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Best cooler backpack 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated November 1, 2020

Kyle DunnHELLO! I’m Kyle Dunn. One of the most important sections in the article – the comparison charts for best cooler backpack in 2018!

The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. You see I’m an average member of the public just like you and the main reason I decided to publish a review website on cooler backpack is because I was looking for one not so long ago.

Best cooler backpack of 2018

Check them out and decide which one suits you the best to splurge upon. Many models on the market may be confusing to a person who is shopping for their first time.

Based on customer reviews and my own experience with the cowboy method I’ve found the best 3 cooler backpack on the market. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your comfort, style, or accessibility, we have picks to fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
Awards 1
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№1 – TOURIT Insulated Cooler Backpack Soft Cooler Lightweight Backpack with Cooler for Lunches

TOURIT Insulated Cooler Backpack Soft Cooler Lightweight Backpack with Cooler for Lunches

LARGE LUNCH COOLER BACKPACK: Deep main storage compartment is large enough to provide roomy capacity for your meals, beers, snacks or other food, can hold at least 28 cans
LEAKPROOF INSULATED COOLER: High-Density insulation material and leak-proof liner inside of the insulated backpacks work together to make sure anti-leaking and keep food hot/ cold for hours
For such a price and the level of quality it can’t even have any cons, only pick holes.

Why did this cooler backpack win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse.


Ease of use














№2 – TOURIT Insulated Backpack Cooler Bag Large Capacity Lunch Backpack with Cooler

TOURIT Insulated Backpack Cooler Bag Large Capacity Lunch Backpack with Cooler

Lightweight yet Durable: Made of leak resistant, durable fabric, best lightweight backpack with cooler for road/ beach trips, hiking, perfect gift for boys girls men and women
Cooling performance: High-Density Insulation material inside of the insulated backpacks to keep food warm or cool for 10 hours (numbers will vary)
Design is a turn off for some users.
A bit expensive for functionality.

Why did this cooler backpack come in second place?

The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office.


Ease of use














№3 – Backpack Cooler

Backpack Cooler

Holds 20 cans plus ice
12.25″ x 16.5″ x 7.75″
Heat sealed no-leak liner
The handle could be of better quality.
Quite difficult to clean.

Why did this cooler backpack take third place?

It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.


Ease of use














cooler backpack Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy cooler backpack, right? No!

Choosing a Backpack Cooler

When picking a backpack cooler, many desire to comprehend the entire range of what the package can do; outside maintaining their colds cold. Without weighing us when searching at backpack coolers the majority of us need the most bang for our dollar. It’s essential that be comfy, big enough to maintain what you want it to, they are not likely to soak your spine and be usable. Because of this, we invite you to think about comfort its dimensions, and features when creating your election.

It’s not hard to see a bigger tote will hold more icehockey, but does this hold it more? When deciding on any sort of size doesn’t matter, however not it will. The trick to keeping things possible is currently permitting the amount of air to be introduced into the inside. If the cooler start you will decrease the quantity of time which ice can be maintained by the cooler.

You want to think about the proportion of ice. A cooler packed with drinks and ice to capacity will last more than a cooler partly filled. Most are much better off purchasing a cooler they could fill to capacity not restricting themselves together with the amount.


Carrying snacks and beverages on your back isn’t always going to seem or be comfortable, particularly when carrying for extended distances/durations. You will need to check at fashions which are not good in cooling, but those who have don’t mind carrying it out. Lightweight, padded straps, perspiration prevention, and obviously adjustable shoulder straps can help you’re a great deal more comfortable when taking it.

Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series 1Pack Black

Whether you’re out cycling or hiking, you’ll discover that the Polar Bear Cooler Backpack will meet your needs almost all. This backpack is available in at an average of 1x x inches, and together with reported ice hockey retention speeds of twenty four hours (by the manufacturer). This cooler is escape proof and perspiration proof, this usually means because it is worn by you, you wo not need to be worried about this.

A single user reported deploying it on a few camping trips to maintain his smoking cold. ” he didn’t state it had been a little heavy that is always to be expected using this much init and managed to match an incident of headphones from the cooler although an individual said it had been somewhat catchy.

Still another user noticed that the escape proof capacities, saying they used this for a “washer” on a holiday, filling this up with soap and clothes and water, then wearing it on for one hour or so, then draining and simmer.

Picnic Time ‘Zuma’ Insulated Cooler Backpack

Has all the characteristics for a picnic. They comprise a mesh pocket made to hold gear. The part that is next keeps food cold or warm.Does the cooler work well, it is gorgeous too. Choose from three colours: blue, red, or black.

One thing to bear in mind is that this is not acceptable for extended trips. It retains contents since the Zuma was made by Oniva for picnics.

However, for things like watching your child’s football match or walking through the forests, the Zuma is your thing to do.

The only real downside we experienced was that the floppy drawstrings. We have a zipper for safety, although they are simple to close.

Orca Podster

From the trusted rugged cooler brand comes the cleverly named Podster. Outfitted as a handy day pack, the internal capacity here tops out at 3.gallons and the entire piece is both water and leak proof. Pepper that with padded shoulder straps for added comfort, a cross-chest adjustable T-strap, Molle webbing to keep any additional gear at the ready, and an FDA food grade and BPA-free composition the Podster will keep everyone satiated in style.

Polar Bear Coolers Soft Cooler

This cooler is available in a variety of colors and if you choose to purchase through the Polar Bear Coolers website you can further customize it with a logo or monogram. It is leak proof and sweat proof. It features a heavy-duty outer shell that is made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon. Inside there is high-density foam. With all of this, it is still flexible enough to fold up and put away when not in use. It is slightly heavier than most backpack coolers at nearly pounds, but for some people, it is well worth it.

Picnic Time Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack

If you like hunting with a small cooler, this camo backpack cooler could be ideal. It is fully insulated to keep things cold, features exterior pockets for extra storage, and holds 1cans with a little bit of ice. The entire bag is made of fabric/polyester so that it is durable enough to keep up with you. Total weight when empty is 15.ounces.


This cooler is lightweight and water-resistant. It is able to hold up to 2cans. The TOURIT is easy to clean and measures in at 17.x 1x 7.inches and weighs only 1.pounds. It can hold ice for up to 1hours if you are using freeze packs. Ice should not be used because it may damage the backpack’s water-resistance coating. You can choose from black, gray, and purplish blue in color. Overall, it holds 4.star rating and gives you plenty of storage with a total of four pockets; one for the cooler area, one large storage area, and two side pockets.

Picnic Time “PTX”

The number of pockets you get when settling for a backpack will solely depend on the use that the bag will be put to. In the event that you will need more pockets for storing some other items than the foods and the drinks, you may have to settle for a more sophisticated backpack that gives you more pockets for the storage of the extra items that you want to take with you. It is important to put to consideration some of the needs that you may want to be taken care of before making a purchase. Putting this into consideration will help you get it right with your cooler backpack.


Comfort should actually come first when it comes to a backpack cooler or any other pack for that matter. Comfort determines the duration you get to stay with your bag and the frequency of use. You can get a comfy pack by ensuring that most of the built in features are good for you. In the event that the user expects to carry lots of food stuff, they should ensure that they get a bag with padded shoulder straps which will work towards protecting your shoulders from any form of injury and will thus give them comfort. A padded and breathable back panel is yet another option that is worth considering since it ensures that the pressure of the load inside does not affect your back. A breathable panel enhances ventilation and reduces the chances of sweating which is most often uncomfortable to the user. A backpack that will be needed for a single day may have simple comfort enhancers to avoid making it a bulky pack.

The size of the backpack cooler you choose to settle for depends on the use of your bag. A pack used to carry foodstuffs for one or two people may be smaller than one that will be used to carry foodstuff for more people. A backpack cooler that is intended for a family is larger since it will have to accommodate lots of things.  Such considerations ensure that you don’t settle for the wrong size and helps you to settle for one that gives you the best to accommodate what is important to you. The duration of your trip is another determining factor of the size of the pack that is settled for. A prolonged hike will most definitely require you to get a larger size than when you are going for day hike.

Igloo 16-Liter Waterproof Backpack Cooler

Igloo Waterproof Backpack Cooler. This cooler allows you to forgo the bulky annoyance of a hefty plastic cooler that is awkward to carry around with you. With this cooler, you can instead throw it over your shoulders and carry it around with ease and perfect balance. It is made of waterproof nylon and has welded seams to help avoid any accidental spills or condensation from leaking out of it. It has a wide mouth roll open top that makes it simple to load ice and drinks into while also keeping any sort of outside water from getting inside.

The Igloo Sportsman Waterproof Backpack Cooler has an ultra thick insulation layer that can provide up to two days of ice retention so that you have plenty of cool drinks to last your weekend trip. It has a high impact, rugged base that uses cool riser technology that helps to enhance the cooling performance. It does this by keeping the cooler away from hot surfaces to prevent any sort of melting. The cooler comes with removable and adjustable shoulder straps for simple carrying and comfortable wearing. There is a front pocket that offers a water-resistant zipper for keeping your smaller items or even snacks dry and safe. The back slip pocket allows for a quick storage solution as well. Four D-rings complete the backpack.

Polar Bear Nylon Series

Carry with you all of the cold items you need to stay hydrated and refreshed with the help of the Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series Backpack. This cooler takes away the struggle that comes with having to lug around a large plastic cooler but delivers the same benefits of refreshment on the go. This cooler comes in a backpack style that is easy to tote around with its comfortable and padded straps. These straps are designed to help evenly distribute the weight of the cooler so that you are able to carry it with ease. It also comes with a grab handle for your convenience. This cooler is made out of ultra heavy-duty UV840 Denier TPE-coated nylon as its outer shell in order to protect the contents inside from the elements. One-inch thick, open-cell foam lines the inside to keep everything protected and cool, and inside of this foam is a five-layer air trap design that keeps all of the cool air inside.

Polar Bear Backpack Cooler is made from food grade materials inside to ensure nothing leeches into your food and drink items. It is totally sweat and leak proof, ensuring that no leaks or condensation will cause damage to the bag. There are side release buckles as well as side pockets with zippers for additional storage ability. Durable YKK zippers secure the main compartment as well as the side pockets to ensure the security of your belongings.

Oniva Zuma

At the top of the, there is a drawstring closure that not only makes it simple for you to load your food and drinks into the bag but also provides an extra layer of security before the flap closure shuts the bag completely. There is a heat-sealed, water-resistant lining inside that traps in cool air and prevents any sort of water damage. Holding the backpack cooler to your body is a pair of air mesh shoulder straps that are lightweight and breathable.

Picnic Time ‘Turismo’

The Turismo comes with a multi-use mesh pocket that allows for further organization of your belongings. It has a reinforced base as well as a drawstring top closure to ensure that you are keeping whatever you decide to store away in there securely closed and sealed off. There is a hidden pocket inside of the backpack with a zippered closure. This pocket is ideal for storing valuables like a wallet, phone, keys and more without fear of them falling out or being seen. It also features a removable insulated water bottle holder for quick drinks while you are on the go.

Igloo Real Tree

With its camouflage pattern and coloring, the Igloo Real Tree Softside Hunting Cooler Backpack is the perfect backpack for ensuring that you stay comfortable on the go. This backpack serves as a soft cooler that will allow you to carry all of your food and water refreshments with you on your hunting trip to ensure that you stay hydrated, full and energized. It has been fully insulated on the inside to ensure that all of your food and drinks stay cold and consumable. The backpack is able to hold up to 1cans at one time, making it ideal for storing some sodas or energy drinks inside of it to help keep you energized. The backpack measures 13.7inches by 19.2inches by 9.8inches in size, making it compact enough to carry with you anywhere, yet spacious enough to hold all of your necessary belongings. The bag weighs only six pounds to ensure a lightweight carry that will not weigh you down. It is held onto your body using two comfortable, standard backpack straps that are breathable and comfortable. The straps are padded slightly in order to help evenly distribute the weight and make it even more comfortable to carry. On the Igloo Real Tree, there are exterior pockets that allow you to store water bottles and other gear that you want to be able to easily access. These features make this bag a smart choice for any thirsty hunter with a knack for gear.

Arctic Zone Ultra

Full of storage options and versatility, the Arctic Zone Ultra is ideal for those who want to hit the hiking trail, load up for a morning of hunting, go off for a weekend of camping, head out for a beach day or enjoy the weather on a picnic. This bag measures 1inches by 7.inches by 20 inches in size, making it a compact bag that is small enough to let you carry it around with ease without it being too bulky, large or heavy like a standard hard plastic cooler might be. The bag has four large main compartments that make it easy to organize your food and drink by type to ensure that everything is in its right place. These pockets are located on the top of the bag, the front of it, the side of it and on the top. Each one is zippered to be sure that your items are all secure inside of the compartments. There are two side mesh pockets with elastic incorporated into them, making it simple to carry water bottles around with you anywhere. You can also take advantage of the pocket for a single technological item like an iPhone, smart phone, tablet and more. The Arctic Zone has a padded back that is breathable and comfortable to wear. The straps are adjustable and it features a waist strap to finish it off.

Water-resistant Lightweight Backpack With Cooler

Do you love large picnics and gatherings? Then you need more storage space to carry much food and beverages sufficient for all. The TOURIT Cooler Backpack comes with a large cooler capacity of 25L and a great cooling performance time of up to 1hours. This bag is made from eco-friendly insulated cotton material which will not allow any frozen food or drinks to leak after melting. This lightweight durable backpack will allow you to carry more snacks and drinks.

OAGear Black Backpack Cooler

Do you prefer a stylish backpack cooler instead of the usual black and white coolers? The Real Tree APX looks fashionable and chic. It comes with a heat sealed anti-leak liner that ensures your food and drinks remain cool for a long time without any fear of leakage after they melt. You can store up to 20 cans and ice in this stylish backpack cooler. Use the two mesh side pockets to carry any reading material and essential accessories to make your camping trip enjoyable.

An ideal backpack cooler for picnics, lunches and short day trips is the Picnic Time Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack which is available in black. It is made of durable polyester in an attractive pattern in bright blue color. You can store up to 1cans in the bottom compartment. The backpack contains zippered pockets and divided sections for you to carry any essentials you want for your trip. It is lightweight and looks stylish.

Arctic Zone Ultra 2Can Storage Ares Backpack Cooler

A cool and chic backpack cooler is the Arctic Zone Ultra cooler which is available in a gorgeous black and blue color combination. It has four main sections with two side mesh pockets for you to carry any extra accessories. It also comes with an adjustable padded straps, padded back and sternum strap which make it really comfortable to carry. This fashionable backpack cooler is ideal for women and girls to carry for any gatherings, party or outings.

Igloo Real Tree Softside Hunting Cooler Backpack

Do you like to go on hunting trips? Then you need a backpack cooler that is suitable for your hunting trip. The design and color of this soft side backpack cooler matches the hunting environment. The fully insulated interior will keep you food and drinks cool while you hunt. You can use the exterior pockets to carry any hunting gear or accessories.

Pupsik Studio

WHAT This was created to store both bottles and breastpumps in one cooler bag. Two compartments let you stash all sorts of accessories and pump parts, while a waterproof, dirt-resistant outer layer makes it durable and easy to maintain. The fully insulated inner padding keeps milk cold for up to hours.

Mum’s Fairy

WHAT Spacious and versatile, this carrier is a discreet way to carry all the equipment you need to express your milk. You can carry by hand, use the shoulder sling, as a backpack, or attach it to your stroller. Made from a strong, longlasting material, it boasts a waterproof and insulated lining.

PARENTS SAY You’ll enjoy easy access to the contents, especially when you’re busy with your baby, thanks to the wide opening. It’s also large enough to hold most breast pumps and all its parts. Though the design is very basic, we like the versatility offered by the different ways in which we can carry it.


WHAT Simply collapse the cooler bag, pop it into the freezer for hours and it’s ready to use! Fits six bottles ― the tote handle makes it easy to carry around. The built-in cooling panels will keep your milk chilled for 1hours.

PARENTS SAY You don’t have to deal with ice packs or messy condensation with this spacious cooler bag. Although it’s expensive, you know you’re paying for something reliable. You can easily use it to transport food and drinks for outings and picnics when your pumping days are over.

Agape Babies

WHAT Pumping mums will love this portable BPA-free cooler set that will keep your breastmilk cool and safe. Comes with four Medela storage milk bottles ― very handy! ― and a contoured ice pack.

PARENTS SAY This is probably the cooler bag you’ll want to go for if you are using a Medela pump. It’s compact and portable, and the ideal fit for four Medela storage bottles. The ice pack ensures that your bottles of milk won’t go tumbling around the bag. However, some mums wish that it’s slightly bigger, especially the mums who express more than twice a day might find this bag a bit too small.

Soft Sided Coolers

That said, soft coolers can come in handy during your camping trip as a secondary cooler. If you spend a lot of time away from your campsite, you can pack lunch or drinks in a soft cooler and bring it along with you. Most are small, easy to transport, and can be carried over the shoulder or like a backpack.

Plastic Cooler

Plastic coolers including the more premium rotomolded kind can keep your food cool for multiple days at a time without you putting in new ice, making them some of the top coolers for camping trips. But the exact time-frame they can stay cool depends on the size (something we get into a little later).

Metal Coolers

These are even more heavy duty than plastic coolers. Metal coolers are usually used by people like fishermen or hunters who need very durable coolers.

The metal covering protects the insulation well, but it does make the cooler heavier than plastic coolers. Metal coolers also tend to be more expensive than other coolers though there are exceptions to the rule like the retro ones from camping giant Coleman.

High-End Coolers vs. Traditional Coolers

High-end coolers focus on maximizing the insulating capability with rotomolding construction techniques, meaning they can keep food cooler and retain ice for longer periods of time.

Think of brands like Orca, Igloo Yukon, Grizzly, or Yeti Tundra. They are more expensive and more durable, though good alternatives for less money are available. These are good for really long camping trips or for people planning to bring home a lot of fish or meat.

A decent cooler for the camper, fisherman or outdoors person in your life can also make a thoughtful gift.

Sizing and Fitting the Backpack

The key to comfort is a good-fitting pack. To get started, have a friend help you measure your torso length. Torso length is measured from your shoulders to the top of your hip bones.

Your waist size also matters, though most hip belts can be adjusted to fit a wide range of waist sizes. Just make sure the hip belt is comfortable when you try it on.

Many packs allow you to fine-tune their torso fit via easily adjustable suspension systems. The alternative is a fixed-suspension pack. This type is non-adjustable, but offers the advantages of being less complex and thus lighter than a comparable adjustable model.

To ensure that your pack fits properly, visit our Sizing and Fitting a Backpack article for more in-depth information.

Other Key Backpack Features

Support (stays or framesheet): Typically, one or two aluminum stays are used to transfer the weight of the load to your hip belt. Stays are typically a rod or bar, though some now feature a tubular design to reduce weight. Other packs use a stiff plastic HDPE (high-density polyethylene) framesheet for load support. This thin sheet helps prevent objects in your pack from poking you in the back. A number of packs now offer a stay/framesheet combo.

Ventilation: Internal-frame backpacks hold the pack close to your body, restricting air flow and allowing sweat build-up on your back. On the other hand, external-frames allow more air flow. Many backpacks now feature ventilation systems to help fix this problem, including tension-mesh suspension system to create a permanent air space between your back and the pack. Other packs feature a channel design to provide a similar cooling effect and improved breathability.

Packbag: The materials used in packbags seek to find a balance between durability and weight. Nylon packcloth and Cordura, a burly nylon fabric with a brushed finish, both emphasize abrasion- and water-resistance. Cordura is tougher and a bit heavier. For ultralight travelers, newer fabrics such as silicone-coated nylon are used to trim precious ounces at the cost of some durability.

Top lid: This top pocket offers extended capacity, as do expansion collars. Some lids detach to double as waistpacks for day trips from base camp.

Other load-bearing straps: Most packs help keep the load close to your body by using load-lifter straps. These are located just below the tops of your shoulders (near your collarbone) and should angle back toward the pack body at about a 4degree angle. Also common is a sternum strap which secures across your chest to help support the load and allow your arms to swing freely.

Rain covers: Backpack interiors are waterproof treated, yet during a rainstorm water can still get through seems and zippers. You may simply use a trash bag, but many packs have a rain cover to shelter your pack from bad weather and help prevent lashed-on gear from snagging on brush.

How we picked

Between the new models that had appeared in the past year, fresh updates to old designs, and the availability issues that we’d seen on our first choice, we felt it’d be best to start from scratch with this 201update. We started by looking at reviews and testing from reputable sources. Of the reviews I found, many did not include testing across multiple models, and there were no reviews that focused specifically on soft coolers. Good Housekeeping wrote up a collection of all types of coolers, though I didn’t consider its list expansive enough to carry much authoritative weight. Cook’s Illustrated did a roundup of both hard and soft coolers (subscription required), but the list of test models was very short. Slate as well had a review from eight years ago, which was too out of date to be very useful.

The simple fact is that there isn’t a whole lot of consumer research geared specifically to soft coolers. So I went to boating forums, The Hull Truth, The Malibu Crew, and Powerboat Nation. I looked at online reviews, and double-checked our research from last year, to find all the coolers that people loved the most. The goal: I wanted to hold and use as many soft coolers as I possibly could to truly understand the category and the features that make a cooler stand out.

The bag is overall recommended because it carries a lot in a compact space. Trainers and athletes can pack several full meals and snacks in this bag. The shaker cup can easily mix meal supplements or protein powder for athletically-inclined users. The shaker bottle also doubles as a water bottle.

No shoulder strap

This bag is large enough to fit not just food, but other accessories as well. A folded towel and sunglasses can be carried with ease, particularly for those who wish to take the bag on a picnic or hiking trip. The bag also has a fleece-lined pocket and two additional insulated pockets. The larger compartment is designed to carry as many as three full meals. Cutlery utensils are not included, but they can be carried in the zipper compartment. The pack does include three plastic containers with lids. These containers are designed to hold meals, and the pack also includes a smaller container for carrying smaller items, such as vitamin supplements.

This pack is recommended for its organizational capabilities. The meal system even includes a small, removable pouch along with the bag. This pouch can hold small personal items, such as a cell phone or wallet.

Must be carried on the back with shoulder straps

This LISH bag is intended for the sporty user who wishes to tote multiple small meals and snacks at once, either to the gym or on a hiking trip. Users who wish to cook and transport healthy meals will find this bag a viable option. The bag has both a top carrying handle and a detachable shoulder strap. The six containers include four larger square containers and two smaller rectangular ones. One ice pack to keep food fresh and cool is also included in the bag. A small, plastic vitamin supplement container is also included. The side mesh pocket makes it easy to carry a water bottle or sports drink.

The included ice pack can keep food fresh for a couple of hours. However, if the user wants the food to stay fresh all day, it is highly recommended that the user purchase a second ice pack to go along with the included one.

The pack is overall recommended for its simplicity. It easily fits the six included containers, and there is a side pocket for additional storage space.

No extra features

In addition to the meal bag, this system also includes four large containers to fit up to four meals. An adjustable bottle holder is made onto the side of the bag, and this is intended for the user to carry a water bottle or another drink. The bag itself is insulated, which helps to keep food cool and fresh. Made for durability, the bag is lined with quality nylon inside and a polyester shell outside. Buyers have a choice between a red, black, grey or blue bag.

Overall, the bag is recommended as a good choice for those who want a simple bag and do not need lots of additional storage space.


Meal prep bags come in all colors. Bright neon ones are best for the gym or best to be used as a travel cooler. A basic black bag is inconspicuous and looks professional. Neon colors are generally not a great fit for a professional office environment.

Straps and Handles

Some meal prep bags include both a carrying handle atop the bag as well as a shoulder strap. When shopping for a meal prep bag, the customer should consider which feature is most important. For ease of use, the shoulder strap is perhaps the most comfortable. A shoulder strap with a metal harness tends to be sturdier than a plastic one. Meal prep bags with only carrying handles on top will work if the bag is a small one (measuring less than 1inches high and 1inches wide). Otherwise, carrying the bag using the top handle will most often cause the bag to rip or come unstitched.


All of the meal prep bags mentioned here are insulated, but in most cases, insulation simply consists of strips of foam underneath a layer of nylon. Even the best of these products can get worn down with time. Thus, the most trustworthy companies will offer a warranty.

The straps have to be well crafts and sewn properly so that they can bear the weight of your gear.

The wider the strap placement on your shoulders the more evenly distributed the weight will be.

If you get straps that are narrow, the bulk of the weight will be on your lower back area and cause you muscle strain.


You don’t want a backpack that only provides one main compartment due to the time it will take you to go through all your stuff to get to the item you are looking for.

Backpacks that have several pouches and different compartments will help you organize all your fishing gear and to make you more efficient angler.

Your pack should also be easy to unzip and get into, especially if you find you have hooked yourself. Don’t laugh, it has happened to the best of us and will happen again.


You should also consider getting a backpack that is waterproof.

After all, you are working around water, and the last thing you want is chaffing due to your sack being wet and irritating your skin on the way back.

Waterproof backpacks also don’t hold in the musky smell as they dry quickly and eliminate the odors that come with soggy packs.

Plus, waterproof backpacks also help with mud and clean easier than backpacks that are not waterproof.

A waterproof backpack will also be a life saver for those slippery spots you may encounter during your trip.


One more thing you should look for in fishing backpacks is the durability of the material.

You don’t want to find yourself spending time plucking stickers out of the material and wasting valuable time that could be better used for fishing.

Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpack

The Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpack is made with heavy-duty material that takes a licking and remains durable.

The Shimano is designed perfectly for those who travel long distances to get to their favorite fishing spots. ​This backpack comes with an abundant amount of storage space.

There is more than enough room for all your gear and lunch for the day.

The Shimano has pockets so that you can easily organize all your tools and keep track of them without needing to waste any time to find and use them.

The tray area is in the front, and you have to unzip the middle of the bag and unfold it to get to the tray. While this may be a bit troublesome for some fishermen who would rather not deal with the extra effort to get to the tray, this adjusts and fits better.

The backpack comes with two utility boxes for your lures and other tackle. If a storm happens to surprise you, this backpack also comes with the rain cover to keep your sack dry.

An added bonus for the Shimano fishing backpack is the mesh rod holders on both sides of the pack to allow your hands to be free for other things you are bringing on your fishing trip.

The Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpacks arranges its storage spaces in a slightly different way than other fishing packs and you’ll absolutely love to walk around with it.

TackleTime Fishing Backpack

This backpack is suited to carry a wide variety of gear.

The interior compartment expands to accommodate many bulky items including your smaller tackle boxes as it will hold up to larger storage boxes.

This backpack is more than just a fishing backpack as it can be used for all sorts of activities.

The Tackle Time comes with a separated insulated foil lined storage section for those who want to have a cooler space.

This fishing backpack does not come with any trays, which may be a bummer for some people. The backpack also has some reinforcement in the back of the pack to help hold your gear, but can bend a bit and cause the backpack to jab into your back.

As long as you have all your gear stowed properly within it, that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

This backpack has multiple individual pockets for all your smaller lures and gear that is readily available. The non-corrosive zippers are an added touch for those who like to fish in salt water.

You won’t have to worry about your zippers getting stuck or jammed due to rust. One of the major features of this backpack is how you can fit a hydration reservoir within the backpack so you don’t have to carry water bottles.

Phantom Aquatics Waterproof Backpack

If you are looking for a waterproof backpack, then the Phantom is your kind of pack.

The Phantom is 100% waterproof and will float if dropped in the water and still keep you things dry. The pack is designed to protect your gear from dust, sand, and dirt with its unique high frequency welded construction.

Plus this pack offers a two-way sealing system and lumbar support.

The biggest downside to this bag is the fact that it is just a bag.

There is plenty of storage space in the bag, but you can only get to your stuff from the top of the bag and doesn’t offer any additional pouches.

This bag is ideal for clothing and light tackle but is not recommended for sharp items as they may poke through the material. The reason this backpack made the list is due to how waterproof and resistant this bag is.

The Phantom has a comfortable back panel with airflow design to keep the sweat from soaking into your pack. Plus, it has elasticated front webbing and reflective patches on the front and shoulder straps.

Calcutta Tackle Fishing Backpack

The Calcutta Framed Tackle Backpack waterproof pouches, so that you can be sure your tackle and personal belongings stay dry and will not see any water.

The Calcutta comes with tackle trays, three trays in fact with their specific space.

This fishing backpack comes with ample amount of storage for everything you could want to bring with you for your day of fishing.

The backpack is specially designed for anglers in mind with padded pockets and breathable foam back support.

It includes a storm flap that covers the whole bag to protect against all elements. The interior frame is designed for function and stability.

A bonus for this pack is the foldout lure storage pockets, so you don’t have to unload all your gear to get to the bottom of the bag.

With all the storage space in the backpack, the only thing you might have any difficulties with is remembering where you put everything.

This pack comes with six pockets so you might find yourself fumbling around for a few minutes as you unzip all the pockets in search of your tools.

The frame to the backpack adds a bit of weight to the product so it may be just as fit for a day long excursion in the water.

MadBite SlingBack Fishing Backpack

The MadBite Sling Back is a two-in-one bag that can be used both as a tackle bag and backpack.

It doesn’t sit on your back the way an average backpack would making it more comfortable and light.

Instead, this fishing backpack sits to one side on the lower part of your back.

Unlike conventional packs, this one allows you to access all your gear quickly and efficiently and all you is right at your fingertips.

The material is soft and the backpack is not bulky at all. It is compact in size with enough compartments to store your lures and personal items in one convenient location.

You don’t need to take off this backpack when looking for something as everything can be accessed easily and everything is organized.

This bag is waterproof and offers non-rusting zippers. While the convenience of this bag is incredible, it isn’t nearly as big as a regular fishing backpack.

There is a compartment to store a water bottle but doesn’t have any of the other perks like a tray, or storage space for tackle boxes. You have to organize your gear in pouches instead of boxes.

Eyourlife Sport Outdoor Backpack

You want your bag sturdy then look no further than the Eyourlife Sports Outdoor Military Rucksacks Tactical Bag.

This bag offers two front pockets to store your fishing gear and is made of heavy-duty water resistant nylon.

This backpack is made for those long hikes to get to your favorite spot by offering a light-weight pack for all your needs.

The Military Rucksack has the interior lined with a rubber coating that will provide the best repellant for water you can get.

It may look small but can store more than what it seems.

You can easy pack your lunch and two small supplies boxes within this sack, but the outer pockets are where you can store all your tools you need for a day out on the water. There is even a place for your glasses or a small flashlight.

While the material of the pack itself is sturdy, the pack comes with plastic clips that will break under pressure. This pack isn’t as big as some of the others on this list but does the job for a day trip.

This backpack is not recommended for weight exceeding 80 pounds. Plus, there isn’t any storage space for your rods so you’ll have to hold them, but besides that, it is a decent little pack.

Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

This durable, water-resistant, lightweight backpack by Outlander is the best-rated backpack for traveling purposes.

With a stylish look, this packable go-anywhere pack is for super-minimalists who make every gram count. Ultra-light. Ultra-durable. Ultra-awesome. The backpack is perfect for day-to-day use or occasional travel.

Folds into a zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere. Unfolds from pocket to backpack. This backpack is a must-have on every trip and a great gift for everyone too.

Multi Compartments to keep things organized: Features a classic shape with several pockets for storage and organization. This backpack has a roomy main compartment, two front zipper pockets to hold small accessories, one internal security zippered pocket for valuable items and two side pockets for water bottle or umbrella.

Water-resistant and DURABLE: The backpack is made from highly rip and water-resistant nylon fabric, which provides strength and long-lasting performance, with minimal weight. Stress points are reinforced with bar tacking for increased longevity. Durable 2-way Abrasion Resistant SBS Metal Zippers across the backpack is used.

COMPACT: Folds into a zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere. Unfolds from pocket to backpack. A must-have on any trip.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Stuff the bag into its own pocket for storage and unzip it when you reach your destination. Avoid overweight baggage charges by simply unfolding it from your luggage and using it as a carry on for your excess baggage.

This bag by Outlander is a True Space Saver. Very Lightweight (0.4Pounds/0.Pounds) and Roomy (20 Liters/3Liters).


The ripstop material used in this backpack is obviously not the most durable material out there (or how could the pack be so light?), so some common sense will tell you to take care when packing anything with sharp edges that might penetrate the material.

All in all, this affordable backpack is perfect for traveling purposes or even for day to day use.

You can pack all of your gear in this extra-roomy, full-featured laptop backpack. This bag gives excellent protection for a laptop and tablet.

This backpack comes with a checkpoint-friendly design to get you through airport security quickly. Just open up the case fully to let the case get scanned without removing your laptop.

The SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack features interior and exterior organizer pockets, an airflow back system, and water bottle pocket.

Straps you can barely feel: This backpack comes with Ergonomically contoured, padded straps for all-day comfort.

The negatives to this bag are its size. If you do not need a bag this large, opt for a smaller bag. By its self, the bag is pretty heavy.


Main compartment provides space for larger items and organization for flat documents and small accessories. Secondary compartment offers a series of organizer pockets to hold tech accessories and other small items. Dedicated side-access iPad pocket. Hip-side Power Pocket with integrated cable port to allow access to portable power or audio.

All in all, this is a great backpack for daily office work.

Some Features of this Backpack are

MULTI-COMPARTMENT & CLASSIFIED: MAIN pockets & INNER small pockets & SEALED SIDE pockets, provides a separated space for your Laptop, iPhone, iPad, pen, keys, wallet, books, clothes, bottle and more. Easily find what you want.

SAFETY: Included a Theft proof combination lock and durable metal zippers, which protects wallet and other items inside from thief and offers a private space.

Includes additional bag

This is a pretty good backpack for hiking except that the bag is built in a way that all of the weight is at the end and not close to the back.

No matter how much you choose to carry, dual compression straps of this pack stabilizes the load. This backpack is just perfect for travel and hiking purposes within this price range.

This backpack can be considered as BAD ASS PACK.

The whole point of a laptop bag is to protect your device, and that means having as snug a fit as possible. As well as looking for laptop compartments designed specifically for the size of your laptop, choose a laptop bag that uses soft but firm fabrics for the lining, much as you would expect to find inside a laptop sleeve, such as neoprene (the stuff used to make wetsuits) or faux-felt.

A good laptop bag will house not just your laptop, but your entire gadget arsenal. Look for an easily accessible pocket on the front containing at least two smartphone-sized pouches – one is really useful for storing a portable battery – as well as a pen-holder or two. There should also be space for a coiled pair of earphones, and a clip somewhere to attach house keys. An additional pouch or pocket, or at the very least some room in the main compartment, should be able to store power cables and adaptors.

Build quality is crucial if you want your bag to last. Make sure zips are good quality – metallic if possible for both the zipper and the teeth. Avoid small, plastic zips. Their inevitable destruction will leave the whole bag useless.

Backpack Features

You can’t talk about backpacks (or any piece of gear) without highlighting features. Gear features are like drugs — they’re time-tested, they make you feel good, and you talk about them incessantly.

Internal Frame: As opposed to the external frame, this is the style of pack. Packs with the support on the inside are internal, packs with support bars on the outside are external.

Hydration Sleeve: CamelBak started the wave of hydration via tube-sucking, and now most packs have a sleeve inside the pack (or a separate outer sleeve) to place a hydration bladder. This also implies a hole for the tube so you can drink hands-free.

Trampoline Suspension: Some companies use trampoline suspension on the back panel. This is excellent for ventilation and an even weight distribution. Depending on the pack it can suffer at higher weights.

Load Lifters: These straps are essential to a backpacking backpack as they pull the pack closer to your back, adjusting the comfort and carry ability while you hike.

Brain/Floating Lid: A top compartment to hold easy accessible basic items. Detaches on some backpacks for reduced load and customization. Also closes the pack to sandwich bulky items outside of the confines of the backpack.

Convertible Day Pack: Some backpacks now have a convertible daypack included, often in the brain/floating lid. This makes day hikes a breeze without bringing a whole separate backpack.

Hip Belt Pockets: Everyone’s favorite feature — small pockets for chapstick, energy bars, smartphones, or cameras that are built right into your hip belt.

Shoulder Strap Pockets: Not seen very often, a pocket on the front of your shoulder strap for carrying a water bottle or smartphone.

Adjustable Sternum Strap (with whistle): The sternum strap helps to balance the load, and should sit roughly two inches below your collarbone. Most packs allow you slide your sternum strap up and down, and some wilderness backpack versions have whistles attached for easy SOS or animal scaring tactics.

Sleeping Bag Compartment: Instead of one long chute, some packs have a divider and separate zipper at the bottom called a “sleeping bag compartment.” You can put anything here that you want easy access to, not just a sleeping bag.

Ice Axe Loops: For the ice-loving trekkers, these are specific loops hanging off the backpack that make attachment very simple. Can attach other things here as well.

Trekking Pole Loops: Very similar to the above, and sometimes one and the same feature. Many hikers (long distance and day hikers) like to use trekking poles. Being able to store them in your pack is sweet.

Drawstring Closure: A method of closing your pack that involves tightening a drawstring that compresses everything down. Easy access, but not very weatherproof.

Rolltop Closure: A method of closing your pack that involves rolling up the remainder of fabric into a burrito-like shape, then snapping that closed with a buckle. This is pretty waterproof but can be annoying to get things out of.

Additional Backpack Fit Adjustments

Load Lifter Straps: These are stitched into the top of the shoulder straps, and they connect to the top of the pack frame. Ideally, they will form a 45° angle between your shoulder straps and the pack. Kept snug (but not too tight), they prevent the upper portion of a pack from pulling away from your body, which would cause the pack to sag in your lumbar region.

Sternum Strap: This mid-chest strap allows you to connect your shoulder straps, which can boost your stability. It can be useful to do so when traveling on uneven cross-country terrain where an awkward move could cause your pack to shift abruptly and throw you off-balance.

Spiderwire Fishing tackle backpack

If you want a stylish tackle backpack, then this Spiderwire backpack is the best fishing tackle backpack for you. I am very fond of the design and the elegant style of this backpack.

The top compartment of this tackle backpack can be used to store personal belongings like keys, cell phone, GPS, etc. The middle cooler compartment can be used to keep food, drinks, small clothes or baits. You can keep utility boxes in the lower compartment to be fully secure. In this way, a long fishing trip or day will be much easier than before.

In this backpack, you will get three medium utility boxes with the package.  You can quickly sort things, and make the best out of your fishing tackles.

Beach chairs are ubiquitous on the sand in the summer as well as in warm climates, and choosing the right one for you depends on a number of factors. With a vast array of sizes and styles, knowing what to buy and what is the best beach chair can be a challenge.

Rio Gear Big Guy Backpack Chair

Measuring x 2x 2inches, this chair by Rio Brands is designed for the outdoors. It’s suitable for the beach, park, campsites, hiking and more. It’s made from an aluminum frame that has been powder-coated to protect it from the elements as well as make it more stylish.

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

Basking along the beach, relaxing in the park, tailgating or sitting in the outdoors is more relaxing, comfortable and convenient with the Kelsyus Original Canopy set. Measuring 51.5x 36.6x 41.4inches, this chair should fit most users.

Consider how the chair fits your physical features

A beach chair is one personal possession that we take with us on our beach trips, attaching everything on the car storage rack or packed in the trunk. Select a style that is easy to fold and convenient to pack even when space is tight. If you use a bike when going to the beach or camping, there are chair models that can be toted as a backpack with pockets to provide room for your other beach essentials.

All budgets considered

Our most discretionary factor when purchasing beach gear is our budget. To be discriminating in buying a chair, consider those made from durable materials and reputable brand. Settling for a cheaper option may have you buying the same item year after year. This will be more costly than buying one in a higher price range which will last for many long years.

Some of the better manufacturers that offer quality and comfortable, stylish beach chairs are the Picnic Time, Ostrich, Blue Ridge Chair Works, Rio Beach and Coastal Resort. Check out your favorite designs on the net as most of them are web presence and offer online shopping for your convenience.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your cooler backpack wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of cooler backpack



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