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Best bbq gloves 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated November 1, 2020

Kyle DunnMy name is Kyle Dunn. I have been a freelance writer for 20 years, focusing mainly on technology related topics. After more than 45 hours of research and testing, which included using 17 different bbq gloves in five cities and interviewing product teams at five major companies, I made a list of the best bbq gloves of 2018

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. In this section we provide our readers with a comparison table of our top picks. Scroll past the table for a closer look at each of the 3 best bbq gloves in our review section.

Best bbq gloves of 2018

The best bbq gloves will make your fairytale dreams come true! Below you can find 3 reviews of the best bbq gloves to buy in 2018, which I have picked after the deep market research. I’ve based my selection methodology on customer feedback, the size, functionality, and budget to meet various demands. If you get well acquainted with these basics, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing a bbq gloves that suits your need.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
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You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the bbq gloves by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



№1 – Acmind BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves

Acmind BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves

► MULTIPURPOSE COOKING – The Grill Heat Acmind glove is rated to resist up to 932 °F (500 °C), A true innovation in heat protection for the microwave oven, stove top, and outdoor grill. Perfect to protect your hands for grilling, cooking, baking, or handling super hot items in the kitchen and outdoors.
For such a price and the level of quality it can’t even have any cons, only pick holes.

Why did this bbq gloves win the first place?

The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product.


Ease of use














№2 – 932°F Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves – EN407 Certified BBQ Gloves For Cooking

932°F Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves - EN407 Certified BBQ Gloves For Cooking

Highest heat resistant available up to 932°F, EN407 certified oven and grill gloves
Easy to clean, Machine washable with handy hook for hanging, Made from the highest quality materials that are made to last
All in one barbecue gloves, oven mitts or pot holders, Enjoy great success in the kitchen whether you’re a professional chef, avid griller or an amateur home cook
Guide can be a pain.
Casing feels fragile.

Why did this bbq gloves come in second place?

Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money.


Ease of use














№3 – Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves | Best Versatile Heat Resistant Grill Gloves | Lifetime Replacement | Insulated Silicone Oven Mitts For Grilling | Waterproof | Full Finger

Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves | Best Versatile Heat Resistant Grill Gloves | Lifetime Replacement | Insulated Silicone Oven Mitts For Grilling | Waterproof | Full Finger

425 DEGREE HEAT PROTECTION WITH SUPREME QUALITY, RIP-RESISTANT SILICONE – We are America’s Bestselling oven gloves for a reason! Our silicone BBQ gloves have become the standard for safety in kitchens, grills and campsites worldwide! Enjoy peace of mind with our proprietary, heat-resistant silicone, carefully reinforced to prevent rips or tears commonly seen with other silicone gloves. Protection from burns anywhere you cook!
Very expensive.
It is pretty heavy..

Why did this bbq gloves take third place?

I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. The material is incredibly nice to the touch. It has a great color, which will suit any wallpapers. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built.


Ease of use














bbq gloves Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy bbq gloves, right? No!

Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves

Want the most durable cooking glove? No more dirty fabric oven mitts that don’t protect you. Want protection without sacrificing your grip? Like the idea of having durable, strong gloves that won’t easily tear? Now protect your hands and fingers without losing your grip with the super comfortable and high quality Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves. The joy of watching your family enjoy your meals is worth far more than the price you’re paying for these. With Ekogrips, you don’t have to deal with low quality, hard to use oven mitts or gloves that don’t work.

Heat resistant to 425°F so they are rated way more than any food you will be handling.

The outer surface texture makes it easy to handle the greasiest cuts of food without slipping.

They are super easy to clean, just wash your hands with soap and hot water while wearing them.

Artisan Griller Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

Need to make pulled pork for a party or just carve the thanksgiving turkey? Then the Artisan Griller Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves is your answer. A soft jersey cotton liner double coated in neoprene with a full 14” length protects your forearms. Neoprene stays flexible and offers superior dexterity than silicone or rubber while the jersey cotton liner is soft on your hands. The gloves are a waterproof design that is resistant to staining, grease flames. This can easily manage messy BBQ sessions, grabbing and preparing hot food in the kitchen or on the BBQ all while keeping your hands safe and dry in an easy to clean glove.


Excellent heat resistance allows you to hold on to hot surfaces longer than traditional oven mitts and even gives you the capability to hold hotter surfaces.

Premium food-grade BPA Free, FDA approved waterproof silicone material prevents burns from hot spills and allows you to pick up food from boiling water.

Meat Claw Shredder makes shredding meat very easy and quick. No hassle anymore.

Use Meat Claw to securely lift and move hot meat without getting burned.

IEKA Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves

Take your cooking experience to the next level with this amazing pair of heat resistant silicone gloves from IEKA. Why take risks when you want to take something hot out of the microwave and oven? Are you struggling to touch your hot pans with the regular oven mitts but they are so unstable that your food is about to fall in the floor? Well, not anymore! These gloves make it safer and a whole lot easier. And as cooking often gets a bit messy, you can just pop these silicone gloves into your dishwasher with your other utensils. Plus they are so durable that absolutely nothing can wear them out. You can definitely use these gloves with any kind of cooking. And there is more. You can also use them to prepare the deep freeze meat or fish without hurting your hands.

ARCTICA GRIPS Grilling Gloves

Be it outdoor grilling, campfire building and cooking, lifting hot items from microwave and regular oven for extended holding time has never been easier with the very versatile ARCTICA GRIPS Grilling Gloves. These gloves are made from the finest Aramid Fibres that makes it one of the finest quality grilling gloves on the market. These high quality cooking gloves from ARCTICA GRIPS are built to protect you in the kitchen, at the grill, and anywhere else where you’re prone to taking a bit of extra heat. More importantly, they are not only fire resistant but also freeze resistant that perfectly fits in cold weather.

Alolli Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ Gloves

These do a really good job at protecting you from heat. They work great as a hot pad to rest your hot dishes on as well as using them to get hot pans out of the oven. The non-slip, rubbery surfaces help to hold hot glass baking dishes, metal cake pans or pizza trays firmly. Additionally, the silicone is moisture proof and unaffected by steam and they are much easier to rinse off and keep clean than the fabric style. When you pick something up, the silicone provides excellent grip.

Minimizes risk of burns due to radiant heat or hot liquids while cooking or grilling, avoid accidents.

Can be used for Baking, BBQ, Cooking, opening hard to open cans/jars, handling critters or pets that might bite, and much more.

Grill Friends Silicone Brush

Pros. They keep rain, snow, wasps, birds, and other vermin out. If you have a shinyt stainless steel rig, it will keep it shinier. An expensive grill under cover will attract fewer thieves.

Cons. They are a bit of a pain because you have to wait til the grill cools and they gather rain when left off. But they can also trap moisture and humidity underneath and actually encourage rust and mold growth. For these reasons I cover only my grills and smokers that can collect water on the inside like my Weber Smokey Mountain, my Hasty Bake, and my pellet smoker (if the pellets ever melt and then dry out, getting your smoker up and running is an all day sucker).

Weber’s Grill Pan Sears and Allows Smoke Through

You need a good cast iron griddle. Especially if you like fish, burgers, grilled sandwiches, home fries, or pancakes. Coat the flat side with oil, and you can sear fish so it is golden and crispy on the outside just like that great pan-seared fish you get in restaurants. Throw some dried herbs onto the flame, and you’ll get a whisp of smoke in the meat.

You can even bring it indoors and it will straddle two burners. Use the flat side for pancakes. Flip it over and you get grill marks and conduction cooking from the ridges on steaks, burgers, or asparagus, and the fats and juices drip into the grooves where they vaporize and flavor the meat and cook by radiation.

This is a very handy tool. One word of caution. You may need two. If you use it for fish a lot, the flavor will remain on the surface, even after cleaning, so you won’t be able to use it for pancakes.

I keep a cooking diary. In it I write down vital info about every cook so I can learn what works and what doesn’t. OK. So I’m anal. But being anal got me this gig. The two most important variables to track in any cook are time and temp. So I used to wear a stopwatch around my neck when I cooked. Click when I fire up. Click when it is up to temp. Click when the meat goes on. Click when I add more wood or charcoal. Click when I turn. Click when I sauce. Click when I take it off. But have you seen the new digital stopwatches? They are a real pain with faaaar too many features and bells and whistles. My last one sat in my desk between cooks and beeped every hour and the only way I could make it shut up was with a hammer. True story. Now I use the very sinple user friendly Timestick.

Knob Where You Need It Makes Grilling Safer And Easier

Dishwasher safe stainless steel with OXO’s popular nonslip rubber handles, they are the winner of the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award. They are spring loaded and the ends are scalloped for better gripping. There is a loop for hanging and a mechanism that locks them in closed position for storing (which has failed after several years on all three pairs that I have). Regardless, they are still my faves. I just store them with a cardboard toilet paper core over the ends.

LamsonSharp Fish Tongs

Here’s how to make two perfectly toasted panini style grilled sandwiches at once. Use this old fashioned double pie iron, originally designed for filled pies, for everything from Grilled Cheese to Pulled Pork.

Bayou Classic 8.Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Forget the fancy high end pricey Le Cruset French Oven, this is the one you want for cowboy cooking and camping, and it comes in handy around the house. It’s perfect for whole chickens or slow braising in the oven or in the grill.

Kitchen shears

When a recipe calls for garlic to be crushed, minced, or pressed, I use a garlic press. A good garlic press releases more oils and flavors than mincing with a knife and pressed garlic coats the food more evenly than mincing.

Digital kitchen scale

I don’t know how I lived without a good, accurate digital kitchen scale for so many years. It is so important. Look at salt for example, cup of table salt has almost twice as much salinity as a cup of Morton’s kosher salt because Morton’s kosher salt has more air space between the grains. But a pound of all salts contain exactly the same amount of sodium chloride.

Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover 

I first heard about this from a competition cook. To say I was skeptical is an understatement. A spot remover that will remove the grease stains on almost all my shirts is something I considered to be as elusive as unicorns and perpetual motion machines. So I bought a ounce bottle and tried it on one of my t-shirts.

The instructions say that all you need is just a drop. Sure. I used three drops. My shirt came out so clean I could not find where the stain had been originally. So I tried it on a dress shirt, but fearful it would ruin it, I used only one drop. Again, the grease was gone! So I hauled out all my saucy and greasy shirt, 1in all, put Grandma to work, tossed them all into one tub, and before long, I had a new wardrobe. Utterly amazing stuff. And just for the record, I have been doing my own laundry since I went away to college, even through 40 years of marriage. May be a contributing factor to our longevity.

Even my wife is impressed with Grandma. She has used it on some of her finery including her Mom’s table cloth with ancient spaghetti stains, stains that Oxi-Clean, her go to remover, couldn’t handle.

Brand: Grill Beast

They are machine-washable and cover most of the lower arm to protect from burns. One important feature to note on these gloves is that they are not waterproof, so if you’re working with soups or steaming liquids, it may be best to opt for an all-silicone option.

However, with a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, Grill Beast’s cooking gloves are certainly a purchase that can be made with confidence.

G & F 8113suedeleather Premium Suede Leather Gloves

In another package deal, Ares offers silicone gloves that afford all the dexterity required to use the accompanying meat claws. The gloves are rated to 42degrees Fahrenheit, and heavily textured to maximize grip.

They are waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and food-safe and suitable for indoor cooking or for use in an outdoor grill or fire. One size fits most and covers well past the wrist for extra security. Including the meat claws, these gloves are surely a bargain and will provide all the protection needed for most chefs and grillmasters.

Brand: Jolly Green Products

Ekogrips BBQ Open Gloves are some of the top-rated barbecue gloves on the market this year. Tested to comfortably withstand temperatures up to 42degrees Fahrenheit, Ekogrips BBQ gloves provide the safety and security of a heavy-duty cooking mitt with the comfort and versatility of a thinner glove.

Their silicone is specifically formulated for maximum grip and durability, making it a cinch to lift hot pans or reach into boiling liquids. True to their name, these gloves were designed with barbecue in mind, and are perfect for gripping a large piece of meat off the grill.

They’re also ideal for camping, grilling, and outdoor cooking of any kind, providing peace of mind when working with open flames. While one size will fit most chefs, there are also L/XL and XXL options, for those with especially big hands to keep safe.

If all that wasn’t enough, Ekogrips BBQ Open Gloves are also dishwasher safe. Best of all, these silicone beauties don’t run up a hefty price tag, they’re some of the most reasonably priced barbecue gloves out there.

Unlike before, when you’d only have a choice of pattern, color and design of cloth oven mitts, now there are different kinds available, depending on the material the mitts are made of. Choosing the ideal pair of oven mitts to suit your needs is easy as long as you have all the helpful information needed.

Heat Resistance Limit

If you are likely to simmer at high temperatures, you may need to consider the heat-resistance limit. The higher the resistance limit, the safer your mitt will be. Limits will range mostly from 450oF to 900F. This feature, however, will majorly depend on the material used to make the mitt.

Those are some of the features and important information you might need to chew on before we look at our top five best oven mitts.


Matching up your oven mitts with your kitchen décor is of essence. That is why you might need to consider your kitchen décor before going for any mitt.

Since you are most likely going to hang your gloves, it means you will need to be keen on its design and aesthetics. Some of the mitts will come with a hanging hook. A mitt with such like feature will be one to bet on.

Now that you’re aware of the kinds of oven mitts as well as what to look for when you’re choosing oven mitts, let’s move on to some of the best oven mitts available in the market now to further help you make your choice.

View Product

These oven mitts stand a chance to be the best oven mitts for you. They excel when it comes to heat resistance. With an extreme Heat resistance of 932o F, these silicone mitts are great for grilling and removing hot pots and pans off the ovens. This pair of gloves is EN40certified meaning that it has a promising performance.

These oven mittsare made with silicone grip-added surfaces which make them great for grabbing hot pans from the oven. It is so obvious that no one would wish to drop a hot meal that has been prepared for hours.To boost on the grabbing and flexibility, the gloves have a five finger design.

The ladies size gloves are too tight.

2.Artisan Griller Insulated waterproof / oil & heat resistant BBQ, Smoker, Grill, and Cooking Gloves.

Are you a BBQ or smoker maker? You will definitely need an oven glove like this one. Measuring 1inches long, it will fit almost your entire forearm.This will make sure that it shields you from heat and messy situations. It is cotton lined and coated with neoprene. This mitts’ material design makes it have a heat resistance limit of 400oF.

You will definitely need one of this for your BBQ sessions, removing hot pans, flipping your smoked meats while enjoying your backyard grilling get-together. The neoprene coat renders this pair of oven mitts good for your grilling sessions. It also makes it denser and flexible.

Prone to slippage when handling oils

If you are looking for an oven mitt to give your loved one as a gift, this is one that you can bet on. They are great quilted cotton gloves.These oven mitts are made in such a way that they have thick layers for a high resistance use. They can resist temperatures as high as up to 450oF.

The outer coat is made of silicone which has been approved to be free of toxic chemicals such as BPA and is also FDA approved. The design is a cotton silicone grid which is heat resistant and also non-slip giving you confidence when removing the hot pan from the oven.

This pair of oven gloves comes in varying sizes between 10.and 14.inches depending on the brands.This pair of oven mitts also weighs only 5.ounces which is a good weight that allows portability and flexibility in the kitchen.

They might have uneven insulations which demand extra care.

G&F 77100XL Cut Resistant Gloves 

Manufactured by Ekogrips, the Ekogrips BBQ Grill Gloves are one of a kind. They are so good that even Zimmern Martha Stewart loves them. They are FDA approved and come as a set of two gloves. The BBQ Grill Gloves are perfect for grilling, cooking, campfires and so much more. They offer heat protection for up to 42degrees.

Top Best Gardening Gloves in 201Reviews

Excellent heat resistance allows you to hold on to hot surfaces longer than traditional oven mitts and even gives you the capability to hold hotter surfaces.

Premium food-grade BPA Free, FDA approved waterproof silicone material prevents burns from hot spills and allows you to pick up food from boiling water.

Meat Claw Shredder makes shredding meat very easy and quick. No hassle anymore.

Use Meat Claw to securely lift and move hot meat without getting burned.

Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ Glove

These Gecko Grip Gloves have raised texture, and they feature five-finger grip on both hands for more secure balance. They are heat resistant and they will protect you from high temperatures of up to 42degrees. Because of their enhanced protection against heat, you can use these gloves to grab your roasting pans, cast iron griddle, among other things. The FDA approved gloves are BPA-free, and waterproof; thus, cannot allow hot liquids to reach your skin. The Ninja Gecko Gloves are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning.

Silicone BBQ Grill Gloves

Silicone BBQ Grill Gloves are made from high quality, food grade silicone, and their high heat-resistance will allow you to handle hot food or hot grills with high temperatures of up to 42degrees. Because of their optimum performance and versatility, Silicone BBQ Grill Gloves are an essential part of grill accessories. In addition to being waterproof, this grill gloves are dishwasher safe; meaning, they are easy to clean. The ultimate grip technology for five-finger design allows you to handle hot items with ease and confidence.

AYL Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ Gloves

Given their heat resistant durability for high temperatures of up to 42degrees Fahrenheit, these grilling gloves are ideal for cooking, pot-holding, baking, and smoking among others. They protect hands against heat while barbecuing, cooking or other fire accidents. They have non-slip five-finger design to allow safe movement of hot items. Silicone grilling BBQ gloves are multipurpose, and they are used for cooking, opening hard-to-open cans, handling critters or pets that might bite, baking, barbecuing, and more. They are FDA approved and BPA-free.

Binwo Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

This BPA-free and FDA approved, Pure Food Grade Silicone Grip Gloves is heat-resistant, and will allow you to handle hot items with high temperatures of up to 42degrees Fahrenheit. They protect hands against heat while barbecuing, cooking or other accidents related to fire. Like many high-quality heat resistant gloves for BBQ, Binwo Gloves feature no-slip five-finger design to allow safe movement of hot items with a strong grip. The no-slip five-finger design also enhances a strong grip with less friction, and it will allow you to pull hot food from hot grills.

TTLIFE BBQ Grilling Gloves

When removing hot pans of cookies from oven or flipping steaks on the grill, your hands are exposed to heat and this can be dangerous. For this reason, you need a pair of BBQ grilling gloves. Well, one of the best quality BBQ grilling gloves you can go for is the TTLIFE BBQ Grilling Gloves, which protects up to 93degrees Fahrenheit. These gloves are ideal for cooking, grilling, smoking, and handling super hot items.

Features · Non-slip grip: Are completely flexible for safety and comfort. · Heat-resistant material: It’s durable, long lasting, and protective.

Love This Kitchen Men’s Barbecue Gloves

Made of top quality, FDA rated silicone, the Love This Kitchen Men’s Barbecue Gloves operate at extremely high temperatures up to 44degrees Fahrenheit. The material also makes them resistant to mildew and mold. They also will not absorb odors like clot mitts, and are perfect for cooking on grills, rotisseries, and smokers. The Love This Kitchen Men’s Barbecue Gloves come with a 60-day, money back guarantee.

Features · Innovative air channels: For maintaining a cooler interior as well as make it effortless to put the gloves on and take them off. · Cylinders on the palm: For better grip and insulation from heat. · Ridges on the sides and between the fingers: Help improve grip, while protecting fingers from hot utensils and racks.

GEEKHOM BBQ Grilling Gloves

Get maximum heat protection with this quality BBQ grilling gloves from GEEKHOM. They are silicone kitchen gloves that are thoughtfully designed and incorporated with dual-layer to help offer maximum protection from open flame and extreme oven temperatures. Moreover, it is FDA-approved, meaning you can use it to directly handle food. The 60-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty protect against manufacturer defects.

Features · Non-stick silicone surface: Makes it easy to remove BBQ sauce, meat grease, and marinade. · Inner heat-resistant cotton layer: Protects against oven temperatures and open flames.

Jolly Green Products BBQ Grill Gloves

If you are a barbecue enthusiast, then these Jolly Green Products BBQ Grill Gloves are the perfect partner for you. They are designed for cooking, smoking, grilling, and barbecuing; thanks to their ability to offer heat protection up to 42degrees Fahrenheit. Also, these gloves are backed by lifetime warranty and money back guarantee for great buying experience. They are the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves outdoor cooking. Their durable materials are not only heat resistant but also are sturdy enough to prevent tearing.

Features · Waterproof material: Helps protect against hot spills.

Two years ago

We tested 5different grill tools to find the best equipment for hassle-free outdoor cooking, which we recommend buying piecemeal to get the best value. So we’ve made this guide to the best tongs, spatula, thermometer, grilling brush, gloves, basting brush, and charcoal chimney to use the next time you’re out grilling.

Collapse Most Recent Updates

Over the course of four days, we tested these tools while cooking more than 100 burgers, 20 chickens, and pounds of vegetables on nine different grills. We discussed the usability, quality, durability, and price of every tool, and we are confident that our picks will be top performers throughout grilling season.

We tested these tools while cooking more than 100 burgers, 20 chickens, and pounds of vegetables on nine different grills.

You might notice the absence of grilling sets in this guide. They’re popular, but we’ve found that the tools in such sets are usually of substandard quality and poorly designed. We think the smart money is on buying only what you need, choosing tools of top quality, instead of paying for low-quality extras that inevitably turn into clutter.

The Great Scrape Woody Shovel

The beveled edge of this wooden grill paddle takes on the pattern of your grill, becoming a custom scraper that hugs the grates.

An upside to using the Woody Shovel instead of a wire brush is the pleasant smell of burnt hardwood every time you use it. The Woody Shovel is good if you have only one grill, as the grooves form to a specific grate shape; multiple grills would require a dedicated Great Scrape tool for each, and that can get costly. We haven’t seen any reviews of diminished scraping abilities with use, so we’ll be long-term testing the Woody Shovel this summer to see how it holds up to frequent use.

ThermoWorks ThermoPop

The thermometer the pros prefer is pricey, but it’s the fastest, most accurate one we’ve tested, and it has a rotating, backlit screen and an impressive temperature range.

Basting brush

Whether you’re grilling chicken pieces or multiple racks of ribs, a basting brush that can generously apply barbecue sauce without deteriorating over high heat is a necessary tool for the job. After testing four models, we recommend the OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Basting Brush. The silicone bristles on the OXO brush are heat resistant to 600 °F, so they won’t melt or leave stray bristles on your food (as most natural-fiber pastry brushes will). The brush is also dishwasher safe.

The brush has two types of bristles: silicone outer bristles, and a set of flat perforated bristles in the core of the brush. Between them, in our tests they held enough sauce that we didn’t have to continuously reapply. The full bristle set on the OXO brush had just the right amount of flexibility—neither too stiff nor too wobbly—for creating a smooth, even layer of barbecue sauce over the surface of the meat. Among all the silicone brushes we considered, we didn’t find any others with this kind of combination-bristle design.

Though the handle was shorter than those of some other brushes we tested, we found that it still provided enough distance from the grill to keep our hands safe. Also, the slight bend at the base of the large OXO handle provided a convenient angle for scooping generous amounts of sauce and easy basting.

Le Creuset Revolution Basting Brush

The long wooden handle on the Le Creuset basting brush keeps your hands farther from the grill, but the silicone head is heat resistant only to 480 °F.

If you prefer a brush with a longer handle, we also recommend the Le Creuset Revolution Basting Brush. In our tests, the bristles of the Le Creuset brush held a good amount of barbecue sauce and created an even coating over the meat. The removable silicone head is heat resistant up to 480 °F (compared with our main pick’s resistance of up to 600 °F) and dishwasher safe. If you care about the aesthetics of your grill tools, we think the Le Creuset brush is nicer looking than the OXO, due to its wooden handle and silicone bristles, which come in a variety of colors (six in all).

ThermoWorks Dot

The experts we spoke with recommended an instant-read thermometer over a probe thermometer: Instant-read models are faster, and without exposed cables that deteriorate in heat, they last longer. But if you prefer a probe thermometer—the advantage is that it remains in the meat, so you can monitor the temperature as the meat cooks without having to open the grill lid—we recommend the ThermoWorks Dot. In our tests, the Dot probe thermometer was the fastest and most accurate at reading temperatures. Its simple design and straightforward controls made it easier to use than the competition. Also, we liked the strong magnet on the back of the unit that kept it securely attached to the side of a grill.

The probe has a temperature range of -5to 572 °F and a cable that’s heat resistant to 700 °F, considerably higher than the 400 °F resistance that other models offer. Since it can withstand higher temperatures, the Dot can also monitor the ambient temperature of grills and smokers (ThermoWorks sells affordably priced grate clips and air probes separately). If you’re looking for probe thermometers with more features (such as timers, backlit screens, and volume adjustment), you might also consider the ThermoWorks ChefAlarm and the ThermoWorks Smoke. For more recommendations, see our full guide to probe thermometers.

Kinda pricy

Weber barbecues are extremely well built and suffer from only minimal rust after years left out in the cold and damp. Which is more than one can say for the majority of cheaply-built barbies out there.

The new gas-fired Genesis II comes with a 20-inch porcelain-enamelled cast-iron cooking grate, two high-performance burners, a warming rack above the main grill, two side tables with tool hooks, a space to put the Patio gas canister and a stunning-looking enamelled hinged lid with integral thermometer for reliable, flare-free cooking.

For tech nerds, the Genesis II is also compatible with Weber’s new fandangled iGrill Bluetooth-enabled thermometer system (£90). Simply bung in a pair of meat probes, launch the accompanying app and it’ll keep track of the temperatures within.

Voila: perfect meat, and no more killing your friends with salmonella.

It may look hulking in the image above but the Genesis II really doesn’t take up much space, so consider this dapper model if you have a smaller patio or balcony.


The aptly named Gas2Coal converts from one heat source to another with very little hassle, giving the best of both worlds, in theory.

When the craving arises for some good old-fashioned charcoal grilling, just reach down to the compartment beneath the burners, pull out the charcoal tray, place it on top of the three burners and fill with briquettes or lumpwood. Now turn on all three gas burners to light the charcoal using the electronic igniter.

Given that there’s only space for a single layer of charcoal, you won’t get as much burn time as a conventional model but at least you can always remove the charcoal tray (with gloves) and revert to gas.

Not a traditional BBQ

Mind, you might want to keep it out of any breezy areas as there’s a large gap between the two burners and the griddle.

Resembles Dalek

Despite being devised by a former Apple and Beats headphones designer, this slim figure is more reminiscent of a prototype Dalek than an iPhone. However, it is a very neat package, replete with hidden gas bottle container and a heavy-weight cast-iron grill big enough to feed a family of four. And an American family of four, at that.

The Fuego is equipped with a two circular stainless steel burners that can be used independently for slow, indirect cooking or together for searing meats. The whole shebang reaches its optimum 250ºC temperature in a respectable five minutes and goes all the way to a more than respectable 350ºC.

HQY Stainless Steel Basting Brush

Think of basting like painting flavors onto your food. And, also like painting, tougher jobs require tougher brushes. This one from HQY features a stainless steel body mated to FDA-approved, BPA-free, food-grade silicone bristles that will allow you to slather your grill meats with any and every manner of sauce.

How we tested

But heat protection isn’t the whole equation. Most gloves were oversize, thick, and stiff, barely letting us grab grates or tongs, never mind doing any cooking. For better dexterity, we preferred gloves with individual fingers rather than mitts. The best gloves also had long sleeves to protect the forearm and a wide cuff to let air circulate and keep hands less sweaty. Our winner is protective but thin enough for dexterity, with elbow-length sleeves and wide cuffs that kept us safe and comfortable over the coals.

Design Trifecta 360 Knife Block

Admittedly expensive, this handsome block certainly seemed to live up to its billing as “the last knife block you ever have to buy.” The heaviest model in our testing, this block was ultrastable, and its durable bamboo exterior was a breeze to clean. Well-placed medium-strength magnets made it easy to attach all our knives, and a rotating base gave us quick access to them. One tiny quibble: The blade of our 12-inch slicing knife stuck out a little.

Schmidt Brothers Downtown Block

This roomy block completely sheathed our entire winning knife set using just one of its two sides—and quite securely, thanks to long, medium-strength magnet bars. Heavy, with a grippy base, this block was very stable. An acrylic guard made this model extra-safe but also made it a little trickier to insert knives and to clean; the wood block itself showed some minor cosmetic scratching during use.

Schmidt Brothers Midtown Block

This smaller version of the Downtown Block secured all our knives nicely, though the blade of the slicing knife stuck out a bit. With a base lined with grippy material, this block was very stable. An acrylic guard afforded extra protection against contact with blades but made it a little harder to insert knives and to clean; the wood itself got a little scratched during use.

Pull Quote

We tested these tools while cooking more than 100 burgers, 20 chickens, and pounds of vegetables on nine different grills.

You might notice the absence of grilling sets in this guide. They’re popular, but we’ve found that the tools in such sets are usually of substandard quality and poorly designed. We think the smart money is on buying only what you need, choosing tools of top quality, instead of paying for low-quality extras that inevitably turn into clutter.

These are the tools you’ll definitely need for a successful grilling experience.

A wire-free grill brush

The beveled edge of this wooden grill paddle takes on the pattern of your grill, becoming a custom scraper that hugs the grates.

An upside to using the Woody Shovel instead of a wire brush is the pleasant smell of burnt hardwood every time you use it. The Woody Shovel is good if you have only one grill, as the grooves form to a specific grate shape; multiple grills would require a dedicated Great Scrape tool for each, and that can get costly. We haven’t seen any reviews of diminished scraping abilities with use, so we’ll be long-term testing the Woody Shovel this summer to see how it holds up to frequent use.

Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet

For more recommendations, a look at other options we considered, and the reasons the Nordic Ware stands apart, see our full guide to cookie sheets.

A chimney starter offers the fastest, easiest way to light coals in one attempt—and doesn’t rely on smelly lighter fluid. In our research, we found the Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter is the best, because it checks all the boxes: a generous size, ease of use, a good price, and regular availability. The Weber chimney starter has a spacious main chamber that measures by 7¾ inches and has a 6-quart capacity, or 90 briquets. When testing charcoal grills, we learned that this is enough fuel to cook 1burgers and still have some cooking time to spare (we used our runner-up charcoal pick, Stubb’s All-Natural Bar-B-Q Charcoal Briquets). The lighting chamber has ample room for a large wad of newsprint—our preferred igniting material—and big vents for airflow and easy access for matches.

We recommend the ThermoWorks ThermoPop for home cooks who want a fast, accurate, and affordably priced instant-read thermometer.

A high-end instant-read thermometer for enthusiasts

The thermometer the pros prefer is pricey, but it’s the fastest, most accurate one we’ve tested, and it has a rotating, backlit screen and an impressive temperature range.

A basting brush with a longer handle

The long wooden handle on the Le Creuset basting brush keeps your hands farther from the grill, but the silicone head is heat resistant only to 480 °F.

If you prefer a brush with a longer handle, we also recommend the Le Creuset Revolution Basting Brush. In our tests, the bristles of the Le Creuset brush held a good amount of barbecue sauce and created an even coating over the meat. The removable silicone head is heat resistant up to 480 °F (compared with our main pick’s resistance of up to 600 °F) and dishwasher safe. If you care about the aesthetics of your grill tools, we think the Le Creuset brush is nicer looking than the OXO, due to its wooden handle and silicone bristles, which come in a variety of colors (six in all).

Another glove set that you should consider is the Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves. Its heat resistance is not as high as the first pair of gloves that I featured. However, it is more than enough to guard your hands against scorches and burns. With a guaranteed 42degrees Fahrenheit protection, you can be sure that your hands will be out from harm’s way.

Specifically, these gloves have a silicone construction, which is embedded in a proprietary design to ensure their sturdiness. Unlike other silicone gloves, the Ekogrips BBQ Oven Gloves don’t tear up. Moreover, the gloves also feature a non-slip and tight-grip surface. With these capabilities, being clumsy is not an excuse anymore. The size of the glove is already enough to protect your wrists as well.

The gloves are quite stiff and heavy

Non-Slip Design

It is quite a pesky thing if the food you are holding keeps slipping away from your hands. Isn’t it annoying? If I were you, I would pick a pair of gloves that have a non-slip surface. This particular feature ensures that you have a good grip on your food. A good hold will make sure that your cooking will be flawless and mess-free.

The gloves should also allow you to hold objects like tongs and thermometer while you are wearing them. This is a factor that you should not ignore. Even if the gloves are on, your mobility and dexterity should never be limited.

Aside from preventing food and other items from slipping, the gloves should be able to stop them from sticking too much. You don’t want any residues from clinging on the surface on your gloves. Otherwise, they would eventually have a bad time on the grill.

Heat Resistance

Each of the gloves that you can see today has different levels of resistance to heat. Some of them can protect your hands to temperatures that go up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Other units can do better than this. Just make sure that your gloves can cover your hands from the razing temperatures. You don’t want your outdoor picnic to turn into a quick trip to the hospital.

Also, make sure that the construction of the gloves is either made from silicone or industrial grade fabric. For example, the Aramid fiber provides excellent heat protection. It can even protect your hands from flames, too. The said material also offers anti-abrasive properties, which is pretty great already. If you don’t know, the Aramid fiber is the main material used in the clothing of firefighters. It is usually combined with silicone to produce optimal results.

Water Resistance

The last factor that I am going to emphasize is water resistance. But why? Why would you include water on the equation when we are talking about fire and heat here? Well, here is the simple answer. The food that you are grilling (e.g. meat) produce liquid. If the hot juice interacts with your gloves, that is a bad thing. It can affect the safety of your food. Moreover, the liquid might able to wear down the surface of your glove. Therefore, it would be great if there are hydrophobic layers integrated on the external surface of the gloves that you are going to choose.

MIG gloves.

Elk skin provides the best heat resistance out there. Surprisingly, it is even better at heat resistance than cow hide leather. Elk Skin is also much softer so it provides an extra amount of comfort as well. Elk Skin is mostly used in Stick Welding Gloves. However, elk skin might wear out quicker than other types of leather.

Deer Skin

Deer Skin has the unique ability to adjust according to the shape of your hand. Deer skin gloves might be uncomfortable for the first week or so, but after that, they will start shaping according to your hand. When that process is complete, they will be the most comfortable gloves ever. Deer skin also offer better control than any other typical glove.

Goat Skin

Goat Skin makes the thinnest and the lightest leather out there. Goat skin is extremely comfortable. Just like the pig skin, they are oil and weather resistant. But, they offer incredible dexterity and complete control of the welding torch.

Glove Sizes

Glove sizes are usually pretty easy to figure out. But, even if you get your size wrong, you can easily get the gloves exchanged, but that might cost you some money.

Welding Gloves usually come in three different sizes; Medium, Large and Extra Large. Some gloves might have two or more sizes available but most gloves come in only a single size.

When you talk about the size you also have to consider the leather type as well. As we discuss a little earlier, some leather types automatically adjust to the size of the person’s hand. So, it doesn’t matter whether the size is small, the glove will adjust to your hand size.

Glove Length

You also need to consider the length of the glove. Different types of welding can require different glove lengths. For instance, stick welding requires a regular sized glove. A 1inch glove will do the job perfectly. However, for overhead welding, you need a pretty large glove size, like 18-2inches. So, you need to make sure that you think about the type of welding you usually do and purchase the gloves accordingly.

If you don’t have one specific type of welding, then just buy about 1inch gloves because they usually do the job no matter what.

Grill Heat Aid Resistant Gloves

The best oven mitts should be able to protect your hands from heat and burns. They should also be of maximum heat protection. It should protect you from the heat of up to 66degrees. They should be durable and be able to protect one from burns and injuries. Unlike other mitts in the market, these outstanding cooking gloves are easy on and easy off. Whether small or big hand No matter the type of hand you use, whether left or hand, these gloves flip and fit anyone.

Homwe silicon oven mitts

The silicon oven mitts have an extra layer which protects you from any burns during cooking. These mitts resist heat to up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit; thus they protect your hand from burns that can occur when the outdoor grills experience a flare-up. It is easy to clean them since you can wipe them or wash them in the washing machine. The Homwe silicon oven mitts are 100% made from silicon.

Mastrad A8230silicone oven mitt

The Mastrad silicone oven mitt is waterproof making it different from the other ones. It is flexible therefore one can grab anything out of a hot oven without burning him/herself. They are non-staining therefore you can use it without worrying that it will get stained. They are also easy to clean. It has cotton lining which you can easily remove it and clean.

D. OXO silicone oven mitt

This silicon mitt has an addition thermal insulation which prevents your hands from sweating. This unique feature is only available in this OXO silicone mitt. The mitt is long enough thus it protects both your wrist and forearm from burns. Cleaning is easy since you can only wipe it with a wet sponge or wash and dry it in the laundry machine.

Star Wars oven mitts

Do you want decorative and festive-like oven mitts that you can use for parties and celebrations? Then you need to get the Star Wars oven mitts. It is a double-sided mitt, therefore, it can be machine washed, or you can wash it in cold water fluff to dry. They are very colorful and attractive. The mitts can fit both hands: the right and the left hand.

Grill armor gloves

Many people burn themselves while cooking. Grill armor gloves are the perfect solution to this problem. It offers heat protection of up to 9320 F, which is pretty high as compared to other gloves. They are also heat and flame resistance thus perfect gloves that you need in your kitchen. The gloves are lightweight and comfortable and provide your fingers with great flexibility. They are easy t clean and machine washable and feature a convenient hook for hanging.

The oven glove is perfect for handling hot surfaces around the house or other places. Its outer part is made of heat and flame material which is used by firefighters. This makes it resistible to heat. Therefore when expose to open flame, it cannot catch fire. Its interior is made of cotton making it comfortable when worn.

Size And Shape

The size and length of the mitt are also another important factors to consider. Therefore you need to choose wisely the length and size of the mitt according to your needs. If your oven is big, you will need a large mitt and if it’s small you will need a small one. Also, a good mitt should enclose the entire hand and have a cuff that covers the wrist.

Why you need a good oven mitt

Even if you only cook occasionally, an oven mitt is essential. Cast iron, aluminum, and Pyrex are used in cookware because they’re excellent conductors of heat. While this is great for your food, it’s dangerous for your hands.

In order to insulate and protect your hands from burns, an extra layer of protection is key. Some people resort to using a dish towel, but they’re often too thin, don’t offer enough grip, and can cause burns when heat transfers through a wet towel. They must be folded in a way that restricts the mobility of the hands, and the cloth will easily burn.

Traditional potholders — squares of thick or knitted fabric used for handling hot dishes — provide no protection for the back of hands, wrists, or forearms. These exposed parts of the arm can easily come into contact with the hot interior walls and racks of an oven.

While it’s true that you won’t see oven mitts in professional kitchens, this is largely because hands that cook for a living have acquired calloused, more tolerant skin. Unless you’re willing to earn those chef hands through countless burns, you’re much better off using an oven mitt.

Not only are burns unpleasant and painful, but they can also cause infections and require medical treatment. In fact, more than 40,000 Americans visit the emergency room each year from burns suffered by direct contact with a hot surface. The best way to ensure safety when handling hot items in the kitchen is with oven mitts.


Cotton is an antiquated technology when it comes to oven mitts. None of the top eight mitts we tested relied on cotton alone to protect from heat.

Most of the best oven mitts use silicone, which can withstand temperatures in excess of 400 degrees Fahrenheit for a prolonged period without burning or melting. Silicone also ensures a more secure grip with a hot surface and it won’t slide like cotton.

Other mitts, like the ‘Ove’ Glove, are made using high-tech synthetic materials like Kevlar and Nomex. Kevlar is an incredibly strong fiber, used to manufacture bulletproof vests. When it comes to oven mitts, it provides a lot of durability and security. Nomex is a heat and flame-resistant material that often serves as the foundation for firefighter apparel and auto racing track suits.

The ‘Ove’ Glove

Peforms not just in the kitchen but around the grill and campfire as well.

The only product we tested that separated all five fingers was The ‘Ove’ Glove, and it easily performed best. We were able to freely and quickly manipulate the spoon in our covered hand. The ‘Ove’ Glove also allows you to wrap your fingers around the handles of a dish or pot, which can make for a more secure grip on certain kinds of cookware.

The OXO Good Grips mitt was much more difficult to use in this test because of the gripping strips that run across both sides of the mitts and wrap around the palm to cover the thumb. While they’re great for securely holding larger objects, they make it difficult to change your grip or perform other actions with smaller items in hand.

Likewise, the design of the Mastrad mitt, which forces the thumb under the four fingers instead of to the side, resulted in a limited range of motion and control over the spoon.

Heat test

We learned a lot about our mitts by testing their flexibility and how well they cleaned up, but nothing is more important than the protection they provide against heat. To measure their insulation capability, we placed the same ceramic casserole dish in the same oven set at 450 degrees.

After 1minutes of baking, we used each oven mitt to pull the dish and its glass lid out of the oven. We gripped the dish the same way with each mitt, with fingers holding the bottom and thumbs keeping the glass lid in place.

We held the dish and timed how long it took for the initial feeling of heat to come through the mitt to the skin. Our results established three tiers of protection among the top eight.

The top performers protected our hands from the heat for upwards of 50 seconds. The OXO Good Grips — with its thick cotton insulation, silicone construction, and added textured strips — exceeded all other mitts, at 5seconds. The Triumphant Chef and ZBling, both very similar in design with a quilted cotton liner and solid silicone covering the hand, also provided excellent protection.

We felt the heat of the dish a bit quicker with the oven mitts in the second tier. The HOMWE, Kitchen Haven, and Mastrad withstood the heat at 43, 39, and 3seconds, respectively.

The ‘Ove’ Glove and Calphalon fell in the bottom tier, due to their absence of total silicone coverage. The Calphalon, which is protected by thin strips of silicone over thick cotton, afforded the shortest protection time, at 1seconds until with heat penetrated the mitt. The ‘Ove’ Glove, with its proprietary combination on Nomex and Kevlar, also failed early.

OXO Good Grips

If your kitchen experience requires prolonged and intense exposure to heat, OXO is a great choice.

The textured silicone strips that cover the mitt provide such a secure hold that it’s nearly impossible to drop something once they’ve latched onto it. This provides great confidence when grabbing the heaviest and largest dishes from the hottest ovens.

While the strong silicone has its benefits, it makes adjusting your grip on a dish or picking up a small kitchen utensil more challenging. In our dexterity test, it was the stiffest product in our top eight and the most difficult to maneuver.

In our cleaning test, the tough fabric prevented stains better than the other mitts, and the rubber ring attached to the cuff makes display easy and attractive.

The other mitts we tested

The Calphalon Textiles Twill Thumb Mitt is available in 1different colors and has a simple design with less silicone than the other brands. But because it has thin silicon strips over a cotton mitt, it came in last in the heat protection test. It also felt too bulky to perform many tasks around the kitchen.

ZBling Mitts

Kitchen Haven Silicone Quilted, and The Triumphant Chef Silicone Oven Mitts look and perform similarly. They are great examples of the new standard of oven mitts, using a combination of solid silicone on the outside to cover a quilted cotton interior. However, nothing in terms of features or functionality separates them from the pack or from each other.


The Premium Quality Cross Training Ventilate Anti-Sweat Gloves with Superior Wrist Support Gloves are the best gloves for the heavy daily exercise, and with its amazing features, they are quite helpful. Being ideal for men and women both, anyone can use them. Moreover, the Wrist, Palm, and other areas are kept safe throughout the entire process which is the most important thing.

The Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support for Fitness, Weightlifting Gloves has so many unique features in it to be impressed from. Starting with Integrated Wrist Strips to Strong Grips, the gloves are a single pair.Being so comfortable and protecting throughout so many types of workout, they provide a secure grip.

Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support for Fitness

Double oven mitts are an oven mitt variation that features a wide strip of insulating material. They are capped at each end, like a connected pair of mitts, giving you ample protection in the middle too.

This is especially useful when trying to lift or transfer a big, heavy pot or pan. With the strip going from one hand to the other, your torso is party protected from the hot edges of the pot or pan.

Watch this video if you want to learn how to make your own double oven mitts.

While silicone may provide you with better protection while cooking, it’s not difficult to see how some people choose to stick with cotton oven mitts. A cotton oven mitt, for one, has long been part of a tradition. It’s the very first fabric used by manufacturers for mass consumption. It’s a kitchen staple and a bit sentimental.

If you want to keep using your cotton oven mitt but you wish to have better protection from burns, there’s a workaround to that. Just have your cotton oven mitt treated with silicone for superior heat protection. A layer of silicone on your existing mitts will help with boiling liquid that may slosh during pot transfers.

The Winner

Considering quality, features, and price, the Triumphant Chef Silicone Oven Mitts takes the crown. The pair is very affordable and the material used is topnotch in terms of heat resistance. The way it’s constructed also shouts durability which is essential for a home where the kitchen can be an extremely busy place.

Don’t get burned—use oven mitts with cast iron!

To prevent this high heat from causing burns, I recommend investing in a pair of oven mitts specially designed for cast iron cooking.

This level of heat is going to require a much more protective oven mitt, so you don’t land yourself a one way ticket to the emergency room on account of a second or third degree burn.

If the oven mitts at your local stores don’t seem to be thick enough to protect you from burns, you might consider ordering from online retailers. Many carry oven mitts specially designed for high-temperature cooking. These speciality oven mitts are heat resistant to temperatures above 500°F, setting them apart from other mitts that are likely to crumble (or burn or catch fire) at those temperatures.

An oven mitt designed for cast iron cooking should be able to withstand the heat of a very hot oven. Ideally, the mitt will be able to withstand the high heat for at least a few minutes before heating up inside the glove (and therefore heating up your hand). An oven mitt that disperses heat well enough to keep you from being burned within seconds is a good oven mitt for cast iron cooking.

The oven mitt should be long enough to go up the forearm. The best mitts protect that area of skin, not just your hand. Long mitts are perfect for when you’re lifting a heavy cast iron pan out of the oven in an uncomfortable or irregular position.

The mitt should be durable, but also designed for hassle-free cleaning. It goes without saying that every cook knows it’s almost impossible to keep a pair of oven mitts clean. However, having a pair that can be easily cleaned in the event of a sticky or messy spill is a great feature.


Oven mitts made for cast iron cooking will be made of a thick material that slows down the transfer of heat from the pan to your hand. The material these mitts are made of may vary.

Some mitts are made of kevlar (yes, the same material from which bulletproof vests are made). Kevlar is extremely flame- and heat-resistant, but does not lose its form when exposed to high temperatures. This material is light and easy to manipulate, so you won’t feel constricted as you’re lifting a heavy cast iron pan from the oven.


Others are made of a silicone exterior and a cotton lining. A removable, machine-washable lining makes cleaning the oven mitt much easier. This type of oven mitt can be helpful if you anticipate your cooking getting messy and splashy. Additionally, silicone is great for gripping the cast iron.

Welding gloves

If silicone gloves or other insulated oven mitts haven’t been able to stand up to the cast iron test, you might be interested in an unconventional alternative. Many hardware stores stock gloves designed for welding. These gloves are highly durable, extremely heat-resistant, and allow the user to move their hands around inside the glove. They also make excellent oven mitts for handling cast iron pans.

G & F 168Dupont Nomex Heat Resistant Gloves

These gloves by G & F are made from DuPont Nomex and Kevlar heat- and flame-resistant fibers. They are designed with cooking, grilling, baking, and even using a fireplace, in mind. Able to withstand temperatures up to 480°F, the long design ensures your wrists, as well as your hands, are protected.

Both sides feature a silicone palm to provide extra heat resistance and help you maintain a good grip. A five-finger design gives you added control as you cook, bake, and grill. One thing I particularly like about these gloves is that they are suitable for righties and lefties.

Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

Grill Armor makes excellent heat resistant gloves, perfect for cast iron cooking. They have the highest heat resistance available, up to 932°F, due to its durable construction with Nomex and Kevlar fabrics. They’re guaranteed to not melt or catch fire when exposed to an open flame. They’re also insulated with cotton lining for maximum comfort and heat absorption.

While they’re fairly thick gloves, they are still very flexible and are designed with dexterity in mind. With five individual fingers and silicone grips around the exterior, handling heavy cast iron cooking jobs isn’t an issue for these gloves.

Grill Armor gloves are machine washable and come with a hook for storage. They also have a money back satisfaction guarantee. This is a great purchase of a reliable, durable product.

Grill Heat Aid Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves

These gloves are also super heat resistant, making that mark of a maximum 932°F mark. Feel free to use these with charcoal, propane, oil, wood, the fireplace, and more! Especially your cast iron cookware.

Both of these mitts are made with aramid fabric, which is the material used in most of the above mentioned gloves as well that gives them this superior heat protection. It also makes them incredibly durable.

VlixIt BBQ Oven Gloves

Another great set of heat resistant gloves are from VlixIt. These are super thick, but lightweight gloves made from that aramid fabric that makes them very heat resistant. While these don’t seem as heat resistant as the rest (reviewers say they perform up until about 450 degrees), they are still great for light cooking jobs with your cast iron. The manufacturer also guarantees that they will not catch fire when exposed to an open flame.

They also cover up a large portion of your wrist and arm, giving them a great advantage over others. Their silicone grips around the edge ensure safety when handling cookware, and they are very easy to wash. Just toss them in the washer, and hang them up to dry. These gloves are highly rated and recommended among owners and users, so this should be a great purchase.

Heat Resistant Gloves & Free Grill Brush

The gloves themselves are actually welding gloves made of thick and soft shoulder split natural cowhide leather. In a world of synthetic fibers, it’s nice to see that good old-fashioned natural materials still have a place.

The lining is made of cotton that is ideal for absorbing sweat. It also adds an extra layer of heat resistance. The fact that the gloves have an extra-long 7.inch sleeve, means that your forearms are also protected. Nothing could be worse that lifting out a grill rack and burning the inside forearm just above your wrist. It used to happen to us all the time, until we discovered long heat-protection gloves.

The gloves come with a 90 day conditional guarantee (i.e. will replace or refund at your discretion, if the gloves are defective).

These gloves are not machine washable and would have to be dry-cleaned, but aside from that, we can highly recommend them.

TTLIFE 932°F Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

The gloves are machine washable, which is an added bonus, as using them around food and charcoal inevitably means that they will get dirty very quickly. They also provide a very good non-slip grip if you have to open jars or bottles for example. Another great benefit at barbecues.

As usual with “one size fits most” items, there are a few outliers who will find these gloves either too big or too small. But most people will find them in the Goldilocks zone.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your bbq gloves wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of bbq gloves



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about bbq gloves is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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