tennis ball. The heavy tennis ball of course has a lot higher bounce but offers weight for the bowler and the batsman of a leather ball.

GM Red Heavy Tennis Balls

There are other forms of cricket balls that offer various forms of training for bastmen and bowlers. Batsmen that want to practice against the swinging ball can purchase something like the GM Swinking Cricket Ball.

There is also the option for a white and red heavy plastic with a seam ball like the Adidas Training Ball.

By keeping a large inventory and moving a lot of stock, Cricket Store Online is able to offer cricket balls at highly competitive prices with a large variety.

Pitch Suggestion

What Can you Expect

When you can’t make it to the local bowling alley, visit one or more of these sites for a little virtual bowling fun. Test your knowledge with trivia, tests, and quizzes about every aspect of bowling. Then, let loose and spend some time playing some arcade-style bowling games on trusted sites.

Bowling Quizzes — If you really want to test your bowling know-how, try visiting this page. Just select from among the quizzes (with titles like “Bowling Ball Technology” and “Obscure Bowling Facts”) and see how well you know your stuff.

Bowling Trivia Quizzes — This page is full of user-created quizzes about all kinds of bowling-related topics. Have fun testing your knowledge about bowling movies, bowling terminology, and more. Some quizzes are better and more relevant than others, but the most popular ones rise to the top of the list quickly.

The use

First of all, you need to ask yourself if you need the bowling shoes for occasional playing or regular playing. This is important because some players opt to rent bowling shoes whereby they pay a few dollars to use the shoes. This is ideal for those who like to bowl maybe twice or once a month since you will not spend a lot of cash. For those who bowl almost every week or even two times a week, it is advisable that you consider buying a pair since it is much cheaper as compared to renting.

The size

Bowling shoes are also made in different sizes for different fittings. But it is essential to note that the shoes are not made with the standard shoe numbers hence if you are ordering from the online, you may need to buy a half size bigger or smaller to get a proper fitting. Ensure the shoe is not too tight or too big to make your movements flexible and convenient.

To maintain a good approach

The regular shoes tend to trap a lot of things including the sticky gums. On the other side, for one to be able to hit the target and have a clear approach you need to maintain a right balance and have nothing that may destruct you from sliding well. The bowling shoes are strictly meant for use at the bowling lanes hence they are clean and free of any debris. This is one of the reasons as to why people are advised not to enter the bowling areas with any foods or with their shoes.

Easy to control

Bowling shoes are designed in different sliding modes for customers to choose from. This makes it easy to control the shoe depending on the skills that you have playing this game something that you can not be able to do with other kinds of shoes.With easy to control shoes, one can have a clear shot and comfortable movement as well.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the hooking bowling ball by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your hooking bowling ball wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of hooking bowling ball



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about hooking bowling ball is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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