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Best braided line 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated November 1, 2020

Kyle DunnHi, I’m Kyle Dunn. One of the most important sections in the article – the comparison charts for best braided line in 2018!

In fact, it was the first time I had been in this situation and what I thought was going to be a very quick and easy task turned out to be a good many weeks of research. You see I’m an average member of the public just like you and the main reason I decided to publish a review website on braided line is because I was looking for one not so long ago.

Best braided line of 2018

If you’re scouring the market for the best braided line, you’d better have the right info before spending your money. I have taken the initiative to educate you on the top three best braided line that you can buy this year. I make the search easier for you, by reviewing the best braided line on the market. If you get well acquainted with these basics, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing a braided line that suits your need.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
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№1 – Dorisea Extreme Braid 100%Pe Moss Green Braided Fishing Line 109Yards-2187Yards 6-550Lb Test Fishing Wire Fishing String Incredible Superline Zero Stretch

Dorisea Extreme Braid 100%Pe Moss Green Braided Fishing Line 109Yards-2187Yards 6-550Lb Test Fishing Wire Fishing String Incredible Superline Zero Stretch

More Size And More Capacity For You Choose,10+ Different Colors,Perfect applicatable for any situation in saltwater and freshwater, sea fishing, lake fishing, ice fishing etc
Ultra-strong, ultimate strength: this braided fishing line is composed of 4 strands Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber(HHMWPE), manufactured to the highest quality standards
Nothing, except that I wasted too much time making my choice.

Why did this braided line win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product.
















№2 – Croch Braided Fishing Line 328 Yards 547 Yards – Moss Green

Croch Braided Fishing Line 328 Yards 547 Yards - Moss Green

Highly Sensitivity and Zero Stretch — Transmits information from your lure better than any other type of fishing line
Thinner Diameter — Easy to fit much longer braided line on a spool without sacrificing strength
Smoother and Slicker — Minimal resistance against the line allowing for more natural presentations and longer casts
Could be more durable.
Exterior build could be improved.

Why did this braided line come in second place?

The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture.
















№3 – Dorisea Extreme Braid 100%Pe Grey Braided Fishing Line 109Yards-2187Yards 6-550Lb Test Fishing Wire Fishing String-Abrasion Resistant Incredible Superline

Dorisea Extreme Braid 100%Pe Grey Braided Fishing Line 109Yards-2187Yards 6-550Lb Test Fishing Wire Fishing String-Abrasion Resistant Incredible Superline

More Size And More Capacity For You Choose,10+ Different Colors,Perfect applicatable for any situation in saltwater and freshwater, sea fishing, lake fishing, ice fishing etc
Ultra-strong, ultimate strength: this braided fishing line is composed of 4 strands Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber(HHMWPE), manufactured to the highest quality standards
Higher priced than many of our other picks.
Not well suited for cold environments.

Why did this braided line take third place?

I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.
















braided line Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy braided line, right? No!

Spider wire Stealth

Many anglers who have had trouble seeing low visibility braid while they’re fishing. Then they started to use Spider wire Stealth. Spider wire line accommodates those anglers with its UV reflective qualities that allow it to maintain a high level of visibility above the water line while remaining nearly invisible below the water. So now maximum saltwater anglers to remove low visibility trouble they use Spider wire and also recommend other fisherman to use this  braided fishing line for saltwater. Spider wire Stealth will help you in different salt water fishing situations.

Stren sonic fishing braid

The Stren Sonic Braid is very popular line on the market. It designed with high-electricity DyneemaPolyethylne fiber, thin-diameter-to-breaking-pressure ratio, low-stretch characteristics, extremely good sensitivity and a high-tensile power. Braid incorporates Glidecoat generation which produces a fast casting, exquisite smooth, quiet, and wear resistant braided line and holds its color far better than the alternative braided lines.

The round, tasteful construction resists wind-knots and alternative handling issues found in standard braids whereas maintaining unmatched knot strength for dependableness. Stren Sonic braid may be a quality line that exhibits wonderful handling characteristics and proved  to be quite sturdy enough to resist repetitive tournament casting and troll over long periods. with no doubt several fisherman opt for stren sonic for their spinning reel.

MagicShield Braided Line comes in Black color and is considered one of the best in its price range. It has a length of 500M, while it can hold weights of up to 100Lbs.

Fishers who use the Superline advantage from its light weight, high detectable quality and solid framework. Fishing mechanical assembly will end up being much lighter and the fishing in both diminish and get waters will end up being substantially less requesting since it allows Superline’s high-detectable quality shading decisions. This component engages the line to remain masked, depending simply remaining in a critical state shading.

Since the Superline has the best softening weights up its class, such favored stance guarantees that the line won’t separate and make your prey swim away, paying little respect to how extraordinary the adversary is on the other side of the line. For a significant long time, Spiderwire has won the approval of various fishermens around the world because of its plain yet serious fishing lines. The Braided Stealth Superline is the same than its progenitors.

Falls short of the 500M line length.

Made using the Fluoropolymer, this line comes in a variety of colors and lengths, to hold multiple levels of weight and uses, between 10LBs – 100LBs and lengths 500M. It uses PE Microfibers, which makes its construction super strong and round.

MagicShield Fishing Line, as one of the best plaited fishing lines, can empower you the best fishing background which can wipe out the troubles of dragging, frequently appeared on your fingers and line.

Can be on the thicker side as compared to others

This PE coated braided fishing line comes with a variety of colors to suit your needs. The length is fixed at 500M, but the line capacity can vary from 6LBs – 100LBS, which makes it one of the most realistic braided lines in comparison to its weight as advertised.

Piscifun High Performance Braided Fishing Line

Considered one of the most premium fishing lines, this braided line has the ability to come in a variety of colors, as well as both varying lengths and capacities. It can vary from 150yards and 150LBs to 400M and 150LBs, as well as 300yarsds and 150LBs. Moreover, it can be found in and eight strands, depending on its length and capacity ratios. High-quality materials have bene sued to fabricate the lines, to make them stronger and more stress absorbing.

Power Pro Super Slick Hi-Vis Yellow

Designed using the most advanced Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE), this braided fishing line is one of the strongest that can be bought. With 1times, sturdier strands, the lines are super resistive to pressure and stress, while being water resistant at the same time. It comes in varying weight capacities, starting from 8LBs and ending at 60LBs.

Whether you are a starter or an accomplished fisherman, the line will give you the quality administration on account of its thin distance across which ensures simple throwing. You won’t need to stress over the breakage when caught and you will definitely value the commitment to the expansion of the power when the procedure of fish recovery begins. You can rest guarantee that this fishing line will offer you the opportunity to angle in different situations. Whether it’s intended to be utilized through the oceanic vegetation or even clear waters, this line will unquestionably demonstrate its utilitarian favorable position and productivity. This item is appropriate for – Starter Fishermen, Experienced Fishermens and Sport Fishing Contestants.

Extremely thin, can cut through the skin if not managed properly.

FyshFlyer STURDY 4X-PE Braided Fishing Line

FyshFlyer products have constantly performed at the highest benchmark and have set a standard for others to follow. Although a bit expensive, it comes in a wide variety of lengths and line capacities. The Dyneema and Fluoropolymer treated microfiber technology has been applied to make this line super strong and highly resistive to any entangles and breaks. Moreover, it has been treated stealth fishing modes.

Color can fade with time, although it is advertised as color locked.

Seaguar Denny Brauer Flippin 

Seaguar Danny Brauer Flippin Review ​Seaguar and Danny Brauer teamed up to create the best braided fishing line for flippin for bass. This along with the Seaguar fluorocarbon fishing line from the same series is probably the only fishing line developed with a particular style of casting in mind.


The Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline is the best fishing line for most of demanding anglers. Because of its incredibly tough construction, the Spiderwire is an extremely strong line and such feature makes it perfect for catching large freshwater and saltwater fish.

Anglers who use the Superline benefit from its light weight, high visibility and durable design. Fishing gear will become much lighter and the fishing in both murky and clear waters will become much easier since it allowsSuperline’s high-visibility coloring options. This feature enables the line to remain camouflaged, depending only on the line’s color.

Since the Superline has the best breaking weights in its class, such advantage guarantees that the line won’t break off and make your prey swim away, no matter how tough the opponent is on the other end of the line. For years, Spiderwire has won the praise of many anglers around the world thanks to its plain but tough fishing lines. The Braided Stealth Superline is no different than its predecessors.

Features of Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline

Overall, the Stealth Superline is one of the top braided fishing lines for a reason. It’s incredibly strong and simple to use, giving anglers a perfect tool to use for a great fishing experience and to master the sport. Its high-visibility colors allow an unmatched experience, no matter what the water’s like while giving anglers an edge against the fish they’re going after. If you intend to become more serious about the fishing, the Stealth Superlinesurely must become your number one choice.


Monofilament is the most common line that anglers use and it has a number of properties that make it an obvious choice for many fishing situations. A good mono should be limp and have little memory – some lines curl to the shape of the spool you buy them on and this line will prove hard to cast and tangles can often occur. Mono is resilient and will last you a season or more if kept out of direct sunlight. We suggest keeping your lines in a dark place and changing your main line every season.

Braided Fishing Line vs. Monofilament Line

You will quickly discover that there are a number of differences between braided fish line and monofilament line. The more time you take to learn about these differences, the better of a decision you will be able to make.

There are a number of physical differences between braided and monofilament line. Braided line is much thinner and has little to no stretch. There is also a much softer feel to braided line than monofilament. Most of these physical differences make braided line far superior in terms of strength and durability.

Braided fishing line and monofilament line has about the same thickness on average, but braided line is much stronger.

Most people who make the switch to braid decide to drop down in size so that it is closer to what they used with mono. While it’s true that there is super-thin braided fishing line, though it can be fairly difficult to work with, and tying knots can be a real pain.

One of the most significant differences between braided fishing line and monofilament is that braided line has far less stretch, which most anglers can agree is a good thing overall. The fact that there is little to no stretch means that you will be able to feel hits on your line a lot better. The drawback to this is that fish can feel the additional resistance, which means that they may be more likely to drop the bait before you get a chance to reel them in.

You will also find that braided fishing line is significantly more visible than monofilament, which typically not a very good thing. A lot of anglers who use braided line add a short leader. If you choose to tie directly to a lure or hook, a Palomar knot works best.

Reaction Tackle Moss Green 50LB 1500yd

Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line is made of 100% UHMWPE, which is the strongest fiber in the world.

If you plan on going over some of the biggest game fish and need lining that won’t break on you no matter what, this is an excellent choice.

The superior quality of this braided fishing line has almost zero stretch and it comes in extra-long casting, which is something any angler can get behind.

When you are out on the water, you will definitely be glad you have such a strong and sturdy line for reeling in bass and all other manner of fish.

What we like

Almost no stretch: You will find that this braided fishing line gives very little stretch, which can help you with getting the bigger fish onto your boat easier.

Extra-long casting: If you plan on heading out onto the ocean to fish, you will be very happy for this feature.

Available in a variety of sizes and lengths: The different sizes this fishing line comes in are.14mm,.20mm,.36mm,.48mm,.55mm. The various lengths include 150 yards, 300 yards, 500 yards, 1000 yards and 1500 yards.

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

The PowerPro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line is available in a wide range of colors, and you can choose from pounds to 250 pounds.

The amazing strength of this fishing line means that you won’t have to worry about it breaking, which is especially nice if you tend to go for the bigger, heavier fish.

Because this fishing line is so sensitive, you will be able to instantly detect when you get a bite. The Microline technology that this fishing line uses is particularly appropriate for very clear bodies of water.

Whether you are fishing for walleye, panfish, bass or trout, this is a great overall choice.

What we don’t like

Low color retention: The color on this fishing line won’t last very long, depending on how much you use it.

Knots up easily: You might find that it will knot up easily, which can be quite frustrating at times.

Tough to break line: If you catch your line on something and have to break it, doing so can be difficult unless you have a very sharp instrument.

Suffix 83Braid 20 lb Low-Vis Green 150 yards

The Suffix 83Advanced Superline Braid is a great choice, especially if you enjoy going out fishing on your kayak.

This fishing line is designed for strength and durability. The fact that it has such a thin diameter means that you can fish the clearest waters without having to worry about being too conspicuous.

This fishing line is made up of eight different fibers and is part of the Sufix brand, which is widely known and highly reputable.

If you are looking for the right braided fishing line to buy, this one is certainly worth taking a close look at.

Made in USA

Spectra Fiber: This fishing line has a highly strong and durable yarn Spectra fiber construction for anglers who demand the very best performance.

PowerPro EBT: The Enhanced Body Technology makes for a stronger, thinner, smoother and quieter line.

Great strength-to-size ratio

Near zero stretch: You won’t have to worry about any significant stretch with this fishing line.

Easy to tie: Tying this line is a breeze and won’t take you very long at all.

Difficult to cut: You may find it hard to cut this fishing like completely clean.

Piscifun Braided Fishing Line Strong PE Fishing…

Piscifun Braided Fishing Line is an excellent choice if you need line that is extremely durable and will hold up even against some of the heavier fish in the water.

With very minimal stretch and a lightweight design, you will find that this fishing line is perfect for long days out on the water.

The fact that this line is so lightweight means that it’s easy to transport and cast, so you won’t have to deal with any hassle whatsoever.

This is a very good selection if you are on a tight budget as well.

Piscifun Braided Fishing Line

The Piscifun braided fishing line boasts of superior abrasion-resistance and durability thanks to Teflon coating technology. It features stands made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers capable of tying strong knot limiting any chances of a hooked fish escaping. The presents uniform diameter and excellent smoothness to offer better protection and guide for your eyes. The epoxy coating makes the line color to last while its thinner diameter enables it to cut through the water with ease.

Pisfun SuperPower Braided Saltwater Fishing Line

Featuring a thin with tight-weave construction, the Pisfun SuperPower gives you the chance to fish optimally on the surf. It is woven from four super powerful fibers for strength, durability and consistent roundness to make casting as smooth and as easy as possible. It is available in various colors to choose from including white, gray, green, yellow, orange and blue. Pisfun SuperPower also available tensile force from 1pounds to 80 pounds in 500M and 1000M to allow it to handle any water conditions. Pisfun SuperPower gives you the sensitivity to feel even the lightest bite.

The powder coating comes off with time

The Power Pro Super Slick features braided spectra fibers that are extremely strong and durable. This construction also guarantees no-stretch setting thereby disabling line snapping. Its thin diameter offers improved efficiency and therefore easy reeling. The thin diameter also facilitates longer casting. The Power Pro features Enhance housing technology that allows for stronger line and equally spread sensitivity. The line’s slick design gives them the power to make excellent knots and eliminates the need for heavier reels to enable you to catch larger fish species.

Quite difficult to untangle

Sougayilang Multifilament braided fishing line features high-quality unique material that creates a colorfast braided line. It available in a variety of colors and in tensile force from 1pounds to 7pounds in 500 meters to match allowing it to handle a variety of water condition for the fishing situation. It is thin in diameter to offer accurate casting. Sougayilang Multifilament features superior abrasion resistant. This line is designed to be ultra-sensitive with almost absent stretch.

Snagging and knots are common

This Piscifun fishing line is designed to be used by both beginner and advanced anglers alike. It features a unique and innovative weight-forward taper together with slightly thicker line diameters to produce a line that is close to mid range, yet still capable of delivering at distance. It also features an integrated slickness additive throughout the PVC layer to provide lubrication for optimal distance, durability, and performance. Piscifun Sword sleek and enhanced welded loop makes leader attachment rapid and easy while holding up for repetitive use.

Goture 8-80LB Superpower Braided Fishing Line

Goture 8-80LB Super-power Braided Fishing Line offers ultra-powerful strength, amazing abrasion resistance and small diameter which gives it a performance far beyond what regular braided line can offer. It lets you tie unmatched knot strength and virtually no stretch make this line extra-sensitive for feeling even the lightest of strikes. Goture 8-80LB Superpower’s smooth surface texture allows it to sail easily and quietly through the guides.

Monofilament Line

The monofilament is a fishing line that possesses a single strand of nylon. You can use a mono for a variety of knot styles. They are barely visible in the water, which makes them ideal for all-purpose fishing. The strength of a mono line is pretty decent. It is the cheapest among the types of fishing lines as well. It is highly flexible, which makes it easy to cast.

However, a monofilament wears off easily because it doesn’t have protection against UV rays and moisture. You will also be required to attach a thick line to provide it additional strength. Moreover, it is also notorious in absorbing water.

Braided Line

The braided line should be your top choice if you have a spinning reel. This fishing line is comprised of braided strands, which are usually made from highly reliable polyethylene. Because of this construction, this fishing line is extremely solid. It is not susceptible to stretches, too. A braided line does not absorb water. This feature allows it to have an extended lifespan. It doesn’t have memory retention, which prevents it from changing shapes.

The greatest drawback of braided lines is their expensiveness. They are the most expensive among all the three categories of fishing line. Aside from that, there are no more apparent disadvantages for this type of fishing line.

Daiwa J-Braid

Daiwa is among the top brands for fishing lines and other related products. They have manufactured some of the tested-and-proven fishing lines in the market today. However, it is the Daiwa J-Braid fishing line that caught the attention of many anglers.

The Daiwa J-Braid fishing line is perfect for spinning reels. However, this line is also compatible to baitcasters as well. Specifically, this fishing line is suitable for a variety of lure casting techniques. Such of these are light tackles and beach fishing. Moreover, the Daiwa J-Braid has an excellent line management. It can do long casts while preventing any knots.

Despite its thin frame, the Daiwa J-Braid fishing line is incredibly strong. Specifically, the Daiwa J-Braid is available at 6lb to 80lb strain capacity. This performance will allow you tackle burly and strong fish. It also possesses an anti-abrasion feature. With this, you can be sure that it won’t break anytime soon! It is also worth saying that this fishing line is integrated with fluorocarbon elements. Therefore, it becomes nearly invisible in the water.

Category Lines

Fishing line is arguably the most important piece of equipment when it comes to success on the water. It’s what’s connecting you to the fish. That’s why it’s important to take some time and research what line you need before you go out and buy something. As with most things in fishing, the right equipment depends on the circumstances: What are you fishing for? Where are you fishing? How will you be fishing? These are just some of the questions that will determine what is the best fishing line for you.

Monofilament Fishing Line

This is the most popular fishing line available today. Its biggest advantage is its price as it is relatively inexpensive. It is also more buoyant than other types of lines. However, depending on how often you change the line, it can also be weaker and more vulnerable to breaking. Our choice for a good monofilament fishing line is the Berkley Trilene.

Monofilament is probably the most common fishing line. It is generally cheaper than the other types so it provides good value. It is easy to use and comes in a number of different colours. However, it is also thicker than other types of lines. It also stretches more which can weaken hook sets. Because of the stretch, sensitivity and bite detection are not as good as a braided line. It can also deteriorate more quickly than other types of line. That being said, it remains the most popular type of fishing line used today.

Monofilament fishing line (also know as “mono”) is one of the most common types of fishing line. It is still the best selling type of fishing line available on the market. It consists of a single strain of plastic, as opposed to other types of line that have multiple strands. It is the type of line that you will find on most pre-spooled reels. It usually comes in a clear colour but other colours are available.

Generally speaking, you should keep your monofilament line fresh by changing it throughout the season. If you’ve spent a weekend on the lake, you may want to cut off a portion of the line (roughly 30 feet) and discard it. You can then use the rest of the line next time you go out on the lake. Obviously, this requires you to change the line more often, but it can be worth it to avoid losing a fish.

Monofilament is also more buoyant than other types of fishing line, so this means that it floats. This can be both good and bad, depending on how you’re fishing. If you’re using surface lures, this can obviously be an advantage. But if you’re using deeper lures, you may want to avoid monofilament. You will just get better results if you use another type of line.

Monofilament can also be more visible in the water than other types of lines, especially when compared to fluorocarbon lines. However, this can be compensated for by the wide variety of colours that are available for monofilament lines. This allows for less visibility in some situations.

Different fishermen are very passionate about their favourite type of line. That being said, many types can be appropriate in the same situations, so it is important to understand their strengths and weaknesses. After trying the different types, you should start to develop a preference for one over the other.


Monofilament fishing line is relatively inexpensive when compared to braided or fluorocarbon lines. Even the high-end monofilament lines can be relatively inexpensive. For this reason, it has been used for years and will likely continue to be the most popular all-purpose fishing line available.


Monofilament line will absorb light and water. This weakens the line and gives it a shorter lifespan than other types of line. For this reasons, it can become brittle more quickly. It is also less resistant to damage than other types of line. If you’re fishing in the weeds or other hazards, you will run into problems more quickly with monofilament line.

This type of line will also stretch more than other varieties of line like braided or fluorocarbon line. This can be good in certain situations as it will be less reactive to your movements. In addition, if you get a hard strike on the lure, the elasticity is actually an advantage because it can absorb shock better than other types of line with less stretch. But it also makes the line less sensitive than other types. For example, if you’re fishing in deeper water, you need to really set the hook if you’re using monofilament fishing line. The lack of sensitivity can certainly lead to missed opportunities.

Braided Fishing Line

This is arguably the strongest fishing line available. It can provide much more strength for the same diameter when compared to monofilament line. We’d recommend Sufix braid if you’re looking for a braided fishing line.

Braided fishing line is very common and most major fishing line companies produce several braided products. In fact, there are a number of different products to choose from.

The braided fishing line consists of intertwined strands of nylon put together to form a single fishing line. For this reason, it is considerably stronger than monofilament line. This is the general idea when it comes to braided lines: more strength, less diameter.

This means that you can get a higher strength rating out of the same thickness (for example, 2-pound test mono is roughly the same diameter as 10-pound test braided line). It also does not stretch the same way monofilament line does, which can make it more sensitive. Some say that they are actually considerably stronger than their pound test rating.

In terms of price, it obviously on depends on what brand you buy. However, as a general rule, braided fishing line is more expensive than monofilament line of similar strength. But, as mentioned above, it does come with some advantages for the increased cost.

Overall, braided fishing line is better in situations where you need more line strength with less stretch on the line. But the price and visibility are the two disadvantages.

Braided fishing line is also very popular. It is made by merging various types of fibres, rather than just a single strand of line as is the case with monofilament. Braided fishing line is more expensive than monofilament but is still reasonably priced. Its biggest advantage is its strength and that this when it should be used – when you need a strong line that is resistant to hazards. When compared to monofilament line, you can get a higher strength rating out of the same diameter of braided line. But you also have very little stretch. This can be good and bad. On the one hand, you get more sensitivity. But you also get less shock absorption if a fish hits the lure hard.

When compared to monofilament line, you can get a higher strength rating out of the same diameter of braided line. But you also have very little stretch. This can be good and bad. On the one hand, you get more sensitivity. But you also get less shock absorption if a fish hits the lure hard.


Braided fishing line can be appropriate for bass fishing in situations where you’re not worried about spooking the fish. This usually applies when you’re pulling bass out of thick weeds and you need a strong line.  But on the whole, braided fishing line is not very common for bass fishing.


Determining the best fishing line for walleye depends on some of the conditions. If you’re fishing in clear water, you’re going to want something with low visibility. Fluorocarbon will work well. You can use monofilament line as well. Try to go somewhere between –  pound test line.

Walleye can be fished for in a number of different ways. Determining the best fishing line for walleye will depend on exactly how you’re fishing for them. But there are a few general concepts that will be helpful to follow.

As a general rule, the best fishing line for walleye will be an abrasion resistant but relatively sensitive line. A big concern is that walleye have good low light visibility so line detection can be an issue (they can generally see better than their predators and prey, which can be an advantage for them). You will want to focus on line types that are less visible in the water. This is especially important if you are fishing in relatively clear water. Fluorocarbon fishing lines will be good in those situations.

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, we recommend Berkley Vanish as a good fluorocarbon line, but it will depend on exactly what the conditions are.

If you’re trolling or casting in darker water, a braided fishing line can work. But braided line can be more visible so may not work well depending on how clear the water is. If you’re in water that is pretty clear, go with a fluorocarbon line (price permitting). If you’re in an area with a lot of hazards or other large fish around, you may want to use braided fishing line in that particular situation. Braided lines should be able to withstand some abuse.

Other general tips for fishing lines

I tend to think you should try and buy premium line. It’s a pretty important part of your gear, so I think it’s worth spending some money on. You can get good deals on the premium line if you wait towards the end of the season. You can also get better deals if you buy larger quantities. But success in fishing is about increasing your odds. Fishing line is a pretty important part of the equation so it’s worth the additional cost, in my opinion.

You should also try to maintain your line on a regular basis. Keep it away from unnecessary sunlight or heat. When your line breaks, it’s often because of poor care for the line that weakened it. No one wants to lose a fish (and an expensive lure) if they can help it. So it’s important to take the time to change your line and protect it from the elements. Run your fingers along your line and see if you feel any nicks or bumps in the line. If you feel any type of damage like this, consider discarding this portion of the line.

V-Coat Braid Line

That being said, one thing that can really make a difference between and enjoyable outing and a frustrating one is having decent equipment. If you’re a recreational ice angler, you don’t need the best ice fishing equipment available, but knowing a little more about it and what might suit your needs can go a long way. For example, ice augers are necessary,  ice fishing rods are quite a bit different than your standard 7′ spinning rod, and the accumulation of ice on your guides often makes fishing line for winter conditions a must.

Therefore, in this article, we will review the best ice fishing line. Fishing line in any sense is often underrated, but it’s crucial in order to have success. After all, it’s what connects your bait to your rod! Ice fishing line isn’t overly expensive, but given the conditions are quite different from your casual summer stream fishing, it can be helpful to know what type of line offers good value for ice fishing. Our reviews below aren’t the only good lines available, but they should offer a great starting point, and all have benefits associated with them.

General Consensus

This is your standard, albeit highly effective, ice fishing line that can be used for almost any ice fishing situation. You can get this line in a variety of sizes, but typically are reserved for the lower end of weights, that is, 2-lbs.

If you’ve been looking for ice fishing line already, chances are you have seen a lot of other fluorocarbon line as well. Some reasons why ice anglers prefer fluoro line is because of the increased stiffness, at least in terms of longitudinal stretch, which provides increased sensitivity for detection of even the smallest bites, as well as crisp hooksets.

Fluoro line is also great for flying under the radar. The line itself matches the refractive index of water, which means that light won’t scatter as it passes through the line. The result is that the fish cannot tell the difference between the water and the line, making this a highly natural presentation.

Overall, this fluoro line isn’t anything fancy, but at an affordable cost, it provides ice anglers with an effective way to drop a line. The main downside is that the line does hold some memory, even though they market it as “low memory”. “Low” is relative to some other more standard fluoro line, so as long as you know it won’t be like using mono or braid during the summer, you shouldn’t have many problems in that regard. At the end of the day, it will be hard to find many other options for ice fluoro at a similar cost.

Didn’t Like

If you want have the top spot, then this fishing line is one of the best products to opt for. It is a fantastic choice since it is considered as the monofilament fishing line for spinning reels.

Although a lot of monofilament lines are sold in the market, most of the anglers prefers the Berkley as one of the best mono fishing line for spinning reels. This product could be sold in bulk and if you prefer buying on a one-time scale, the Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament is the best deal for you.

The spools ranges from to 60 lb test and it is also available in many colors. On top of that, the bulk monofilament offers shock resistant which is big deal for most anglers. The line offers a lot of stretch as well.

It also has a very good abrasion resistance and boasts of having a decent environmental resistance particularly to UV and water damage. However, one glitch of this fishing gear is the high line memory.

If you are an avid angler and is always fishing, it might not be much of an issue but if your fishing reel is stuck or stored in your garage for many weeks, then you will notice how the line will take the shape of the spool and it will affect your casting performance.

Line Diameter

The line diameter should be taken into consideration because it can affect your fishing. Larger diameter lines usually increase the amount of friction between the line on the spool.

If you are using spinning reels, it is imperative to have a smaller diameter line so that you can fully utilize the strength and casting capacity of your spinning reel.

Line Color

The line colors affect your fishing. If the line color is too visible, the catch would be less positive. Most of the lines available today, particularly the braided line provides a variety of line color.

Braided Lines

There was a time when anglers didn’t pay much attention to the saltwater fishing line on their reel. Mono was mono, then came fluorocarbon offering better abrasion resistance and low visibility, and then first generation braids hit the market and the selection expanded dramatically. Now with further innovation in braids and the materials used, anglers would be wise to revisit this vital tackle component. The key is to become familiar with the attributes of each category: nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon, and the various versions of super braids.

First Generation Braids

Braided lines or “super lines” like Power Pro and Berkeley’s Spider Wire are made of a braid of synthetic proprietary materials that are woven into a rope. For example, Power Pro uses Spectra and Spider Wire uses Dyneema, each with their own unique attributes, as their base fibers. The resulting lines are significantly thinner than monofilament and fluoro for the same strength and also more supple which improves casting distance. The most unique benefit however is that braids have almost no stretch at all. The minimal line-stretch of super line gives anglers an incredible feel, equating to increased sensitivity and the ability to detect hits. No-stretch line also means solid hook-setting power and maximum force transfer when playing a fish.

Take Aways on Braid

One word of caution: Braided lines also offer excellent knot strength, but they are inherently slippery. Be sure you follow the knots recommended on the line packaging as some knots you may be in the habit of using can slip when tied with braid. The recommended knots for braided line from Power Pro will serve you well.

The “no stretch” nature of all braids gives you a better sensitivity/connection to your lure, which is helpful when you need to make a quick or long hook set. The thinner, more supple and slicker attributes improve casting distance and allow for greater line capacity. Braids are mixed when it comes to abrasion resistance – around rocks, monofilament really still has the edge.

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A Little Background Info

Before delving into the various benefits, limitations and considerations of braided fishing line, it is important that we understand a little about how it is made. The manufacturing process begins with the formation of long strands of polyethylene fibers, which are then interwoven to yield a braided line.

If the braid is made from three strands, a flat line is formed, whereas a four stranded braid will yield a square. Some braided lines are made out of eight strands – these take on a rounded shape and are the strongest with the least guide resistance.

Small Diameter of Line

This type of line is manufactured using proprietary fibers that have been engineered to provide optimal smoothness and ease of handling. This, in conjunction with its smaller diameter, ensures that you can cast it over a greater distance with minimal effort.

Spooling Issues

Braided fibers can be slippery due to their small diameters, which is why you’ll have to either use a spool that has specialized features to handle them, or a type of braided line that has better grip (i.e. an strand one). Alternatively, you could put some backing on the spool to enhance the grip of the main line.

Number of Strands strand braids are weak but cheap; strand braids are stronger and offer the best value for the average angler; and strand braids are the strongest, smoothest and most expensive (as a consequence they are only used by professional fisherman looking for big catch).

Lure Weight vs Line Size

While braided line doesn’t require you to be as particular as other types, you’ll still have to match its size with the weight of your intended tackle. For instance, a quarter ounce shaky head will cause casting difficulties on a heavier braid e.g. 50 lbs.

Saltwater vs Freshwater

The best braided line for saltwater spinning reels will have a tough coating to be able to withstand the corrosive effect of the salt. This means that you’ll also have to put up with the limitations introduced by a harder coat.

Fishingsir Braided Fishing Line Stealth Superline

Here’s another good quality superline geared towards budget conscious professional anglers: the Fishingsir Stealth Superline is made from Dyneema fiber in both strand (1to 120 lbs.) and strand (6to 120 lbs.) designs, and yields the same kind of durability, sensitivity, knot strength and abrasion resistance that you’d expect from a higher priced brand.

While the strand versions perform remarkably well in the lower tensile strength ranges, I’ll advise you to go for the strand versions wherever possible – the price difference is marginal in most cases and you gain a great deal more in terms of strength, smoothness and castability.

Going by consumer ratings, this is a rare example of a budget friendly high-performance superline that lives up to its quoted break strength without fault and is able to survive prolonged friction against rocks and metal.

Seaguar Denny Brauer Flippin 

Seaguar Danny Brauer Flippin Review ​Seaguar and Danny Brauer teamed up to create the best braided fishing line for flippin for bass. This along with the Seaguar fluorocarbon fishing line from the same series is probably the only fishing line developed with a particular style of casting in mind.

Low-Vis Green

The line is currently available in three colors; Ghost white, High-vis Neon Lime and Low-vis green and can be purchased in 150 yard and 300 yard lengths. You can also get a 600 yard spool in the low-vis green if you are hunting deep sea.

Hi-Vis Yellow

There are multiple line size options available from 6lb lightweight gear right up to 100lb line if you are chasing monsters in the deep. Rig it up with a mono leader and a decent lure and you will never look back.

Spooling Braided Line

This is not really a problem for newer type reels as most come with a rubber backing on the arbour so no slippage issues there.

Cons Of Braided Fishing Line

Resistance to abrasion, breaking strength higher than its pound-test rating, and flexibility are some of the best traits of braided lines.

However, if it is indeed as advantageous as it seems, it is curious how it has been less popular compared to mono in recent years. Clearly, there are cons to it as well, but only when used at the wrong place and time.

Pros Of Braided Fishing Line

At the same diameter, braided is much stronger than mono. Back in the days, they were made from cotton and linen, but these natural fibers have long been replaced by man-made materials such as micro-dyneema, polyethylene terephthalate or Dacron, and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene or Spectra.

Dyneema and Spectra are both known for having comparable yield strength to high-strength steels. In towboat communities, Spectra wires are preferred to steel wires for its lightness.

Dacron is a brand name for polyethylene terephthalate or woven polyester fibers, which is commonly used in containers and fiber for clothing to name a few. In fishing, Dacron is known to be rot and mildew resistant.

Fishermen who are out to get Tuna and other heavy fish as well as bottom fishermen who prefer Rockfish and Cod usually use Dacron for its strength and flexibility.

Fishing Line

This braid can withstand 10-50 lbs and is made with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers. It comes with a higher tensile strength from 6- 150 lbs and eight tightly wrapped and powerful strands to help provide smaller profile with strong knots for better casting.


High tensile strength allows for much thinner lines. Having a thin line is great as it enhances several key parts of the fishing experience.

As for the stretch, it has both good and bad qualities. I’ll get into the negative in a bit. But the good, well simply put, it lets you work the lure with more feel.

Since there is little to no stretch, you’ll feel bites faster and be able to get a better feel of the structure in the water. By structure, I mean items like rocks, underwater plants, and other areas where fish may be hiding.

This is great because knowing how the structure is set out and whether or not your lure has hit the bottom will let you be more technical in your fishing. If you do this right, your chances of catching a fish will certainly increase.

The Downfalls

With this said, nothing is perfect, and braided fishing lines are no exception as. As I mentioned before, the lack of stretch comes at a price, there are also some other things that people often mention as negatives with these lines.

The problem that comes with lack of stretch is that it does not absorb any shock. A quick snap from a fish can cause the line to break, or put a heavy strain on your rod and other equipment.

Proper preparation can help a lot with this, though. Loosening the drag, adding a shock leader or using a softer rod all can help compensate in this area.


Having a line that comes off the spool easier provides accuracy and range to your casting. This is both a very good quality for a line, making your experience more effective and fun.

Light and thin lines make for better casting, and since braided lines are thinner than other materials, they shine in this aspect.

Still, there are differences between lines for different manufacturers, so there’s more to the casting than the material. I tried to maximize range and go for some accurate casts when I tried out the lines.

Testing memory really only comes down to testing the lines for a period of time. Having the lines attached to the reel will determine if it tries to stay in that form or if it will straighten out right away when casting it.

Most For The Money

While lines by no means are expensive if you compare them to other equipment, the braided ones are the most expensive. This really comes down to the quality they provide.

Stuff like length and thickness affects price, but I feel that getting the most for the buck is something you always want to consider.

Tuf-Line 4ORCE

4ORCE is a four-carrier constructed braid by TUF-Line. A four-carrier line is aggressive by design to give it maximum strength and abrasion resistance. Think of it like an off-road mud tire. An off-road tire has a tough, aggressive finish with the ability to rip and tear through almost any road conditions. Look at a close-up shot of 4ORCE, and you will see the peaks and valleys of the braid. This diamond weave that results from a four-carrier design is aggressive, like the tread on an off-road mud tire, and best suited to fishing heavy cover or in other scenarios where brute strength is the most important attribute in fishing line.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is

DOMIN8, an eight-carrier constructed braid by TUF-Line. Like a highway tire, the eight-carrier line is smooth by design to be quieter and cast further. If an angler is fishing in cast-and-retrieve situations, such as casting artificial lures for stripers, then a smooth, superior-handling line is ideal.

So before you spool up, think about how you will be using that particular setup. Go with a reputable brand of braided line that you trust, and then select a product that is best suited to your fishing applications. *TUF-Line is produced by Western Filament, Inc., manufacturers of a large variety of products that are used in high-tech industries including medical, automotive, motor manufacturing, aerospace, military, and many other textile markets. Western Filament is known as the industry leader in textile braiding and the leader in high-performance premium braided fishing line.

Take Aways on Braid

One word of caution: Braided lines also offer excellent knot strength, but they are inherently slippery. Be sure you follow the knots recommended on the line packaging as some knots you may be in the habit of using can slip when tied with braid. The recommended knots for braided line from Power Pro will serve you well.

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Braided fishing line can be appropriate for bass fishing in situations where you’re not worried about spooking the fish. This usually applies when you’re pulling bass out of thick weeds and you need a strong line.  But on the whole, braided fishing line is not very common for bass fishing.

The Shimano Curado 200I Baitcasting Reel.

With raving user reviews, the Shimano Curado 200I baitcasting reel comes to anglers in a series of models. Two models list as 20reels which are for left hand fishermen. The other three right handed reels are exactly the same size. They have the exact same specs, except for gear ratio.

Shimano makes the 200I base model with a fast gear ratio of 6.3:Anglers can choose an even faster reel in the 200IHG which has a gear ratio of 7.2:Last but not least, the 200IPG powers down by dropping to a gear ratio of 5.5:1.

Notice The Outside Knob For Fine Tune Casting Adjustment. The Level Wind System Ensures Line Lays Evenly On The Spool.

The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket High Speed Baitcasting Reel.

Targeted species

Not all products are made the same just like not all fishermen have the same needs. That’s why it’s difficult to track the best line for bass fishing because one needs to consider whether one has to make super long casts or not. Plus, the targeted species also matters a lot, because if you’re fishing for largemouth bass you probably don’t want to use a too thin and less reliable line that leaves you feeling frustrating for losing your catch when you most want it. Braided lines are tremendous for heavy cover and for largemouths, but if you’re fishing for smallmouths, you should use fluorocarbon, particularly in clear water. In this case, you have to correlate the characteristics of the water you’re doing your fishing in, the species you’re targeting as well as its weight with the features of the line you’re looking for.

Power Pro Braided

Power Pro is one of the most well-known names in the industry of braided lines and that’s why the brand has built a strong reputation out of creating durable lines.

This product comes in a variety of colors and pound tests so that it manages to speak both to freshwater and saltwater anglers. This line has a thin yet hard profile and it’s easy to see that it has been constructed out of four strands, which yet again adds to the overall durability of the option.

Regardless of the weight of the load, the Power Pro Braided does a great job when it comes to retrieving. While the line may rub against the guides and thus produce a slight hum, owners don’t have to worry about anything on this account as the product is virtually incapable of damaging the guides.

Many people who took the time to review the braid claim it doesn’t do a single scratch to the surface of the guides, in spite of the many hours they’ve spent using it. As it is to be expected from such a versatile alternative, the line can be found in diameters varying from 0.00inches to 0.03inches and lengths ranging from 150 to 3000 yards.

Stren 330 YD

The Stren 330 YD is an additional option to consider if you haven’t made up your mind on a tough and abrasion-resistant kind of line. Many of the people who have gone out of their way to review this product claim that it casts with as little effort as possible and makes it possible for users to tie a great knot.

Apparently, the Stren 330 YD is sensitive and supple and strong enough to be utilized time and time again. Ever since it was released on the market back in 2008, this Stren option has gradually won the hearts of people wanting to fish bass.

Some of the individuals who have rated the Stren 330 YD claim that they’ve used it with amazing results in clear waters, and that the blue line is by far the best one they’ve come across in terms of management and lack of tangling.

Can be used in any aquatic environment

It allows for smooth retrieval even if the catch is too heavy.


Available in different varieties. It is available in different lengths of the spool.

It comes in many sizes thus increases you choice scope

This is the brand, which is built with a lot of sensitivity issues in mind, designed to help the fisherman to take home a good catch. Compared to other types of fishing line, this line will cast well without difficulties. Retrieving it once you get hold of your catch is also easy.

Has an extra quiet casing.

The lines are coated with an extra casing that is quiet despite the friction from any obstacles in the water thus will not scare away the fish​.

The braided line can be sued for variety of fishing such as backing, jigging and also trolling.


Braid line lacks any of the stretch of monofilaments which is good and bad depending on how you are fishing. For boat fishing a none stretch braid will greatly improve bite indication and also counteract strong tide, whilst on the shore none stretch line means that movement of the surf, swell and tide will transmit to baits and rod tip. Braid is great for spinning too. Beware that some of the early braids were flat and may catch more tide than their diameter would suggest.

For beach casting braid can only be used on a fixed spool reel – This is because braid under pressure digs into its coils on the reel and when using a multiplier this can result in the line jamming mid cast with disastrous consequences.

We’re here to help

Audio cables can seem like a simple thing in concept, until you set out to buy one and realize you didn’t know how much you didn’t know. Although they may be the least exciting components in your stage rig or studio setup, they are some of the most important.

So here is what you need to know, in plain English, to make sure you’re getting the best cable for your gear and your purpose.

Microphone Cables

Mic cables are shielded and balanced and typically have an XLR male connector on one end and an XLR female connector on the other. Some microphone cables have a TRS, mini plug,or USB connector on the delivery end for plugging directly into a computer sound card, DAW, or digital recording device. In addition to connecting a microphone to a sound system, mic cables are often used as longer, balanced patch cables—for example connecting a mixing board to powered speakers. They can also be used for D.I. connections between an instrument and a mixing console as well as for lighting effects with DMX control capabilities.

Top pro studios rate Mogami Gold Neglex Quad Mic Cables highly for accuracy, quietness and tough construction.

Browse the entire Musician’s Friend assortment of microphone cables.

Speakon Connectors

The Livewire Elite Speakon Cable offers a secure connection, twist- and tangle-resistant design, and high-quality conductors that keep your signal noise-free.

XLR connectors have three pins for the positive, negative, and ground. They are most commonly used on microphone cables, but you will also see them used on balanced patch cables and with DMX-enabled lighting equipment.

The Monster Cable Studio Pro 2000 XLR Microphone cable uses Time Correct technology for the ultimate in detail and soundstage imaging.

Digital Audio Connectors

Below are some of the most common digital audio cables and connectors required for linking digital mixers, recorders, preamps, and DAWs (digital audio workstations).

A word of caution: In many cases, digital gear uses cables that resemble their analog XLR or RCA counterparts. While these connectors may look the same, the cables are often designed for different resistances, and are not interchangeable with their analog look-alikes.

Browse Musician’s Friend’s entire selection of digital cables and connectors.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface cables allow electronic instruments to communicate with peripheral devices. They don’t transmit actual audio, but by signaling every aspect of a musical performance—the note, how long it is held, the velocity of the attack, etc.—MIDI technology defines the sound in the receiving module.

MIDI cables can also communicate control functions to software and synthesizers, so you can control sound and tones with a remote control surface.

The Rocktron RMM900 Cable carries MIDI commands from a footcontroller to any MIDI-compatible gear via a 7-pin MIDI jack.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) cables have become standard for connecting everything from printers to digital audio gear. USB cables have Type A, Type B, Mini-A, Micro-A, Mini-B, Micro-B, or Type C connectors at one end, and a device-specific connector at the other. USB cables can also be used as a power source for some devices. The latest version, USB 3.0, is significantly faster than USB 2.0 and can make a difference in minimizing lag during performances and studio playback of complex material.

For critical audio applications such as recording and DJ work, a premium-quality connector like the Oyaide Neo d+ Series Class B USB Cable ensures stable performance.


There are three types of FireWire connectors: 4-pin, 6-pin and 9-pin. The 4-pin connector, or FW400, transfers data at 400 Mbps (megabytes per second). The slightly larger 6-pin connector has the same transfer rate, but also supplies DC power. The 9-pin connector, or FW800, transfers data twice as fast and also supplies power.

The METRIC HALO Firewire Cable has a standard 6-pin connector on each end, so it can transfer data and also supply power.

Optical Cables and Connectors

Optical cables transmit digital audio as pulses of light, which make them almost completely immune to interference. They are surround-sound capable, but can’t handle higher-resolution formats such as those on Blu-Ray discs.

ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape) Optical Interface, more commonly known as ADAT Lightpipe, is the widely accepted standard for digital audio transfer on optical cables. It transfers eight channels of digital audio on a special cable with an Alesis-specific ADAT connector.

The Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format (S/PDIF) outputs audio over shorter distances. These connectors use either optical or coaxial cables. Coaxial cables are similar in quality to optical cables, but less common. They use RCA connectors, but these cables are not interchangeable with analog RCA cables.

BNC Connectors

Bayonet Neill-Concelman connectors were originally designed for military use, but are now commonly used on video and audio testing equipment. The bayonet-style connector is used with miniature and subminiature coaxial cables in radio-frequency equipment and video gear.

This Hosa RG 5Cable has a male BNC connector on each end for video or Ethernet connections.

The Tascam Digital Interconnect Format is an unbalanced proprietary format connector that sends and/or receives up to eight channels of digital audio. The bidirectional connection means that only one cable is required to connect the eight ins and outs of one compatible device to another.


All audio cables with the exception of speaker wires and optical cables are shielded to protect the signal from interference that causes noise. The shielding is most often a wire braid that surrounds the insulator for the center conductor(s). The purpose of shielding is to protect the signal from sources of noise, such as radio transmissions, AC power cords, fluorescent lighting, rheostat dimmers, and some appliances. When you hear radio chatter through your amp, it usually means that the shielding around your amp’s gain components is inadequate, but your instrument cable’s shielding can also be the problem. Good shielding blocks interference and also may serve as a ground.

Braided Shield

The most common is the braided shield. Small wire strands are braided to form a sheath around the insulation of the signal-conducting wire. This type of shielding is flexible and durable. Onstage mic and instrument cables are constantly being bent, pulled, and stepped on, and braided shielding holds up best under these conditions.

Serve or Spiral-Wrapped Shield

Another type of shielding is the spiral-wrapped or serve shield. This sheath is formed by wrapping a flat strip of wire strands around the center wires in a spiral. The serve shield, while it lacks the tensile strength of a braided shield, is more flexible than a braided shield because it stretches when the cable is bent. It is less resistant to radio frequency (RF) interference, because it is actually a coil and has inductance. It is also easier to manufacture so cables using serve shielding are usually less expensive.

Foil Shield

The foil shield is a Mylar-backed aluminum tube that terminates at a copper drain wire. It provides 100% coverage, but since aluminum is a poor conductor of electricity, it also interferes with signal transfer. Foil shielding is inexpensive and easy to make, but it is also fragile and breaks down easily with repeated flexing. It is best used in small patch cables and stereo cables that don’t move much once they are connected.

Cable Snakes

Snakes are essentially bundled sets of cables. Stage snakes may contain microphone, patch, or speaker cables and are used for two-way connection between the stage and mixers and other PA equipment. They have a fan of connectors on one end, and a box on the stage end that houses a panel of connectors. In shopping for a snake, the length and the type of connections are the main considerations. There are also audio snakes for studios that bundle various cables needed for connecting studio components.

In the mid 1980’s copolymer fishing line was introduced. The process called copolymerization, is a combination of two or more nylon monomers to create a copolymer during the extrusion. The outcome of this resulted in a material that has additional benefits than monofilament.

Copolymer fishing line features are smaller line diameters, abrasion resistant, have a lower stretch factor, high tensile strength, higher impact and greater shock resistance. Over the years new formulas have been added notably the addition of fluorocarbon which adds invisibility stealth factor to the line.

Fly Line Maintenance

Fly lines do have a life span, even with all of the new fly line technology prevalent today. With out proper care and maintenance a fly line (dependent on use) will only last one season or less. Here’s a few tips and pointers to extend the life of your fly line.

Fly Line Selections

For the beginning fly fishing angler there are a multitude line choices available today which can be confusing to say the least. Floating or sinking, the weight of line and the numerous different taper configurations. The fly line, not the lure size determines the rated fly rod and reel set-up. Your best bet in the selection process of a fly rod outfit is first to research the fishing presentation and species you are fishing for most of the time and match the recommended set-up.

Fortunately fly fishing tackle manufactures have adapted a universal numerical measurement scale to classify fly line weight to the specific rod and type of fly fishing. The scale ranges from 1-1with the lightest to 1the heaviest. With this information any good fly fishing pro shop will be able to assist you in setting up your fly fishing outfit. For instance if you intend to fish mainly for sunfish on ponds or small streams for trout a five or six weight line and rod would be the choice if you target pike and bass using larger fly lures or streamers you should consider a eight or nine weight rod.

Filling A Revolving-Spool Reel

Baitcasting and trolling reels are the easiest to spool up, especially if you ask a friend to help you. Just remember to maintain a moderate, consistent tension on the line at all times (by gently pinching the line between your thumb and forefinger) to avoid loose wraps that might cause tangling later.

1)Insert a pencil into the supply spool to allow the fishing line to feed smoothly off the spool. Have someone hold each end of the pencil while you turn the reel handle. Your helper should maintain slight inward pressure on the supply spool to prevent it from overrunning, and to keep proper tension on the line.

Filling A Spinning Reel

Because the spool of a spinning reel does not rotate, you should use this method to prevent putting a twist in the line.

Pull old line off reel through line guides until you have enough room on spool for new line. If this is a new reel or if you wish to completely place new line on the spool your reel use an arbor knot to tie your line onto the spool.

If your leaving existing line always leave some line from spool through rod guides and past end of rod to tie new line to.

After about 1turns allow some slack between the supply spool of line and your rod to be sure you are not getting line twist. If the line is twisting flip the supply spool over. Check this periodically because spinning reels automatically put twist in your line.

Fishing & Hunting

For most people, monofilament fishing lines are the solitary choice. Usually, monofilament lines (or ‘mono’) are popular just because they are easy to find. However, the truth is that a braided fishing line can be a far better option compared to the ordinary mono-filament fishing line. If you are equipped with the best braided fishing line, you will be able to experience a very efficient fishing activity. As a matter of fact, best braided fishing line products were around for a while and yet they have become popular over the recent years due to some reason or another. At the beginning, braided lines were manufactured using only the natural fiber materials such as linen and cotton. Some braided lines were made using silk too. However, as a result of the development of the modern technology, new braided lines are being manufactured using synthetic materials too. Such materials come with better tensile strength and durability.

Fishing Gear

Are you finding it hard to catch any fish at all even after spending a lot of time fishing? Does your fishing line snap every time you try to tow a big fish? If these are some of the problems you are facing when you go out fishing, you might not be using the right fishing line.

Generally, your fishing experience will depend on the fishing equipment you use. One of the best fishing equipment used by anglers today is the braided fishing line.

The best braided fishing line stand out in the competition as they offer you with high knot strength, increased abrasion resistance, more sensitivity and better overall performance.

New and Improved Design

The line is constructed using high-quality material that is resistant to abrasion that is common in poorly constructed fishing reel. This offers the user with a durable fishing line that they can depend on for many years to come.

Coupled with the fiber technology, this line is strong enough to capture and tow large fish without breaking.

Varying Diameters and Lengths

This is another feature that is hard to find. The varying length will help you to choose the most appropriate length you need. Additionally, if your main aim is to fish large game reel that requires a lot of force to tow, selecting a line that has a wider diameter is likely to give you the performance you seek.

Rapala Suffix 83Superline Braid

While this braided line might cost you more when compared with a mono filament, you may still consider purchasing it because of its many features. Rapala Suffix 83Superline braid fishing  comes with good knot strength and high abrasion resistance making it durable, as there will be less damage when pulled against stones and rocks under water.

Eight Fibers Braid Construction

The braid has eight fibers featuring seven Dyneema fibers and one Gore performance fiber. The Gore fiber increases the casting distances, enhances the accuracy, and prevents abrasion.

On the other hand, the Dyneema fiber will ensure improved strength, durability, and enhanced sensitivity of the braid. The combinations of these fibers provide you with a durable, easy to use fishing line that can be used for any fishing.

Easy to Use

You can use it with any hooks or swivel that you have in mind. This will save you a lot of trouble of purchasing various hooks and swivel for fishing. Additionally, the model is super easy to use, making it one of the greatest choices for amateur anglers.

Smooth Handling

Whether you are fishing in deep water or shallow water, you will enjoy the performance that you will get from this fishing line.

It is made using high-quality fiber that is abrasion resistant and waterproof offering you with a smooth fishing experience. The line is sturdy and allows you to tow big and medium sized fish effortlessly.

Tough Fibers

The strong and durable fibers reduce the chances of the line snapping regardless of the fish you are pulling. We also love the fact that the line comes with a perfect balance of size and weight. Additionally, you can use the line in both salt water and fresh water reel without any issues.


This is probably the first thing you should consider. Poorly constructed fishing line snap easily especially if you catch a fish that is too big. The strength of the fishing line will mainly depend on the type of the construction materials.

Selecting a sturdier braided fishing line will prevent snapping when carrying heavy fish. Additionally, although a stronger fishing line may cost more, it is more durable and offers you with a dependable service for long.

Abrasion Resistance

The abrasion resistance is the ability of the line to withstand the wear and tear that arises when it is being dragged along stones under water.

A fishing line that has high abrasion resistance slices through vegetation in water quickly and remains in top good condition for long. This saves you a lot of energy and money spent in replacing the fishing line.

Fishing Area

You should also consider the performance of the line under various conditions such as fresh water and salt water. If you are planning to fish in both freshwater and salt-water condition, you should pick a model that works well in both the conditions.

Solid Construction

This is one of the most vital factors which you need to ensure when purchasing a fishing line. Make sure to buy the best one that can give you your money’s worth and can last longer.

Here is Our Two Cents On The Matter

Choosing the best-braided fishing line could be hard at first, but with continuous learning and experience, it gets easier. Follow the steps and ideas we have presented in this article, and we guarantee that you will be able to improve your craft by using the perfect braided fishing line for you.

The factors which we have discussed in this article play important roles in the success and development of your fishing activity. Also, it is imperative that you set time to take actions on the essential learnings which you have gained in this article as the application of this knowledge is the only way to test its efficacy.

Casts Farther

The smaller diameter of braid and its lack of “memory” means less resistance when casting lures of baits. This can be very important when long casts with small, light lures are needed to reach the fish. The coils formed by mono when stored on a reel create distance-robbing resistance.

Stronger knots

With early versions of braided line, knots were a problem due to the slickness of the line coating. While modern braids are easier to tie knots with, you still need to make sure the knots are seated securely. If properly tied and fully seated, the knots will be incredibly strong, as braid will not stretch, distort and slip under pressure.

Longer lasting : Braid is much less vulnerable to the effects of sunlight, salt and chemicals than mono. This means you don’t have to change it as often and worry about it weakening over time.

Less abrasion-resistant

Despite its strength, braid is more vulnerable to chafing than mono. That can be a problem when fishing for big stripers that can drag the line over and around rough boulders and pilings during the fight. It can also be an issue when fishing for tuna, as the fish’s tail fin can cut through the line unless a long mono or fluorocarbon leader is used.

They float

Most braids float. This may not seem like a big deal, unless you are finesse-fishing for suspended fish. (Note: Spiderwire has recently unveiled a new braided line that sinks.) : If you think monofilament is difficult to untangle, try it with braid. In fact, braid tangles are such a problem that the line is banned on some partyboats.

More forgiving : Mono’s inherent stretch or “shock-absorbing” qualities make it more forgiving when setting the hook on soft-mouthed species or when a fish takes off on a sudden run or makes a violent head-shake that could pull the hook loose.

Less visible

Mono’s ability to blend with the water makes it less noticeable to line-shy species such as tuna. However, line visibility probably doesn’t make as much difference with other Northeast species than line manufacturers would lead us to believe.

Easy to cut

This may not seem like a big deal—unless you’ve cursed a blue streak while trying to cut a piece of braid with dull pliers while the fish are busting all around you. If you use braid, get a pair of dedicated braid cutters or some very sharp scissors.

Too stretchy

Mono’s stretch can be both a blessing and curse. On the negative side, it can prevent you from setting the hook firmly over long distances or in deep water.

More vulnerable to current : Since mono is thicker than braid of the same breaking strength, it offers more resistance to current. This can create a large belly in the line that hinders your ability to keep your bait or lure on the bottom and makes it harder to detect subtle bites and set the hook, especially in deep water.

Line Strength

The strength of the line is too much important as you may catch different type and r455may catch different type and size fish. Your fish may be too much heavy. And your fishing line must have the strength of holding the weight of the fish. If your braided fishing line has not enough strength, you may fail to catch some heavy fish.


Braided fishing lines are generally coated with an abrasion protection as PE fibers have less abrasion resistance than monofilament fibers. The coating makes the lines’ body harder and slimmer. Thin coat lines are preferable because they can cast farther easily and are much smoother to retrieve.


Braided lines are basically made of 100 PE fibers. Also, some are made of mixed fabric like monofilament which is used to add tension to the lines and ease in handling. There are also braided fishing lines that are made of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers which are not expensive and they are stronger than nylon.

Not So Good…

View Product

This braided line appropriately named “Super Power” by KASTKING definitely lives up to its name! With amazing durability that lasts years without breaking, a strength that resists even the strongest of weight, and astonishing length that improves not just your cast length but also your ability to maneuver the line when trolling or reeling in.

Its braid is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene braid fiber, a cutting edge material that resists an incredible amount of weight while remaining as light as possible. Covers and avails a wide array of colors to choose from including gray, green, multicolor, blue, white, pink and yellow. ​This line is one of the leaders I have found to have impressive knot strength because of its fibers. It has a smaller diameter in comparison to other products of its competitors. It also features a very low memory, a property which makes it one of my favorite lines because it allows me to handle it with less effort. ​Be ready to cast without experiencing any backlash regardless of the reel that you are using. It is also very sensitive. On top of these wonderful features, it also has superb hook setting abilities. Some of the fish I usually catch using this line are bullseye snakehead, muskellunge, and bass.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your braided line wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of braided line



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